The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 104 (Self Edited) – Risking



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When I took the cloth off, my hair swam in the air.

This should be fine.” (Yuri)

I said so, and opened the lid of the lighter again.

…Wait a minute. I can’t see it well.” (Canker)

‘I guess so. It would be difficult if he could see it well.’

‘I applied the burn soot of the torch to the upper half of my ear. My hair is black and long enough to touch my ears. Even if the ear comes out, he can’t be sure in an instant because of the blackness.’

It’s fine. I can do it later.” (Yuri)

I scraped the flint of the lighter, ignited it, and held it over the fuse.

Please wait.” (Canker)

‘Now, it’s time to test your judgment.I pray that he is a dumb and indecisive idiot.’

I took off my hood as you say. Now you should put up with it. Do I have to show you my butthole after showing you my ear?” (Yuri)

Hoping that this would be quick on the inside, I made an exchange while keeping up while maintaining my expression.

Stop it!” (Canker)

Canker noticed the lighter and tried to hold my hand. It was then that the fuse ignited and the characteristic burning noise began to be heard.

I made a quick turn while stepping back, so that I could escape his reaching hand, and threw the handmade bomb with a bad throw with the same momentum.

The bomb went through Canker’s crouch and fell just behind, in the middle of his subordinates. It seemed that the subordinates were still shocked because they couldn’t comprehend the situation. They probably thought that we had some internal disputes.

Kuhh…!” (Canker)

Canker turned around and saw my homemade bomb.

‘Should I stop him if he tried to pick it up?’

For you to let out killing intent… Are you a bit crazy?” (Yuri)

I just incited like that.

‘The longer the misunderstanding, the better. The blast and debris will be blocked by Canker and will not reach me.’

‘The rest is how long it will take to explored. For the time being, it doesn’t seem to explode immediately.’

I don’t care who it is! Put something on that!!!” (Canker)

Canker suddenly gave an outrageous order.

It was very rational and was the best instruction in this situation.

‘It would be very troublesome to do such a thing.’

‘Moreover, the soldiers must not recognize it as a dangerous goods from the explanation of the lie I gave. If so, there would be no hesitation in covering it.’

‘Self-sacrifice for death isn’t required. In fact, one person is trying to cover it immediately, perhaps because of his terribly obedient personality. It’s bad.’

Stop it!You’ll die!” (Yuri)


Then, it happened at the moment I thought that.

A sword that blew a breeze struck at my face.

I shifted the upper body to avoid it.

Hmm.” (Yuri)

I involuntarily stroke my nose. It hadn’t been slashed.

Let me ask you.What do you mean by dying?” (Canker)

It’s one of the metaphors.You could get burned.” (Yuri)

I wanted to stop playing cheap tricks and spoiled it, but the bomb hadn’t exploded yet. 

That was the problem.

‘Although there is a possibility of unexploded, I wanted to wait a bit longer. If I run away from here, they will leave the bomb behind and go after me.

Then, the bomb would be left behind and the people at front would move, so to speak. Even if it explodes it will be far behind.That means I need to be the wall and stop them here. However, it’s better to pull out the dagger for self-defense.’

I pulled out my sword.

You’re the one who pulled your weapon out first. How are you going to explain it to Epitaph-dono?” (Yuri)

‘That’s a terrible way to say it. It doesn’t matter, but I feel like I’m borrowing the tiger’s prestige somehow.’

No more questions and answers.” (Canker)

‘It seems that he would kill me totally. Well, it’s a war, and in some cases, it’s fine to kill and bury it, and it’s not necessarily to come out from the beginning. If I don’t come out, I’m sure I would be killed later. This is something to be expected.’

‘If I want to be on the same side, I need to kill his ten underlings to close their mouth.’

Then, let’s have a one-on-one battle.” (Yuri)

Hmm?” (Canker)

Yes? Could it be that you’re not good enough to fight someone small with a short sword?” (Yuri)

” (Canker)

‘I didn’t stop the war of words. The most undesirable result is that he issues a command to surround me and his subordinates move all at once. Then, the soldiers will move and the bomb will be meaningless. If two of them light up the fuse on their gun they held, I can’t hold up even for a short time.’

‘No, should the bomb no longer be seen as an unexploded bomb anymore if it doesn’t explode during this period? It’s not good to be too concerned with that.’

However, Canker didn’t give orders to his subordinates. Instead, he grasped the long sword again, which had a long handle and a blade that was one or more meters long. The reason he didn’t lower was probably to avoid a gap.

Nuaargh!” (Canker)

Canker unleashed his long sword like a twig and swung it.

His sword tip bounced around with a sharpness that was disproportionate with its dull appearance. Thinking about Kasaya clothing, there wasn’t enough time to blink my eye, and he instantly slashed it reversely.

Kasaya Clothing

There, he didn’t stop, and a series of slashes came one after another. It was a sharp swordsmanship that made you feel cold sweat.

While avoiding the sword that was swung, I avoid it with two to three steps backwards.

‘This is bad.This guy is dangerous. I had underestimated him.Although the strength is different from that of Soim-jiisan, he is definitely stronger than the Jii-san who taught spearsmanship in the school of Knights.’

‘He is definitely one of the strongest opponents I have ever met. If I don’t focus, I will be slashed in the blink.’

‘Moreover, I can’t do anything about it. The experience which I had been trained in told it. Simply, the weapons are incompatible.’

‘If the enemy’s weapon had been a bit heavier, for example, a rod-like weapon, it would have been easier to get into his range with agile movements.But this guy’s attack is quick. It has enough reach that is difficult for a short sword to reach him.’

Canker alternately drew in and pushed, not just drew in.

I rotated my sword in my right hand half a turn in my hand and re-grasped it in the other hand.

‘It’s bad to draw here.’

‘The reason why I re-grasped it in the opposite hand is that it is easier to repel. If I receive such a slash with a blade, the blade will be crushed in one hit. However, this constantly sharp attack is difficult to get in his range without receiving the attack.’

‘And although slashing is heavy enough to kill people, not all are the same weight.

I know it not from the knowledge, but from the experience I have.’

‘Canker holds his sword with his right hand up and his left hand down.

In that case, people would hit by taking the stance of a dragonfly or swinging from the head.

Dragonfly Stance (Jodan no Kamae or Tonbo no Kamae)

The slashing from the right is also powerful enough.’

‘However, the return from the left is less powerful than those two. It is, so to speak, the relationship between the forehand and the backhand, and the human body is made like that.’

He aimed at my face, so I avoided the slashing from left to right, by pulling my upper body slightly, and I stepped in one step.

The sword, held in the backhand motion, was thrusted with both hands. The blade of the longsword collided with the sword guard, and sparks were scattered.

A sharp impact round with a loud sound. He stopped. However, the force disappeared at the next moment.

His arm moved reflexively, he pulled his sword without following the tip of the sword with his eyes. The action of turning around after being guarded, and going to prevent any makeshifts is the normal way of every battle. Instead of being quick, he received a light attack with the blade of my dagger.

In the meantime, I was taking another step. After he avoided the makeshift, I lowered my body to avoid his sword slash.

Two steps.

I was already at the distance that my attack could reach. However, in exchange for holding it in the opposite hand, the reach wasn’t much different from a fist.

I threw the short sword.

The short sword throwing from the opposite hand grip had no speed or momentum.

‘However, there is no one who is thrown to the face with a dagger, doesn’t feel that it is a threat.It will be fine if he gets scared for a moment.’

While the rotating short sword hit the face properly and the field of vision was blocked for a moment, I pulled out Carol’s dagger, which I had on my waist.

I dove in and extended my arm to scoop his face. However, Canker wasn’t there at that time. 

From the state of losing visibility, Canker retreated significantly to the rear and avoided my attack.

‘If this happens, it can’t be helped. Even if I try to catch up with all my might, there is nothing I can do if he withdraws.’

Phew…” (Yuri)

‘Going back to square one, is it?I did the same thing. In the stray match, since the field of battle isn’t restricted, I can’t run away. After all, In hand-to-hand combat, most attacks can be avoided by pulling back.’

‘Well, it’s good that Canker is retreating. I can say that my purpose has been achieved.’

I repositioned Carol’s dagger.

Don’t do it.” (Canker)

Canker said.

I suppose there’s no need to ask and answer anymore.” (Yuri)

I held to the fact that I mentioned earlier. I didn’t break the stance.

Why don’t you pick up the sword you threw earlier?” (Canker)

Likewise, why don’t you lower your sword first?” (Yuri)

Canker didn’t lower his helmet’s face guard. He was doing that because he missed the opportunity.

‘Lowering down the face guard is clearly a signal of battle, and after the signal of battle, the first stroke of sword at the beginning doesn’t become a surprise attack.’

‘Canker suddenly slashed and didn’t have a chance to drop his face guard. Now, of course, he is already in a battle state, so he can lower the face guard proudly.’

‘However, at that time, it’s necessary to take one hand off the long sword and create an opening. If I pick up the sword I drop, he would put down the face guard leisurely. Then, the only chance to thrust in is gone.’

Hmm…” (Canker)

Say, why don’t you make a deal? If you overlook me, I’ll give you my right ear.” (Yuri)

I suddenly made a proposal to earn time.

That was a lie.

‘If he overlooks me, I could give him my right ear, but there’s no guarantee that he won’t pursue me.’

‘If I could escape from this situation,it won’t be bad to sacrifice ears, but the problem is, cutting your ear is an injury that causes a lot of bleeding. If he breaks his promise and pursues me, it would be difficult to resist once I lose my strength due to bleeding. I’ve already considered this proposal once and I have abandoned it.’

No good.” (Canker)

In any case, I had succeeded in making Canker withdrew.And he was hesitant to turn offensive again.

‘Although it’s good to withdraw, the bomb, which is the purpose, doesn’t explode at all. It is better to give up on that. If luck isn’t on my side, the bomb will not explode.’

‘In this world, not everything can be done at your convenience. It can’t be helped. If it doesn’t go off, there’s no point in taking risk and retreating further.’

Why not?” (Yuri)

‘If that happens, I will have the option of picking up my sword.’

‘After that, even if I turn to escape, Canker will not follow. It’s impossible to catch up with me in a marathon while wearing full-body armor.’

I’m supposed to deliver your neck. You have made the Papal States too angry.” (Canker)

Tsk…” (Yuri)

I involuntarily clicked my tongue.

‘The one who is angry is Epitaph, the name that I used earlier.He’s a guy who has the reason, really.’

You look like a very young person, and yet, you seem to have a lot of skill. Sorry, but it’s going to be difficult to fight alone.” (Canker)

Dear me.” (Yuri)

‘Let’s run.’

‘My strategy was like that from the beginning. They’re faster than me, who needs to carry Carol, but slower than me alone.’

‘When I think about it, I can reverse the position by leaving Carol temporarily. I can change from the hunted side to the hunter side.In the forest, there would be no way to deal with the tactic of hunting one by one, taking from the side or behind.’

‘I didn’t expect that this commander’s subordinates would be good at it, but if I kill one by one, and let him fall asleep when he is the last one, there’s nothing I can defeat.’

It’s pitiful. Even so, you’re a Knight, right?” (Yuri)

‘Is this meaningless conversation about to end?’

I want to pay tribute to you, but this is also a job.” (Canker)

It was when Canker said so.

A flash of flight flashed right behind Canker, making a loud noise like a firecracker. I didn’t feel the blast at all, but at the same time as the flash-like light, I could see that something was scattering with momentum.

Canker’s body, armored in armor, staggered momentarily, perhaps because of the blast. My body was moving reflexively.

One step in, taking two steps, and jumping lightly as if jumping in. In the air, I made a sharp hook, like punching Canker’s face. In my right hand, I held the dagger that was held in the opposite hand, and its glittering blade stroked Canker’s face.

However, Canker was also reacting. At the last minute, he stretched his chest, and looked down, and his face was slightly retracted.

‘Did I get him?’

Hmmph!” (Canker)

A strong impact pierced my belly with that tearing voice. Canker, who held his sword with both hands, slammed my belly with his twin fists.

The power wasn’t enough to blow away my whole body, but it was powerful enough to pull him away from me in the air. And the place where I went down and landed was a perfect position for Canker. When Canker landed with his posture down, he had already delivered the next blow.

He brandished his sword sideways from left to right. I landed on the side and couldn’t regain my posture, so I had no means to accept the blow. There was no space to crouch down and avoid the attack that was low and aimed at the waist.

‘Go down.’

The teaching that had been hammered in my brain said so.

The momentum pushed by the twin fists still remained in my body. The foot was refracted to release the impact of landing.

I kicked the ground on the spot, and turned my upper body backwards while stretching my legs. The momentum of kicking the ground didn’t support the upper part from the waist. It only lifted the lower body up and made it rotated like a frame panel in the air. It went around in the air around the center of gravity.

It was a backflip.

Fortunately, when I put both feet on the flat ground, the momentum still remained, and I took a step or two backward.

I was surprised at the fact that this movement came out smoothly.

I raised my face and looked at Canker. However, there was no pursuit.

Perhaps, it was a painful blow for Canker as he was still standing at the place where he swung his sword. At a glance, he tried to grab his sword, which happened to have fallen forward. Fortunately, he didn’t step on.

When he recovered his sword, I looked at Canker again. While looking at me, he took his hand off the sword and held his nose. There was so much blood flowing around his nose that I could see from here.

Carol’s dagger wasn’t used at all before this. It should be the same as if it was given right after sharpening it, so it must have been very sharp. When he sniffed his nose, he only felt like scratching the air.

It seemed that I had cut his nose deeply. The blood that spilled from his wound dyed the back of his hand in bright red.

He also noticed a cool sensation on his toes. Apparently, the sword that was swung around was hooking the sole, and the sole around the toe of the left foot had disappeared. Perhaps, he was behind his right foot because he wasn’t on his dominant foot.

I sweated cold involuntarily. If it was a few moments later, there was nothing from the bottom of his ankle.

I immediately put the dagger in the scabbard. Instead, I picked up the short bow that was hung on my back.

I reached for the arrow quiver and pulled out the arrow.

The short bow, which was compactly packed with an emphasis on portability, was made for adult men and required some force, but the essential pulling force was short enough to make me want to bite my teeth. It was weaker than a longbow, but it will have enough power to pierce leather armor. The arrow that was pulled and fired flew straight to Canker’s face as intended. And it was repelled easily. It just hit the iron plate of his hand that held the nose. It made a clicking sound and fell off.

‘Well, yeah. No, I didn’t expect it.’

I held the second arrow and aimed at Canker’s rear this time. Behind him, there were those who were suffering, probably because the scattered objects had dug into various parts of their bodies.

I aimed at the man who caught my eye, and pulled the bow. He was trying to pull out something. It might be a debris stuck around his chest.


The flying arrow stabbed the man’s neck. Actually, I was aiming at the shoulder.

I heard a muddy voice in the distance and he collapsed.

Canker turned around and confirmed what I had done. He looked at me again with hateful eyes.

‘I don’t want to do this either. But what you want to do is different from what you have to do.’

I held the arrow again and pulled the bow. The target was the man on the other side.

This time, Canker tried to knock down the arrow with the longsword in his hand. However, the swing done by one hand since the other hand held the nose wasn’t good enough, and the arrow stabbed into the other man’s shoulder.

‘But, if he moved his body and received his body, the arrow would probably fall. Well, that is that, and I don’t mind at all.’

‘Canker’s wound is beyond the range where bleeding stops naturally if left alone. If he continues to swing as it, the most troublesome expert fighter who can fight as much as or better than me, who is their only enemy, will bleed and die just like that. The remaining nine injured people should be killed slowly afterwards.’



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