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The Shaalta Kingdom

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It was the largest country of the Shanti in the year of 2000.

This area, which was called the White Wolf Peninsula, was founded as the last territory of the Shantilla Great Empire. This place was far from the royal capital, Shantinion. It was considered as a remote area and it was treated coldly in regards to social status.

In the Shantilla Great Empire, there was a custom to divide the area by color. The color that symbolized the west was white, so there were many places that had ‘White’ attached to its name. The royal capital of the Shaalta Kingdom at that time, Sibyaku, also meant white. When the Aisa Island was discovered, the territory expanded to the west, but that was when their era went down.

After the fall of the Shantilla Great Empire, the remaining territory was divided among the nine royal princesses. They were never close sisters, and it was thought that it would be difficult to unite and establish an empress.

A princess name Traffe established a country on the isolated Aisa Island at the end of the west. According to the record remaining, it was said that all nine princesses didn’t know the actual size of the Aisa Island and they thought that it was a remote island.

Traffe was born in 1082 as the empress’ eleventh daughter. Intellectual development was poor, and at the age of eight, intellectual disability was expected, so no one had high hope. At the age of ten, she entered the royal academy of Liberal Arts, but she couldn’t keep up with her studies and seemed to be lonely.

The official language of the upper class at that time was the ancient Shan language, but Traffe couldn’t speak it. She spoke the common Shan language which was the spoken language of the common people. The common Shan language was a language that later evolved to the modern Shan language, and it was a simplified version of the ancient Shan language that eliminated the complicated wording and conjugation of many words.

Although the two languages weren’t different, the common Shan language had a unique slang that naturally occurred based on the common people’s culture. It was difficult for the nobles to understand unless it was a respectful way of speaking. Also, the conversation of a speaker who was proficient in the ancient Shan language (which was an important culture as a measure of intelligence at that time) couldn’t be understood by a speaker who only understood the common Shan language.

Traffe spoke the ancient Shan language at a level where it was too much to be called beginner, so she became isolated in the dormitory (the royal academy was a dormitory). Her lonely life ended after the war in Year 1111.

The royal army, which was defeated in the grand battle of Minari, was crushed. They couldn’t cope with the Crusaders who started simultaneous invasion from another direction. As a result, it led to the fall of the Shantinion.

At the end of the year 1111, on December 15th, the remains of the royal family held a meeting and decided on the division of the remaining territory through discussions. Of course, this conference was conducted in the ancient Shan language, and although Traffe was there, she couldn’t understand the discussion at all. In the record left in the present age, there were no remarks by Traffe except ‘She consented, and gave approval’.

As a result of the meeting, the isolated Aisa Island, which was at the end of the west, was entrusted to her as a leftover. In Year 1113, she arrived at the Aisa Island with Knights from the imperial guards, who swore allegiance to her. The voyage was a life-threatening voyage with a very high probability of distress due to the voyage technology at that time.

After arriving at the isolated island,Traffe married a Knight of the imperial guards. While being swept away by the frontier, Traffe was adored by her people. She lived with her husband, facing the sea.

It was said that it was a life which was too modest to be a Queen, but it was a life full of happiness. The couple had two children. Traffe died in Year 1172 at the age of 90 without any regret.

However, 380 years later, when the last member of the Traffe royal family died, the lineage was cut off. The Aisa Island was too far from the continent, so there was little interaction with other royal families. Since the voyage was dangerous, it wasn’t possible to form a relationship with the Aisa Island. As a result, consanguineous marriages were repeated, and stillbirths occurred frequently, leading to the cut off.

After that, the people of the Aisa Island, who lost their Queen, sent a letter to the Shaalta Kingdom. Then, the Aisa Island was absorbed by the Shaalta Kingdom.

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