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Not a Common Everyday Life

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I went to the harbor early in the morning.

“Alright, be careful.” (Yuri)

I told Harold.

“Aah. See you.” (Harold)

After looking at the information board next to the pier, Harold boarded a rental ship for his next voyage. Despite being shabby and old-fashioned, there would still be a penalty if he didn’t return it.

Harold chose a rental ship this time, as he said he wanted to buy a state-of-the-art Kuran-made ship if he were to buy a new ship. I agreed, but as a result, including the money we loaded onto the ship to purchase a new one, this voyage cost roughly 800000 Ruga worth of gold coins. Of course, the ordinary sailors didn’t know about this. In fact, almost all of the reserve funds that had been saved since the establishment of my company were used up. This battered, old ship was fully filled with gold coins.

‘If I were to convert this to yen, it would be more than 80 million yen to 100 million yen. If an actuary were to find out, no doubt he’d pale.’

‘According to Harold, there’s no problem with the rental ship’s hull, but what if it’s actually defective and ends up causing the ship to sink? The sailors aboard are those who had experienced returning from the Island of Aisa. In other words, I chose guys who had guts, but I can’t say they won’t revolt.’

‘Besides, as I don’t know the latitude and longitude of Great Britain, the success of this first voyage would depend on luck.’

‘Since Harold understands the coordinate system, things like ‘I got lost and went to the same place again,’ ‘moving back and forth,’ or ‘I had to return because only half of the food supply is left’ should happen less. The safety of the voyage should be improved by using coordinates..’

‘But, even so, I’m still anxious. To begin with, if Gora’s observations aren’t complete, then the voyage could still run into issues. There’s also the danger of getting stranded.’

“Alright, we’re going!” (Harold)

Harold, who was the leader onboard, shouted to the sailors to untie the rope mooring the ship to the pier. With the help of a rowing tugboat, the ship left the pier while a sail was put on the mast.

Then, the ship which Harold was aboard slowly left.



Recently, Harold’s going back and forth kept me considerably busy, but when he left the port, my work completely disappeared.

‘Will Harold come home with a proper cargo load on a brand new ship?’

Thinking about it made me very anxious. However, I consoled myself by remembering that the ship had already left, so there was no use to think about it further.

As I walked around the city, I naturally entered the academy’s grounds.

It was a holiday today, so I didn’t have any business here. However, there were no other places for me to go but the academy.

“…Should I go to sleep, then?” (Yuri)

No one else was around. I was a bit lonely.

‘Let’s go to sleep.’

Fortunately, the warm spring sunshine was great for napping. Furthermore, it hadn’t rained yesterday nor the day before, so the ground was dry.

‘Should I sleep under a tree…’

I went into the forest, which occupied half of the academy, and picked a tree that let plenty of sun through its leaves. Then, as I sat on the ground, I leaned my back on the trunk.

‘I wonder if I can sleep on such a hard bed.’

Even while thinking that, I was suddenly attacked by a wave of intense drowsiness…



In my dream, I was listening to my grandfather’s lecture in his house. I was high school aged.

It was a bit surprising that I could recall memories about my grandfather at all.

“I think there is such a thing as an uncertainty principle. I don’t know the specifics, but some people in the physics field say that it’s impossible to know the exact state of a large object completely.” (MC’s Grandfather)

uncertainty principles

Note: The Heisenberg Uncertainty principle states that the position and velocity of an object cannot be simultaneously known. Observing the position, as shown here with a photon, changes its velocity. Taken from Physics: Principles with Applications by D. Giancoli.


After he retired from college, my grandfather loved to lecture me about various subjects. Perhaps it was because I was a good listener, or maybe I was precocious.

Since I was a high school senior, I understood the concept of the uncertainty principle. In fact, I probably knew it much better than my grandfather. After all, he specialized in economics. Although he used mathematics in analysis of economic data, he was a complete outsider to the field of physics.

I loved this scholarly side of my grandfather. I didn’t overly admire my father, but rather, I idolized this learned old man, so I wanted to follow his footsteps. To that end, after I went to a science university, I entered graduate school to enter the world of academia.

Even at that time, I was still the same person as I was in high school. It may have seemed that I grew up, but I was still a bit immature. At the time, I thought it couldn’t be helped, but perhaps my perspective was lacking.

I was the kind of person when I was in high school. It seemed I have grown up but I was a bit immature. I thought it couldn’t be helped but at that time, I didn’t see myself.

It turns out that I wasn’t suitable for a career in scholarship. I chose my future path just because I admired my grandfather, causing me to make some questionable life choices. Working at a university that didn’t suit me and doing research I was disinterested in, I couldn’t accomplish anything.

So when I was dismissed from the university, ending my career in academia, I neither felt sorry for myself nor did I want to return. Rather, I felt liberated, like a man who had finally divorced his unfit wife.

“If you can’t understand the state of the smallest particle correctly, you can’t completely understand the larger objects made up of the smallest particle. Even in physics, it seems impossible even in theory to comprehend the world perfectly. I had previously thought natural science and social science to be the same.” (MC’s Grandfather)

What my grandfather said at that time was the result of scientists’ observations. When observing the existence of elementary particles such as electrons, accurate observation results couldn’t be obtained because the observation itself displaced electrons.

For instance, take the observation of a bronze statue as an example. The use of ordinary light to observe the bronze statue wouldn’t result in a perfect image capturing all of the statue’s minute details. Meanwhile, an ultra-high energy ray might be able to find every detail at the moment of impact on the statue, but its high energy would also distort the statue as it hits the statue, so by the time that ray is reflected and sensed, the determined shape would be different from the original. Since the shape of the statue was altered during the act of observing it, the shape of the statue prior to observation can’t be confirmed.

Roughly speaking, such a thing always happens, so error was always present during the observation of elementary particles.

“Economics can be said to be the study of each individual human being’s daily lives. Ultimately, the goal is to very accurately model the movements of human society.” (MC’s Grandfather)

There might have been a lot of economists each with their own thoughts, but that seemed to be my grandfather’s ultimate research goal.

“However, each human being has their own personality, and each of them has a different way of life. Do you think humans are capable of making such a model that accurately traces a society of a hundred or two hundred million people?” (MC’s Grandfather)

My grandfather’s specialty was behavioral economics. Behavioral economics was separate from the so-called rational economics often used by people in simplified economic models. It was an interdisciplinary branch of economics that sought to analyze realistic human behavior with psychology and apply it in economic theory.

“Even though I have lived for decades, I still don’t understand everything. To really understand other people, you need to understand their inner thoughts. However, just our society has a hundred or two hundred million people. In the international community, there are five to six billion people. It isn’t something we could do in the short lifespan of a human. In fact, I can’t even completely understand my wife, who has been with me for many years.” (MC’s Grandfather)

My grandfather’s face was somewhat lonely.

He had a remarkable success as a scholar, which was dazzling to me.

For example, as one dove into the darkness of unsolved truths, how many valuable things could be discovered and exposed to the light? That was the value of a scholar. I remembered thinking such a thing. However, it was a bit abstract. Therefore, it was unlikely that people would notice the value of my grandfather’s achievement, even if he was socially respected.

“I made a mistake as a scholar.” (MC’s Grandfather)

Grandfather stated that poignantly.

In economics, the study of currency use was inevitable, so the public image of economics was often merely a search for the movement of money. Originally, though, economics studied all the economic activities of the creature known as the human. It was a general expression of all human actions as eating, drinking, living and living behaviors.

I had looked at grandfather and wanted to be a scholar, but I realized that it wasn’t for me, and I gave up on a career in social science.

After retiring from university post, he left the world of economics, isolated himself in the countryside with his wife, and no longer even kept up with news about politics and economics.

Eventually, when my grandmother passed on, he soon followed.



Suddenly, I woke up and returned to reality.

As my head cleared up, I realized that it was a dream.

Well, I was able to remember my grandfather’s face.

As I thought about sketching the appearance of my grandfather’s face, I realized that there was someone in front of me. A blonde girl. There were only three blonde women I knew.

Her Majesty the Queen and her first and second daughters. Other than that, I had never seen any other blonde women in the capital.

“Carya?” (Yuri)

It was the queen’s second daughter. She leaned over in front of me, pressing down her skirt, and stared at my face.

“You finally got up!” (Carya)

“Did you watch the whole time?” (Yuri)

“Yes, about half an hour.” (Carya)

‘She really kept watching a sleeping man for thirty minutes? When Dolla sees Carol sleeping in her bed, he also ogles her for a while. It’s a little terrifying maybe, but maybe it’s just a peculiar habit of the Shanti. In the case of this girl, she’s doing this in the middle of the day. She has too much spare time…’

“You really have too much spare time…” (Yuri)

“That’s rude!” (Carya)

“Aren’t you free right now, though?” (Yuri)

“Do you think I’m free?” (Carya)

‘If you’re not free, why do you keep staring at a man while he’s sleeping?’

“If you’re busy, why don’t you go ahead and finish your business?” (Yuri)

“Y-you… should date me!” (Carya)

‘Ugh, I can’t knock any sense into this girl. Does she want to play with someone since she has spare time? Then, I should say that I’m busy.’

“I’ll pass.” (Yuri)

I stood up and patted the dust off of my clothes.

‘I’m not going to indulge this girl. Considering the rumors, it would just add fuel to the fire.’

“Why? Please go out with me…!” (Carya)

“Where are you going with such a book?” (Yuri)

Carya had a book at her side. Piña and Komimi had printed it, and I sold it.

In other words, the book depicted erotic content between Dolla and me. I really wanted to tell her that she shouldn’t be bringing that book around during the daytime.

“…Why? D-do you care?” (Carya)

Her guilty expression belied her thoughts of being exposed.

“I don’t care, but don’t carry that lewd book around with you.” (Yuri)

“It’s not lewd! I can read it with you.” (Carya)

‘Who would want to read that!?’

I wanted to slap my forehead, but I held back.

“I won’t read it, there’s no way.” (Yuri)

“But, you should read it! This is fine literature. I’ll lend it to you.” (Carya)

‘God, this girl is not getting it! There’s something wrong with her head…’

“…See you later.” (Yuri)

I escaped. I shook off Carya in the blink of an eye and went into the dormitory.

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When I went to the dormitory’s cafeteria, Dolla was there eating alone. Many people ate out during holidays, and furthermore, as it was a bit past the lunch hour, it was reasonable that not many people were there. Thus, I didn’t expect this guy to be here.

Just considering the rice alone, Dolla’s portion was three or four times as much as an ordinary person’s. He was voraciously shoveling food into his mouth like a starving beast.

The amount of rice Dolla had alone was three or four times as much as the ordinary person. He consumed everything.

He wore a T-shirt-like garment that was drenched with what looked like sweat. It seemed that he had been training until a while ago.

When I looked at him, he was wearing a shirt with a sleeve like a T-shirt that seemed to be wet with sweat. It seemed that he had been training until a while ago.

Since it was a holiday, it ended up becoming self-training.

‘What a pain…’

I ordered a meal set from the cafeteria Obaa-chan and sat down. Since I missed the lunch hour, I had no choice but to put up with not getting newly baked bread or freshly roasted meat.

Grabbing my cooled off lunch, I sat on a seat far away from Dolla.

After we ate for a while, Dolla left his seat as if he had finished eating. He headed my way.

‘Don’t come. Don’t come.’

‘Aah, he came.’

Dolla sat down in front of me.

“…Oi.” (Dolla)

He was talking to me.

‘This guy is pretty gloomy. Well, I’m fine with it because I’m also a bit gloomy. But somehow, his gloominess seems incredible today.’

‘If he likes Carol that much, he should just steal her panties instead of staring at her throughout the night. He doesn’t dare do anything like that because his pride gets in the way. Is that his way of showing tenacity?

‘Perhaps, he’s all bottled up because he thinks he’s the only person who knows that he likes Carol, nor have I told anyone that he looks at Carol’s face during the night. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem coincidental that Piña writes about a similar scene.’

‘After all, I feel that there is such a repressed, brooding aura about him, and it seems others have noticed it too. Piña, who is particularly good at observing, definitely noticed and wrote about it. I’m not sure if it’s because Dolla is so easy to understand or if Piña’s observation skills are that extraordinary, but I don’t think it’s just Piña’s delusion.

“What’s up?” (Yuri)

He said that until about two or three years ago, he just practiced martial arts and fought others randomly like a fool, but recently, he had kept a lower profile. I wonder if he wants to challenge me for the first time in a long time.

“I’d like to talk about Her Highness.” (Dolla)

‘That’s a change of pace.’

“Aah, really?” (Yuri)

‘I wonder if he plans on a confession at last. That must be healthier than restlessly watching her face at night.’

‘It should be mentioned that Carol has a very interesting sleeping posture. She sleeps with her eyes half opened, which isn’t something seen frequently. Something like that. She turns over occasionally, too, and generally her sleeping posture is quite unique.’

“What do you think of Her Highness?” (Dolla)

“Haa…? Nothing really.” (Yuri)

“Just a friend?” (Dolla)

“Well, I guess so.” (Yuri)

‘I think we’re friends.’

‘But what is it exactly? Come to think of it, I feel Dolla’s thinking more deeply than usual.’

“Her Highness cares for you.” (Dolla)

He started saying something strange.

‘Haa…? What the heck is this…?’

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” (Yuri)

‘Does this guy understand what he’s saying? Even though he’s a fool, he’s saying something really incomprehensible.’

“It’s a fact.” (Dolla)

“Do you have any basis for that?” (Yuri)

“Any basis!? There’s no way there’s such a thing!” (Dolla)

Dolla sprang to his feet and started shouting loudly.

‘Oi oi oi. Why are you suddenly getting angry?’

“Well, well, calm down…” (Yuri)

“I am calm!” (Dolla)

‘That’s not what you call calm, you know.’

“For now, have a seat. Tell me what happened.” (Yuri)

When I said that, Dolla reluctantly sat down, although he hadn’t really cooled off. It was like pouring a little cold water on a pot of boiling water, which momentarily stops the boiling, but the water is still simmering. It was that kind of feeling.

“I know. Her Highness likes you.” (Dolla)

‘Aah. This is going towards nothing in particular. It’s like a delusion running out of control.’

“Well, I considered that in the past too, but it only seems that way.” (Yuri)

“That’s not the case…” (Dolla)

‘It looks like he’s getting agitated again.’

“Wait, wait, wait.” (Yuri)

“I’m done. Consulting you was a stupid idea.” (Dolla)

‘Was this a consultation? I’m learning of this just now.’

“Was this a consultation? Some sort of love consultation for you to go out with Carol?” (Yuri)

“This damn idiot!” (Dolla)

‘The day when he uses the phrase “damn idiot” has arrived. What has the world come to?’

As I was stunned, Dolla made a declaration.

“I’m moving out from this room.” (Dolla)

‘You want to move out of the room? You’re not returning? Haaaa? That doesn’t make sense, you know.’

“What are you saying? If you go to another room, you can’t see Carol’s sleeping face anymore.” (Yuri)

Dolla endured grueling training daily to try to overcome me, and he healed himself by watching Carol’s sleeping face at night.

‘If he loses access to that, what will happen to this guy?’

‘That would almost certainly be a goodbye to Carol for the rest of his life. He’ll still be able to meet and talk to her, but by nature, it’ll probably be hard to get close to her. It’ll be rough for him, or it’s possible he might even get deceived by some strange woman and lose his manhood.’

‘Currently, he gets to see Carol’s sleeping face because he lives in the same room, but it would be considerably perverted if he sneaks into the room where Carol sleeps after moving out from the room. Needless to say, it’d be a big problem.’

“If you can stay close to her, then, you should stay close. You can at least interact with her before she leaves.” (Yuri)

“But at this rate, I might make a mistake.” (Dolla)

“Aah.” (Yuri)

‘Was that his concern? Saying that he couldn’t control himself… That’s probably it.’

‘Before I started the company, I stayed in the dormitory almost every day, but I guess it’s getting harder for me too because I’ve been staying overnight outside for the past year. Even though I’ve been feeling it too recently, this guy’s self-control is really wavering since I’m not there to interrupt anymore.’

“That’s not the only thing. I must end my thoughts about Her Highness.” (Dolla)

“By end … you mean…?” (Yuri)

‘To tell the truth, Dolla is suitable to be Carol’s bridegroom. It wouldn’t be just a dream for Dolla to marry her.’

‘The royal son-in-law is usually taken from the First Army of the Imperial Guards or from the Shrine Maiden lineage. It’s unusual in Shaalta to get a man from the Witch households so as not to get too close to them.’

‘In some cases, the royal son-in-law may be from foreign royalty, but currently, there is no possibility of this. That’s because the Kilghina Kingdom, the only candidate country, has no male children in the royal family.’

‘The Shrine Maiden lineage is that of the foreign royalty who have immigrated to Shaalta. When such royalty immigrates as an exile or refugee, they could be treated the same as ordinary nobles, accepted as ordinary citizens, or absorbed by a General household.’

‘However, unlike the nobles, royalty is still royalty, and there’s no point aiming to marry one of them if you yourself don’t have the status. Furthermore, members of the Shrine Maiden lineage know the secret method to enter the ritual site of the Sacred Mountain.

‘The religion of Shanti is a polytheistic variant derived from the original religion of the Great Kingdom of Shaalta. I don’t completely understand it, but it seems adherents consider the Black Sea to be the source of all seas, and they call it the Sacred Sea. Every night at the Sacred Mountain, believers pray towards the Black Sea, like how Muslims pray towards Mecca.’

‘However, the job is incredibly monotonous, so even if they were royalty, it’s just attending to the  Sacred Mountain. Most people can’t acclimate to this way of life. As a consequence of being former royalty, many shrine priests are blonde, it seems.’

‘Indeed, the job is too boring, so even if the royalty came, it’s not very much like entering the Sacred Mountain. However, there aren’t a few people who chose this, and it seems that there are many blondes among the shrine priests.’

‘As the Shrine Maiden lineage was originally royalty of another country, they would have been suitable as the royal son-in-law, but the issue is that they’re primarily versed in religion and as a rule don’t attend the academy. In other words, these people would just be breeding horses with acceptable bloodline but no special education except for etiquette and religious knowledge. It would be unlikely for Her Majesty the Queen to accept one of them as son-in-law.’

‘Occasionally, the royal son-in-law sometimes comes from a General household. It’s usually a result of love, but it’s not as if it’s forbidden, just somewhat irregular. So, Dolla, the son of an Imperial Guard of the First Army, and a future member of the First Army himself, doesn’t need to be so pessimistic.’

“It’s not like you don’t have any chance to marry Carol. Changing the room would only hurt your chances.” (Yuri)

“But…” (Dolla)

‘Yeah. It must be that.’

“How should I say it…do you feel unable to control your lust?” (Yuri)

“Wha…!” (Dolla)

Dolla fidgeted.

‘There’s nothing to be flustered about. The other day, I met a similarly aged guy, who had already had a child, despite still looking like one himself.’

“Just from your reaction, I guess you’ve never visited a brothel. Your head is filled with all of these thoughts because you haven’t been able to release your lust.” (Yuri)

‘Dolla is getting older and brasher. He dislikes the women who disdain his highly muscular body, but I’m confident his type would be well-appreciated by the girls at the brothel. In short, he should just go to one and satisfy his desires. I mean it.’

“I don’t have that kind of problem!” (Dolla)

‘You can say that so confidently?’

“If you don’t have that kind of problem, I wonder why you’re worried about attacking Carol. If you aren’t all stifled like this, you wouldn’t entertain ideas like that in the first place.” (Yuri)

“…” (Dolla)

Dolla couldn’t say anything, as if confirming my hypothesis.

“Say, Dolla. Do you know what the three greatest human desires are?” (Yuri)

“I don’t know.” (Dolla)

He couldn’t have known, as this wasn’t something written in books but rather something I thought of just now.

“Humans have three great desires. They are hunger, drowsiness, and lust. To put up with repressed lust is as unnatural as being hungry but not eating or being drowsy but not sleeping. If you don’t eat even when hungry, you’ll lose your strength and won’t be able to move. If you go three days without sleeping, there’s no way you can have the energy to work well. Similarly, if you constantly suppress your lust, it’s only natural that you’ll go crazy.” (Yuri)

I explained the theory that I gathered from my previous experiences.

“…” (Dolla)

“Please go tonight. That should make things a bit easier.” (Yuri)

“No…” (Dolla)

He wore a miserable grimace.

“Why not? You have enough pocket money to go to the brothel.” (Yuri)

“No, Her Highness doesn’t seem to like that kind of stuff.” (Dolla)

‘Is he a fool? Maybe he doesn’t like brothels. Does he know anything about them, though?’

‘I mean, it might be a problem if he’s already dating someone. No. No matter whether he’s already dating or not, he should acknowledge his desires and accordingly relieve them.’

“Don’t be stupid, can women understand a man’s desire? Brothels are the best place to do it without holding back.” (Yuri)

“I don’t want to.” (Dolla)

‘It looks like he’s scared of something. Maybe he has a complex about his big body…’

“Well, then, just grab Carol’s panties… No, not grab, borrow a pair and relieve yourself.” (Yuri)

‘Yes, yes, that would be fine. It’s like using the recorder of someone you like.’

“You!” (Dolla)

“She wouldn’t notice it anyway.” (Yuri)

“Do you think I can do that?” (Dolla)

“She won’t find out if you return it immediately.” (Yuri)

“Don’t stupid, this is ridiculous!” (Dolla)

“It’s not going to hurt anyone, so it’s fine, you know.” (Yuri)

Note: This doesn’t represent our (translator and editor) views, and we don’t condone this sort of behavior. This is generally considered sexual harassment.

“Shut your mouth!” (Dolla)

“How stubborn. Well, that being said, you’re still young. This would be an amusing story later for when you’re an adult.” (Yuri)

When I glanced at Dolla while joking around, I noticed that he wasn’t looking at me. HIs eyes were desperately signalling to look behind me.

I had seen a similar expression before.

As I had let my guard down, this ended up happening. Now I understand the current situation.

‘Aah… She came here after all. Haa… I wonder how I should feign ignorance.’

“I was just kidding. You shouldn’t do something like that if you consider women’s feelings at all. It was a bad joke, alright. Ha..hahaha…” (Yuri)

“Aah… yeah…” (Dolla)

Straining my ears, I just barely heard a faint footsteps approaching my back.

“Well, even if it’s a joke, there are things that should and shouldn’t be said. You should take care in what you say.” (??)

‘Haa… Unfortunately, Dolla isn’t shrewd enough. The moment he saw her, he should’ve said something like ‘Aah thanks’ or ‘Alright, I’m going to eat now’, which would’ve let me instantly notice her.’

‘I don’t have eyes on my back, you know. But from which point did she start listening in?’

“By the way, we’re having a serious consultation.” (Yuri)

I changed the tone of my voice while telling Dolla.

“Wh-what is it?” (Dolla)

“I’m counting on you as a man.” (Yuri)

“O-ooh…” (Dolla)

“Please put this meal away for me.” (Yuri)

Soon after, I rolled sideways out of my chair and kicked the ground in preparation.

‘I’ve got to get out of here as fast as I can!’

As soon as I started to gain momentum from kicking off, something hit my neck. Someone gripped the back of my collar while simultaneously kicking in the back of my right knee, and I was forcibly dragged back. When I tried to get up, my torso was pinned down.

“Don’t even imagine running away.” (??)

As expected, it was Carol who said that as she looked down at me in disdain. Her foot was positioned firmly on my chest, keeping me held down. As expected, she trained every day, and visiting the cafeteria afterwards was a natural step of her routine.

“Aah, it’s you, Carol. So you were here?” (Yuri)

I affected ignorance.

“How shameless. You had already noticed me.” (Carol)

“What are you talking about?” (Yuri)

I insisted on playing dumb.

“This pervert…!” (Carol)

Scornful words soon rained down.

“Trash, rubbish, stupid, frivolous, idotic, degenerate!” (Carol)

“You did well to come up with all of those words, huh?” (Yuri)

“It’s fine if you’re a pervert, but don’t entice an innocent Knight. How pathetic.” (Carol)

‘Are you telling me that it’s fine if I’m a pervert? Really?’

“He was the one who came to me for a consultation, but you’re scolding me instead?” (Yuri)

“What kind of consultation are you talking about? How can you call that a consultation? You’re telling a classmate to go to a br-bro… brothel!” (Carol)

‘She had to say it even though it embarrassed her. Nevertheless, I guess she didn’t hear everything. I don’t care either way, but if she didn’t hear the first half of the consultation, Dolla is saved.’

“For men, dealing with lust is a matter of life and death. Men go to a brothel so they won’t make mistakes. This is a normal, respectable act to ensure that nobles remain clear headed.” (Yuri)

“So what did you tell Dolla when he refused!?” (Carol)

‘Ouch. Getting me where it hurts.’

‘Aah… I do wonder what I said…” (Yuri)

“You bastard!” (Carol)

She increased the pressure on my chest.

“Th-that hurts… Hey, I was joking, alright?” (Yuri)

“You’re just saying that because you noticed me.” (Carol)

‘You got me.’

“Yuri-kun, you had better think about it.” (??)

‘Oh my.’

“By the way, Myaro, are you hungry?” (Carol)

Like so, Carol brought Myaro into the situation.

“Men’s society has its own rules, so why not just forget about it? It’d happen sooner or later anyway.” (Myaro)

‘As expected, Myaro understands.’

‘The students of the Knight school don’t live in a dream-like environment where they get private bedrooms and easy ability to court girls. There’s also no convenient place like the erotic literature room like in the Liberal Arts dormitory.’

‘There’s no good place for Knight students to quench their lust. Thus, the brothel is a very real option, especially also taking into account costs.’

“But stealing panties seems to be a particularly obscene and vile idea.” (Myaro)

Myaro was completely expressionless. No, it was more like she was looking at garbage spilling out of trash bags onto the ground.

“You do the scolding. I’ll do the hitting.” (Carol)

“Dolla.” (Yuri)

I called out to Dolla.

‘Damn. This is all because of this guy.’

“Aah… yes.” (Dolla)

“Please take the meal away. It’s unfortunate for me, but… you can have it all if you want.” (Yuri)

“How impressive. Good, let’s take this somewhere suitable.” (Carol)

I was dragged off again by the scruff of my neck.


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