The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World Prologue 1 (Self Edited)


Prologue 1

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When I opened my eyes in the morning, I raised my body from the bed and rubbed my eyes. I felt as if the blood was coming out of my head, and as the consciousness faded, I wanted to go to the bed again, trying to sleep for the second time.

As I got up from the second sleep, it was less than thirty minutes before afternoon. I washed my face, and then, I sat in from of the computer desk. Checking lightly the daily news on a news site, went around watching the game community that I was doing recently.

Since I was getting hungry, I filled a cup of ramen with hot water. It was an easy-to-make breakfast. After that, I started the game, and played it for about three hours.

Then, I went to a shop to have Gyuudon in the neighborhood. I ordered a large bowl and filled my tummy. The cup of ramen I ate today was the last one I had. Therefore, I also went to a supermarket. At the supermarket, I bought a cheap alcohol sake, night meal, and cups of ramen, and went back to my home.

It was a shabby single story house that had been built for five years, and it had a 3DK setup. The place was also the birthplace of my mother. Even though it was too spacious for living alone, it was used to have five people living here in the past. At that time, it was inevitable to be cramped.

Buying supplies and lunch meals, checking the game community and played cooperatively… when my acquaintances stopped, I would play against overseas opponent by random matching. I played the game until 3AM while drinking midway. Once I got sleepy, I entered the bed.

My life was a life enshrouded by a sweet putrid smell. It was a smell emanated when fruits went bed. Even though it was fun, my head was somehow blurry. Besides, when the life became too suffocating, I went on a trip, but when I got back home, I would return to the same life.

I continued this way of life for three years, and my age went over thirty years old. I lived a life without having the desire to get married, and a life that dug the deposit in bank. I bet that I would continue to live a life like this unless there was a turning point.

Human, who had nothing important, would probably strive for their lives for what they were. Surely, for me, nothing was important, not even my life.

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2 thoughts on “The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World Prologue 1 (Self Edited)

  1. Dusty

    The splash damage on this prologue is too meta.
    I wonder at what point of my life did the important things just became… Unimportant.



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