The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 25 (Self Edited) – First Lecture


First Lecture

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The lecture started the morning of the next day. We, the first grader, took off the uniform, dressed in athletic clothes designated by the Academy, and gathered at the schoolyard.

The yard was excessively wide. It was a garden with bare rectangular soil, close to the schoolyard that was in Japanese schools.

However, there were no oval lines drawn. The ground was merely being leveled. There was no place where it had become a hill and valley, and it was still a beautiful land leveling. That wasn’t at all. The grass had been pulled out, and it was scattered like a small gravel stone of grains.

‘I wonder what kind of training we would do. Well, the people here are nobles as well, so it’s probably not bad, maybe.’

“We’re going to run today. Run until I say you’re good to go.” (??)

The instructor said so.

‘Eh… Is it rather a Sparta training? Well, this is what it is.’

‘For those who have never done a full-fledged exercise, they need to run first in order to train them. I’m sure that is the standard.’

“Your answer should be YES!” (Instructor)

“…*confused*” (Students)

“Don’t mess around! Say YES!” (Instructor)

When the instructor yelled…

“Yes!” (Students)

Everyone answered.

‘No one say ‘no’, huh? Well, it’s better than being told ‘Your answer is Ranger!’ or something else interesting.’

“What are you doing?!!! I told you to run! So, start running fast!!” (Instructor)

Even so, the children were puzzled. The people in this country weren’t practicing group marches from elementary school. Maybe, that was why they were puzzled.

In the first place, we didn’t know where to run in the schoolyard. The lines weren’t drawn, and it was the first time to run in such a place. It seems that some children came and went back and forth in the same place as a shuttle run.

The instructor also made a loud voice but did not seem to be losing patience.

‘I guess this happens every year.’

“You over there, run!” (Instructor)

He didn’t yelled at me.

“G-got it.” (??)

It was directed to Carol.

Carol was also participating. Her long hair was tied behind her. She was wearing the same athletic clothes, but since the girl was all alone, she was clearly conspicuous.

‘Even so, yelling at the princess of the country… This instructor has the guts to look up.’

“Your answer should be YES!” (Instructor)

“Ye-yes!!!” (Carol)

“Alright! That’s a good answer. I will run, so follow me.” (Instructor)

“Yes!!!” (Carol)

When the instructor started to run, Carol followed it while tattering.

‘Do you start running from the instructor after all? Well, I guess this happens every year as well.’

As those who loved exercise started to follow after them, the others also began to do the same.

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I also started running around the perimeter of the schoolyard. I was  running on the same circumference in either slow or fast pace. The instructor ran through like he was walking. He seemed to be in charge of calling someone who was about to collapse.

“Oi! Don’t take your time! Run! Run!” (Instructor)

Some of the students were plump children who seemed to have never exercised, so they looked like unable to run well. It was their first time they had been running,  and they started to make noises before it was even a kilometer.

In other words, the main purpose of this training was to correct these children.

“You can’t be a Knight with that kind of guts! Oi, don’t stop running!” (Instructor)

While pushing the back of the student who was about to collapse, the instructor made them run by force.

‘What is this? Isn’t it rather a splendid boot camp? I’m fine with that though.’

I had been carrying the hay, cleaning up the dripping every day before entering the mansion. After that, I was trained by Soim, and my physical strength has become like this. In addition to that, I did not even think to try my best in the first place, since I was running when I was in accordance with Myaro. Therefore, I did not go out of breath at all.

I felt like I was finally in a good shape as one to two people already reached their physical limit.

On the other hand, Myaro, who had been running beside me, was better to rank his physical strength limit from the bottom.

“So-sorry, I am already…” (Myaro)

It did not mean that he had no guts, and he continued to run enthusiastically until his face turned blue and his feet came to an end, but he finally reached its limit.

“You did well.” (Yuri)

“Haa, haa, thank… you…” (Myaro)

When I waved hand, he dropped out and disappeared into the back.

He wasn’t scold since it was recognized that he ran considerably at the level of the instructor. He went to the middle of the schoolyard, and successfully joined the group of those who had been sitting out.

Then, I was running at my own pace. After that, one… two… ten people disappeared. Even if there weren’t many people, I kept running.

In the meantime, my back was smacked. It didn’t take long to guess who did that.

“Oi, follow me.” (Instructor)

As I heard the voice of the instructor, he overtook me.

Since this wouldn’t last forever, he probably decided to gather the students and let them run altogether. The speed went up.

‘I am confident in my physical strength, but I won’t last at this speed for long. Well, I don’t want to be running for too long, so this is fine, isn’t it? I suppose he doesn’t allow me to stop running like Myaro.’

When the pace was raised, those who had worked hard until now dropped out in large numbers. The instructor didn’t scold them. He couldn’t do it since he was the pacemaker. In any case, it should be fine since there were students who had a passing marks in endurance as they were still running until now.

Among them, there were me and other two. So, the total was three people. Just three.

Me, Dolla and Carol.

‘Forget about Dolla, but why Carol is here? That’s strange. Even though she is a princess, she has such stamina.’

“I will not lose to you.” (Dolla)

That was Dolla.

‘Just die… it’s tiresome…’

“I… will… definitely… losing… to… you… either.” (Carol)

For some reason, Carol was trying to compete.

‘I just don’t get it. Did I do something bad? I remember you slapped me, but I don’t remember doing anything else at all. I wonder if I touched her boobs unconsciously.’

“Haa… haa… I’ve reached my limit.” (Yuri)

I tried to act on purpose.

“Don’t… be… silly.” (Carol)

Carol was mad.

‘I feel that she has a slight desire to kill. Scary.’

‘By the way, the order of fatigue is Carol > Dolla > me. I have no problem with the stamina. Since I was taking it easy before running earnestly, the one who is not tired the most is obviously me. Hence, this isn’t a competition. I don’t understand why it turns out to be a competition of determination.’

‘Anyway, I will be the top if it remains this way. To begin with, even if I look Carol from the side, she obviously has reached her limit. I feel that she is running with the fuel of determination, but why did she say ‘I will definitely not losing to you’? Even though I don’t want to win, I will win. Is this a new kind of harassment?’

“Fine, I got it. It’s a competition. I’ll do it then.” (Yuri)

When I said so in good spirits, they were staring at me. It felt like the competition had begun.

“But, according to my observation, you guys are running one round more than me. This is not fair.” (Yuri)

The two of them should have seen me taking my time when I ran. Just now, I was picked up by the instructor from the rear and joined him. When I calculated it, they had been going for another lap.

“So, I’m going to overtake the instructor and run for one lap. Then, we can start.” (Yuri)

The two looked at me with glaring eyes.

‘The instructor is already running at a speed that completely going away from us. To overtake him and to run one lap is a very difficult matter. I have to run with a speed like sprinting.’

‘However, that is my aim. They would splendidly fall behind.’

‘I don’t want to get caught up in the fruitless struggle of those who love to compete. I want to finish it quickly even if it is somewhat painful. If I drop out on the way, I will lose.’

‘Let’s do it.’

I started running like a sprinter. I overtook the instructor in a hurry and went ahead.

There was a sign that someone was running from behind.

‘Did the instructor decided to follow me in order to spank my head? That’s not nice, isn’t it?’

As I turned around while having such a thought, the instructor was considerably at the rear.

There was Dolla.

‘I just don’t get it. Didn’t you hear what I said earlier, you fool.

“Are you stupid? Why are you following me?” (Yuri)

“If you are one lap late, I am the same!” (Dolla)

‘??? Is this guy a retard?’

“I’ve been running behind you.” (Dolla)


‘Really? I guess so.’

‘I thought he was running a lot ahead of me, but he wasn’t. It is the opposite. This guy has been secretly competing with me from the beginning.’

‘Since I have been running leisurely with Myaro, this guys has been following me from behind like a stalker, huh. In other words, he was running slower than me.’

“No matter what it is, you are stupid. It’s annoying.” (Yuri)

‘Aah, damn it. That came out from my mouth.’

“What did you sayyyyy!!!” (Dolla)

‘Sure enough, he is angry.’

‘Whatever. There’s no shame in being beaten.’

I ran for a while. By the time my legs were hurting and my breath was disorganized as expected, I finally got around and caught up. I was so tired and my legs were laughing. I didn’t mind if I dropped out.

But there was a guy behind me who refused that.

“Haa, hii, haa… hiiii…” (Dolla)

It was Dolla who was chasing with his bluish face.

Though Dolla was at the rear, it seemed that he hadn’t lost it yet. To catch up, he was running while exhorting his tired legs.

‘The heck, let alone exhorting the legs, he is hitting it.’

‘It would be strange if I give up first. It’s disgraceful indeed. I’ll be shameful as a man.’

While thinking this, I started running.

As a man, it was strange for me to have that feeling occurred inside of me. Although Dolla was still running until he became like that, I imagined the scene where I said ‘Phew, I’m already at my limit ☆ I’m tired, so I don’t want to run ☆’. I became disgusted after that.

‘I guess I will have to run some more.’

“Do you think that’s cool?” (Carol)

Carol asked.

‘What’s with her?’

“Are you a fool for trying to catch up from behind?” (Yuri)

When I said that instinctively, Carol glared at me.

‘It’s not like I’m making fun of her. No, I wonder why she did foolish thing. If you think they are a fool, would they be a fool forever?’

“Yes. It seems that way after all.” (Carol)

“No, I think it’s cool.” (Yuri)

Thereupon, the dangerous looking face disappeared, and she looked at me in surprise.

“You are a fool but you have the determination. That’s a big deal. I can’t do that very much.” (Yuri)

She definitely put an effort when something must be done.

“I see.” (Carol)

Carol smiled thinly somehow.

In the end, Dolla couldn’t catch up my rear. The distance was gradually bigger, and he fell down flatly. When the instructor took care of the impatient Dolla who went around and became motionless, Carol and I both stopped running.

I stopped my legs, and sweat spouted out. Breathing was disorganized, and my sense became light.

“Haa… haa… the competition is good enough, right?” (Yuri)

“Haa… haa… fine.” (Carol)

‘What… it should be fine, isn’t it? I’m tired. What does she mean, really?’

“I couldn’t bear to lose to the garbage, but I knew that you had a heart of a Knight. So, it’s fine.” (Carol)

‘It seems that the re-evaluation of the person who is me is progressing even though I still don’t get it. I leveled up from garbage to a good citizen.’

‘Even so, it was supposed to be garbage. I feel like that helps, but it’s hard to live in this world.’

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After taking a bath, I ate lunch in the afternoon. Basically, it seems to be a practical skill in the morning and a classroom lecture in the afternoon. In general, we would be separated from the peers.

This afternoon, there would be a lecture on advanced abacus.

‘Let’s go to the lecture room. Unfortunately, Myaro isn’t here because he has another lecture at the same time. I am alone. When I think about it, there were many lecturers I had taken alone in the university.’

When I entered the lecture room, there were a lot of people in the classrooms where it could sit for about three hundred people.

I expected it was a small abacus classroom, but apparently, it wasn’t so.

‘I’ve come a lot earlier, but it’s so crowded. Well, since it was a general subjects which the Liberal Arts students also can take it, the number must be big.’

I sat in a proper seat. Then, I took out my abacus from the bag and put it on the desk. I had no work to do.

“Hei, are you a kid of the Knights?” (??)

Suddenly, I was approached by the guy next to me.

When I turned around, I saw a handsome guy sitting there.

‘He looks like in his twenties.’

‘He has a very good physique with his sunburned skin. I have seen the men of the Knights as well. There are many people who have a good physique, but there are not many people who are sunburned.’

‘The skin of Shanti doesn’t sunburned easily. Even if the people work outdoors normally, they may become a bit darker, but they won’t get tanned. It is probably due to a predisposition, but the main factors of regional and UV light aren’t that much.’

“Hello. You’re right.” (Yuri)

“My name is Harold Harrell.” (Harold)

‘Harold Harrell. I have never heard of the last name. That remind me. I didn’t ask his name and yet, he told me. He is somehow overly familiar.’

“My name is Yuri Hou.” (Yuri)

“Ooh.” (Harold)

Harold pretended to be surprised.

“Are you the heir of Hou Household? I’ve met a celebrity.” (Harold)

‘Everyone seem to know my name. It makes me feel uneasy. I’m not someone who have won the Nobel Prize with my own power. Celebrities are people who aren’t doing anything.’

“I don’t think I’m a celebrity.” (Yuri)

“You… are you able to skip until here?” (Harold)

‘Skip? Why he asks in such exuberant mood? Aah, did he mean the exemption?’

“Yes, that’s right.” (Yuri)

“I’ve been taking classes at the Academy since last year. I was supposed to take over my father’s place.” (Harold)

‘Since last year? What does that mean?’

‘This guy looks like he is beyond twenty years old. The students of the Knights and the Liberal Arts enter from the age of ten. Therefore, it isn’t impossible to have someone in twenties to enter the classroom, but as I expected, I can’t see him as someone within my age.’

‘From last year, no matter how I think about it, the age does not match. That means he entered the school after getting old enough. Well, there may be circumstances and things like that.’

“Excuse me, but which student are you?” (Yuri)

“I’m an occasional student.” (Harold)

‘??? Occasional student?’

“Since you are not from the Knights or the Liberal Arts, does that mean that you are a member of the general public?” (Yuri)

‘When I think about it, he’s not wearing something like a uniform. He’s wearing casual attires.’

“Don’t you know? There are a lot of students coming from the general public. That’s about half of the guys here, I think?” (Harold)

‘Eh, really? I heard that for the first time.’

‘However, speaking of half, that is quite a lot. I see, half of them are ordinary people.’

When I looked closely, I found a variety of clothes.

“Is there any advantage of taking the lesson? Like qualification or something…” (Yuri)

“I don’t get the qualification, but the lecture fee is cheap and the quality of the teacher is good. There are many people who come from far away and are doing the course as occasional students.” (Harold)

“Is it purely for academic purposes?” (Yuri)

‘That’s great, isn’t it?’

“It’s not such a big deal. I’m a child of a merchant, so I have to learn abacus. If you can read or write, you’ll be ridiculed, you know? You can’t talk to nobles unless you are educated. You can’t even get to know them.” (Harold)

‘Ooh. If there is no compulsory education, you will go to such places voluntarily to learn. It would be cheaper than hiring a tutor. And even if you hire a tutor, the knowledge taught in some cases is not necessarily correct. However, since they receive the same lecture as the nobles here, there is no concern that recognition differences will occur in conversations with business partners aside from whether the knowledge is correct or wrong.’

“Are you taking only the lectures you need? Well, there’s no such things as compulsory courses, right?” (Yuri)

“That’s about it.” (Harold)

“I see, thank you for teaching me a lot of things.” (Yuri)

“No, I do not mind.” (Harold)

There were only adults, so it was an adult response.

“By the way, Harold-san. You said that you are a merchant, yes?” (Yuri)

He said he was a child of a merchant.

“What kind of business do you do?” (Yuri)

“My family is doing trading. We are sailors.” (Harold)

“To Kilghina?” (Yuri)

As for trading, the only trading partner was Kilghina.

“Yes.” (Harold)

It seemed that they were trading across the Baltic Sea.

‘I can imagine that. If Kilghina dies out, trading can’t be done. Kilghina is being attacked on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, since it is inferior, it can’t be said that it is a business with much potential.’

“Is the war going to get better?” (Yuri)

And when I asked, Harold had a face that reminded him of something unpleasant.

“So and so.” (Harold)

‘I see. The business world is facing hard time.’

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘Unlike my perception, Kilghina is probably in precarious state.’

“Our family is coming from the production area of the goods that we carry. The place is in the Toga territory, but it has been destroyed.” (Harold)

‘What… does the business can go on if Kilghina is destroyed?’

“I see, that’s why.” (Yuri)

“We can’t get your hands on the other products, because they are tied to another merchant.” (Harold)

‘That’s awful. If that’s the case, he shouldn’t succeeded the business.’

“It’s hard, isn’t it?” (Yuri)

‘It is like taking over a company just before bankruptcy. There is no conscientious system of limited liability in this world. Therefore, if the company goes bankrupt, it should be stripped of infinite liability.’

‘If he dissolve all of the assets before losing everything, it will not be so, but it’s not easy to do that when the family business that he has been doing for a long time.’

‘I wish that he could develop a new product. The idea of a product will determine the success, but it can’t be helped since they are not the one who produce the product. There is no way I can say that.’

“Still, I can’t dissolve Harrell’s company. I have to do my best.” (Harold)

Harold made a face as if he was at his wits’ end. He seemed to have a sense of responsibility.

“Please do your best.” (Yuri)

‘Well, go for it. I’ll cheer you secretly.’

When I had that thought, this suddenly came into my mind.

“In that case, what if you learn the Kura language and trade with the Kuran?” (Yuri)

‘If he can’t trade with the Shanti, why can’t he trade with the Kuran, right?’

“With the Kuran?” (Harold)

He had a question floated in his face.

“The Kuran seem to hate us for being hairy, but there is no law saying that you can’t do business with them here. However, you will probably be given a death penalty if you behave like a spy.” (Yuri)

“Really?” (Harold)

“No, I’m not sure because I’m not a jurist.” (Yuri)

‘Even if I have to say this to myself, it is completely irresponsible. Anyhow, I got a new idea from this.’

“Well, should we try to find out about it? But, I wonder if I can do business with them.” (Harold)

“I wonder that too. It will be difficult until you make the first contact. Anyhow, the other side forbid themselves from trading with Shanti.” (Yuri)

“Really?” (Harold)

“No, I don’t know. But I think that probably will be the case.” (Yuri)

‘He doesn’t know it. However, there is usually a break in diplomacy as a prelude to war. That is so-called breaking off the relations.’

‘This hasn’t changed either in this world or in the previous world. Why is that? Well, if the citizens here go on travel on their own, and they are captured as prisoners of war, it would be troublesome.’

‘Therefore, they block the border in advance and prohibit people from going back and forth. It is a natural measure, so there will be no difference in the situation in this world.’

‘But there is something like a backdoor in everything. You should do business with a guy like a half-thug who moves by making money. This is something that even an idiot can come up with, so Harold should also know.’

“But if you don’t do it well, you may get killed before you make the first contact.” (Yuri)

‘The possibility is high.’

“Yeah…” (Harold)

Harold was considering.

“If you get caught on the other side, you’ll become a slave for sure.” (Harold)


“I’m sorry to say it lightly. It is a difficult thing after all.” (Yuri)

‘According to my suggestion, his hope will be crushed if he is captured in the Kuran territory and turned to be a slave.’

“No, it’s interesting.” (Harold)

“Uh… really?” (Yuri)

“It might be interesting.” (Harold)

‘He said it twice. Saying it again mean he is probably interested. I don’t know what to say, but I think it’s better to stop him.’

“It’s dangerous, you know.” (Yuri)

“It’s worth a try. We are used to fight the pirates.” (Harold)

“…Really?” (Yuri)

‘The pirates are probably the Kuran.’

Then, the lesson had started while Harold nodding and said ‘Yes, that’s it’ alone.

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