The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 66 (Self Edited) – Tyrellme



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When the baked sweets were flattened and my tummy was full, Her Majesty the Queen…

“Well then, let’s get into the main subject.” (Queen)

…finally said it.

“Yes.” (Yuri)

‘Now, now, what’s this all about?’

Although I was thinking about it, the warm tea and sweets made me feel much better.

“Actually, a war is about to start in the neighboring country.” (Queen)


“…I see.” (Yuri)

“Oh my…aren’t you surprised?” (Queen)

‘No, I was surprised.’

“…Could it be that is the latest information?” (Yuri)

“Yes. It is a story told by a courier from Kilghina who came four days ago.” (Queen)

Said the Queen in awe.

I was about to sigh. Had I not been served tea, I might have really sighed.

“I knew it since July of last year.” (Yuri)

‘Now is April 2318. I received the report in July 2317. Could it be…’

“Yes?” (Queen)

“Since I had reported to Satsuki-Obaasama, I’m sure the report should have been up.” (Yuri)

I was surprised since it was said as the latest news even though I had known about it for ten months.

“I haven’t heard it. What do you mean?” (Queen)

Her Majesty the Queen frowned.

‘It seems she doesn’t know anything. Did the Witch households interfere somewhere and stop the news? I know that they really think of themselves only, but is it possible since this news involved the future of the country?’

“For the last decade or so, their invasion has been slowed down because my Uncle killed the King of the Tyrellme Godly Empire in the previous war. As a result, the Tyrellme Godly Empire had an internal dispute over their successor, and they had been unable to attack Kilghina. I’m sure you know that.” (Yuri)

“Yes, I know. I heard it from the asylum seekers.” (Queen)

‘If she doesn’t know this, it would be strange. Although it corresponds to Her Majesty’s story, I first heard this story a long time ago. I heard it from Eisa-Sensei. She had fled through the  Tyrellme Godly Empire, which was in turmoil over this event. Since it was the information that everyone knew in this other world, it should be talking in response to the questioning of the asylum seekers.

‘The former king of the Tyrellme Godly Empire was a man who was just fifty years old at that time. He had the confidence from subordinates. He was also a talented person who was admired by his people.

‘As for the Crusaders, their public stance is put up splendidly and that is to eradicate evil, but the actual purpose is looting and plundering, which is essentially like making a large-scale pocket money earning. Aside from the soldiers who participated in the hunting for life, it seems foolish for a commissioned officer to die in such a war.

‘The former king also had no intention of dying in the crusades, and although he was old, he didn’t think he would die because he was physically and mentally not ill. However, he was killed Gouk’s special operation, like it was a sudden accident. Hence, there was no time to leave any kind of will or last request, so the remaining people were fighting for the throne.

‘Since the Tyrellme Godly Empire was the forefront country, they couldn’t send soldiers to this peninsula if there was a civil war there. As a result, the Crusades have stopped for ten years.’

“But, in June of last year, there was a tentative settlement in the succession dispute. The one who won is Alfred, the third son of the former king. To make matters worse, in the process of succession dispute, Alfred tempted the vassal lords with a debt of deferred payments.” (Yuri)

“Deferred payments…? Wait, I don’t understand that.” (Queen)

‘She looks like she doesn’t get the gist of it. Hmm…’

“Simply put, he had tempted opportunistic nobles to become his allies and he promised to repay a debt if I become the king.” (Yuri)

“Did the royal family have a debt?” (Queen)

“If this applies to you, Your Majesty, it will be something like this. After your death, Her Highness Carla enticed the Witch households and the General households with money, so that she can take over the throne over Carol. Then, Her Highness Carla must pay the money when she becomes the Queen.” (Yuri)

“Aah, I see.” (Queen)

It was a bit imprudent example, but it seemed that she got the point.

“But, is it alright to do that?” (Queen)

‘I thought so at first. Rumor has it that the amount is tremendous and the mortgage is the royal territories.’

‘The Tyrellme Godly Empire is a country similar to the Kingdom of Shaalta, where the lords are stronger than the royal family. As the royal family tries to develop their power, the lords are trying to reduce the royal power. In other words, Alfred made a great deal of concession to the vassals to become the king. It also means that he cut himself from the foundation that the ancestral kings have steadily built, and handed it over to the vassals.’

“It’s not alright, but he has no choice but to do so in order to be the king. The fight for power over there is fierce. It is possible that if he doesn’t become the king, he will be destined to be killed. In that case, he can’t be choosy.” (Yuri)

‘Pride is more important than life is only in a story. In fact, in most cases, one’s life is more important. It’s not possible to look away if the power struggle may take his own life.’

“Really? I don’t know about that.” (Queen)

“Well, then, Alfred immediately consulted the Catholic Pope to establish the Crusade. If he does it well in the invasion of Kilghina, he can get a lot of money.” (Yuri)

“I understand that. He wants money immediately.” (Queen)

“That was in July last year. The notification to each country has been completed, the time to convene the military varies from region to region, but it was done from February to the beginning of March this year. It’s April now, so the Kilghina Kingdom must have noticed the movement of the troops that gathered early.

“…So, how did you find out about this?” (Queen)

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“My company trades with countries across the sea. After crossing the sea and reaching another country, the sailors first go to a tavern for drinks. Or having dinner with local merchants. Then, there will be conversations at that time. Even if you don’t spend any money, this much information is something that you can learn from that kind of conversation.” (Yuri)

‘Espionage may sound exaggerated, but the reality is that much. Even if you aren’t trained spies, if you are over there, you will naturally hear about the general situation. There is some information that can’t be concealed no matter how much people want to hide. Such information can be obtained by putting a bit more effort.’

‘The Crusade information is one of the best pieces of information. If they want to bring a war to only one country, they can hide it a little bit, but if it includes the Pope, they have to consult with many countries to conceal the information. This is not a secret information for merchants that operate across the sea since it is normal to know about it.’

“I see.” (Queen)

“This matter is also supposed to be raised since I have submitted the documents to my father.

‘As for me, I have the obligation to the Hou Household, but not to the royal family. The Hou Household handles the information I reported, and I didn’t tell anyone else except them.’

‘It is a well-known fact in the Hou Household, but it hasn’t been declared to avoid confusion. However, I heard from Rook that Satsuki had raised the issue to the royal family. It’s definitely something that you shouldn’t hide, and since this act can score some points from the royal family, it’s definitely going to be raised.’

“I think there was something wrong. I will look it up from our side.” (Queen)

“It might be rated as information with low accuracy. That’s unfortunate.” (Yuri)

‘It’s not amusing if that happens since the ones who involve in this kind of practice are idiots who are busy with corruption. Now that Kilghina actually observes the movement of the enemy army. Clearly, the information is correct, but when these people read the information, it was only like ‘I heard it from a bar in a foreign country, but it seems they will attack next year’. It is inevitable that the information might be ignored in the past. I guess it couldn’t be helped, huh?’

“I understood the matter.” (Queen)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

“But, I’m calling you today for another matter.” (Queen)

‘Well, of course. That matter started suddenly, and I don’t think she invited me to tell her about the start of the war. That is something that will be transmitted naturally in a few weeks, and there is no need to tell me especially early at all.

“In the event of a war, we will send out reinforcements, which are jointly issued by the other three General households.” (Queen)

‘Other three General households are probably those excluding the Hou Household and the Ette Household.’

‘It is a promise that the Hou Household will not be sent as a reinforcement, but there are circumstances in the Ette Household. The Ette Household is a unique existence among the five General households, and the household protects the Island of Aisa.’

‘The round trip between the Island of Aisa and the continent will definitely risk people’s life when there is no astronomical navigation. Even if they have it, it’s not a good idea to do so since it costs a lot of transports just to send the soldiers.’

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘Well, I understand that. In a sense, it seems to be a very bad move because the right to command is confused, but each has their own circumstances. There aren’t many General households who would like to come out here since they may lose their military force, so it can’t be helped to jointly issue.’

‘But, the matter of reinforcement has nothing to do with me. I’m not a Knight or anything because I haven’t graduated. In addition, I’m a man of the Hou Household, and we have nothing to do with the reinforcements.’

‘In other words, I’m in a position that is irrelevant to all this. Perhaps, she wants to borrow the company ships for resupply?’

“But this time, apart from that, I’m thinking of forming an expedition with you and the Academy students.” (Queen)

‘Eh? My head went blank for a moment. I don’t know what that means. Child soldier?’

“Wha…? That is… why…?” (Yuri)

“It’s my daughter’s proposal.” (Queen)

‘Daughter? Is it Carol? Is she a fool?’

“I don’t understand.” (Yuri)

I let out a voice filled with indignation.

“Please listen until the end.” (Queen)

I was scolded.

“Yes.” (Yuri)

‘…Well, I wonder if there are any circumstances. For now, let’s just listen to her.’

“Now, in the school of Knights, there is my daughter and the successor of the Hou Household and the Rube Household.

“Haah.” (Yuri)

I gave a dispirited reply.

“One of them is you, of course.” (Queen)

“I understand that.” (Yuri)

‘Even if she didn’t tell me that, I am well aware of it.’

“These three people… I mean you all will fight to protect this country if Kilghina loses.” (Queen)

‘Aah. I see. That’s how you think about this. I’ve almost guessed it.’

“Fortunately, all three of you are doing well, and you’re not short of academic credits. It’s not a loss to see who we’re going to fight.” (Queen)

“Is it something like an observing military officer?” (Yuri)

I immediately grouped the Shan language to create a coined word.

“Observing military officers. That’s exactly what it is.” (Queen)

‘Haaah, is Carol a fool? It’s troublesome.’

I was sighing inside.

‘Speaking of observing military officers, there is no such international accord with the Kurans. From the other side, they are basically like the Shanti. Of course, if they are caught, they will not be immediately released based on the accord, and repatriated to their homeland.’

‘Considering Carol, blonde Shanti are bought and sold at super high prices in the Kuran world, so they will change their intention and attack. It’s full of risk.’

‘However, Carol and I, and maybe the Senpai of the Rube Household, can also ride the Eagle King, so the situation is completely different from the soldiers who go on foot or on horseback. If it’s just to look and to return home, there will be a little risk.’

‘Therefore, we will not be told ‘It’s a miracle that you’re alive and able to come home’. However, the risk is big enough and it’s like treading on thin ice.’

“We will select those with best grades in the school of Knights, and take them with you.” (Queen)

“So?” (Yuri)

“What do you mean by that?” (Queen)

“I mean the reason for calling me here. If you want to tell me only that, you don’t have to see me directly.” (Yuri)

“I would like to ask for your participation.” (Queen)

‘Uwaah. As I expected. Come on. No, seriously.’


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