The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 23 (Self Edited) – Overdid It


Overdid It

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‘It’s the first fight I’ve ever had in my life, probably because I wasn’t used to it. I was stupid, but if I think about it, I can’t avoid being overwhelmed by over-defense despite being self-defense.’

‘Huh……. I really did it. Will Father and Mother get angry when I go home?’

“Yuri-kun, please wait.” (Myaro)

As I got out of the dormitory in a depressing mood, I was approached by Myaro. I stopped walking.

“…What is it?” (Yuri)

‘What does he want to talk about?’

“You may be upset by having such a thing, but it is better to wash your hands and face first. It’s got blood on it.” (Myaro)

“I see.” (Yuri)

I instinctively tried to wipe my face with my sleeves.

Myaro grabbed my arm and stopped me.

“The sleeves will get dirty.” (Myaro)

‘Surely is. But, because the blood is attached to the hand that I use to hit, I can only use the sleeves.’

“There is a well in the back entrance, so let’s wash it there.” (Yuri)

Milo grabbed my hand and started walking. There was blood on my hands, so he would get dirty too.

“Sorry for everything.” (Yuri)

“No problem. Don’t worry about it.” (Myaro)

‘I do mind, you know.’

“Did you see?” (Yuri)

“I saw it. It was amazing.” (Myaro)

Myaro’s voice was a bit exhilarated. He seemed to be excited.

“It’s not amazing. I did something stupid.” (Yuri)

‘Now that I think about it, I didn’t have to go that far. Will I be like that whenever I get angry? Now I know the side of myself that I did not know.’

As soon as we reached the well, Myaro reeled a brand new well bucket with his blood-dirtied hand, and pulled out the bucket filled with water.

“Please give me your hand.” (Myaro)

When Myaro reached out his hand as he said that, he leaned over the bucket and washed the hand with water. My hands were washed. When it was cleaned, I washed Myaro hands this time. Lastly, I washed my face. At the same time, I washed the sleeve dirtied with a little blood.

After washing, I felt a little bit better. Then, for the first time, I realized that I was reek of bloody smell for a long time until now.

“Haa…” (Yuri)

‘I can’t help but sigh. I overdid it. Am I going to be expelled? Please forgive me, Father, Mother.’

“We have met each other like this, but this may be farewell.” (Yuri)

“Eh, why is that?” (Myaro)

“If you do this, you’ll have no choice but to get expelled.” (Yuri)

Myaro laughed as if he had just burst out.

“Did you think that you would be expelled? There is no such thing.” (Myaro)

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘I don’t think so.’

“It’s not like you are beating her Highness Carol. Therefore, there is no such a thing like you, who are from the Hou Household, to be expelled.” (Myaro)

‘Don’t assert awfully.’

“But I beat him quite bad.” (Yuri)

“You didn’t kill him, did you?”

“That’s right” (Yuri)

‘He will not die. In fact, it is impossible to kill a person by hitting without using tools with this child body of mine.’

“The Academy doesn’t emphasize it. When you return to your parents, the bleeding would have stopped, and the face is also cleaned. In some cases, it may be camouflaged by makeup. So you don’t have to worry too much, it’s fine.” (Myaro)

‘Surely is. Apart from the fact that the skin on the face was scratched, the blood did not come out. He just got a nosebleed, and if it is cleaned, there should only be traces of striking marks. There may be cut on the eyelids. Plus, I haven’t broken my bones.’

“Besides, Dolla-kun is known to be a problematic child. It’s impossible for you to get expelled by any chance. I guarantee it.” (Myaro)

‘I feel like I’ll be alright if he says so.’

“I see. I feel a little better.” (Yuri)

‘I feel so much better. I have no excuse for Rook and Suzuya for being admitted and expelled immediately.’

“I am honored to have helped you.” (Myaro)

Myaro said so happily.

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When I broke up with Miro and returned to the second residence on foot, the gatekeeper welcomed me.

“Good evening, welcome back.” (Gatekeeper)

I went in and said ‘I’m back’. I was let in because I was an acquaintance. But, it seemed strange because I was not riding in a carriage.

A maid came out when I entered the house. She asked ‘Are you injured?’ when she found out that I returned with blood on my clothes.

“No, I got in a fight with my roommate. This is his blood. Can it be cleaned?” (Yuri)

“Please take it off immediately. I’ll bring you a change of clothes. Oh, you can do that in the reception room, alright?” (Maid)

‘Even if I am not told, I will not be naked at the reception room.’

Before she said anything, I went to the reception room immediately and took off the uniform. The maid brought the change of clothes before I finished undressing.

“I’m sorry, but please change by yourself. That’s because the blood will stain over time.” (Maid)

‘So you were in a hurry, is it? When I handed the uniform that I had finished taking off, she went out with clothes in haste. It was a little dry, but I wonder if it is safe because the water in the well moistened the sleeve.’

After changing the clothes, I sat on the sofa in the living room and rested.

“Yuri, what happened?” (Rook)

Then, Rook came asking me about what happened. It seemed that he hadn’t gone back to the territory and was still in the capital city.

“… I had a problem and was kicked out of the dormitory.” (Yuri)

I told him honestly. I was ashamed.

“A fight? With whom?” (Rook)

Luke asked me with a serious look. He was also a bit angry.

‘Don’t be angry.’

“It was with Galla-san’s son. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but he is my roommate.” (Yuri)

“Aah.” (Rook)

Luke seems to be convinced.

“Oh, you can’t fight. Martial arts are not something to be used for fighting.” (Rook)

He said something usual, but somehow, it didn’t contain the feelings. He must have heard from Galla in detail about his first son as a problematic child.

“I’m sorry.” (Yuri)

“Don’t go into a fight thoughtlessly, you know.” (Rook)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

“Did the other side start it first?” (Rook)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

“That’s what I thought. I heard from Galla somewhat.” (Rook)

‘As I expected.’

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

I was saved by an understanding parent. If I was scold without given a chance to explain and looked with disappointed eyes, it would be very painful.

“You are in no way using the dagger, alright?” (Rook)

‘I’m not that stupid.’

“I used bare hands.” (Yuri)

“Did you break his bones or jaws?” (Rook)

“I didn’t.” (Yuri)

‘I shouldn’t do so.’

“I see… I’m just asking, you didn’t kill him, did you? Did you hit him until he blacked out?” (Rook)

The order of asking was reversed. I was about to blow up.

“I didn’t kill him, but I strangled him.” (Yuri)”

“Did you really strangle him?” (Rook)

Rook completely changed as if he was blaming me. I understood why he was blaming me.

“Why did you do that? That’s dangerous for people who do not have enough training.” (Rook)

“Since he is a mad dog, he will not back up unless I make him collapse by strangling. I considered that he would keep fighting until his stamina ran out.” (Yuri)

‘This is true.’

“At that time, straining his arm…” (Rook)

“Isn’t that going to hurt his elbow?” (Yuri)

‘I’m also learning locking technique. If you use the arm lock, you will be able to easily control the opponent, as the pain is quite different from that of being beaten.’

‘That is not the pain people can hold up if it is already decided. But there is a risk that the tendon may be hurt if that guy acted violently to untie it recklessly.’

‘The damage of the tendon is bad in general. In ten years or even twenty years, there may be pain in the tendon at the joints when doing daily movement.’

‘Pain is mild, but it is not something people should endure. For example, if the pain runs at a certain point of the movement, the movement will be awkward, so it can be a lifelong obstacle as a Knight.’

“Yeah. So, you kick his feet while avoiding the attack.” (Rook)

‘Feet. Feet, is it?’

“He was a bigger opponent than me, but I wonder if I could do it with my body.” (Yuri)

I did not think about my feet. Since it was difficult to inflict damage by hitting from the start since the body is small, I didn’t think I would fight by using mainly on hitting. Soim told me not to rely on blows until I became an adult.

“I would have to kick it over and over, but how about that? Fighting and running away from the guy who is used to fighting means that I require technique. When it comes to the size of Galla, a man, who isn’t trained, can’t make it in one blow.” (Rook)

Certainly, it would be ideal if you could make him not able to stand up with a low kick.

However, Rook was right. There was a technique of hitting at lower body part again and again, while keeping a certain interval to the opponent who was hit and grabbed.

I could do that many times if the fight started in a place like in the middle of the school ground, but it wasn’t very helpful to fight in such a small room. There was also a possibility of being repeatedly hit, held down and struck by the wall. The level of difficulty was way too high for me.

“Well then, wouldn’t it better if you ignore the fight? Just surrender and complain to the dorm master. If you can’t do it, you can go pass this point.” (Rook)

“That might be true, but… that’s not the attitude of a knight. I’m going to get ridiculed, you know.” (Yuri)

Unexpectedly, Luke also had a bitter face. It was a feeling that he didn’t want to do it as a man.

‘What, don’t you think it’s a problem to run away after being picked up for a fight? In the end, after being picked up, there is no way to run.’

‘Don’t fight. But, if someone asks for a fight, I will accept. I won’t hurt them though. How should I say it? It is unreasonable, but the problems with human relationships are almost unreasonable.’

‘If you are picked for a fight, you’ll have to use a system called a duel. However, I’m not sure whether it will be approved for the ten year old children. Before that, I don’t want to kill each other.’

“Well, I’m going to go for a drink with Galla today, so I’ll talk about it.” (Rook)

‘This Father of mine… Did you promise of a drinking party when your son was struggling? Well, that’s fine…’

“Eh, what happened!?” (Suzuya)

A voice sounded. Suzuya came out from behind Luke and was looking at me.

She probably let out that voice since she discovered that I was here even though I wasn’t supposed to be here.

My spine froze. In a way, she was an awkward someone whom I did not want to be scolded the most.

“S-sorry. I came back.” (Yuri)

I had a pitiful voice.

“Yuri had a little bit of a fight with his friend, it happens all the time.” (Rook)

Luke will immediately follow up.

‘Thank you, Papa.’

“You shut up.” (Suzuya)

Suzuya said with a splash. Papa closed his mouth.


“Yuri, did you fight?” (Suzuya)

It was not a gentle-like voice, but a question-like voice.

“Yes…” (Yuri)

This had occurred couple of times, but when it came to this, I felt like I really became a child. I became gloomy.

“Did you get hit?” (Suzuya)

“I hit him.” (Yuri)

The moment I said so, I was struck by an intense blow at the brain. Though it was hit the crown of the head, I came for a chin.

‘That hurt…’

I felt dizzy and pressed the affected area. My head was ticking and the stars were flying in my field of vision. It was really painful. Tears came out from my eyes.

“If you are hitting and kicking in a fight, both sides will end with getting beaten.” (Suzuya)

‘What local rule is this?’

The tears were floating and the view looks like I was in a pool.

‘No, I’m getting really teary eyes.’

“I’m sure the other child got beat by his parents. That’s what it mean being equal.” (Suzuya)

It was a super theory of self-confidence.

‘Is there such a thing? I don’t feel like protesting even if I thought so. I can’t win against Okaa-san.’



Meanwhile, when Rook went for a drink, he and Shamu went passed each other. She seemed to have gone to the Great Library. When she knew that I returned, she came to me happily.

I sat at a dining table with Suzuya and Syamu while having bumps on my head. Syamu requested homework as promised. By the time I created questions until midnight, the drunken Rook came back and said ‘Galla was thankful because you were a good medicine. Don’t worry too much and just go to school tomorrow’. I became sleepy once I felt a bit relieved. I endured the sleepiness, and finished creating homework. Then, I fell asleep while imagining Syamu’s happy face.

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