The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 20 (Self Edited) – The Representative Oath


The Representative Oath

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To continue this damn story, the stage where the pledge of the student representative oath had finally arrived. I stood up and went on stage.

I made two salutes along the way, and I was on stage with Carol. The Queen was sitting in front of me.

She was a slender woman who was a bit older than Satsuki. It might be the genetic feature of the Queen’s family that she and Carol had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her appearance was about forty years old but, since Shanti was young in appearance, she might be about sixty years old. She was looking at Carol with a face of a parent who felt her the growth of her child. This was helpful but I couldn’t bear for a moment especially when I looked like a suspicious child with a maple mark on my cheek.

“Salute!” (??)

Along with the decree, I thrust one knee slowly and kneeled down. I put a hand on the other knee and the other hand on the floor. This was the salute that men did indoor in the Shanti society.

Putting a fist on the floor brought similar meaning as offering a sword. In the case of outdoors, the fist would become dirty if the ground was muddy. Therefore, putting a hand on the chest was done instead.

Carol, who was next to me, kneeled with a knee, placed the raised knee on the opposite shoulder, opened her hand high, and put it on the floor to hold something.

When women met the Queen in a place like this, they were supposed get down on both knees and linked both palms as if they were praying to God, but since it was a gesture to look up to the emperor in ancient times, it would be strange if Carol, who was a royalty, would do it to her mother.

She stood up, and faced the Queen again. The one who would read first would be from the Knight side.

I read the sentence that I remembered well.

“…While looking forward to the day to give my spear to the Queen, I pledge to devote myself to study.” (Yuri)

I thought that I had forgotten because there were so many things happening, but somehow I remembered and I was able to finish saying it. Next was Carol’s turn. She also began to speak.

Carol seemed to remember well, and she could read aloud without stopping.

‘That’s amazing.’

“…On your side… and to support… aah…” (Carol)


She stopped when she had finished 90 percent.

When I looked sideways while thinking whether she got hit by Level 5 Death and suddenly died, her face was paled and pitiful.

‘…Did she forget?

She looked at me and I saw it within her eyes that she was asking for help.

‘That is obvious, isn’t it?’

‘I really want to help, but I only heard it once during the rehearsal, so there’s no way I can remember…’

Let’s see… we will always be by the side of the Queen, and we pledge to devote ourselves to perform, to support and to be a person who celebrates together. That’s it, right? …Why am I remembering it?’

“…to perform and…” (Yuri)

I whispered with a low voice.

“…!  We pledge to devote ourselves to perform, to support and to be a person who celebrates together!” (Carol)

She said it properly.

‘That’s great. That’s amazing.’

After saying that, the Queen immediately reached out to us.

‘Aah, is it me?’

That was it.

I got on one knee, reached out the Queen’s hand and kissed on the back of the hand. I let go the lips, and then, I stood up slowly while slowly moving my hands with a gesture of releasing a butterfly.

I stood up again at the same time as Carol, and left the stage.



The entrance ceremony ended safely.

“…Haa.” (Yuri)

I involuntarily took a breath.

‘What to do from now on? It’s to enter the dormitory.’

‘However, the dormitory is far away from the royal castle. The dormitory is, of course, on the premises of the Academy, but since I am in the royal castle and not in the spacious Academy, I have to move considerably. Well, it’s not a distance that I can’t walk.’

“That was a magnificent representative. You were amazing.” (Myaro)

Myaro said so boisterously.

“Not really.” (Yuri)

“Well then, please also take care of me in the dorm.” (Myaro)

“Aah, I wish we can be in the same room.” (Yuri)

“Unfortunately, there is a rule that students from the first rank to the fifth rank can’t be in the same room. We are also expected to enlighten our roommates.” (Myaro)

‘I wonder how does he know that.’

‘That means Myaro’s rank is between the first and the fifth. The seating order is probably in the order of the grades, since the fifth place wouldn’t be next to me even though there are many students. The guys in the back row may not be able to endure any longer.’

‘If Myaro was sitting to me, he should be in the second or third place, right? It’s pretty obvious because Carol was sitting at the left side, but since there is Shadow Clone Technique, she won’t be able to sit in both seats. So, who got the second place is shrouded in mystery.’

‘I can guess from the way Myaro talks, and he looks like a smart kid. He might exceed Carol, so he is probably in the second place.’

“Is that so? That’s a shame. Yup, really.” (Yuri)

I only talked with him for a bit, but it seemed that I could get along well with this guy.

“If it’s alright with you, do you want to have lunch together?” (Myaro)

I was invited for a meal immediately.

“Lunch?” (Yuri)

“We will enter the dorm in the afternoon. We can go there after having lunch.” (Myaro)

‘I see. That’s the first time to hear that. Rook’s lack of communication is serious.’

‘Aah, I wonder what to do. If I talk to Rook… No, let’s not do that.’

‘Since Suzuya is in that condition, I better do this when I’m on my own.’

“I’m happy that you invited me, but I’ll be leaving my family for a while. So,I don’t want to have lunch without my family.” (Yuri)

When I said so…

“Aah, yes. I’m sorry, I forgot that you were coming from the remote area.” (Myaro)

…and on the contrary, I was told sorry.

‘I see. This guy lives in the capital city. Because of the bureaucracy. the workplace of his parents’ household should be the royal castle.’

“It’s fine. You asked me out though.” (Yuri)

“No.” (Myaro)

“There will be as many opportunities as there are stars. Even at that time…” (Yuri)

“Yes. You’re right. I’m looking forward to it.” (Myaro)

‘Well then, shall I look for my father?’

I stood up from the chair, and lightly said goodbye to Myaro. When I planned to go into the flock of parents, I noticed the person in front of me. It was Carol.

‘This girl… why is she coming here?’

“Come with me for a bit.” (Carol)

Carol grabbed my wrist and pulled me.

‘What is she trying to do? Isn’t bad to bring someone to the back side of the school building?’

“Oi.” (Yuri)

I said that while resisting her.

“What? Didn’t you hear what I said?” (Carol)

‘Don’t get mad.’

“Wait a second. I’m in the middle of talking with my new schoolmate. It would be rude to leave without saying anything.” (Yuri)

“Hmm… really?” (Carol)

Carol immediately released my hand.

“My bad, I still have something to do.” (Yuri)

“Yes, I was watching. So, you don’t have to mind me.” (Carol)

She gave out a pleasant smile.

“See you in a bit.” (Yuri)

“I wish you all the best.” (Carol)

She wished me good luck.

‘Is it going to be a battle from now on? Even though there is still slight stinging feeling on my cheek…’

“Are you done?” (Carol)

‘I’m having little patience because of things here and there.’

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She probably knew about my family. Carol grabbed my arm and took me to a room where nobody was there.

It was a fine but a bit dusty room with a thin sunlight coming in. She had a sad look and didn’t say anything like ‘Uhm…’ or ‘Ooh…’.

“That…” (Carol)

It looked like she couldn’t say anything. I was wondering what she wanted to talk about.

As I was waiting patiently, tears began to appear in Carol’s eyes.

“Uu… guh..” (Carol)

‘Eh, wait a… Why it becomes like this…’

“Oi, don’t cry… what’s going on?” (Yuri)

“I-I’m sorry…” (Carol)

‘Is that a crying from vexation? Why? I don’t get what’s in her mind. If she cry because she lost in terms of the test, it’s not strange to cry now.’

“What’s going on with you?” (Yuri)

“I want to say…” (Carol)

“Just say it.” (Yuri)

When I asked, she was crying, but at least she started talking.

“…It was… a disgrace to compete with you… and for helping me in my lines just now… huhuww…” (Carol)

‘Did she returned the script in less than five minutes because she wanted to compete with me? Is she stupid or what?’

‘However, I was able to say the words and phrases without mistake in the rehearsal, so I definitely remember it once. It is a pointless obstinacy, and it is an embarrassment. As a result, she was comforted and it is a shame to have left the predicament.’

“You… did you bring me here to say that?” (Yuri)

‘I understand why she cries, but I don’t understand why she brought me here. I wonder what she wants to talk about.’

“N-no… I… I came to say thank you.” (Carol)


Carol wiped her tears with a handkerchief and blew her nose.


“Thank you for helping me… thanks.” (Carol)

“…You’re welcome.” (Yuri)

‘What… did she call me just to say thanks? Is that so? I see.’



“…Well then.” (Carol)

When Carol was about to return…

“Wait.” (Yuri)

I stopped her.

“…What is it?” (Carol)

“Well… I’m sorry too, I was too insensitive.” (Yuri)

As I apologized, she stared at me.

“…Why are you apologizing?” (Carol)


“It looks like I’ve hurt you.” (Yuri)

“I’m not hurt!” (Carol)

‘Well, you did slap me.’

“Well, that’s it. Yeah, more or less.” (Yuri)

“The reason I was angry was because you said you didn’t want to enter the Academy. You are rude for not being proud to be a Knight…” (Carol)

I was told being rude again. This was the first time being told so, including my previous life. A rude person. It was a term that couldn’t be said so easily.

“I don’t know whether I was being rude or not, but people have various circumstances, you know.” (Yuri)

“Whatever the circumstances, I have no plan to lose to you. There would be no honor as a Queen if I lose to rude people.” (Carol)

‘What is that all about?’

“I don’t mind losing.” (Yuri)

“Are you fine with that?” (Carol)

‘What is this argument? Why am I having a low level argument with a ten years old girl? Ah, it may be my tone looks like I am  being depressed.’

“You don’t want to be a Knight but you want to be a ruler. Even though it is the duty of the retainers to pledge to the ruler, why do you have to compete with that retainers who are smart and strong?” (Yuri)

“The ruler must be the strongest and smartest. It’s decided that way.” (Carol)

“Why are you trying to do that foolish thing?” (Yuri)

‘Do you have to be a perfect superwoman? They often come up with this idea in a country where a woman act as a ruler. Normally, it should be different from a non-man-like style in which the subjects carry the Queen. As expected, it may be different.’

“I know the wisdom and strength of a person. Mine and yours.” (Yuri)

‘People can’t win a single army alone no matter how strong they are. Furthermore, there is none who is best in all respects such as physics, biology, history, law and mathematics. I understand what a single person can do. I have concluded that at most, I know that I don’t know everything.’

“Even if that become know, I have no good reason to lose to the rude person.” (Carol)

“You’re mistaken basically.” (Yuri)

This had become an unreasonable troublesome.

“Haa?” (Carol)

Carol hysterically raised her voice.

“I don’t care about the result of that test. To the point I want to clamor whether I win or lose…” (Yuri)

‘It is already troublesome enough to enter the Academy, but on top of that, why do I end up with such a ridiculous argument?’

“You, you… you…” (Carol)

Basically, don’t worry about being attempted by others if a person is going to become a ruler from now on. If not, no matter how smart they are, they are going to be manipulated by his subjects.” (Yuri)

‘Where is the world where the manager is being tested by the subordinates? What a fool. This is not a system of self-management.’

“…That is… you…” (Carol)

‘What? Are you going to say that I’m being rude? Do as your please then.’

“You’re idiot—! Uhmm, stupid! Uhmm, yeah, idiot—!!!” (Carol)

While I was being taken aback, she ran out of the room in a way that people wouldn’t think her the princess.

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6 thoughts on “The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 20 (Self Edited) – The Representative Oath

  1. Nyesh

    Thank you for the chapter. I have recently come upon this story and have now caught up with it.

    I have been trying to understand the meaning behind the story title. My guess is that this story is going in one of two directions: 1) the MC will gradually rise in rank and eventually conquer the known world (which seems to be the European peninsula) – in the process getting a reputation for ruthlessness equal to that of Oda Nobunaga, or 2) the empire conquering the Shanti (which seems to be based loosely off the Romans?) will conquer the entire known world in such a vicious manner that their emperor will be called a Demonlord by the Shanti. Given the Shanti people seem to be on a losing streak – to the point that I suspect only the MC’s kingdom will still exist by the time he is an adult – I suspect the latter situation will occur rather than the former. In this case, my guess (since this does not seem to have the feel of a story shaping up to be tragedy in which the MC and everyone he knows dies or is enslaved) is that the MC will lead a small surviving remnant of the Shanti people to somewhere else, perhaps by making use of his modern geographical knowledge.

    The world itself is also interesting. For Denmark to be mostly underwater, the sea level must be at least over 50 meters above normal. This implies a world at least 5C warmer than Earth, where the ice caps do not exist. This would also help explain why the northern part of the Shanti kingdom is not a desolate usually-frozen wasteland, as was historically true of northern Scandinavia, where only semi-nomadic peoples lived until almost modern times. Given this warmth, Iceland may be a good site for the MC to lead the Shanti people. There could easily be forests covering most of it. (North America is too far away to be seriously considered, I think.)

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    1. shiningcry

      For how the author describes the world i wonder what happened that send humanity back to the dark ages, if we go to the theory of being the same earth but in a distant future what happen was maybe a nuclear war or some kind of extraterrestrial natural disaster that could explain why the planet is warmer and some island nations dissappear, that could explain why england has a peanut shape and there’s no Ireland, and there were some creatures that mutated like the eagle king and the bird chocobos, for what you say i feel that the plot is going forward to the second scenario if that is true i hope i doesn’t become a really dark story.



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