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The Galilia Union

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The Galilia Union was a city-states coalition born in the earliest part of the Isus City-States. It was mainly in the area gained by the First Crusade.

Generally, it was said to have been founded by a governor who changed the name from Shantinion, the capital of the Shantilla Great Empire, to Galilianion. At that time, Galilianion was the detached territory of the Catholic Papal States, and the economic center of the Isus City-States.

Galilianion loaded and unloaded munitions every time the Crusade was held, and when the war was over, it was used to send Shanti slaves to the south. The wealth that the Crusade brought to Galilianion was tremendous, and depending on the times, 40% of the Papal States’ national budget came from Galilianion.

However, more than 300 years after the first Crusade in Year 1111, the thoughts of the earliest city-states, including Galilianion, began to change. At that time, more than half of the citizens were separated from their home countries and from their grandfather’s generation. So, they didn’t know their home country at all, and had no sense of belonging in their home country. That happened when the number of cities was increasing.

Since Galilianion was a trading city, the number of people changed rapidly. In that sense, there were few problems, but dissatisfaction from a different perspective was more pronounced than in other cities.

Since most of tax collected was given to the Papal States, most of the people in Galilinion, who were businessmen, were still dissatisfied with their home country.

Although there was such a background, the fact that the dissatisfaction of the city-states hadn’t occurred since 1111. Even if they split, they would be attacked by the countries around them, and they would only become a different country city-state. In other words, they only made a loss.

However, an event that triggered a rebellion occurred. It was the first Peninsula War that broke out in 1507.

In the First Peninsula War, the Peninsula Kingdom and the allied forces of Papal States. This was the first large-scale war between compatriots of the Catholic nations, which had been largely unified, except for some troubles and conflicts on a very small scale.

The Peninsula Kingdom wasn’t very keen on the Crusade after the second Crusade, but fought hard on the First Crusade because it was a purely religious expedition at that time. Therefore, there were many city-states of the Peninsula Kingdom in the southern part, which was incorporated in the earliest stage, and the range was wide.

Of course, if a war began between home countries, a letter would be sent to the representative of the city-states, and instructions would be given to attack the city. They couldn’t help but to wage a war, and the city-states including Galilianion, had to wage a bloody war in the north because the war took place in the far south.

“A child is playing a swing over there, and the flown shoes hit Acesna.” (Acesna was a representative of the city states of the Peninsula Kingdom)

From the popular song, a small proxy war called the Blanco War was a form in which the city-state of the Peninsula Kingdom was rarely beaten from all around, and the siege battle was better than most expected, but it ended in a short period of time. When the first Peninsula War was over, all city-states were returned to the Peninsula Kingdom under the direction of their home countries. This was because the younger brother of the Peninsula Kingdom held by the Pope became the new king. It was decided that as long as he wasn’t replaced by a weak king and the war expenses were covered by compensation, he didn’t want the territory.

Each city had an indescribable discomfort in this event. They were forced to go to war for the convenience of the home country, and when it was over, they were asked to return it, as if there was no war itself.

It was in 1534 that Johannson Hatlan, the governor of Galilianion, held the first secret meeting, which would later become open to the public knowledge.

The Hatland Household was a well-known family of Galilianion, and had a blood relationship with the surrounding city-states, and one of the Johannson’s sisters was married to Acesna. It was said that Johannson’s decision to revolt was related to the death of his sister. However, the actual place was unknown because he didn’t leave a memorandum describing his motives or talked to others.

By 1537, when the declaration of independence was issued, the number of secret meetings had reached 25.

In 1537, Galilianion and other southern city-states suddenly declared the formation of the Galilia Union. Johannson was a cautious man, and until that time, the conspiracy had never leaked out.

He thought of becoming a representative. He drew representatives in certain cities, and if the representative in the respected cities was faithful to his home countries, he invited citizen representatives. The city-state, which had the appearance of a substantial coup d’etat, with the change of mayor to a citizen representative, climbed the majority of the total.

Naturally, the home countries other than the Tyrellme Godly Empire, including the Papal States, were angry and sent troops to subdue the rebellion in 1538. However, when they were about to get out and cross the Kururus Strait, the warships of the Kururuan Empire were lined up there.

Johannson had made a secret agreement with the Kururan Dragon Empire to create a blockade in the Kururus Straight. The emperor of the Kururuan Dragon Empire at that time wanted the Isus City-States to split.

The Allied Forces had no choice but to return the ship and went by land, but they faced difficulties against the Tyrellme Godly Empire territory along the way. The roads wherever they went were ruined, and when it came to the roads in the forest, fallen trees and rocks always blocked the way. They were all done behind the scenes.

In the end, this subjugation army continued to wander around for a year, and when it ran out of troops and military spending, its morale fell and it was scattered as if it would disappear naturally. The existence of the Galilia Union was to be recognized. After that, the Galilia Union continued to expand, mainly by buying city-states with money.

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