The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World – Map 4 – The Battlefield of Herbera Map Outline


The Battlefield of Herbera Map Outline

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As an appendix, the battle of Herbera will be explained.

It can be said that this battle was a collision between pre-modern weapons and modern weapons. Militarily speaking, it has been the subject of research as a large-scale battle during the transitional period of the Revolution of the Military Army. However, there will be a brief explanation about the transition of the battlefield here.

Despite the similar situation, this battle occurred in a different area from the Battle of Marsenas during the Fourth Crusade due to the progress of infrastructure development of the Tyrellme Godly Empire. It was because there was a slight change in it.

The beginning of this battle started with the sound of the Kuran’s guns. The Shanti army was commanded by the great nobleman named Cox Reki, but his main weapons were primitive weapons such as swords, bows and catapults. He was unilaterally attacked against guns except on the battlefield where bows could reach.

However, the Shanti army set up a simple base made of logs, and almost repelled the gun attack. This was by taking advantage of the lessons learned from the previous war. One hour after the war was started, Alfred Sacrament, the Emperor of the Tyrellme Godly Empire, who was the supreme general of the Kuran allied forces, became numb to the unbreakable position. So, he ordered cavalry assault after sending the troops closer.

At this time, the Shanti army had a slightly distorted information with a slight diagonal formation, with the right-wing soldiers being thick and the left-wing soldiers being thin. When Alfred realized this, he planned a siege attack by diverting the cavalry unit from the thin side of the troops, so he put the cavalry unit under his control.

However, when the cavalry unit reached the end of the left wing of the Shanti army, the Shanti cavalry unit appeared from the direction of the right wing.

The Galloping Birds cavalry unit had disappeared from the scout reconnaissance because they arrived just before the battle and used the hills to hide. The cavalry unit, which gathered almost the entire army except for a small amount of cavalry left for maneuver defense, went through a row of gun infantry lines from the side.

The assault power of the cavalry at this time was tremendous, and the soldiers of the Flusha Kingdom, who were in charge of the leftmost wing collapsed entirely. The army from the Euphos Federation was also pierced through. When the next line of joint mercenary forces collapsed, the next turn was the Galilia Union.

The Galilia Union had a history of dealing with the Kanjar cavalry in the east. Although they were few in total, they adopted a military system that could be said to be anti-cavalry.

It involved arranging the gun infantry and long spear infantry alternately. In addition, they had shaped the unit in a square formation with 300 people as the basic number. Since it had only one direction to attack, it was a structure of a normal battle line that was weak when attacked from behind. However, it held defensive and assault power in all directions.

This tactic, called the Galilia Square (Tercio) was extremely strange to the army of each country and seemed inefficient, but it provided outstanding defense against cavalry. Alfred was wary of breaking through the center due to the cavalry charge from behind, divided his unit into two and placed it behind both wings as reserve units. And when there was an assault, it was split between the allied mercenary troops and the Papal States troops. The Galilia Union did a great job there.

While the birds were pierced by the long spear, the Galloping Birds troops, who pierced one square of troops, stopped their march there. If their marching stopped, they would just be a prey to the gun. Their foot stopped within the range, and the Galloping Birds troops were hit by the lead ball, so they had no choice but to retreat.

Then, when the left wing of the Shanti infantry line, which was pierced by the cavalry charge, collapsed. Cox Reki, who saw that he had already lost his chance, ordered the withdrawal of the entire army.



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