The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 80 (Self Edited) – Luggage from the Other Side of the Sea


Luggage from the Other Side of the Sea

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“Oi! Wait!” (Yuri)

I arrived in a hurry and when Liao heard me screaming, he turned around his mount and looked suspicious.

“Stop entirely!” (Liao)

When he said that to stop the Galloping Bird unit’s movement, he stepped down from his Galloping Bird to greet me as his superior. I also got down from my Galloping Bird and met him face to face on the ground.

Then, Liao whispered so that the rest wouldn’t hear it.

“I was about to leave since we were getting tired of waiting for you who weren’t coming. Even if this is about something important, it will raise the feeling of disapproval.” (Yuri)

Behind Liao, the members of the unit were wearing leather armor and straddling the birds. I was in charge of sending them out, but I was late.

‘They probably think ‘So after a long wait, what the heck is this? Let’s go now!’

Liao was right. If I came in late and would like to give an admonitory speech, it would be a big deal.

“Sorry. I had a carriage coming from now on. I was late for that.” (Yuri)

“A carriage? I haven’t heard about it.” (Liao)

“I thought I couldn’t make it in time.” (Yuri)

When he looked at the back of the row, he saw another carriage coming from behind several carriages.

“That’s it. Can you bring it along?” (Yuri)

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with the addition of one carriage, but…” (Liao)

“Yuri-kun, what’s going on?” (Myaro)

Myaro also came.

She was wearing a thin leather armor on her delicate body, riding a young female bird. To protect the heart, a triangular chainmail was worn from the right shoulder to the left armpit. The armor was particularly thin, so it might be there was some kind of reinforcement.

It looked light and wasn’t badly made.

‘Did she… No, I wonder if she borrowed it.’

“I’ve got one more luggage I want you to bring with you. It arrived this morning.” (Yuri)

However, the time was now morning, so speaking of this morning, it was still morning.

“Don’t take off the hood since the contents aren’t something edible.” (Yuri)

“Understood.” (Myaro)

Myaro nodded.

“Also, water and fire are strictly prohibited. Therefore, don’t take the hood during the camp. If you let it touch the spark mistakenly, you’ll be in trouble.” (Yuri)

“Yes, I’ll be careful.” (Myaro)

The management of the supplies should be under Myaro, so she would manage it.

‘It should be safe if I leave it to Myaro.’

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After giving some encouragement to the supply unit, I returned to the dorm and I laid down on the bed. I had been worried since yesterday, so I was very tired.

All that was left was to leave with my Eagle King in thirteen days.

In the meantime, I had some things to do, but I had time to go to bed. I went to the harbor early in the morning today, and since then, I was moving around, so I was pretty sleepy.

The gulf between Shaalta and Kilghina was called the Gulf of Shamil. The gulf was constricted just around Sibyaku, and it was quite narrow, if not, it would be called an inland sea. (TLN: The equivalent place of the gulf would be the Gulf of Bothnia)

Unlike horses and Galloping Birds, Eagle King could cross this gulf because they weren’t restricted by terrain except on very high mountains. The width of the gulf was about 3/4 of the Eagle King’s flight limit, so there was plenty of room.

Anyhow, it didn’t matter what the terrain was, but it was a good thing if it could fly smoothly. If we landed due to trouble, we would naturally drown because of the sea below. Speaking of danger, the situation where the eagle couldn’t be allowed in the 3/4 of their flight distance limit must be very dangerous.

Still, if we went around the strait by bypassing it, the distance would be five times higher. It was a ridiculous waste of time. Therefore, I also used this route when I returned.

The envoy to and from Sibyaku and Reform utilized a route that was used on a daily basis, so it wasn’t so dangerous. A method using a compass had traditionally been established among the envoy, so the accident rate was less than 1%.

The danger element wasn’t the navigation and maneuvering skill, but rather the physical condition management of the Eagle King, which was to rest well before flight, eat nutritious meals, watch the situation for a while after starting to fly, and if it turned bad, it became the most important thing. The responsibility of the leading guide was very important… In other words, I was the only one who could do it, and the rest would just follow me.

When I was napping for a bit, the door opened suddenly.


When I opened my eyes and looked, it was Carol.

‘Well, yeah.’

Dolla and Myaro left today, so only Carol and I are the ones who will come to this room. If she were to come back later, she would be like a killer. She looked like a killer rather than a joke, so I looked at her with half opened eyes.

However, Carol was going to give me some encouragement before going out with me today. I was late, but she must have done her job properly.

‘I might as well have a small talk since I have woken up. Or should I keep pretending to sleep as it is?’

“Are you sleeping?” (Carol)

I didn’t answer because I was ‘sleeping’.

‘If she’s not mad, she would probably go soon after getting her business finished.’

She came up to me with a slightly loud footstep, and it seemed she stopped beside my bed.

‘What? Could it be that she is flipping out and going to force me to wake up by dropping her heels on me?’

It wasn’t impossible, so I was worried.

“…It’s morning~” (Carol)

It was said in a small voice. Even though it was morning, it was almost noon. If I looked at the watch Lily gave me, it was probably pointing at 10 o’clock.

Since I was closing my eyes, I didn’t know what kind of face she was having. If I didn’t know the facial expression, it was hard to guess what the situation was like with the voice alone.

‘Well, if I remain on the bed like this, she would go sooner or later. It doesn’t seem she has any business. Maybe she just came to get some clothes or books.’



Enough time had passed as it was.

However, I didn’t look at my clock, and as I kept closing my eyes, my sense of time might be off.

‘It’s completely different when you’re reading an interesting book or staying in the toilet. Actually, it may be about five minutes…’

‘But what is this girl doing?’

‘I can’t open my eyes, so I have no choice but to judge by sound. However, since I don’t hear the paper rubbing, I don’t think she is reading a book. Is there any non-urgent report waiting for me to wake up?’

‘Is she free?’

‘But she isn’t always staring at me. She may be sleeping or doing without making a sound. For example, doing a cat’s cradle… No, it can’t be.’

‘Aah seriously, this is too much. I shouldn’t have been pretending to sleep. Why are we battling patience?

‘Let’s pretend to be up now and open my eyes.’

The moment I thought about it, I suddenly felt something touching my forehead.

Carol lightly touched my forehead with her fingertips. And, she moved it side to side and wiped off the hair on my face.


Since I was touched suddenly, my eyebrows were surprised involuntarily. Carol’s fingers suddenly left at that time.

‘Dang it. It would be strange to pretend to be sleeping as it is.’

As I noticed that, I suddenly opened my eyes and got up.

“Hmm…? Carol?” (Yuri)

I looked at Carol with sleepy eyes. It was an act of just waking up.

Carol was solidified. It was rigid as a junior high school student who was found doing something that parents didn’t want to see.

“Do you have something?” (Yuri)

“Aah, aaaaaah, yeesssss! I do!” (Carol)

She was interestingly disturbed.

“Did you just come?” (Yuri)

“Y-yes! I-I just came here!” (Carol)

‘You liar.’

“What do you want to do?” (Yuri)

“Aah, errr, aaah, yes, well. I-I forgot.” (Carol)

‘She forgot… I’m sure she got nothing to do.’

“W-well then, I’ll come back when I remember!” (Carol)

Carol suddenly raised her hand, and hurried out of the room.

‘What’s with this girl.’



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