Demon King

The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World



A man drowned and died in the river was born again in a different world when he realized it.

The protagonist, who grew up in a cold-hearted family in the previous world, was born into a warm-hearted family. He grew up while enjoying a world that was a bit different from the earth. However, the country where he was born and raised, was about to perished due to internal conflict and foreign threat.

He was a decisive someone who was a bit smarter than average, and he brought a story of his own.



Fantastic element such as magic will not appear. The protagonist had no special skills, and characters with superpowers will not appear.


Table of Content

Volume 1 (A Different World)

  1. Prologue 1
  2. Prologue 0
  3. Chapter 1 – The Birth
  4. Chapter 2 – Family Business