The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 45 (Self Edited) – The Adventures of Carol – Part 1


The Adventures of Carol – Part 1

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I arrived at the secondary residence.

“Oh my, this Soim was impressed with the steel spirit of Young Master.” (Soim)

Soim seemed to feel something from the previous exchange. Ever since we were in the carriage, he kept on praising me.

As for me, I didn’t feel dissatisfied since I screwed up that old woman.

“Aah, yes.” (Yuri)

“I felt like my heart dancing after a long time.” (Soim)

“That’s good. Thank you for your hard work.” (Yuri)

“Your welcome. Please call me anytime if there’s such a errand. It makes me rejuvenated.” (Soim)

‘I wonder if you let me do that. I want Soim to live long. Normally, that bloody scene will reduce life span, but I wonder if it’s the secret of rejuvenation.’

“Now, I’m back in the dormitory. Thanks for today.” (Yuri)



Myaro wasn’t in the dormitory. I wanted to reassure her that I had finished the business, but…

After eating a late dinner at the dining hall alone, I came back to my room to sleep, and then, there was Carol.

Carol was sitting cross-legged on the middle of my bed, and she was reading a book put on the bed sheet. She noticed me and raised her face.

“It was late. What were you doing?” (Carol)

“I had a small business to settle.”

‘Rather, I want to ask you what you were doing.’

“Was it for Myaro?” (Carol)

“Why did you know?” (Yuri)

‘Are you an Esper?’

“Just now, an unknown visitor came to the door, and when I thought to call Myaro, the expression changed and that guy went away.” (Carol)

‘Ouch. Was it a mistake?’

“What kind of visitor?” (Yuri)

“Well, I glanced from the terrace, but it was a slim, black-haired woman, slender, but she was wearing man’s pants.” (Carol)

‘Aah, that’s the woman who guided me. As expected, she must have a special role. Is she the chief maid or the chief butler?’

“Hmm, well. I’ve settled the matter of Myaro.” (Yuri)

“What kind of matter?” (Carol)

“I can’t talk about it, but it’s done.” (Yuri)

“Then, it’s fine.” (Carol)

‘I don’t have to tell her the details. It’s fine.’

“Speaking of which, Myaro has a slender body and looks feminine. That guy is really a girl–… haha…” (Yuri)

‘…No good.’

When I tried to talk about it, it became awkward.

“What the… did you finally realize?” (Carol)

“…Well.” (Yuri)

“Hehehe, you weren’t aware of it, but you finally realized. You’re missing out on where it matters. Ahaha.” (Carol)

She looked happy when smiling.

‘Dang it.’

“…Did you realize it from the beginning?” (Yuri)

“I knew right after I got here. She’s the only girl in the dormitory. We’re working together on something.” (Carol)

‘For real? What the…’

“That reminds me, not many who aren’t aware of it? I mean, if you look at her figure, you’ll understand that she’s not a man.” (Carol)

‘I want to complaint.’

“Haa…” (Yuri)

‘However, I can’t say anything back. I’m going to get depressed. Talking about her as a best friend, and yet I didn’t notice…’



“By the way, are you available tomorrow?” (Carol)

Carol asked.

‘What? So suddenly…’

“I’m not free for the whole day.” (Yuri)

“If you have time, can you go out with me?” (Carol)


“Is there any errand in the castle?” (Yuri)

‘Surely, tomorrow is a holiday.’

“No. I’ll be an adult soon. I want to see how people live.” (Carol)

‘??? What’s good about it?’

“I want to go out into the city in disguise.” (Carol)

“No, no, no.” (Yuri)

‘Are you planning to travel incognito? It’s dangerous.’

“If it’s you, you probably know the way around the slum area.” (Carol)

‘Aaah if Harrison is here… That guy is probably going to say ‘what the heck!’.’

“Recently, the slum area is dangerous, and I don’t go there too much. And to begin with, even if you’re in disguise, your blonde hair is too conspicuous, so what are you going to do about it?” (Yuri)

‘Carol is someone with blonde hair and blue eyes. With these, she couldn’t help but to be conspicuous. She could be noticed in a glance even if she blends in in a thousand people. After all, I walked a lot in the royal capital, but I had never seen a blonde other than the Queen’s family.’

“I’m not that stupid. I’m aware of that. So, I’ve prepared something like this.” (Carol)

Carol took out something brown from under the pillow. At the beginning, I was wondering whether it was fur. But, it was different. It was a wig with brown hair.

She came prepared.

“Try to wear it.” (Yuri)

“Alright.” (Carol)

Carol wore something like a net made of thin thread on her head, and when she put all her hair into it, she wore a wig.

‘What is that net made of? It doesn’t look like a typical thread, but it looks like a nylon fiber. Is it a whale beard or something?’

Even so, when she wore the wig, the bang was unusually long, and she was in good shape. Since it hung down to the eyes, it also hid the eyelids better. Her original hair was a lot, so the volume of the head looks a lot bigger, but it was probably within acceptable range.

“I see. you’ve been thinking.” (Yuri)

“Yup, yup. Well, I see you tomorrow.” (Carol)

‘When did I agree with you?’

“No, why me?” (Yuri)

“It must be you. Others will definitely say no…” (Carol)

‘I guess so.’

“Please. I don’t want to be a Queen of this country someday, but have never looked around the royal capital where I live.” (Carol)

‘Yeah… That’s true. I also think the same.’

“It can’t be helped.” (Yuri)

‘Anyhow, I’m free more than half a day…’



“Oi, get up. It’s morning.” (Carol)

I got woken up by that voice.

“Hmm…?” (Yuri)

My body was somewhat sluggish. I felt my body wanted more sleep.

“Is it morning? Yea…” (Yuri)

I woke up lazily from the bed.


When I looked outside, it was still a bit dark…

“It’s too early to wake me up, isn’t it?” (Yuri)

‘Uhm… what’s today’s errand?’

“My errands are from noon…” (Yuri)

‘Oh, yesterday, I promised to bring Carol to the royal capital.’

“It’s morning already. Breakfast has started. Let’s go quickly.” (Carol)

‘How early I’m getting up today… Are you my grandma or something…’

Unfortunately, Carol’s eyes were shining brightly and she looked energetic. There was no cloudiness in the eyes, indicating that she wouldn’t fall asleep until night.

‘Even if I want to sleep again, she probably won’t let me.’

“It can’t be helped…” (Yuri)

“Alright.” (Carol)

When we got down and went to the dining hall, nobody was there. Certainly, the meals had been served.

This wasn’t the case of the weekdays, but since the alarm bell didn’t ring on holidays, it was normal to enjoy sleep like me.

“Good morning.” (??)

An obaa-chan greeted me when I went to receive the meal.

“Good morning.” (Carol)

Carol greeted clearly.

“…Good morning.” (Yuri)

“I would like to double the bread.” (Carol)

‘Oi oi, are you going to eat that in the morning…’

“…I’ll have the usual.” (Yuri)

“I’ll have yogurt, please.” (Carol)

“You like yogurt so much, huh.” (Yuri)

“It’s good for your health, you know.” (Carol)

The yogurt here had a strong taste and it was delicious

“I’ve heard that it’s good to maintain the young look, but I’ve never heard that it’s good for health.” (Yuri)

“Yes, it is.” (Carol)

‘In this country, salt butter is the best thing to put on bread, but looking at how much you’re taking, you’re likely to have high blood pressure. Even if the problem happens less among the Knights since we sweat.’

“Sure, here you go.” (??)

The obaa-chan put the tray in her hands in front of me and Carol.

“Thank you.” (Carol)

“Thank you.” (Yuri)

Carol and I put the tray down on the same table and started eating. She ate bread soaked in butter.

‘What a great appetite. When I think about it, she always used to eat like a lady when I entered the dormitory.’

She shredded the bread into bits and pieces, and ate it with butter.

The size of the bread which shredded gradually becomes bigger. It doesn’t look like round bread, but it fits well into such a small mouth. Then, I shredded mine into a size and put it into my mouth.

“Alright, I’m done eating. Let’s go.” (Carol)

She finished eating in a blink of an eye, and said that.

“Hey. I haven’t finished eating yet.” (Yuri)

‘This body of mine is sluggish, and I’m eating with my sleepy eyes.’

“Uh… yes. I’ll try to keep up with your pace today.” (Carol)

“How much in a hurry you are…” (Yuri)

“It’s normal to be in a hurry when I’m looking forward to it. I can’t help it.” (Carol)

‘Are you looking forward to it that much? I’m not going anywhere, you know.’

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“Well then, shall we go?” (Yuri)

After returning to my room, I washed my face and said that.

“Yes. Let’s go.” (Carol)

Carol suddenly raised her hair and tried to put on yesterday’s net.

“Hey.” (Yuri)

“Hmm?” (Carol)

“Why are you going to get out of the dormitory in disguise? If someone sees me in the dormitory, they would think that I have brought a brown-haired woman into my room.” (Yuri)

“Eh… ah, you’re right. Then, what should I do?” (Carol)

“Don’t you think that you should leave the dormitory with only the preparation of the disguise, change clothes somewhere in an unused classroom, and leave the Academy as it is?” (Yuri)

“I see. I got it. I’ll do as you told.” (Carol)

Carol took out a bag.

The bag was made of the finest leather, and it was pressed with a shape of the royal family crest.

‘What’s this different in rank…’

“Use this.” (Yuri)

I gave her bag that I brought when I enter the dormitory.

“…? Why?” (Carol)

“If you have such a dignified royal crest, they might think that it has been stolen from the royal castle.” (Yuri)

‘To begin with, I’m worried since there may be a crest… It it’s embroidery, I can’t erase it even if I press it.’

“Is that so? I’ll do exactly as you say.” (Carol)

Carol began to pack her disguise into my bag. Her clothes were also stuffed in.

‘Aah, it’s a bit of a mess. Don’t you know how to fold it? Are you an Ojou-sama? Well, you’re an Ojou-sama.’

“Alright, let’s go.” (Carol)

“Yeah.” (Yuri)

I left the dormitory while feeling uneasy about the future.



“…Hmmm.” (Yuri)

“What is it? Is something wrong?” (Carol)

Carol, who came back from her disguise, was a beautiful woman who wasn’t ashamed of seeing from anywhere.

‘But, this is… yeah. I wonder if it can’t be helped. The clothes are too good.’

It looked like a simple shirt and skirt, but that simple shirt was a glossy cloth spun with silky thin threads, and fine thin embroidery that would take tremendous effort. It was shown on the whole surface. The skirt was a flared skirt, but it was also delicately embroidered with silver thread on the hem, and by looking at the size and finishing, it must be prepared by a skilled tailor.

It was a tasteful outfit, but at this point, it was dangerous and unavoidable if she didn’t stay in the royal capital. If she went out of the capital, she looked like a jewel walking in clothes.

However, this wasn’t Carol’s fault. From her standpoint, it would be difficult to obtain the clothes of common people.

“Well, for the time being, let’s go to the shop where I usually buy clothes. Let’s go there and change the clothes.” (Yuri)

It was just a short walk from the Academy, and the clothing store was near to the secondary residence and it was within walking distance. There was no need to worry about being attacked along the way in the surrounding area.

“Eh… isn’t this fine already?” (Carol)

She was obviously surprised.

“Look at my clothes. It’s totally different.” (Yuri)

Speaking of my outfit, it was a rag outfit similar to those worn by the son of a craftsman. I had been careful since the case of attempted kidnapping, and I always had this change of clothes in the dormitory. It wasn’t bad clothes, but it was already different from Carol’s which could be compared between a stone and a diamond.

“We’re not going to the night party, but if you’re going to the town of commoners, you have to wear a commoner’s clothes.” (Yuri)

“Is-is that so? Well, please guide me. To the place called clothing shop.” (Carol)



I knocked on the door of the clothing shop. It was still early in the morning, and the shop wasn’t opened yet.

However, I kept knocking it persistently.

*Don, don, don*

“What!? It’s noisy! We’re not opened yet!” (??)

‘Phew, finally. If it doesn’t open, I’ll knock the door until it opens. I have to try it.’

Then, the one who came out was a young man who still hadn’t reached twenty years old yet.

‘It’s the son, huh?’

“What? Is that you?” (??)

The man looked at me and said so. I had purchased clothes, so we knew each other.

“I’m sorry, I’d like you to look at this girl’s outfit.” (Yuri)

“Haa?” (??)

Then, he turned his attention to Carol. It seemed the eyes became nailed only by a glance.

“Oh, this… is… just… uh, this is marvelous!” (??)

He was so excited. He approached Carol, and looked at her outfit as if he was trying to smell her body. It seemed he was surprised by the quality of the clothes.

“Well, well, come on in!” (??)

I thought I had to wait for a long time before the shop opened, but he accepted it.

‘What is this? Is it like a visitor bringing Mona Lisa into the gallery?’

“Who is this guy?” (Carol)

Carol looked at the son of the clothing shop with the eyes that somehow looked at the garbage.

There was no mistake that this was due to the experience of being observed in improper way. That guy might only look at her body or the clothes, but either way, Carol was treating it the same.

“That guy just like clothes. Just forgive him.” (Yuri)

“…Really?” (Carol)

“It’s not going to happen. Come on in.” (Yuri)

Carol and I had daggers, so there was no danger in entering the clothing shop. Carol entered the shop while probably thinking the same.

When I followed, the door was closed and…

“This is the haute couture of the Le Tasha for the royal family… Uh-uhm, may I touch it?” (??)

That guy looked at Carol’s clothes with burning eyes.

‘Does he know which clothes just by looking at it? I wonder if it’s a famous brand or something.’

“There’s something inside, so you can’t.” (Yuri)

‘Even if he touches the clothes, if she is still wearing it, he will become a molester. That’s true even if he only touches the clothes, and not the body. Such an excuse can’t be accepted.’

“You… when you talk about the inside, are you talking about me?” (Carol)

It would be better to go through here.

“Choose the clothes first.” (Yuri)

“Choose… Uhm, I can’t prepare the change of clothes like this, you know.” (??)

“Clothes that look similar to me are fine.” (Yuri)

“That… how can it be that way? It’s not the clothes that I want her to wear.” (?)

Even though I didn’t say that it was a waste of my time. That was the kind of clothes that I wanted her to wear.

“We’re going to downtown today. It’s hard to go there in that outfit and meet them. If it’s done poorly, yours might be torn.” (Yuri)

“Really?” (??)

“That’s why we came here to change clothes. Just take a look and go change.” (Yuri)

“…Alright.” (??)

That guy went inside.

“What? That man is…” (Carol)

Carol seemed to be very confused since he was the type that he had never met.

“It’s a clothing store, and he likes clothes. The clothes you wear are the kind of clothes that middle class people don’t have a chance to see for the rest of their lives.” (Yuri)

“Hmmm… is that so?” (Carol)

‘It seems she isn’t aware of it. Does she feel that she have brought appropriate clothes from the house?’

“Well, I don’t know what you’re going to do. So don’t worry.” (Yuri)

“That’s right.” (Carol)

Soon, the man returned.

“Will this be alright?” (??)

It was clothes that the daughter of a merchant wore. Although the embroidery was delicate, it was cheap and the embroidery part was frayed.

‘Well, I think this is good. It looks like used clothes.’

“That’s fine. How much is it?” (Yuri)

I took four silver coins and put them down.

“You’re generous as always.” (??)

“Well, I forced you to open the shop before it opened. That’s why.” (Yuri)

“Is she going to wear it here?” (??)

“Of course, yes.” (Yuri)

When I received the clothes, I pressed it against Carol.

“I just have to wear this, right?” (Carol)

Carol, who received the clothes, said it.

“Yes, please wear it.” (Yuri)

“Uhm… where should I change the clothes?” (Carol)

‘??? There’s a fitting room in front of her.’

‘Aah, yes. Have you ever been to a clothing shop with such a fitting room?’

The Le Tasha or something also has a fitting room in the shop, but in the case of Carol, the craftsman is going on a business trip to the royal castle, probably.’

“Get in there, close the curtain, and change clothes.

I pointed to the fitting room and said.

“Ehh…” (Carol)

‘What a wordless phrase.’

“Un-understood. It can’t be helped.” (Carol)

‘Yes, of course.’

Carol walked into the fitting room.

“After this, get her a hat.” (Yuri)

When I looked closely, the wig was too good. In downtown, there were few women with such beautiful hair except those who work in the entertainment business. Therefore, it looked a bit unusual.

“Got it. By the way, let’s trade in.” (??)

“No, you can’t.” (Yuri)

‘Do you plan to sell clothes that a princess wear?’

“No good, is it? It feels like being ripped off… oh well. I’ll show you my best hats.” (??)

The man pointed to the stone with a lot of hats.

‘Which one is better?’

When I was selecting it, I heard the sound of the curtain rubbing. It was too soon.

“…Will this be alright now?” (Carol)

Carol appeared again.

“…Isn’t that nice?” (Yuri)

‘How should I say it? Compared to the women I see in town, the line of her backbones gives slightly weird feelings…’

The clothes she wore earlier were dropped on the feet.

“I’ll keep the clothes and return it when you come back. It won’t hurt even if I fold it.” (??)

‘…His ulterior motive is really obvious.’

Well, I guess I can allow this much.

The man picked up the clothes on the floor of the fitting room and brought them to the desk. The underwear wasn’t changed, and the man didn’t look like a pervert. Rather, he had pure and sparkling eyes.

It looked like the man was taking the clothes that the body temperature still remained, but Carol didn’t seem to care. For starters, that might not have an idea about such kinky preference.

‘Fine, should I choose the hat now?’

“Look, how about this?” (Yuri)

I took a suitable hat from the stand and handed it to Carol.

“Sure.” (Carol)

She wore the hat tightly.

I thought that the wig was getting bigger, so I gave a hat for men, but it seemed that it was just fine.

When I looked at the son of the clothing shop, he was slowly folded the clothes as if he was parting with his lover.

‘This guy…’

The moment he finished holding, I quickly put the clothes into my bag.

“Aah…” (??)

“See you.” (Yuri)

After saying that, I pulled Carol’s hand and left the shop.



When I left my bag with Carol’s clothes in the Hou Household’s secondary mansion, I left with Carol. The beginning of Carol’s adventure was finally here.

“How’s the comfort?” (Yuri)

“It’s not bad, but… it doesn’t seem to have the size and it’s a bit difficult to move.” (Carol)

As expected, a person who was born and only wore custom-made clothes was different.

“All the common people are like that, you know.” (Yuri)

“Is that so?” (Carol)

“Yes. There aren’t many people who can wear new clothes. Especially those children like us, because they grow quickly, their clothes don’t fit. They are from families that don’t buy new clothes for every few years.” (Yuri)

‘In fact, I wore old clothes that Rook bought until I was seven years old. He couldn’t help buying new clothes for a child who he made to do the farm work. ‘I think there was a reason for that.’

“Ooh, is that so?” (Carol)

“So, where do you want to go?” (Yuri)

“I would like to go to the slum area if possible.” (Carol)


“…That reminds me, you were asking me to bring you there.” (Yuri)

There were two locations of slum area where poor people lived in the royal capital. There were located at northern side west district and the southern side west district.

The northern side west district and the southern side west district were the two major economic centers in royal capital. These two locations were far from the drawbridges of the royal family island.

And the convenience for transportation was very bad. In order to cross the river in the royal capital, common people who didn’t have permission to enter the royal family island, must cross the eastern bridge, but these two wards were located far away from the bridge in the royal capital.

In other words, these two areas were land that had been abandoned in terms of distribution economy. So, the economic development had been slow and there were many people without jobs gathered there. However, the southern side was slightly safer than the northern side.

The outskirt area of the northern side of the royal capital had a lot of infertile land. So, there were fewer job openings but the southern side wasn’t like that. This might be due to the flow of the river. There were dry grassland area, and there were job openings due to pasturage. As a result, the security was slightly better than in the northern side.

I knew the southern side since my watermill workshop was just through that district.

“I don’t know all the slum area, but I’ll show you around if you want to know.” (Yuri)



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