The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 62 (Self Edited) – Carol and Myaro – Part 1


Carol and Myaro – Part 1

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The dojo for the Knights was loud today. However, there were few people, and there was nobody in the surrounding area of the dojo. There was a swaying wind outside.

The reason why there were few people was that today was a holiday.

In other new dojos, there were many students who practiced independently even on holidays, but the one with two people here was rather an old dojo and there was no merit to use it. Originally, there were few students who trained on holidays, but today, the dojo was reserved for those two people.

The two were training fighting in the middle of the dojo. While sweating, they were fighting each other intensely, and sometimes they moved away. They kept moving their bodies without a break.

“Hah!” (Carol)

Carol threw her opponent as she shouted loudly.

Myaro, who was thrown, was lifted despite losing her posture, but she wasn’t slammed to the ground because it was an incomplete throw. Both feet floated suddenly, the knee was bent and she landed.

“Oough!” (Myaro)

While being thrown, Myaro moved to catch Carol’s sleeve.

As soon as she rebuilt the balance, she grasped the sleeve, and pulled Carol down. While holding the arm aside, she stood as a joint was concluded. Carol, who had her axis of the body broken unexpectedly, couldn’t prevent herself from being thrown down.

“You got me.” (Carol)

Carol surrendered immediately.

It was a technique of standing joints by hardening the armpits. There wasn’t much danger if she stood, but it was possible to force her to fall down by applying weight from a determined posture. Then, if the whole weight was applied to the joints, the arms could break easily.

Carol knew the dangers of the technique, so she surrendered immediately. She wasn’t afraid of breaking her arms if the weight was put on. Myaro would never do that, and Carol knew that no one in this school would do such a thing to her.

But the good thing was, shaking the technique off while standing, as long as the opponents were aware of the battlefield, they would be aware of cowardice movements to achieve victory.

“Haa… haa… thank you very much.” (Myaro)

Myaro bowed down. It had been a long time for Myaro to achieve victory.

“Thank you very much.” (Carol)

Myaro also returned the thanks.

“Whew…” (Carol)

Carol wipes the sweat with her sleeves.

“Let’s get some rest.” (Carol)

“Ha, ha, ha… Alright.” (Myaro)

Myaro answered as the shoulders moved along with the breathing.

Carol quickly sat down on the spot and cross-legged. The floor was made by combining boards, so in winter, the soles were so cold that it could freeze. However, this present season wasn’t up to that extent yet.

Myaro also sat down. She was sitting in seiza position.

“You don’t have to be so careful.” (Carol)

Carol said with a wry smile.

“No, I can’t somehow settle down if I don’t do this…” (Myaro)

“Is that so… That’s fine.” (Myaro)

Carol was rather not good at sitting in seiza, so she couldn’t understand the feeling that sitting in seiza was more comfortable. She thought that it would make it easier, but it seemed crossing legs was better.

“Nevertheless, Myaro is still dexterous. I can’t believe that you did joint technique swiftly.” (Carol)

“Whatever it is, I don’t have muscles, so… I can’t win unless I use that technique.” (Myaro)

Surely, Myaro was petite. Rather than having less muscles, it felt like there was no flesh because the skeleton frames were too small. As a result, she would be disadvantageous in all aspects of martial arts.

If one had small physics, they would always lose when they fought by using strength against men. That was why, there was a technique that was similar to quick stabbing a well-honed dagger. Therefore, as a way of doing that, Myaro seemed to polish her joint skill by putting weight.

Carol had a smaller physique than a man, so she was inferior in strength, but she was bigger than Myaro. Myaro was even smaller than the Liberal Arts students. Since she was training her body day and night, it was probably in the blood.

Even with the combination of techniques and weight, Myaro was still defeated by Carol as she was swayed.

“Let’s take a break for a bit. This time, why don’t you do that technique?” (Carol)

Since Myaro was dexterous, she was good at techniques.

‘Let’s study hard.’ That was what Carol thought.

“I see. I also have some things I want to try.” (Myaro)

“Is that so?” (Carol)

“Yes. I’m reluctant to use it on men, so I can’t try it.” (Myaro)

Carol thought ‘I see.’ She was reluctant to use the technique on the male classmates as she had so many techniques.

This was her reason why she trained herself in this way when there weren’t many people around. The practice of engagement without the use of weapons, there would be a lot of problems to practice with men.

Because of that, Carol and Myaro looked for spare time like this to train themselves.



“Fuh… shall we stop soon?” (Carol)

Carol said it while wiping her sweat.

“Hah hah… yes, s-shall we?” (Myaro)

Myaro had a slightly paler complexion. If she exercised too much, she would be like this.

Carol didn’t have a similar condition. This would probably happen if she caught a cold and felt cold, but if she were in a normal physical condition, she would only get tired no matter how much she moved, and she would never feel sick enough to become pale.

According to Yuri, it seemed Myaro didn’t have enough blood around her body, but Carol didn’t really understand its meaning.

“Are you alright?” (Carol)

“Yes, I’m alright. I should be fine if I crouch for a bit… please excuse me.” (Myaro)

When Myaro said it, she aligned her legs, and crouched a little.

“I’m sorry, I have to ask to join me…” (Carol)

“No, it’s fine. I should be thankful to you.” (Myaro)

“Is that so?” (Carol)

That being said, when Carol saw Myaro, who was pale and crouching, she felt guilty.

“That really helps. Besides, this is my problem.” (Myaro)

“Please rest, Myaro. I’ll wipe the floor.” (Carol)

“Eh, how could I…” (Myaro)

Myaro rushed to get up.

“It’s fine, you can sit down.” (Carol)

Carol squeezed Myaro’s shoulder and kept her from standing.

She went out from the dojo as it was, drew water from the well and returned with a bucket. She took it in, soaked a rag in it, squeezed the rag and wiped down the sweated floor.

This was something needed to be done by those who used the dojo for voluntary training. After the class training, the hired cleaner would clean the dojo, but otherwise, they weren’t available for cleaning.

If the dojo was left as it was, when people came later, they would feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, if it was left for a whole day and night, the floor would be damaged.

“Alright, it’s done.” (Carol)

Carol rinsed the rag in the bucket and squeezed it. After that, she went back to her original position.

“Sorry about that.” (Myaro)

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Myaro sounded apologetic.

“If it’s this much, it’s a small matter. More importantly, let’s go to the bathroom quickly. You may catch a cold, you know.” (Carol)

“Alright.” (Myaro)

Myaro stood up. She seemed to be feeling well already.

The two left the dojo and entered a forest. In the immediate vicinity, there was a place where the trees were cleared. Over there, there was a small building where everything but the ceiling was made of stone.

For ordinary students, that building seemed to be a hut for the forest management staff or a break room, so they didn’t bother with it, but actually, it was different. It was a small bathhouse for the female Knights students. Since female Knights students couldn’t use the bathhouse for the guys, they used this building when cleaning themselves in the evening.

There was no regular female staff in charge of the water heater, but the flame was still smoldering. They saw a light smoke coming out from the chimney. That meant that the water should have been boiling, and they had asked for it beforehand.

Carol inserted a key and turned it. Then, its door was opened. She removed the lock and put it outside. She brought a stick to lock the room from the inside. The lock was placed outside since it was made of iron, and it would rust when exposed to water.

The inside was one room structure, filled with hot water. The bathtub would be full if three people entered. With that size, it wasn’t the size where two people could stretch out their legs inside. Nevertheless, for Carol and Myaro, it was an important and relaxing place for now.

“Are you going to take it off?” (Carol)

Carol took off her clothes that were wet with sweats quickly, and put it in a basket with her name on it. This also served as a laundry bin, and the clothes put here would be collected later, sent to the laundry and delivered to the dormitory. It was then passed to the dorm mother and sent to the room. It was a luxurious mechanism that was possible because there were only few women in the Knights.

Myaro also took off her clothes and exposed her naked body. Carol looked seriously at her body.

“You have been developed as well, isn’t it?” (Carol)

Carol nodded.

“Uhm… please stop it.” (Myaro)

Myaro went in while pretending to dislike it.

Although Myaro and Carol had been together for seven years now, Myaro’s body hadn’t grown for a long time. She wouldn’t lose weight even if she ate not that much. The bones remained slender, but the delicate impression didn’t change at all.

Carol worried that someday the bones would break like a dead tree. But now, Myaro’s body was gradually changing, and she began to accumulate feminine plumpness around her waist and chest. It wasn’t a body similar to a boy who didn’t lose weight indefinitely.

“What a good development.” (Carol)

While sounded happy, Carol also headed for the bathtub. After confirming the temperature of the hot water, she poured the hot water from the head by using a bucket. Then, she entered the bathtub.

“Hou…” (Carol)

“It’s warm, right?” (Myaro)

Myaro said it while bathing up to her shoulders.

“Yeah.” (Carol)

It was a very true statement for Carol too. In this season, the body would sweat after training, so it immediately cooled down and lost the heat.

“I feel sorry for the boys when we do this.” (Myaro)

“Indeed.” (Carol)

In the case of the boys, the water was boiled only at night, and it wasn’t done all the time whenever they wanted it. The bathhouse for the boys was like for more than ten people, so it took a lot of time and effort to boil the water.

“But if you put cold water on your head like those guys, your body will freeze.” (Carol)

The boys did it well by covering their heads with well water similar to what they did during midsummer. The fact that Carol only lightly wiped her hair was because she couldn’t imitate them. She didn’t know whether they were strong or their senses were paralyzed, but even if the guys poured water as cold as ice on their heads, they seemed to be sweating and remained in a good shape. After that, they carried their tools with ease and returned.

If it were Carol, her teeth would clatter, and she wouldn’t be able to move for a while. She didn’t have confidence that she wouldn’t fall sick the next day. At least, she couldn’t be naked in the public in order to do that.

“Hehe, yeah. I also don’t think I can imitate them.” (Myaro)

Speaking of imitating them, if Myaro did it, it seemed her heart would stop, and she would die on the spot. She didn’t want to imagine that.

“However, it doesn’t seem that the water is cold these days.” (Myaro)

“Hmm? What do you mean?” (Carol)

“Instead, they take turns to get out during the break time and make hot water behind the dormitory.” (Myaro)

Carol frowned. Break time was a time to rest, and many people washed their faces during that time. Therefore, if they wanted to get out, they could do so as much as they wanted, but they went to the back of the dormitory, and boiled the water when it was over.

Even if it was hot water, it wasn’t hot water that was used for baths. It was just hot water that was used to bathe in. Compared to just well water, adding a little bit of hot water should reduce the coldness when bathed.

However, if such a thing was revealed, there was no doubt that they would be scolded by the teachers. It wasn’t time to go back to the dormitory, even if it was only for washing the face.

However, Carol wouldn’t say bad things about them since she was specially treated like this.

“But, if everyone were to boil the water, it would be hard to fetch the water. I don’t think they will be able to come back during the break, right?” (Carol)

If it was only fire, it would be good enough just to throw the pilot light into the furnace, but if it involved water, it was going to be difficult.

“It seems to be easy because Yuri-kun installed a machine in the well. Even if the well isn’t dig deep enough, you just need to move the stick up and down and the well water will come out.” (Myaro)

It seemed that Myaro had already tried that machine before. She knew how to operate it.

“What? There’s another invention…?” (Carol)

Carol had a complicated feeling, as if she was impressed and amazed.

“It should be on a trial now, but if it doesn’t seem to be broken, he will sell it soon. In this way, he’s going to get big again.” (Myaro)

Myaro said it happily. Needless to say about getting big, she was pointing out Yuri’s business.

“Well, isn’t it a good thing? If he does it until that much, I guess it’s his hobby that gives a real profit…” (Carol)

“Oh my, Your Highness is against Yuri-kun’s side job?” (Myaro)

Myaro had a mischievous smile.

“I’m not going to be a child forever. It would be nice if his work becomes the source of employment for people.” (Carol)

“Ehehe.” (Myaro)

Myaro smiled quietly.

“It’s not like he is pushing someone with low wages.” (Carol)

“If anything, he is giving a bit higher salary. Speaking of excessive, it is really excessive.” (Myaro)

Due to the large influx of Kilghina’s refugees, although the wage level had calmed down when compared to that time, the wages aspect became disordered and it had fallen below average. Carol knew that. In some cases, the refugees were given a very low wage and they were described as semi-slave labor.

“Aah… You got a blue color bruise.” (Carol)

Suddenly, Myaro said it.

“Eh? Where is it?” (Carol)

“It’s on your thigh.” (Myaro)

Carol twisted herself and looked at her thigh. Certainly, there was a big blue bruise. However, since she had too many things in her mind, she couldn’t seem to remember what caused it.

“If it’s here, it’s fine.” (Carol)

She was used to it, so she didn’t care. Blue color bruises would disappear without a trace if it was left alone. However, she was worried that if she had a big bruise on her forehead, she wouldn’t be able to enter the public area for the time being.

“Ehehe, that is a very sexy gesture.” (Myaro)

“W-what are you saying?” (Carol)

Since Carol’s posture was with one knee raised and her bottom was elevated, it was a very sexy gesture.

“This wouldn’t make the guys forget for a long time.” (Myaro)

Myaro stared at the chest, talking as if this was another person’s matter.

“Th-that is…” (Carol)

Carol covered her chests quickly.

“Is it fine if I touch it a little bit?” (Myaro)

And she reached out for the chest.

“Y-you can’t!” (Carol)

“Hehe, I’m joking, you know.” (Myaro)

“Oh you. Well, I’m leaving.” (Carol)

Carol stood up and got up off the bathtub. A hot water slipped to the skin which warmed and flushed.

“Well, me too.” (Myaro)

It seemed Myaro also came out from the bathtub.

Carol wiped her body with a cloth. She had used to do it, but before she entered the Academy, she had never done it by herself. All the servants were doing for her.

“Myaro, do you have any plan for today?” (Carol)

“Do you mean after this? I was going to study until the evening…” (Myaro)

“I think I want to go out today. If you don’t mind, would you like to go out with me?” (Carol)

“Out?” (Myaro)

Myaro, who was about to wear the clothes she had brought, asked reluctantly.

“Of course, I will disguise myself.” (Carol)

“Disguise? Do you mean that you want to sneak outside?” (Myaro)

“This is not the first time. I went out with Yuri once.” (Carol)

Myaro nodded with ‘Aah, I see’ expression.

“If you look like Yuri-kun, there should be no problem.” (Myaro)

“I didn’t disguise myself with that guy’s appearance though.” (Carol)

The clothes were like Yuri’s but Carol didn’t plan to wear it today.

“Is that so? If you don’t mind, I’ll be happy to go out with you.” (Myaro)

“That’s great. It’s lonely to go out alone.” (Carol)


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