The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 12 (Self Edited) – The End of the Meeting


The End of the Meeting

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“Well then, let’s start the meeting.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki declared so.

“I, Satsuki Hou, will serve as the chairman of the meeting. The goal of this meeting is to obtain a constant agreement on the decision of the Hou Household next chief.” (Satsuki)

‘This looks like a general meeting of shareholders. No, it would rather be a board meeting, I think?’

‘They are probably trying to achieve a certain agreement. I wonder if Satsuki has grasped the right to decide. I don’t really understand the details of this tradition.’

“First off. Here is the will of Gouk Hou.” (Satsuki)

When Satsuki said that, the participants eyes were all concentrated at once.

‘What, is there a testament, really?’

Satsuki put her hand in her clothes and took out a letter. It was a sealed letter in a form of a paper put into an envelope. There was no evidence of it being opened, and it was sealed with a bright red sealing wax.

There was a beautiful… no, the paper was slightly stained, and overall, it was dirty. There was no further mistake since I was the closest to it, but there was a red stained mixed into it.

It was blood. Indeed, it was an envelope that gave a feeling of being brought from a battlefield.

“As you can see, it hasn’t been opened yet. Now, I’m going to open it here.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki tore off the wax seal so that anyone could see it. There were two sheets of parchment and some sort of hair included inside.

The hair wasn’t tied with a thread, but it was merely put inside roughly.

‘I wonder if it was done in a hurry.’

The letter fell along with a few strands of hair, and were scattered on the desk. A cast of shadow appeared on for a moment on Satsuki’s expression.

Satsuki took out a handkerchief, and carefully picked the deceased’s hair one by one, and wrapped the hair in it.

“There are two letters, and the deceased hair inside.” (Satsuki)

Everyone in the room had a sunken look.

‘Are they having some kind of hope?’

I had only a short time relationship with him, so I had no idea what kind of feeling I should have. But for others here, that wasn’t the case.

“I will pass this to everyone who come here today. First of all, I will read it for you.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki picked up the letters and started reading. She finished reading up both pieces in about five minutes.

“…A piece of these letters is personal letter to me, so I will refrain from reading it out loud. The other piece is his will.” (Satsuki)

‘Uh, I have a bad feeling about this. I feel like this is a setup of many things. ’

For starters, she started it with opening and reading the letters, but would a person who does something like that in  front of such a seat will invite misfortune?

Even if it is sealed note left by the diseased, the contents of the will usually known by the bereaved family. Speaking of the opposite, just because she knew the contents ahead, she wouldn’t open the letter. Her action made me think in that way.

“Well then, I’ll read this… I, Goux Hou, the 27th chief of Hou Household, name my younger brother Rook Hou as the next chief. That’s all.” (Satsuki)


I knew it. There was something black swirled in my chest, and it went to the gut.

When I looked up at Rook, he had a look that was somewhat lost.

That was something expected. Rook, who wasn’t good at politics, was completely relieved.

If Rook assumed such a likelihood, he should have been more concerned in advanced. He should have been walking around in the waiting room, and worried about it. He must have never dreamed that this would happen.

Surely, he had some sort of trust in his brother.

His brother would never appoint him as his successor. Since he knew that he wasn’t fit for the position.

Besides, he had a conviction that ‘one who isn’t a Knight, won’t be chosen.’.

Rook used to say something like that, but it was a lie. I was also convinced by that, but it wasn’t an absolute condition, and it was Rook’s misunderstood.

Then, I looked at the participants of the meeting.

About half of them were frowning and thinking about it, while the other half had a calm face.

Rook wasn’t a Knight, and he rarely showed up at his parent’s house, but even if it wasn’t illegal to be chosen by the chief of the Lord Household, the decision itself was irregular. I couldn’t think any other reason why he didn’t move his eyebrows so much except that it was already a known information.

Opening the letter was urgent, but it seemed that Satsuki had carefully laid the groundwork in advance.

“This is ridiculous! How come a person who isn’t a Knight become the chief of Hou Household!?” (Rakunu)

That was Rakunu who yelled.

‘Isn’t he deprived the right to give remarks?’

“Silent.” (Satsuki)

When Satsuki said so, Rakunu had a face that looked like he had chewed a bitter insects.

‘What’s with this guy?’

“But…!” (Rakunu)

“We are aware that this is an unusual measure. However, I have already made inquiries to Her Majesty the Queen. There is no problem.” (Satsuki)

Even though the letter was just opened, she had already verified with the Queen.

‘Are you a telepathic? I don’t think so. I suppose she knows this beforehand.’

“There is no way that there is no problem!” (Rakunu)

“Let me warn you once more. Keep silent.” (Satsuki)

“Guh… ughh…” (Rakunu)

Satsuki told Rakunu coldly, and he reluctantly shut up. He sat on the chair while trembling.

“As you all know, Hou Household’s territory is located in the interior part of the peninsula, and it is the warmest and richest land in the Kingdom. For this reason, the Hou Household has been supporting other countries for generations.” (Satsuki)

‘I see.’

It was the first time I heard about it.

Was there such a situation?

Conversely speaking, the Lord households other than Hou Household were close to the Kilghina Kingdom, so they were preserved for the sake of that time. When their turn came, they would become shields that protect the body. If they were weakened, it wasn’t possible to protect the country.

Those who were located in front of the capital city would be the shield, while those who were at the rear wouldn’t be the shield.

‘In practice, they may be able to bring out soldiers and fight earnestly, but they won’t protect desperately until their own territory is threatened, yes? I suspect that is the fact, but I can’t expect too much. If so, it is better to spend those who are at the rear before they get attacked. I think that’s the idea.’

‘It looks like we are at the short end of the stick, but we are taking fertile land as a compensation.’

‘However, even if that is the compensation, I feel that is too expensive. At any rate, the other Lord households are in a situation where there will be almost no casualties for decades, perhaps hundred years, while the Hou Household is torn into pieces and become like a rag. I’m sure that there are a lot of complaints about this.’

‘Perhaps, it is a system where you get the reward if you fight. It is unclear where the reward come from. Is it from Shaluta Kingdom or the country that we help?’

‘Which is why the Hou Household is a good Household for this. Am I having an unjust suspicion?’

“However, the Hou Household has increasingly becoming like a broken arrow and exhausted bow especially by this battle, and it has become difficult for the Knights to maintain their strength. The Queen understands that, and I have requested to concentrate on rebuilding the army until our strength is restored. In line with this, we have been given special consideration that the chief of the Household doesn’t have to be a Knight.” (Satsuki)

‘Father won’t go for war, so it is good to rest until the Household become usable. Is that what it means? In the meantime, he doesn’t have to fight, so he doesn’t have to be a Knight.’

‘Actually, I don’t think the Queen and other had such a plan, so such an official stance is caused by some kind of political maneuver.’

‘Doing such a large scale political maneuver in advance and removing the obstacles of executing the will… it’s a perfect arrangement. However, I don’t like this.’

‘You see, nobody consulted Rook, who is the person in question, beforehand. To put it simply, I can’t think nothing else but them screwing Rook up.’

‘The person, who is screwed up, at least doesn’t look happy. I don’t get this–…’

He was restlessly looking around, trying to find supporters. Moreover, he seemed had absolutely no idea what to do.

I touched Rook’s leg, and said this in a low voice. Even if it was a whisper, it would be heard by Satsuki, but it didn’t matter.

“Otou-san, are you fine with this? If you don’t like it, you can say it. That will determine the result.” (Yuri)

“Aah… yes.” (Rook)

It seemed Rook had returned to us.

‘There, there.’

“I am not fit for the position. So, I will decline.” (Rook)

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“Hah!” (Rakunu)

A loud sneer voice could be heard until here. It was Rakunu.

In this present situation, I would be grateful if he made Rook looked stupid, but as expected, that irritated me.

‘This coward bastard…’

“Rook-san, that’s alright. Well, there will be some changes, but if you wish, you can have your usual life.” (Satsuki)

‘Hmm? Haa? What does that mean?’

“This is like a practical work experience.” (Satsuki)

‘Is she going to make Rook like a puppet? In exchange, Satsuki holds the real power.’

‘Still, that is unpleasant, I think. And will the surroundings agree to this?’

“What do you mean? I think there are many more who are more qualified than me.” (Rook)

“If I have to explain in a nutshell, we have four options.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki began to talk slowly.

“First, bring in someone from a branch family and make him the chief. There are about three people who are suitable, but they are very distant relatives. These three have the qualifications of the Knight, but their rank is only suitable for chivalry unit. Moreover, two of them aren’t in Hou Household territory. Therefore, I would like to avoid appointing them if possible.” (Satsuki)

‘That’s understandable.’

‘The VIPs here are probably thinking the same. The two, in particular, are those who aren’t from the Hou Household. In other word, they are a child born from a woman who has been married into another family outside the territory.’

I took a quick glance at Rakunu, and he looked like a boiled octopus. Rakunu wasn’t a very distant relative since he was from a collateral family. He also had the qualification of Knight, and had actual battle experience. I didn’t know his rank, but I was sure his rank was surely high. However, Satsuki consistently ignored him.

“Another way is that Rook-san will need to get the qualification of Knight. When I looked for it, Rook-san has completed 290 out of 300 credits in the school of Knight. So, he just need to pass the last practical skill, and he will get the qualification immediately. This is the most natural way of doing this, but I don’t want to force him.” (Satsuki)

‘What, I was wondering whether he dropped early, but did he stop going to school just barely before the graduation?’ Even if it was just barely, he didn’t leave during the fourth year of the college. The rest is just like the graduation thesis.’

‘It would be good if he had graduated. If he gets the qualification of Knight, I wonder if there is a demerit if he becomes a semi-military reserve?’

“Third is to bring a Knight, who will marry my daughter, into the family. This option is very realistic. However, my daughter is not even 10 years old yet, so I can’t do this at the moment.” (Satsuki)

‘It’s not possible to marry young in the world of Shanti, huh? If you think that is an outrageous primitive custom, it also happens in modern times.’

“Forth is to have the son of Rook-san here to enroll in the school of Knight, study for the qualification of Knight, and he will become the chief.” (Satsuki)

‘Who’s Rook’s son? I wonder if there is an illegitimate son besides me. If there is, Suzuya’s anger will blow him away into the sky.’

‘No, no. Hah… is it me? Honestly, I don’t expect this. Rook isn’t the only one get screwed up in this. I am also involved, huh?’

‘Dear me, I guess I become the main possibility. She got me good, isn’t it?’

“This is also a very realistic measure. It’s just that he doesn’t have even one credit of the school of Knight, so he has to start from the beginning. As you all know, it takes about fifteen years to graduate from the school of Knight. However, since he is such an excellent child that my husband also admitted, it will take about ten years. But, after all, I can’t say it right now.” (Satsuki)

‘No, no. I don’t want it.’

‘I don’t really hate living in this country, but it is different story when it comes to fight and carrying weapons. I totally don’t have the feeling of patriotism. If possible, when the war starts, I want to be able to escape hastily and briskly like a crossing star. There is also the question of whether there is a refuge after our race is being cornered.’

“Yuri will not be a Knight.” (Rook)

I looked up at Rook’s face. I wondered where that timid look he had earlier gone. He declared that with a serious expression.

‘Ah, is this Rook who Suzuya fell in love?’ It was a face that gave me such a feeling.’

“Oh my, I wonder if it’s not good even if Yuri-kun says that he wants to be a Knight.” (Satsuki)

“Of course, that’s another story. But, I will not force him.” (Rook)

“But, children usually want to be a Knight.” (Satsuki)

‘What is this woman trying to imply? Are you kidding me? You have the nerve to say that after trying to screw me.’

“Please don’t arbitrarily say as if it is my feeling. It’s unpleasant.” (Yuri)

When I clearly said that, Satsuki made a confused face.

‘I said it, alright. It doesn’t matter if you think I’m cheeky brat or not.’

“…See, Yuri also says the same thing.” (Rook)

When I looked at Rook, he had a troubled face. After all, a parent would do that if the child let out reckless mark.

‘What is this? Don’t make that face, you know…’

“However, I’m not sure about the future. I may want to be a Knight in the future though.” (Yuri)

“That may be the case, but please stop blocking others beforehand.” (Rook)

“Rook-san, I understand. I’m not going to force, and block others.” (Satsuki)

“But…” (Rook)

“If Yuri-kun doesn’t like that, I will leave the responsibility to my future son-in-law.” (Satsuki)

‘Heh. Doing things arbitrarily again…’

“…” (Rook)

‘Oi, why are you not saying anything? O-otou-san?’

“I hope Rook-san becomes a chief even by name only. In other words, you will be the chief until the third or fourth option is implemented. Of course, if you really want to do it, you can accept the second option and become a Knight.” (Satsuki)

“It’s not possible, but… I…” (Rook)

‘There are no merits for Rook at all. As for demerits, the relatives will be cold toward him, and it will only get more troublesome later. Rook doesn’t need to worry because he has a job.’

‘Since the ranch is located in the territory of the Hou Household, managing it will be difficult, but that depends on the situation. There is also a way to move the ranch out of the territory.’

‘Nevertheless, it is possible to move out. If he can’t expense money for relocation, he may ask regular customer from the capital city, he probably able to obtain loan. Otou-san, come on. Refuse her.’

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However, Rook looked at me from time to time. His expression didn’t seems like it, but he seemed considering what kind of choice was good for his son.

He was probably considering to interfere even though the path of fame for his son had appeared.

‘I’m still a child, and I don’t know whether I will change or what kind of thinking I have in a distant future. I may change my mind later and want to be the head of the family. If that doesn’t work, she can let the responsibility falls to her son-in-law.’

‘I have a feeling that he is considering it. Well, I have been his son for eight years. I understand most things. This Otou-san is a type of person who let out what he thinks on his face.’

‘In other words, Rook is probably thinking this is once in a lifetime chance for me. Maybe. Seriously, stop it.’

‘To begin with, even though Satsuki says that there is other way out by having a son-in-law, I am extremely doubtful that will be materialized. I don’t feel like it’s going to work well with the son-in-law.’

‘Satsuki is Syamu’s parent, so it would be normal to think about the happiness of her daughter. I’m not sure if that works in this world, but at the very least, I should consider that there is such a tendency.’

‘I’ve only talked to Syamu once, so I don’t think I understand her personality, but will it work if Syamu, who was upset with me, marries a sweaty boorish warrior? I can’t even imagine the sight of getting along and being happy. Plus, the possibility of that is very low.’

‘However, if Satsuki brings in a man with scholarly mind, he will not be able to work as the chief of the Lord household. I don’t know what kind of army they have, but it is probably not a highly organized one. Hence, with such a weak man, the Household will surely drop to the ground.’

‘If it so, I don’t think Satsuki is really considering to adopt this case. It is also possible to assume that. However, Rook, has never met Syamu, so he has no idea about it.’

“That’s not good. You better turn it down.” (Yuri)

I whispered that to Rook.

“Keep silent for a bit, Yuri.” (Rook)

I was told in a harsh voice.

‘Ughh. Well, I guess that’s normal.’

Then, Rook had a face as if he had come up with a decision.

“If that’s the case, I will serve as the chief.” (Rook)

‘Aah, he said it… That has become a commitment, you know.’

“Well, that’s splendid.” (Satsuki)

“What’s so splendid about it, old woman…” (Yuri)

I mumbled that in a low voice.

“Oh my, what did you say?” (Satsuki)

“It’s nothing…” (Yuri)

“However, that will be if I am told to do it. If we don’t get the consent in this meeting…” (Yuri)

“That is alright.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki put her elbows on the table and held her hands in front of her chest. Somehow, that looked like a cute young pose.

‘She is probably more than 40 years old, but since she doesn’t appear to be more than 30 years old, it doesn’t look weird.’

“If you have make the decision, I’m sure everyone will agree.” (Satsuki)

‘It seems she is working on it. Perhaps, she can convince those old men.’

Since there was a foreign substance called Rakunu, I didn’t feel any discomfort until now, but if he wasn’t here, this was completely a setting for a tea ceremony.


The pose that somehow look cute was similar to the pose done by the anchor of that Gen U group. (TLN: The raw says ゲン○ウ, so I’m not sure which group. Anyone knows?)

However, my last ally remained in this meeting room. It was Rakunu. He had been instinctively raising his hand like how the elementary school student crossing the pedestrian walk.

‘Aren’t you tired doing that?’

“Well then, shall we vote now?” (Satsuki)

“Are you kidding me!?” (Rakunu)

That angry shout was loud enough to make me close my eyes reflexively.

“If we follow the tradition, it is natural for me to be the chief of the Household! Why are you impudently breaking the tradition!?” (Rakunu)

‘Heh. Is that so? In fact, I am also thinking the same.’

‘He is being ignored because he didn’t join the suicide attack, isn’t it? As I expect, since the chief splendidly fought to death in a suicide attack, it seems strange that a man, who carefreely returned without joining it, has a major opportunity to become the next chief.’

‘Even if he isn’t demoted, it would be strange to get promoted immediately. I don’t like the suicide attack, but that’s what I think. The hard headed people here are thinking the same, right?’

“Haa…” (Satsuki)

Satsuki put her fingers around her temple, and was looking at the source of the headache with cold eyes.

‘Is she appalled? Is she thinking a wau to make that guy leave?’

“Phew~~~~~” (Satsuki)

As I kept watching Satsuki, the vein gradually appeared on her temple, and her breathing became rough. I noticed it accordingly. She wasn’t appalled or considering. She was actually holding the anger.

“I’ve done a lot of military achievements even in the last expedition!!! What are you so dissatisfied with it!?” (Rakunu)

‘Eh, is that what he was trying to say?’

I thought that instantly. Then, there was a sound of a chair fell with a bang.

“Silent!!!” (Satsuki)

It was Satsuki who kicked the chair and stood up. She was completely changed with that expression of anger on her face.

“Your scheme is way too obvious! Why did you leave without telling anyone on the battlefield!? You were expecting the assault of the Eagle King to fail, yes!? And if that is true, the besieged castle was destroyed without leaving any witnesses. Then, for you to be the chief… that idea itself makes me shudder!” (Satsuki)

Satsuki-san seemed to be really serious, and she began to curse Rakunu with great anger. It was loud enough to the point it pierced my ears.

“You forsake the lode with such a sneaky ambition, and that makes you a disgraced Knight! I fear garbage like you, and you dare to ask the position of the chief!? If you know shame, kill yourself right now” (Satsuki)

‘Suicide, is it? I wonder if it’s like the ritual suicide by disembowelment.’

‘Before that, he is that kind of person, huh? I heard about him that he was like a representative of garbage.’

‘Refusing the suicide attack, and running away from the battle are completely different things.’

The reason why Ek Household imposed taxes on the territory and made a big deal against the people of the territory was because the Hou Household guarantees that right.

As a compensation, they have to participate in war and follow the command of the chief.’

Of course, suicide attack was beyond the scope of their duties, but in this case, it was necessary for them to carry out regular military service. Just because the chief proceeded with the suicide attack, that wasn’t a good reason to throw everything away and left the place. Perhaps, the soldiers were still there, and if he rounded them up together, the battle should continue.

Running away from the battlefield was an abandonment of duty. In other words, he deserted in the face of the enemy.

Furthermore, according to Satsuki’s investigation, it seems that he was looking for the chief’s death. It was good since Gouk succeeded in that suicide attack and the enemy army retreated. Otherwise, our army would be destroyed, nobody knew the circumstances, and the will might not arrive.

Once the expeditioned Knights are destroyed, there would be no one knew the fact that he ran away. Rakunu came back with impunity. As a leading candidate, he would have been the chief. Leaving Rakunu aside, there was a shortage of capable people at the degree of Rook, so there was no other choice.

‘It is stupid to desert because of greed, but I wonder if the success rate his plot isn’t too bad? Nevertheless, he is a nasty person.’

I thought that he was a companion, and it wasn’t so bad if he became the chief.  ’There is a high risk of killing Rook if that garbage is still here.’

“If you want to rebut, please do so.” (Satsuki)

Rakunu had a red face and looked like an ogre. It seemed he was looking as if that was the enemy of his parent.

‘I wonder why he wants to be the chief. Satsuki is Satsuki. I probably should rethink before inciting her.’

“He hangs his sword on his waist, but do you think there is anyone who can stop him here?” (Yuri)

I said it in a whisper.

Rakunu was standing up now, and I could see a sword hanging on his waist. He came to this place while forcing through the guards. Since he was allowed to sit, there wasn’t a time to ask him to submit the sword.

In such a situation, other than Rakunu, there were old men who couldn’t do much, a manager of a ranch, his seven years old son, and a widow. There was no active warrior other than Rakunu.

Satsuki was taken aback. She didn’t pay attention to that small detail.

‘Either that, or she is counting on Rook… no, that’s not right. Do you truly think that a person who is in such a position will not run wild in this place?’

“Guards!!!” (Satsuki)

Satsuki shouted in a loud voice and sounded a clap.

‘Yup. It would be very helpful if you do that. This place should summon the guards for the time being.’

‘It is good enough that he can lay his hand on Satsuki, Rook and me. Otherwise, the use of force will not disappear.’

When Satsuki called out loudly, the large door of the room was immediately opened. Then, two men appeared from there. They were wearing a formal robe might be because of such a meeting, but they were wearing armor underneath.

“Take that man away.” (Satsuki)

As she ordered, the guards immediately approached Rakunu.

‘Oh, is he leaving? That’s good then.’

The guards talked something to Rakunu and they were going to grab his arms.

“Ugh, guh, guhaaa!!!” (Rakunu)

Rakunu drew his sword and raised a strange cry, Then, he turned to the guards and cut their head.


A moment later, my head understood the situation. It was during the interval of that ‘Aah’…

The neck of the first person was cut 80% and it was only connected with the bone. The other person’s neck rolled on the ground, and the body, that had lost the head, fell down while scattering blood like a fountain.

‘Oi, oi, oi, oi. Oi, oi,oi,oi,oi,oi,oi,oi.’

‘This is not the first time to see a person die, and of course, it’s not the first time to see a corpse. But, that means I have seen a dead body put into a coffin, and people who die in the sickbed. I have seen the scene of suicide, but I haven’t seen people die in the form of murder even once.’

I was alarmingly stunned. To the fact that a murder happened before my eyes.

I wasn’t close enough to be covered in blood, but the blood was blowing from the neck in a very realistic way.

In the meantime, Rakunu jumped on the table. He ran on it and came for us. It seemed that he killed the guards on impulse, but it felt that he had decided by looking at this act.

When I looked at Rook, he stood up in a hurry and moved to cover Satsuki.

‘Can Rook fight? I have never seen Rook holding a weapon since I was born. There are something like spears and daggers in the house, but I haven’t seen he has such behaviors even once.’

‘That’s dangerous. Is there anything that can become a weapon?’

Of course, there was no such a thing. There was no candlestick since this was a daytime. There were only cups and chairs.

I had confirmed his strength just now. Cutting two necks with a single stroke was not something that can be done with ordinary skills.

Rakunu was running on the desk, while entrusting his anger. He was already near.

But, that advancing was strange. It was as if he was running on top of mud, and the foot was slipping.

It was the tablecloth. Every time he stepped on the tablecloth, he was sliding one step at a time.

I gripped the end of the tablecloth, rotated it around my arm until it covered the whole arm. After confirming that Rakunu got on the third tablecloth, I kicked the desk  and fell down with my chair. I got the feeling that the tablecloth moved under the weight of my weight.

“Uooh!” (Rakunu)

There was a loud *thud* from the desk.

It seemed that Rakune lost his footing on the tablecloth and fell on his back. The appearance of Rakunu appeared from the edge of the desk. He probably slipped on top of the desk because the momentum of running still remained,

Rook pushed Satsuki and he quickly avoided Rakunu.

I looked at him while still lying on my back.

Rakunu slipped off the table while still being thrown off the balance. He hit the floor without being able to take defensive posture. Rook approached quickly, and spurn the body of the sword with his heel, so that Rakunu couldn’t use the sword. Without waiting a moment, he stepped on Rakunu’s hand that grasped the sword with the other foot.

He stepped on it two times, then three times at the speed that was likely to smash the hand into pieces if it was the hand of a girl.

When Rook realized that the hand already released the sword handle, he sealed Rakunu’s head under his armpit, while Rakunu was trying to get up with his other hand at once.

When I was wondering what Rook would do, he turned his arm around the neck while grabbing the collar with the other arm, and tightly strangled him.

It was a Front Choke.

The series of movements were smooth, quick and flowing without any delay. It hadn’t been five seconds since Rakunu fell off the table.

‘Otou-chan, you can do it!’

“Guhh–!!” (Rakunu)

It might because the neck was choked tightly, he couldn’t spill a curse.

Since I was still lying on the ground, I could see Rakunu’s face as well. His face reddened like a boiled octopus. While bubbles of saliva dripping from the mouth, he was biting his teeth enough to break it. It seemed he was trying to escape from the restraint with all might.

However, since his neck was restrained, there was no way to escape.

That was continued for about 30 seconds, and when Rook left him, he had already collapsed.

He died.



“Otou-san is so cool.” (Yuri)

I honestly admit that to Rook who had stood up.

“Really? Well, I’m glad that the skill learned in the past is not useless…” (Rook)

He didn’t seem happy when saying that, and he had a complicated face.

“Leaving that aside, you have done well. If you didn’t fell down, it would be dangerous.” (Rook)

Rook stroked my head with his big hand.

“Thank you very much.” (Satsuki)

It was embarrassing but it wasn’t a bad thing. In fact, it was a good move.

But even without it, Rook could have won.

It was dangerous, but as for this Otou-chan, it wasn’t a threat… maybe.

Then, Rakunu was brought up by the guard, and the meeting was also temporarily disbanded. It seemed that there would be another meeting tomorrow.

In short, we ended up staying overnight.

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  1. Mazein

    Thanks for the chapter. This chapter is really good. Cannot wait for the next chapter. Thank god that you pick this wn bcoz i’m not interested in ex strongest wn. Hope this wn become your main tl after world teacher.

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    1. bayabusco Post author

      Thanks for your interest. I’ve been thinking doing this as main tl because it’s interesting and so easy to translate. I will try to think the frequency of release between this novel and ex strongest. Thanks again! 😀

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  2. Val

    Gendou Ikari’s famous thinking pose, where he puts his elbows on the table and his hands with fingers interlocked right in front of his face?



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