The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 126 (Self Edited) – Unusual Matter


Unusual Matter

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“Well then, the five people who will offer their eagle have been decided. The rest will return to Shaalta, with the exception of Guy, Dylan, Huck and Mira. The temporary commanding officer would be you, Effie.” (Yuri)

When ordered so, the members of the Eagle King unit saluted all at once.

‘Effie is the best rider among the five riders I led when dropping the Molotov cocktail. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to cross the strait. The four people who were to accompany them were also those at that time. Due to food problems, it is difficult to bring twenty additional eagles. Four eagles are good enough for the reconnaissance and the rest are extras.’

“I’ll lend you this.” (Yuri)

I gave my favorite compass to Effie.

“Be sure to return it later.” (Yuri)

“Understood. I will definitely return it.” (Effie)

‘It is a compass that I used once when succeeding in crossing the sea. It’s not so much that the accuracy is different, but it will be an addition that reassures the members in a mood.’

“Well then, the five people immediately get on the eagle and head for the city gate.” (Yuri)

‘The five eagles are getting worse and they can’t be used for crossing the strait. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong with them, but they are either feeling a bit pain, the movement are unusual, no stamina and not feeling well. If they take a week off while fighting in the castle, they will be able to fly. However, of course, we can’t wait for it.’

“Guy, fly the eagle to the castle and let them know that you want to exchange it. The remaining three will wait here to help others to prepare. Do you have any questions?” (Yuri)

I looked around everyone. There seemed to be no question.

“Alright. Let’s get started.” (Yuri)



By the time he got on the eagle and returned to the city gate, the eagles that were tied near the city gate were gathered.

The sun had already climbed. When I approached quite close, I could see small groups were being formed and instructed.

Myaro came on a horse when she found that I was coming. She took the reins to stop the horse, and the horse lightly shook up its front legs and stopped in a big way with a neighing sound.

“Oops.” (Myaro)

It seemed that she hadn’t got used to it.

“Please excuse me.” (Myaro)

“Is the grouping finished?” (Yuri)

“Yes. For the time being, together with Guillaume as the captain, there are ten people on 29 platoons, and he got nine people.” (Myaro)

It seemed that all 300 came to the city gate. I thought it wouldn’t be strange if there was even one person who went missing or lost. More importantly…

“Did you make him captain?” (Yuri)

“Can’t I?” (Myaro)

‘Hmm. Well, I don’t care.’

“No, it’s fine. Leaving that aside, it seems that the soup kitchen hasn’t progressed as much.” (Yuri)

“Yes. When it comes to soup kitchens for a thousand people… there seems to be confusion in many ways. As expected, even with the command of ten people each, they can’t become reliable immediately.” (Myaro)

‘Is that the case?’

“Go inside the city gate and find people who are good at cooking among the refugees. Ask them to help us. Let the people in the unit set up a tent for the time being and collect some pots.” (Yuri)

“Aah, yes. I understand.” (Myaro)

As my instruction to Myaro was finished, I turned my Galloping Bird and headed to Carol.

“Carol, stay on the bird and command the platoons with the five people who have offered their eagle. They shouldn’t be used to be ordered by Liao. You would be more familiar with it.” (Yuri)

“Understood.” (Carol)

“I will go to Guillaume, who was mentioned earlier, and instruct him to find a cook. Where is he?” (Yuri)

“He is with Liao-san. Over there.” (Myaro)

Myaro pointed his finger as she mounted the horse.

‘Is it to the left side of the city gate?’

“Got it. Then, let’s get started.” (Yuri)

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Guillaume’s platoon seemed to have been forced to carry luggage by Liao, and he was carrying a wooden box.

“Liao, I’m going to borrow these guys for a moment!” (Yuri)

Saying loudly from the mount, Liao, who was about ten meters away, waved his hand as a reply.

‘He’s probably meaning to have them without me asking.’

“What?” (Guillaume)

Guillaume asked.

“Since the meals have been delayed, we will enter the city gate and bring people who can cook among the refugees. You will help.” (Yuri)

“Haah… It’s difficult.” (Yuri)

When I looked at the nine people behind him, they had a dull face. It was as if they weren’t feeling good or had no energy.

‘Still, they are somewhat obeying. Is it the result of education that they are holding their head high while paying attention? Or is it a matter of reasoning and threatening them to obey?’

“You may have a good head, but you aren’t desirable.” (Yuri)

“…” (Guillaume)

Guillaume silently stared at me.

‘That’s obvious to see. The look isn’t so bad, but he is the scholar type and dress badly. The eyes are also bad. He doesn’t give an air that people want to follow.’

“Well, that’s fine. Anyhow, come help. It’s better for the commanding officer to be familiar with the city.” (Yuri)

“Why would you want to use me that way?” (Guillaume)

‘That’s because I don’t expect anything from you in particular. Since you’re standing out as a character, I want to toy you around a bit. I mean it’s a waste if you’re not competent.’

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to use you. If you’re incompetent, I can just use someone else.” (Yuri)

By the way, this is also because I’m carrying unnecessary hardship. It sounds bad that I’ve been given a manager job even though the salary is still the same.’

“If you work with me until the end, I will write a letter of introduction wherever you want to go.” (Yuri)

“I don’t need your letter of introduction.” (Guillaume)

‘It doesn’t seem he needs it.’

“Have it your way. If you leave, I can have others do it. That’s it.” (Yuri)



As I passed through the city gate and entered the place where the refugees were gathered, I moved some gold coins from my wallet into my pocket.

“Oi, do it with this. Hire cooks, and give them one each.” (Yuri)

I threw my wallet. It went and fell into Guillaume’s hand.

“Is it alright? I might run away.” (Guillaume)

Guillaume said while looking at my wallet and me alternately.

‘He himself may run away with my wallet. It’s likely to be the case.’

“You’re a rational bastard. That’s a matter of tolerance.” (Yuri)

‘If I am afraid of the risk of escaping or using it, I won’t deposit the money to anyone. However, if an organization is forced to do hard work, they won’t do well without money. If this is the case, it’s not bad to use the money. Or rather, I don’t want to have a wallet with tens of gold coins because it’s quite heavy. Cuffe had a backache because he was hanging it on the waist all year round.’

“Hmm…” (Guillaume)

“Find the numbers appropriately. I need them in a hurry. Go around and look for people who can do it.” (Yuri)

“Understood.” (Carol)

Guillaume nodded.

“Oi, you guys. From now on, we’re looking for cooks…” (Guillaume)

While listening to the instructions behind me, I turned the bird around and started riding.

I rode while glancing at the belongings of the refugees. It doesn’t seem that the food isn’t enough since this is a rare scene in the Sibyaku slum where their cheeks are looking hungry. It would be easy to understand if they held a large pot.

‘Uh… hmm?’

‘When I look closely, there are quite a few with children. Some people carry baby on their back. I can’t ask them to leave it behind as if they were luggage.’

‘Is it necessary to devote one carriage for the infants? As the provision is consumed and decreased, the carriage will become vacant, so there may be room for people who are getting harder to walk.’

“…Hmm?” (Yuri)

One person caught my eye. That person wore a near-black gray cloth from the head to the shoulders, which wasn’t common, but the cloth was of very good quality.

There was a lace on the edge, and the weave was also good.

‘This isn’t the case of cloth weaved with thin threads, and it takes time and effort to do it. Is this a Witch who is late at escaping?’

While thinking that, I approached and tried to see the face.

‘Could it be… an assassin?’

When I went up close and observed closely, the appearance didn’t look like a woman. The clothes were also men’s, and they were pretty good.

“Oi. Whoever you are, take off your clothes.” (Yuri)

I said while holding the cane with one hand.

“…” (??)

“The person who is wearing good cloth on the head. There’s no one but you.” (Yuri)

Then, there was a slight movement within the cloth. The silhouette showed that his right arm came off and went to his left hip.

He intended to pull out his weapon.

The next time his arm moved, I adjusted the cane to the movement of the arm. The moment a white blade was pulled out of the scabbard, his wrist was struck by the handle of the cane before the arm was extended.

The blade, which had been let go by the impact, danced in the air. The response that I got wasn’t a response coming from hitting a woman’s thin arm.

When the blade dropped down, I hit his head strongly, and the cloth was thrown off. As expected, he was a man, not a woman.

Or rather, I knew him.

“Take the blade away! Hold him down!” (Yuri)

When I shouted so, the men around me gathered up after a moment’s delay. He was immediately arrested and laid down.

“You are… Jaco Yoda, aren’t you?” (Yuri)

‘It has been a while, but when I first came to Reform, there was an idiot who asked me to hand over Stardust. his guy is supposed to be a guard, and he doesn’t have a role that allows him to leave before the decisive battle. In other words, the possibility of him being a deserter is extremely high.’

‘This bastard. Does he intend to run away while being arrogant to other people? Shall I kill him?’

I was seriously thinking about killing him for a moment, but given the impact to the refugees, it would be bad.

“Can you justify all this?” (Yuri)

He could be given special permission by the royal family, so I asked.

“You have no right to capture me! Untie the rope immediately!” (Jaco)

‘It seems he has no permission.’

“Shut up. Cover his mouth.” (Yuri)

When I said that, the men around me stuffed Jaco’s mouth with cloth.

“This guy is an imperial guard deserter. He must be handed to the castle soldiers. Anyone is fine. Get me a soldier.” (Yuri)

Jaco shook his head strongly, and spit out the cloth from his mouth.

“Do you think you have the right to judge me when you, as a friendly nation, are running away when the situation turns bad?!” (Jaco)

‘Does he have a mental illness? Well, it’s not us to judge. I was telling these people to hand him over to Kilghina.’

Immediately after that, the cloth was pushed into the mouth again.

“If you want it, I can hit you to the extent that you don’t die.” (Yuri)

When I said that, the men started to mess with Jaco, probably because they hated deserters.

‘The deserter is decided to be punished by the death penalty, so his life will only be up this point.’

While waiting, a castle soldier, who was nearby, was brought in.

“As you can see, he is a fool who tried to escape secretly. I don’t know his title, but he is a Knight of the imperial guards. His name is Jaco Yoda.” (Yuri)

“Aah… I understand. I will take him.” (??)

“Please do.” (Yuri)

Jaco hatefully looked at me and he, then, was pulled away by the castle soldier.


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