The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 13 (Self Edited) – Later at Night


Later at Night

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The meeting was canceled and the participants returned to their assigned rooms.

The hallway was noisy for a while. It was probably due to people changing clothes or taking a bath after being bathed by the blood of the murdered guards. I was fine. Rook got a bit dirty because of the Front Choke, but he said he was fine. However,  he changed clothes as maid supplied a new one.

After that Rook and I were slowly getting around the table. There was a glass of alcohol in front of Rook. It wasn’t a transparent glass that was sold in Japan. It was a blue glass that gave a feeling of being colored due to the impurities, but the shape was beautiful.

In our house, the glassware used when Rook drinks were something more muddy and with crumbling shape.

“The movements Otou-san did earlier was amazing. Did you learn it in the school of Knight?” (Yuri)

When I asked that…

“Yes, that’s right.” (Rook)

…I received that reply.

It seemed that it was the combat skills learned in the school of Knight. I had an image of nobles boys training in name only with a wooden sword when it was about the school of Knight. However, by looking at Rook’s movements, it seemed that the school was teaching an actual combat technique.

“Are you attracted with something like that?” (Rook)

“Well, just a bit.” (Yuri)

It would a lie if I said that I wasn’t interested.

“A bit, is it? Not a lot, yes?” (Rook)

“I want to be able to do it, but if I have to study for ten or twenty years, I will think about it first.” (Yuri)

‘Well, I guess it would be impossible for me. I don’t have reflexes.’

“There is no such a thing. After your body is ready just a bit more, if you do your best for five years, it would be alright, I think.” (Rook)

‘Five years is a wishful thinking, isn’t it?’

“Is it something like running from morning to night?” (Yuri)

“No, it’s just half a day. It’s a physical training conducted in the school of Knight before the sun rises.” (Rook)

‘Half a day, is it? I wonder what about it.’

‘In the sense of NEET, they would say ‘Eh?’, but in the present situation, I’ve been working and training for about half a day by helping with Rook’s works. It’s just that the ones around me at that place aren’t people who are like Rook. It would be either cheeky noble brats,  or demonic instructors like Sergeant Hartman. After all scary things are scary.’ (TLN: The raw censored the sergeant name. It’s Full Metal Jacket reference)

*Knock* *Knock*, the door was knocked.

“Excuse me, may I come in?” (??)

A voice was heard from the other side of the door.

“Alright.” (Rook)

When Rook said so, a maid came in.

“…I’m sorry to disturb you. How would you like for a dinner?” (Maid)

“Anything is good.” (Rook)

Rook said it slovenly.

Rook was always like this even with Suzuya too. Every time that happened, she would reply ‘I’m really having hard time to decide when you say that’. If Rook becomes the chief, would that interaction be gone?’

“Satsuki-sama would like to invite you for a dinner.” (Maid)

“…” (Rook)

Even if I looked from the side, it was obvious that Rook was having a sullen face. It was as if he was saying ‘This is bothersome. Can I just eat pizza or something in the room, or even dried squid? After that, I can drink alcohol before going to bed.’

“…Got it, we will go. Once the dinner is ready, please come and call us.” (Rook)

‘It seems we’re going.’

“We have finished the preparation. Please follow me.” (Maid)

‘They have prepared, huh?’

The room to which we were led was a room that was somehow like a private space of the house owner. There were no luxurious furniture. The window frame and others were not so gorgeous. There was no wallpaper on the wall, but beautifully polished wood was exposed. However, it didn’t feel bad.

This room was calming us somehow.

There were four luncheon mats placed on a table that wasn’t so big to the level it could only feet no more than six people. Satsuki and Syamu were sitting already.

“Please, have a seat wherever you like.” (Satsuki)

We did so, since we were told that. Reading the mood, we sat and faced Syamu.



“Thank you for helping me out during the dangerous situation today. I really appreciate it.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki thanked with a pleasant smile.

“No, well, it’s only that much.” (Rook)

Rook didn’t seem too proud. I thought that it was fine to be proud. Perhaps, it was possible that all people there would be slaughtered if he hadn’t done that properly.

“As I expected, you don’t like conflicts, isn’t it? I wonder if it has been 18 years already.” (Satsuki)

‘18 years? Rook looks like in his twenties because he shaves his beard, but he is soon to be 38 years old this year. If I count backwards, he was 20 years old 18 years ago.’

“I don’t like it. That’s why I’ve made the decision to borrow money, to build a ranch and to start a new life.” (Rook)

“I’m aware of that. However, is it true that you were going to enroll Yuri in the school of Knights?” (Rook)


“That’s true, but I will allow him to quit if he doesn’t like it there…” (Rook)

Certainly, I was told that I would go to the school of Knight before this.

“I have no plan to force anyone, you know? I would like you to enter once, and I also don’t mind if you quit… so Rook-san, it is fine to do that while keeping your ranch going.” (Satsuki)

“However, if I do that, Satsuki-san will take over the main house, right? Then, it’s not good.” (Rook)

As I thought, It seemed to be pretty bad, and Rook was seriously worried.

“It’s alright. There are so many Ojii-chans who have spare time in their retirement age.” (Satsuki)

‘Does she intend to let the retired old men to do that?’

“However, if you leave the house, and leave some money to have people take care of them, I will secretly tell you at that time, so you can just write a few lines.” (Satsuki)

‘She has a sweet smile. It is scary. It’s like [I’m seeing through your plot. Be a man and commit suicide]. I wonder if she would write that kind of letters.’

“…Understood, if it is that much.” (Rook)

As expected, Rook seemed to be reluctant.

“Oh my, the food has arrived.” (Satsuki)

‘The food are being carried. Somehow it looks different.’

‘A variety of bite-sized dishes are served on a plate like roll smoked salmon on cheese, Tamagoyaki filled with minced meat, and fruit wrapped in dry-cured ham. Are these appetizers? The home cooking made by Suzuya is fine, but it’s not bad to have these once in a while.’

It tasted delicious when I ate it. The cook seemed to be good at it.

When I looked at Rook, he was eating the appetizers like eating a snack while drinking an aperitif that had been served quietly. He seemed happy.

It was probably because he prefer tasty alcohol than cooking. Since it was a colored alcohol, it might be a kind of brandy. Perhaps, this was a good alcohol since he was drinking more than when he was at home. It made me feel that way.

Suddenly, when I looked at Satsuki…

“Eat a lot, alright?” (Satsuki)

…she said that with a smile.

‘Is she a relative’s Obaa-chan?’

No, when I thought about it, she was a genuine relative’s Obaa-chan.

“Yes, I’m going to dig in.” (Yuri)

When I said that, somehow her shoulders and elbows tighten.

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I finished eating six dishes from appetizers until desserts, and I was pretty full. Thereupon, Syamu, who was sitting across from me, opened her mouth for the first time today. She was unusually tense.

“Uh-uhmm! Do you want to see the stars together!?” (Syamu)

‘Stars? When I looked out of the window, it was a fine day and I could see the stars. It would be more than a perfect astronomical observation date.’

Then, I saw Rook was somehow grinning. He seemed to be thinking that I was invited for a romantic date by a precocious young girl.

He got it wrong. Perhaps, this was a fairly academic astronomical observation.

“Otou-san, may I go?” (Yuri)

“Sure, go ahead. I’m sure you know this, but don’t leave the mansion, alright.” (Rook)

‘There is no way I’ll go out. Well, the mansion is surrounded by digs and there is only one entrance. Therefore, two children will definitely be stopped by the gatekeeper.’

“It’s alright. Well, let’s go.” (Yuri)

I left the room with Syamu.

“It’s here. There is a good observation site.” (Syamu)

The destination I was taken by the excited Syamu was the roof of the house where we had to climb the stairs twice.

The mansion was made of a large triangular roof. When we got on a part of the summit, there was a flat part about the size of two tatamis. As I climbed there by using a ladder, I could see all sides of the mansion.

There was a ladder, but there was no roof. After all, there was a poorly made fence, and the open floor of the entrance was designed to be closed. The lack of the roof was probably because of the presence of the Eagle King, and it was also to prevent from creating a blind spot.

If it was raining, the floor was slightly sloped, so the rainwater could flow. When the floor was closed, that part was also slightly became like a Japanese character ‘へ’.

Furthermore, that place seemed to be a look around in case of emergency. There were watchtowers stood in the four corners of the site of the mansion, and torches and a sentry stand were there, but from this place where I was, I was able to look at four watchtowers at once. There should be a castle town at the end of the observation, but since there was no electrical light, the light couldn’t be seen.

This could be said as a great observation spot.

“By the way, I hardly know about the stars.” (Yuri)

I said that honestly.

“Well then, let me teach you.” (Syamu)

She was smiling with joy.



‘How old is Syamu now? It should be the same age as me or one year younger.’

I didn’t think that the day would come when a girl of such age would teach me something.

“There are a rug and blanket, so let’s lie down.” (Syamu)

Syamu quickly laid a rug and a blanket on the floor. It was in a box that might be provided for the guard.

As I was told that, I lie down and looked at the sky. Since there was no ceiling, there was nothing that blocked the view and the sky.

When I thought about it, it was the first time to calm down and look at the night sky since I came here. Rook and Suzuya weren’t people who were interested in the night sky. Therefore, I was having a very ordinary life of a child, and I slept immediately at night.

‘Astronomy is one of the oldest studies, and if you can see with your eyes, it’s possible to study, but it is also a study that requires physical strength. In an era without orbiting satellites and automated astronomical stations, you have to get up all night and look at the stars.’

“It’s is good sky, isn’t it? It’s very clear.” (Yuri)

“I know, right?” (Syamu)

The heaven that I saw with eyes, that hadn’t deteriorated due to age, was amazingly beautiful.

‘I am not sure the reason well. What is atmosphere of this world? Is the humidity low or high? Am I seeing a crescent moon because the atmosphere is not polluted? Am I not seeing light pollution because I am at a high elevation place? However, there are innumerable stars spreading in the sky.’

‘The starry sky that I saw when I was in Japan wasn’t that great, no matter how clear the sky was. When I was young, I didn’t get a hint even if I learned something like Milky Way at school. Even when I was looking at the sky, there were no places where stars were densely crowded.’

‘But now, I can understand it. It is obvious that the belt of dense stars is crossing the heavens.’

‘It is no wonder that the people in the ancient times called it the river of milk since it forms a large river with dense stars and no streams. What a beautiful thing.’

‘These dense stars belonged to the same galaxy’s stars. The galaxy looks like a disc, and since we are looking at the disk from the side, we can see a dense line.’

‘Eh? When I think about it, Milky Way is a galaxy. It may be interesting to think about it in various ways.’

“Hey, look, are you listening? That star is called Milua…” (Syamu) (TLN: The raw is ミルラア)

“Milua is…?” (Yuri)

“The third star circling around this planet is called Milua.” (Syamu)

‘I see. The third means, after Mercury and Venus, then it’s earth?’

‘It’s a bit complicated.’

‘No, something is strange. Syamu said ‘This star is the third star that revolves around that star.’

‘Does that mean that there are three moons? No, I’m thinking about Ptolemaic theory.’

‘Even if you point at the stars, there are too many of them and I don’t know which one. To be honest I don’t know which star called Milua.’

‘In regard of the Ptolemaic theory, in a layman term, it is like ‘How can I make such a mistake? Are you a fool?’ kind of thinking. According to what I read in some books, the motion of celestial bodies can often be explained by the astronomical object can be explained  by the Ptolemaic theory. If you don’t know the elliptical orbit, rather than Copernican theory, there are some parts of the Ptolemaic theory that can theoretically explain the motion of an object, but it seems to be surprisingly troublesome.’

“There are five other stars like this and they are considered exceptional star. The motion is different from other stars.” (Syamu)

“How do other stars move?” (Yuri)

“These stars are revolving around a fixed star.” (Syamu)

‘Is it the Polaris?’

“Do you know constellations?” (Syamu)

“Yes, but…” (Yuri)

When I looked at the side, she had a boring face.

“The important thing in astronomy is the five stars. Other than that, there aren’t many changes, so…” (Syamu)

‘Perhaps, there may not be enough interest in constellations. ‘

‘Indeed, without a large astronomical telescope, the stars in the outer universe would be extremely boring. Sometimes, a supernova explosion or something happens like new stars or stars disappear, but otherwise, you are spinning around the Polaris at a fairly constant speed. There will be no such boring things when you have that as a research subject.’

‘On the other hand, the inner and outer planets move more freely than they are.’

“Well, well, please teach me, Sensei.” (Yuri)

“It can’t be helped. I’ll teach you then.” (Syamu)

Syamu seemed to be proud when I took a modest approach. She was a simple person. Somehow, she looked cute when she was proud.

“First of all, when it come to constellations, there are winter constellations and summer constellations. Now, you are looking at the winter constellations.” (Syamu)

‘I see. She looks like an elementary school teacher.’

“That’s right. Uhm. That’s Taurus.” (Syamu)

“…I see.” (Yuri)

‘That sounds obvious, but I can’t understand it at all. There is no way to understand the constellations by pointing under the stars in the sky.’

“That is Lyra, and that is Felis.” (Syamu)

“Heh.” (Yuri)

‘Since it is adorable for Syamu to teach me something that I can’t really understand, I’m just going to listen. I feel like I became a father somehow.’

‘I smile. I also want a daughter like this.’

‘In the previous life, I had a distant life with women, except one which ended as a bad memory. Since that one time was the worst, I seemed to have a woman’s phobia.’

“Then, that is Dipper.” (Syamu)

‘Heh. I completely don’t understand Taurus, Felis or Lyra, but I know Dipper.

‘There are seven stars that make a shape of a handle. These seven stars are brighter than other stars, so the silhouette stands out. It looks completely like the Big Dipper.’


I rubbed my eyes and looked at the Dipper again.

‘…Hmmmmm? That is similar to Big Dipper too.’

‘I mean, it is the Big Dipper.’

The inside of my head turn blanked. I immediately moved my eyes, and look for other familiar constellations.

Since I wasn’t really familiar with constellations either, I wasn’t sure the one that was called Cygnus, but I remembered the famous constellations made of only bright stars. Then, I found it. I saw something matched with the Orion.


‘There should be no such a thing. Is it possible that the stars overlap in different worlds?’

The answer came out in a moment.

‘No way. It’s impossible.’

‘Constellations are the light of stars and galaxies in the outer universe, or the afterglow of a supernova explosion, but it reaches the ground surface and looks like it. The stars of the constellations aren’t closely packed and the position and distance are entirely inconsistent. It would be an outrageous idea to look at the universe in three dimensions.’

‘This could be a strange example, but if you talk about DNA or the fingerprint of the universe, it has the exact same arrangement of stars. Therefore, I can’t think of anything like showing up in another world. For example, if this star is in a galaxy other than the Earth, the constellations will look different.’

‘There must be some reason.’

‘There are many reasons for this, but if I trim it off with a razor, this planet is in a position similar to that of the Earth. That is the most plausible interpretation.’



  • I can’t help much with the constellations subject. So, the later part of the chapter is directly translated from the raw without much intervention. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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