The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 149 (Self Edited) – Together with Carya



Together with Carya

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“Then… Her Highness Carya is also coming in.” (??)

‘Carya? The younger sister too? Uhm… why? Well, considering that it’s a family dinner, it wouldn’t be strange for her to be here… If anything, I might be the one who gets in the way.’

“…” (Queen)

Her Majesty the Queen displayed an expression that I had never seen before. This is the first time I saw it, where there were wrinkles in between the eyebrows.

“Hmm… Yuri-kun, will it be fine for Carya to come?” (Queen)

After thinking about something complicated for a while, she said so in an inaudible whisper.

‘Somehow, she doesn’t want to display the flow of excluding Carya here. If Carya is here, it will be the flow of dinner together. Simply put, I think she doesn’t want to show a family quarrel.’

‘Normally, in this kind of flow, it would be natural for me to say ‘Of course, I don’t mind’. However, if I refuse, Her Majesty the Queen may be rather pleased because she had a reason to refuse Carya here.’

“Of course, I don’t mind.” (Yuri)

‘However, please excuse me that I can’t refuse Carya. Sure enough, Her Majesty the Queen sighed for a moment.’

“It’s fine. Please come in.” (Queen)

She said.



As soon as the door was opened, a familiar blonde appeared immediately. It was Carya.

“Yuri! It’s been a long time!” (Carya)

It was a high-pitched voice as usual.

Compared to Carol, she was less tall. After all, the effect of movement in the growth period was significant even though there was only one year difference, and Carya’s skeletal frame seemed to be quite thin.

With a full smile, she rushed into the room energetically.

“Long time no see.” (Yuri)

I parroted back.

“How was Kilghina!? Were you injured!?” (Carya)

Carya quickly came close and snuggled up close to me.

“Yes, I somehow managed it.” (Yuri)

I answer tactfully.

‘Well, she asked if I was hurt, but that wasn’t the answer. I’m actually injured.’

“What’s wrong? You’re not the same as usual.” (Carya)

Carya had a strange expression on her face.

‘It isn’t about the injury, but the way she speaks is uncomfortable for me. When I talk to Carya… I usually speak bluntly. Though it feels harsh to say it in front of Her Majesty the Queen.’

“There’s Her Majesty the Queen here.” (Yuri)

“Aah, I see… You can use that kind of wording.” (Carya)

‘I can use it, huh…’

“I heard that you’re very active! Isn’t it amazing? Let me praise you. You did well.” (Carya)

‘Yeah… Aah, I don’t feel any authority over this girl. My heart isn’t moved at all.’

“I’m honored with your praise.” (Yuri)

‘That’s good enough.’

“So, how was it!? Tell me the story of Kilghina.” (Carya)

‘Would you like to hear it? I don’t know what your aim is. Do you really want to know? It’s about a military story, so I don’t think you’ll be interested.’

“There will be another time for that.” (Yuri)

‘It’s a hassle. If Her Majesty the Queen isn’t here, I don’t have to deal with her.’

“Eh–….” (Carya)

And when Carya raised a voice of protest…

“I want to hear from you too.” (Queen)

…Her Majesty the Queen said.


For some reason, she said that.

“In any case, she would keep asking about it… and we also have time to eat later. So, it doesn’t matter, right?” (Queen)

‘Hmm… I wonder if she doesn’t like to have free time. Well, I guess it is actually so. I shouldn’t mess up since Carya is here, but I can’t talk about complicated things. It doesn’t look like it’s too hard to say. If I tell Carya about the sovereignty seal that I just had talked about, she will tell it in the school of Liberal Arts.’

‘Carya required a great deal of self-control not to speak, even if she keeps her mouth tight. This type of carelessness is because she wants to talk with her friends, so the situation can’t remain as it is. If the Queen doesn’t ask from the beginning, I don’t have to put up with it, and I’ll be happy to keep Carya out of the loop. Then, there’s no choice but to have a casual chat. If I say that, my story is probably the hottest and most interesting topic right now.’

“Tell Carya about it. It will be a good story even in the Silver Birch dormitory.” (Queen)

The Queen’s words made me feel a pinch.

‘Well, I should use Carya as a speaker and spread the story to the Witches’ hangout rather than the Silver Birch dormitory. When I think about it, it may be valuable to have a speaker without putting a bad bias in the content and has a great influence. To begin with, Shamu can’t play that role since she only has a few friends.’

“If Your Majesty prefers it, I don’t mind, but there’s nothing interesting about it.” (Yuri)

‘Aside from Her Majesty the Queen, I don’t have a desire to enthusiastically proclaim my success, so it doesn’t matter. Rather, I’m reluctant to do so.’

“It’s fine, tell me about it. If it’s about Yuri, I would be interested in anything.” (Carya)

She sat in the chair next to me, saying something strange. She was getting closer.

‘However, that was the mood until now, but what about Carol? She didn’t say hello, she silently entered the room and now, she sits silently in the chair facing me.’

‘She doesn’t seem to be angry, but it seems that she is trying to keep silent. The siblings don’t really fit together, or they may not get along very well. Perhaps, Carol doesn’t want to talk with her sister. It would be a problem if I wasn’t able to refuse Carya’s present. Well, it doesn’t matter. It might be that kind of mood.’

“Well then, where should I talk from?” (Yuri)

‘As for me, I don’t want to remember, such as from the beginning of the battle. It feels like a lie to omit the plain, sad or painful story, but if Her Majesty the Queen wants that kind of influence, I should tell it as simple and interesting as possible, if not dramatize it.’

“Then, let’s start with the story of getting rid of the bear that had troubled the villagers…” (Yuri)

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There was no specific full course of Shaalta’s cuisine, but in the royal family, it seemed that many dishes with two mouthfuls of dishes were carried in order. It was the most formal meal.

I used a knife and fork to bring the food prepared by chefs into my mouth. It was very delicious.

The smell of both fish and meat dishes had been completely eliminated, and the aroma was delicate. It wasn’t a meal that would flatter if it was good, but it was a meal that was like interacting with the cook.

This wouldn’t be possible without the habit of enjoying food as a culture, not just as a nutritional supplement.

I also ate such a dish in Kilghina, but at that time, I couldn’t afford to enjoy the taste, though not very much. I thought that amount was slightly small because it was only women, but then, it was just right because we were eating while talking.

The last thing that came out was sorbet. A strong-tasting milk was mixed in it, and it tasted like both ice cream and sorbet.

By the time I finished eating sorbet, my story, which I talked about while eating it, was almost over.

“I have a question. If they didn’t misunderstand that the bridge had burned down, wouldn’t it be a problem?” (Queen)

 “Well, it is actually burning. I thought that even if they got the information that it’s made of stone, they would think that the information was wrong. It’s usually more certain to actually see the report than the textual information.” (Yuri)

“You’re right…” (Queen)

“Well, it was a dangerous bet.” (Yuri)

‘In front of Carya, I wouldn’t say that I was going to abandon the refugees and cross over the bridge if the enemy didn’t misunderstand it, but it seems that Her Majesty the Queen understands it without saying.’

“Yuri, you have it hard.” (Carya)

Carya said something.

‘This girl… isn’t she a bit weird today? I didn’t say that it was strange to come to my seat or something… and she made a flirting gesture. She looks worried, but hmm… is she worried about me? Somehow, it looks like action, and it looks like she’s serious.’

‘I can’t read the intention. Just as a forty-year-old man couldn’t understand the thoughts of their fifteen-year-old daughter, I can only think of it as an existence like an alien with a different thought form. I still feel that the Witch household is a close relative who can understand her thoughts. There is just a conflict of interest, background and opinion. If it was the usual, I would run away, but it’s hard not to run away.’

“…” (Carol)

‘It’s also tough because Carol seems to be in a bad mood, and she still keeps quiet. If she is in a bad mood for some reason, I still don’t know if she is in a bad mood even though I’m not doing anything. It’s scary to keep silent without interjecting.’

“Now, Yuri-san. How about teal after dinner?” (Queen) (TLN: It isn’t a mistake of honorific. The Queen changes it.)

Her Majesty the Queen said.

‘Tea? I was looking forward to it.’

“By all means, I will have it.” (Yuri)

“Then, I will have it prepared.” (Queen)

When the Queen glanced at the maid who was waiting in the corner of the room, the maid began to move and left the room as soon as she was instructed.

‘That’s amazing. It looks like it’s fully automatic.’

“Carol, Carya, I’m sorry, I wonder if you can leave us.” (Queen)

‘Eh? Are you kicking them out?’

“Ehhh!?” (Carya)

Carya raised a voice of protest as expected.

“I thought I’m going to brew the tea for him! Isn’t it fine for me to be here?” (Carya)

She was quite angry.

‘I mean, even though she’s the daughter, is that how she is supposed to talk to the Queen…?

‘W-well, they are inside the house anyway. No matter how much of a Queen she is, it might be fine to be that frank inside home.’

“Carya. There is a secret matter between us. There are some matters that can’t be discussed if you’re here. Please listen.” (Queen)

When Her Majesty the Queen said so in a harsh voice…

“Uuhh~~” (Carya)

…She growled.

“…I got it.” (Carya)

She replied.

‘I thought she would stomp her feet on the ground, but I guess that won’t happen, huh?’

“Instead, come to my room later. I have something to talk about.” (Carya)

‘…?? Eh, what happened?’

I unintentionally pulled out my pocket watch from my pocket and checked the time.

‘It’s past 7.30 PM. Was it half past seven in the morning? No, that shouldn’t be the case. It’s impossible. I don’t think it’s happening, this damn brat. Just think about common sense.’

The line that said actually went out to the mouth, but it finally stopped at my throat.

When looking at Her Majesty the Queen, her expression was slightly broken. When I looked at Carol, she was stunned. She had a very emotional look.

“I’m a bit tired today, so it’s impossible.” (Yuri)

The two were stunned and couldn’t make a voice, so I declined Carya on behalf of them.

“Ehh~~… It can’t be helped then. Next time, you can’t refuse.” (Carya)

‘Isn’t she misunderstood way too much? There’s no such a thing as the next time. Plus, we’re not dating because we are in front of Her Majesty the Queen. If we were together, there would be no reason for those words to stop at my throat.’

“Well then, please excuse me.” (Carol)

When Carol utters her first sentence at the dinner, she stood up from her seat, and bowed to Her Majesty the Queen.

“Come on, let’s go.” (Carol)

And she grabbed Carya’s hand.

“Wh-wait a sec! Aah, Yuri! See you later!” (Carya)

While raising the voice of protest, the two went out of the room.

They left the room, and when we were alone, Her Majesty the Queen clapped twice. The door of the room opened, and the female Queen’s Sword appeared.

“Please recall Carol.” (Queen)

“Yes!” (??)

‘Aah, she is calling her back.’


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