The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 68 (Self Edited) – By the Window of the Silver Birch Dormitory


By the Window of the Silver Birch Dormitory

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‘When I think about it, it may be fortunate that I could come out on favorable terms because the Queen might feel uneasy with the idea to let Carol go alone.

‘Let’s think it in that way. Let’s think positively.’

‘Anyhow, there are some people that need to be informed about this matter suddenly.’

I left the royal castle and headed to the main office. Then, I called Cuffe.

“What is it?” (Cuffe)

He came down the stairs with a drowsy face, probably because he didn’t have enough sleep.

“Call Harold.” (Yuri)

“He’s busy unloading, but is it an emergency?” (Cuffe)

‘Aah, yeah. Harold was busy unloading the cargo. Only Harold knows all of the cargo on the ship, so if he isn’t there, the work stops.’

‘When I think about it, I don’t really have to leave by tomorrow. I don’t have to be in a hurry.’

“No, it’s fine. Call me once he is done.” (Yuri)

“Understood. Please wait here.” (Cuffe)



For the time being, I left the company and went to the Academy.

“Now…” (Yuri)

When I came near the Silver Birch Dormitory, I entered the forest nearby and wrapped a cloth around my face. I picked up a dead branch with an appropriate size and went to the desired place. The place of interest was under the room of Shamu and Lily-senpai.

Their room was on the second floor, so I threw a dead branch from the forest so that it couldn’t be seen from the window of the first floor. Since I was used to it, I threw it with a knocking sound. Although I didn’t have to be accurate, the building was made from stone, so if I threw it a bit away from the window, it wouldn’t make loud noises.

In the meantime, the window was opened, and Lily-senpai showed her face.

When she saw my face coming out of the forest, she turned around and disappeared from the window. Then, she came running from the entrance.

“Uhmm, it looks like you are in a hurry…” (Yuri)

I felt like I had done something bad.

“Hah, haah… it’s fine. What is it?” (Lily)

‘Oops, she is really out of breath. It seems she is not good at exercising. So, why did she run?’

“Uhmm… where’s Syamu?” (Yuri)

“Haa, haah… there’s a supplementary lesson today.” (Lily)

‘A supplementary lesson? Should I give up for now?’

“Lily-san, are you busy now?” (Yuri)

“Phew…” (Lily)

Lily-san wiped her sweat with her handkerchief.

“I’m free.” (Lily)

“Then… why don’t we go to a coffee shop for a while?” (Yuri)

“Nice~.” (Lily)

Lily-san easily agreed with her bright expression, probably because she was staying in her room and was hungry to go out, or simply wanted to ease her fatigue.

“So, how about it? Will you go ahead first?” (Yuri)

Recently, we often met at the main office, but if we planned to meet at a coffee shop near the school, Lily liked to wait in time.

“No, it’s alright.” (Lily)

“Eh?” (Yuri)

“It’s fine, oh you.” (Lily)

‘She is almost graduating, so she doesn’t know about the politics of the dormitory. In particular, it’s just about reputation getting bad, and there is nothing like being killed or not able to graduate.’

“Well, let’s go to the usual place.” (Yuri)

“Sure.” (Lily)

‘The usual coffee shop is the coffee shop with a private room near the Large Library. The name is the Ginkgo Leaf.’

‘I don’t usually remember the name of the shop, but since I use it every time when I meet Piña and Komimi for publishing matters, I remember the shop’s name. Leaving that matter aside, it is better in this way.’

The two of us walked together and headed to the Ginkgo Leaf. When Liberal Arts students passed us, they stared at us up and down.

They seemed to be concerned that I was walking with Lily-san.

As for the Knights students who were my acquaintances, they looked at us as if they were making fun of me, but when it came to the Liberal Arts students, they were obviously curious when they looked at us.

Somehow, I felt like Lily-san didn’t feel good if there was a rumor. Regardless of being a senior student now, if there was a rumor because I met Lily-san, she might lose her reputation in the dormitory.

We strolled around and entered the Ginkgo Leaf without having any particular conversation. When I opened the door, the bell on the door rang with a familiar sound.

“Aah, welcome~. Is it a private room? It’s available.” (??)

Since I was used to this, I was led to the private room from the beginning.

“Thank you.” (Yuri)

Then, we entered a room.

I placed an order for the waitress who came in at the same time as we took a seat. Both of us ordered our usual menu.

“Are you still not drinking?” (Lily)

“Until I’m twenty, I’m a follow of the theory that alcohol is poisonous.” (Yuri)

‘If it comes to my current age, I feel that there’s no adverse effect even if I drink a little.’

“That’s difficult.” (Lily)

Lily said it while pouring tea.

“Come to think of it, were you able to create the prototype?” (Yuri)

“Yes, I just made it.” (Lily)

Then, Lily-senpai took out a lump of metal wrapped in cloth from her pocket.

“Let me take a look.” (Yuri)

Since I stopped her, I extended my hands to reach it.

When I took the lump of metal, it was light and I could see the inside was hollow. There was a streak that separated the top and bottom, and when I opened it, it split into two pieces. There was a device inside, something like a thin rough rope, shielded by a thin plate with holes. Next to it was an igniter.

It was a lighter.

rope lighter

Rope Lighters

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Until now, it wasn’t possible to make such an ignition device. The reason was there was no highly volatile liquid fuel.

No matter how much sparks were scattered on oil made of plants or animals, it didn’t set fire. However, when it was possible to fractionally distill oil, such a way of utilization became possible.

Unfortunately, this was about twice as large as the lighter I knew. I wasn’t sure if it fit my hand. That was the feeling.

The quality of the flint was also involved in making this device. The lighter scrapped a flint stone with a file gear to produce spark, but the amount of spark was insufficient unless it was increased. Because of that, the ignition device became huge.

In other words, due to the material problems, it was difficult to solve it with the current technology. I was aware of the problem, so I wasn’t satisfied at all.

When I applied force to scrape the flint, the core ignited and a flame of appropriate size appeared.

It was a splendid lighter. I knew how difficult it was to light fire with a flint. This made me moved.

“As expected. I just have to train to do that. I tried to do it but it didn’t fire.” (Lily)

‘So, the ignition is bad if the strength is weak? That’s the problem.’

“It might be difficult if you don’t think the flintstones will not create sparks. There may be some room for improvement in how to sharpen the gears.” (Yuri)

“Yeah.” (Lily)

“So, how much does this cost?” (Yuri)

“One gold coin… two if you sell it.” (Lily)

‘One gold coin… That’s expensive.’

“Is it that much?” (Yuri)

“The casing is made of silver.” (Lily)

‘Silver. I noticed it now. It has different brightness from iron. Aah, I see. Silver, is it?’

“If you use iron, it will tear up when you want to shape it like a pocket. Incidentally, it’s also hard to use copper and lead.” (Lily)

‘Of course, the softer the metal, the easier it is to process. The defects will appear when it is dropped from the shoulder level or the mouth of the casing opened during the refilling oil purpose. On the contrary, if it is as soft as lead, it will melt even at a temperature as high as the lighter’s fire.’

‘It would be nice to press the metal, but there is no such a facility. In that respect, silver may be a strong compromise.’

“Well, some people will buy it for a piece of gold coin. At least, I think.” (Lily)

‘Well, yes, if they are rich people. Cigarettes aren’t in this country, so they wouldn’t carry this around, but this is useful for things like lighting a lamp next to the bed.’

‘Even if it’s not an essential item, some people would buy it for the sake of prestige. If you say it ‘made of silver’, it will give a sense of luxury.’

“Well, I guess so.” (Lily)

“In that case, you can have one for your parent’s house.” (Yuri)

“Aah, that might be true.” (Lily)

“It’s fine to use silver from the silver coin.” (Yuri)

“Actually, I made this by using a silver coin. That’s because pure silver is too soft.” (Lily)

‘Aah, I see. It’s not an offense to use coins as material. Silver coins are alloyed to have a certain degree of hardness because there is a functional problem where it seems to be shaved and worn while putting it in the wallet. It’s partly because of that, she must have thought that it’s good material.’

*Knock, knock* and the waitress came in.

Tea cups and teapots on a tray were placed on the table, and sweets were placed in the same way.

“Is the order alright?” (Waitress)

“Yes. Thank you very much.” (Yuri)

After saying that, the waitress turned around.

I put the hot tea in my mouth to moisturize my throat. After drinking the tea brewed by Her Majesty, I felt as if this was even worse.

“I’ll give this patent to Lily-senpai. Please apply it.” (Yuri)

Her Majesty would keep her promise, so the value of the patent would be revived.

“Yes?” (Lily)

“It’s the patent for the igniter.” (Yuri)

Lily-senpai had a puzzled look.

“…Why do I get it? Yuri-kun is the one who thought about it, right?” (Lily)

“I don’t think I’ll have the time to apply.” (Yuri)

“I don’t want it. I’m not poor enough to receive charity.” (Lily)

‘Charity, huh. Did I make it sound that way? It seems that I’ve made her angry somehow.’

“Actually, I’m going to war in the near future.” (Yuri)

“Eh?” (Lily)

“In some cases, I may die. So, I decided to give this patent to Lily-senpai. If I die, I will lose the patent. So, it’s better not to waste it.” (Yuri)

‘Under the law, which couldn’t be called the current law, the patent right is supposed to be inherited, but if the applicant dies during the application, the patent becomes free. It is not possible to give a patent to the dead person, and once an application is filed, it cannot be accepted even if another person later applies.’

‘A patent is a right granted to the first inventor, so the second issuer is not entitled to it. The technology would be published and no one would be able to patent it.’

‘If I die while filing for it, they won’t accept if Lily-senpai says ‘I invented it’. It’s a waste of time that one patent is wasted.’

“W-w-war…? Yuri-kun hasn’t graduated yet, right?” (Lily)

Lily-senpai panicked.

“Since I am a young man of the next generation, it was decided that I need to go see the battlefield. Well, I’m just looking at it from the sky though.” (Yuri)

“Even so… It’s better not to go, you know.” (Lily)

‘I also think the same.’

“I was requested by Her Majesty directly, so I have no choice but to go…” (Yuri)

“But…” (Lily)

Lily-senpai looked really worried.

‘I’m glad but sorry.’

“Well, I’m going to look only, not to fight or anything, so it should be fine. But if I don’t return…” (Yuri)

“Don’t say such an ominous thing.” (Lily)

Lily-san frowned.

“I would like to thank you for taking care of Syamu. I will tell the people of the company as well.” (Yuri)

“…It won’t be good if you don’t tell your family.” (Lily)

‘Well, yes. It’s troubling even if I’m forced to do this.’

“From a standpoint, the Hou Household can’t be told openly that they run away. In case of emergency, please have them to bring you on the ship.” (Yuri)

‘Lily-senpai knows the people of the company, so she should be fine. Or rather, she is the company’s staff.’

“No. You will definitely return.” (Lily)

“That is if I return.” (Yuri)

“No. If you say ‘it’s alright, I can say with confidence that you will not return.” (Lily)

‘It’s not like that.’

“I’m happy that you’re hoping for that.” (Yuri)

“It’s not hoping…” (Lily)

‘Lily-senpai is a person who will do the task even if she says something different. She refuses by the mouth, but if she says so, she will take care of Syamu if something happens to me. No, I suppose she will take care no matter what happens.’

“My life is also important, so I will definitely return. Before that, you might tell me that I don’t have to go at all.” (Yuri)

“That’s because I’m not sure.” (Lily)

“Well, let’s assume it that way.” (Yuri)

“Goodness.” (Lily)

She nodded reluctantly, but she didn’t dislike it that much. Even though she wasn’t good at socializing, we had been together for such a long time, so I understood her.

“Then, I’ll bring this lighter with me. If I have it, it may be convenient.” (Yuri)

“When are you leaving?” (Lily)

“It’s about a month later.” (Yuri)

“…In that case, give that back.” (Lily)

“Eh?” (Yuri)

‘I have no choice but to return this lighter, is it? I can’t help it with it, I guess.’

“You’re slow. I mean I’ll make something better in a month.” (Lily)

‘Aah, is that so?’

“I’ll accept your kind offer.” (Yuri)

“Sure.” (Lily)

When I returned the lighter, Lily-senpai wrapped it around my hand and received it. After that, we enjoyed the conversation and had another helping of tea. Then, I bid farewell to Lily-senpai.



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