The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 148 (Self Edited) – Report to the Queen



Report to the Queen

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After changing my clothes to a decent formal wear, I left the front door with a cane.

The injured right foot had a new bandage wrapped around it, which forced me to wear a larger size shoe. It was awkward to wear different sizes of shoes on the left and right foot, so I was wearing leather shoes that matched my left foot, but it was hard to walk even though I wore double socks and tightened the string.

‘Well, it can’t be helped. Formal clothes are clothes that emphasize formality rather than ease of movement, and there’s no point in wearing it if I don’t look good.’

There was already a carriage in front of the entrance.

“Yuri-sama, please get on.” (??)

One of the soldiers of the secondary residence said so, but I was watching the anomaly at the main gate facing the street.

“What are those people?” (Yuri)

Somehow, soldiers and crowds were pushing each other at the main gate.

In the last few years when there was a food interruption situation that caused starvation and death, mob-like people tried to enter the secondary residence, but the atmosphere was different from that time. The crowd consisted of approximately twenty people. However, the atmosphere was peaceful. There were four soldiers who were trying to push them away with spears.

It didn’t seem that they were fighting, and the crowd weren’t looking for blood.

‘Are they coming to petition for something?’

“It seems the news about Yuri-sama’s return was known from somewhere, and they gathered to see at a glance.” (??)

“What?” (Yuri)

‘What is that?’

“We will pull them away when the carriage passes.” (??)

‘Hmm…. It’s troubling if we have to throw a bomb in order to get through. I know one person who had an unfortunate situation where a carriage blew him away and it ended up amputating one of the legs.’

‘These guys… they’re not a bunch of assassins, right? However, there is a possibility of that. Rather, it would be likely that way.’

“If they throw something at the carriage, please prevent them, alright.” (Yuri)

“Throw something? They aren’t gathered here with hostility toward Yuri-sama. I don’t think they will throw anything.” (??)

‘Well, if it were a hostile bunch, the soldiers would be pointing the spear tip rather than pushing them away with the spear handle. It seems to me they look like a protest group that will throw stones.’

“If only they throw something. I entrust them to you.” (Yuri)

‘I even thought about leaving with an eagle, but that will make my formal wear dirty. Well, it’s probably fine.’

‘If they want to assassinate, they won’t do it in front of the house. If they try to kill through bombing, they have to push out all the way. That is a bad plan since the assassin will be stopped by the soldiers. If it were me, I would aim when the target is in the middle of the road.’

After getting into the carriage, the soldier ran toward the entrance. It would help to make a way for the carriage to pass.

“Go.” (Yuri)

The coachman affirmed as I sat in a fluffy chair while holding the cane.


There was a sound of the horse skin getting hit lightly, and the carriage started to move.

When I passed the gate, I heard voices calling ‘Yuri-sama!’ many times. Somehow, it didn’t sound like a peasant suffering from oppression, trying to give a complaint to their lord.

It wasn’t that they had business, but they were calling me out. It was similar to the voices of obsessed fans that I heard in the school of Liberal Arts.

I was a bit scared, and when I lifted the carriage curtain a little and looked outside, men and women of all ages who seemed to be free, were looking at me with interested eyes while talking and smiling to each other.

‘What’s with them? They are like curious onlookers. Rather, they are completely curious onlookers. What’s with these guys? Are they really free? Don’t they have anything else to do?’

There was no time to worry about it, and in a blink of an eye, the herd of onlookers was cleared, and the carriage headed to the royal castle as it was. Nothing happened.

‘I don’t get it.’

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When I arrived at the island of the royal castle, I had the carriage attached to its gate. When I got off, I felt a stinging gaze that was different from what I had seen.

In some places, the Witches were looking at me with those similar eyes. I pulled out my watch and confirmed that it was about 5.30 PM.

‘They are bureaucrats who were working in this royal castle. It will be strange to call them staff, but well, they are a kind of officials. It seems the working hours aren’t specified. They seem to go home if there is no work left.’

‘In other words, I came when they were about to go home. I thought that they were waiting for my arrival, so I was relieved, but the timing is a mistake. It’s too bad that Harold and Cuffe rushed me here. I should have waited thirty minutes or more. The Witches are always hostile to me, so let’s ignore them.’

As I decided so, I pretended not to notice their gaze. I closed my watch and walked with the cane.

I was called out when I passed through the gate.

“You are Yuri-sama, right? I will guide you.” (??)

It was a woman with a secretary-like attire that said that. She wore a slacks and she looked slender in a glance, but I could see the bulge of muscles that couldn’t be concealed around the thighs and shoulders. The wrist that was peeking out from the sleeve was also tight, and the skeleton structure was large.

‘She is probably a Queen’s Sword.’

“Are you a Queen’s Sword?” (Yuri)

“How did you notice?” (??)

“I know you are one because your muscles are splendid.” (Yuri)

‘I wonder if it’s too much to say that. I should stop.’

“Have a seat.” (??)

It was a wheelchair she pointed at. It seemed that it was made of hardwood, and it seemed to be better than the one I saw in the Reform castle. The appearance was the same. The wheels were small as usual. It was more like a pushchair than a wheelchair.

‘Even if I’m forced to walk, walking with a cane will take some time and I have to walk rather slowly. I really appreciate this.’

“That helps a lot. Please excuse me.” (Yuri)

When I sat on the chair, the Queen’s Sword said ‘We’re going’.

To avoid the public eye, she quickly entered the hallway and turned many times without hesitation. After passing through one of the familiar and splendid doors, there was a small room with a place for the guards. We went through the room with her pushing the chair. Starting from that point, the atmosphere of the castle changed.

‘The royal castle is relatively easy to enter if someone acts dignified and just goes through the gate, but that isn’t the case from here onwards. This room is a public service zone, so to speak, and from here, it becomes the personal zone of the royal family.’

From the construction of the corridors and furnishings, it became a calm atmosphere, more like a house than a boorish castle.

‘Her Majesty the Queen hasn’t brought Witches close to her, so it seems that the area for the imperial guards is up to that room. Perhaps, from here onward, a group of Queen’s Swords will be guarding.’

For a while, I went down the corridor while being pushed.

“I’ve brought him.” (??)

The Queen’s Sword said in front of a certain door and knocked.

“Please come in.” (Queen)

A cool voice was heard slightly, and the Queen’s Sword opened the door. When I entered with the chair pushed, Her Majesty was sitting at a large square table made of light-colored wood.

Carol didn’t seem to be here yet.

“Good evening. You have come well.” (Queen)

“As per command, I present myself here.” (Yuri)

I stood up from the chair and gave an informal salute.

“Please sit down. How’s your injury? Are you alright?” (Queen)

Her Majesty looked worried.

‘It doesn’t feel like something said for politeness’ sake.’

“I’m alright. Since it hurts slightly, I use a cane.” (Yuri)

I walked about three steps while using a cane. When I turned around…

“Thank you. For taking care of her.” (Queen)

Then, she called out to the female Queen’s Sword.

“I’m going to stay outside.” (??)

“Thank you. Please.” (Queen)

When Her Majesty gave her permission to leave, the Queen’s Sword quietly left the room.

“Please sit down.” (Queen)

Since I was able to move forward to the chair near Her Majesty, I pulled the chair without hesitation and sat down.

“You haven’t had your dinner yet, right?” (Queen)

“No. Not yet.” (Yuri)

“I have prepared them. Please eat it.” (Queen)

“Thank you very much. I’ll eat it.” (Yuri)

I intended to do that from the beginning, so I was saved.

“Yuri-kun.” (Queen)

Her Majesty called my name with a new honorific.

“Thank you very much for your hard work on the expedition. You did well.” (Queen)

I received a compliment.

Somehow, there was no such thing as a trembling emotion, but I felt like I was appreciated.

‘It seems that the long hardships have paid off even a little. I feel that I’m also in the structure of this country. I feel the authority of the Queen.’

“I didn’t do it too well, Your Majesty. Please forgive me.” (Yuri)

“Is that so?” (Queen)

Her Majesty looked surprised. 

“I wonder what wasn’t good.” (Queen)

‘Her Majesty the Queen probably thought it was perfect. Given the significance of the operation for her, it is almost right.’

“I put Her Highness in danger. I ask for your forgiveness.” (Yuri)

‘From my point of view, considering the goal of the expedition was inspection and that the top priority was Carol’s safe return, it’s hard to say that it was a great success when we were exposed to such risks. The fact that such refugees were forced on the way home is also not good from the principal point of view.’

‘As a result, the failure was successfully wiped, so it can’t be said that it was a success. But that’s it. It’s not a success to be able to do extra things well.’

“Hehe, when I received that news, I really felt my blood freeze. It seems like my life has shortened.” (Queen)

“I think so too…” (Yuri)

‘Her Majesty the Queen has a lot of weight on me and Carol. I’m not sure how the news was transmitted, but the news of her daughter’s safety at risk probably shocked her. Normally, it must have been at a level where the world turns dark.’

“But I’m glad that everything went well.” (Queen)

‘No, not everything went well.’

“There are two young men with fulfilling futures who died. if I include the number of people who joined at Reform, there are fourteen casualties.” (Yuri)

“Aah, I see…” (Queen)

Her Majesty the Queen showed a troubled expression.

‘In fact, she may not feel the life of the person who died in the war. It’s not unreasonable.

In addition, the reinforcements that went out in the name of the Queen already had ten thousand casualties overall. Therefore, it would be unreasonable not to think about them all.’

‘These leaders have to be insensitive somewhere, and that’s not something to blame. The person who can face the responsibility of causing all humans to die head-on is either a madman or a liar.’

“Sorry to trouble you, but for the two from the Knight household, could you send a letter in Your Majesty’s name to each household?” (Yuri)

‘As for the twelve who joined us from Reform, the Queen has little responsibility, so it doesn’t really matter here. They had been assigned as refugee escorts from the beginning, and to put it coldly, they were exhausted in the process of completing their legitimate duties. However, it is undeniable that there was pressure since the consent of the two people was obtained and I still feel guilty toward their parents.’

“Of course. I can do that much.” (Queen)

‘I’m glad.’

“Have you heard about Telor Chartres? There is a consignment letter here mentioning the transfer of the property of the Kilghina royal family here.” (Yuri)

Then, I took out the letter I brought from Reform from my pocket and put it on the desk.

“The content is to leave all of the disposal to Carol. In addition, there will be a reward to the expedition members, the condolence money for the two bereaved families, and the war expenses from Reform will be provided here.” (Yuri)

“I don’t mind that, but… Will that be alright? I don’t mind taking it out of the national treasury.” (Queen)

“The two died in the midst of a mission to escort the refugees, and without that mission, there was no reason to die in the war. This property was obtained through negotiations to fund the mission. It would be reasonable to cover the expenses from that source.” (Yuri)

‘Although I’m not stingy, the transfer of refugees wasn’t a request received for the purpose of Shaalta’s national interest. To the bitter end, it was a job of cleaning up the Kilghina country, the money spent on it should be out of the Kilghina’s funds, not the blood tax of the Shaalta Kingdom.’

‘In this country, there are few people who care about such a thing, but I wanted to make sense out of it. At least, I want to make sense of what I did in my hands. Otherwise, I feel bad.’

“Surely, that might be the case.” (Queen)

‘It seems that she was convinced. However, this matter doesn’t require permission from the Queen. The properties were transferred to Carol, so this is basically just a report.’

“About the sovereignty seal…” (Yuri)

When I tried to mention that the door was knocked.

“Her Majesty Carol is here.” (??)

It was the voice of the Queen’s Sword.



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