The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 70 (Self Edited) – Executive Meeting


Executive Meeting

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Public Notice


April 4, 2318


In the defensive war held in Kilghina Kingdom, a unit will be dispatched in order to see the battlefield and deepen understanding of the strategies of the hostile country. This year, 8th Grade, Yuri Hou will be the Commanding Officer, while Carol Full Chartres will be the Vice Commanding Officer of the unit.

For this purpose, the participants of the Knights students are invited.

The requirements set in the attached sheet shall be fulfilled when applying for this unit. Refer to the attached sheet to confirm that you are a qualified person.

Applicants must submit an application form for participation, signed and stamped by the parental guardian’s consent. The form must be submitted before the waking up bell on April 14. The signature of the participation application form shall not be made by the royal capital guarantor. Applicants who are in a remote location should go back home immediately so that you can submit an application form with plenty of time.

Please submit the form in a special mailbox in front of the first dormitory of the 8th Grade this year. After April 14, which is the deadline of the submission, an individual interview will be held in Room 305 of the school of Knights’ building. We will notify whether you will be invited for the interview later.


Special Notes


The signing of the application form has legal effect, so only sign it after careful reading. In the observing military unit, the participants are bound under special military law, which came into effect on an ad hoc basis during operations. The contents of the military law have been stated in the participation application form.

The effect of this military law is recognized in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, and the person in charge is legally not responsible for any action conducted under military law.

The disclaimer includes fatal accidents during operational operations and executions for serious violations of military law, so those who wish to participate should decide to participate after careful consideration.





The conditions for qualified participants are described below.

  1. The candidates must fulfill the number of credits according to the following grades, and do not lack of academic credits and physical abilities.
    •     6th Grade: 200 credits
    •     7th Grade: 220 credits
    •     8th Grade: 250 credits
    •     9th Grade: 270 credits
    •     10th Grade: 290 credits
    •     Above 10th grade: 310 credits or more
  1. A person who is physically healthy and has no concern about his/her health.
  2. A person who can bring a single Galloping Bird for riding, a spear, a dagger and a piece of armor (a light armor mainly made of leather).

The above three requirements are absolute. In addition, it is preferable to meet the following two requirements.


  1. As a general rule, observing the military operation is limited to viewing from above. Those who have taken the Heavenly Knight course are preferable.
    • As a level of proficiency, a flight license or a third-class independent flight permit is preferable.
  1. A person who can prepare an Eagle King by him/herself. (If the 5th requirement can be met, it’s not necessary to procure the bird mentioned in the 3rd requirement.)



“Alright. It should be fine with this.” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Myaro)

Myaro agreed.

“Are you sure?” (Liao)

The one who asked that was the eldest son of the Rube Household, Liao Rube. This guy, who was going to be 22 this year, would of course join this unit.

The three people, including me, had a secret meeting in a vacant classroom after leaving out Carol. If she heard this, she would be furious because she was left out.

“Sorry, but I’m going to call you without honorifics. Liao.” (Yuri)

“Aah, it’s fine.” (Liao)

‘Normally, I used honorifics, but from now, I can’t do that since he will be a subordinate.’

“Frankly speaking, do you have complaints about being a subordinate to me?” (Yuri)

“What’s this? An interview?” (Liao)

“I can’t afford not to let you into the unit. However, we need to be united.” (Yuri)

‘He is the next most disturbing factor after Carol.

Speaking of the Knights students, it can be said that they are a collection of children of the retainers under the General households. Roughly speaking, about a quarter of them are under the influence of the Rube Household. Calling this guy at the eleventh hour is…’

“I can’t trust you at all. After all, I have deceived Her Highness Carol. So, those who agree with me should be put under me.” (Yuri)

‘…for me to say this. That’s because it will be very troublesome if he is agitated for being a subordinate.’

“I’m a man who hasn’t graduated at this age. So, I don’t plan to act like a king of the mountain.” (Liao)

“I heard that. You’re also planning to graduate this year.” (Yuri)

‘I heard about that information from Myaro.’

‘It seems that a man named Liao Rube is a man who likes to play around. He is also a regular in the Knights Martial Arts Demonstration. Surprisingly, he has also won the Demonstration.’

‘When he was 19, he got 280 credits, and when he was 20, he had 310 credits. He reached the lever where he could graduate, but he hasn’t graduated. He hated graduation and didn’t take the last required credit.’

‘If you get 300 credits in the school of Knights, you will be able to graduate, but that is after you have acquired the required credits for the specialized subjects of the school of Knights. If you don’t acquire those credits, you can’t graduate even if you have 400 to 500 credits.’

‘Otherwise, the Knights students will be able to graduate by only taking the classical literature and law subjects even though they haven’t learned everything of war tactics and martial arts.’

‘Rather than dropping the subjects, Liao didn’t register for it from the beginning. It would be reasonable to think that this was completely intentional.’

‘By Birth, immediately after Liao graduates, he needs to join the vassals of his household, and wields his skills as the successor. If I have to put Liao’s current situation in different words, he is like a college student who has decided to work with his family, but he is repeating a year deliberately by not submitting the graduation thesis. It seems that there are many Knights students who delay their graduation because they are too comfortable to stay in the dormitory. Apparently, he is one of them.’

“If you had heard the news about the formation of the Crusades early last year, were you graduating this time?” (Yuri)

“I probably wouldn’t be here.” (Liao)

‘As I expected, if he knew, he would have graduated. And if he did, he would be a part of the regular reinforcements, going on for an expedition, and leading units of the Knights from the Rube Household.’

“But, I don’t feel it’s a serious matter. It’s foolish of me to risk my life for Kilghina idiots.” (Liao)

“Hmm, I see.” (Yuri)

“Aah, I’m sorry.” (Liao)

‘??? Why did he apologize?’

“About what?” (Yuri)

“I didn’t make a fool of Gouk-dono.” (Liao)

‘Aah, I see.’

“I don’t mind.” (Yuri)

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‘When I think about it, it’s a considerably abnormal action for Gouk, the head of a General household, to conduct the assault of the Eagle King. A General household is a spear dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen, so it would be normal to die for the Kingdom of Shaalta. There was no need to die for the Kingdom of Kilghina.’

‘Of course, it can’t be helped if you accidentally die during normal military service because going to the battlefield is basically walking next to death. However, he didn’t have to be a member of the suicide unit voluntarily, and to die proactively. As for the Kilghina’s royal family, they wouldn’t have wanted it that much.’

‘Gouk wasn’t the only person who died against the 14th Crusade. Before that, he was in the reinforcement for the Kilghina. Perhaps, he felt a kind of camaraderie with his comrades who fought with him.’

“Does the Rube Household know more about the Kingdom of Kilghina?” (Yuri)

“We’re not fools. We know better than anyone in this kingdom.” (Liao)

‘Ouh. As expected, his territory is adjacent to the Kingdom of Kilghina, and it seems that they are conducting military strength analysis.’

“So, what do you think? Will they lose the war?” (Yuri)

And I asked while looking interested.

“Of course. They haven’t learned anything. They only replenished their military strength.” (Liao)

“Hmm…” (Yuri)

“Even now, they are pulling the feet of their brethren. At this rate, there is no way to win.” (Liao)

‘The Rube Household seems to be pessimistic about the war situation.’

“Well, that’s probably fine. I have already considered that possibility.” (Yuri)

‘I don’t think that the winning rate is high.’

“Did you?” (Liao)

“Kilghina will be done in the north. Once the territory is invaded, it’s a common trait of Shanti countries to have disturbance in their government and not being able to do anything.” (Yuri)

‘Most of the Shanti countries have adopted the same political system as the Kingdom of Shaalta after the separation. The serious problem with this system of government, the largest unit of the military is dispersed among the vassals (General households). Vassals are loosely connected by the central government, but this system of government is weak when they are attacked.’

‘Even if the country is attacked somewhere, the vassals definitely don’t want to lose their forces. Unless they are being attacked, they don’t seriously bring out their army. Therefore, as a result, every General household will be destroyed.’

‘I’ve learned about this recently about how hard it is for them to bring out their forces, but even so, there is a way to solve this substantial vulnerability.’

“It would be a shame for the Rube household. I would like to express my sincere condolences to them.” (Yuri)

“Yeah. We can’t protect everything.” (Liao)

“That’s sad.” (Yuri)

“The royal family is easygoing. Only the General households will put out reinforcements, and not even a single soldier from the First Army would join in. They also put out a good face to my household.” (Liao)

‘If Carol hears this, he would be angry, but it’s only normal that the Rube Household think so.’

‘The royal family does nothing but take the lead. They take taxes from the General households. If they are seeming to rebel, they will send assassins, and if the assassination fails, they will instruct other General households to gang up on the one who rebels.’

‘Ordinary Knights won’t have any idea about this matter, and they swear loyalty to the General households who only look up to the royal family. However, from the view of the top positions within the General households, it was nothing but harm to fall onto them. If they go as the reinforcements, they will be given only a small reward.’

‘As for the Rube Household, they would be the next target the moment Kilghina is destroyed. The one who wants Kilghina to do its best is definitely the Rube Household. Even now, they have decided to preserve as much as they can even a single soldier.’

“Well, why do you want to participate?” (Yuri)

“Of course, it’s for the prestige.” (Liao)

Liao expressed it simply.

‘That’s right.’

“However, rather than the prestige, there’s a possibility that it will be a disgrace.” (Yuri)

I told him about the possibility of Carol’s death.

“I’ve heard about your reputation. You’re not so incompetent that you can’t bring a single woman back from the battlefield.” (Liao)

Liao seemed to have understood immediately and gave a decent answer.

“I don’t know what will happen on the battlefield. Even if you’re on an Eagle King, you will die if you get hit by a stray arrow.” (Yuri)

“Then, I’ll give up if I’m out of luck. There’s no such thing as a certainty on the battlefield.” (Liao)

“Indeed.” (Yuri)

‘If you know that much, he won’t say that he will regret later. However, if Carol were to die, I don’t think I would return.’

“Now. It’s the matter of manpower.” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Liao)

“This person is Myaro Gudanvier. You know her.” (Yuri)

Myaro lightly bow while sitting.

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Myaro.” (Myaro)

“Yes, I know.” (Liao)

‘It’s probably due to bad rumor, but it seems her name has reached his ears.’

“She is the Chief of Staff.” (Yuri)

“Chief of Staff?” (Liao)

The term ‘Chief of Staff’ was a word that I thought of in Shan language. There’s no position of ‘Chief of Staff’ in this country.’

“She is responsible for general affairs and advice. I’m the only one who has the right to order her, and no one else will have it.” (Yuri)

“Is that so?” (Liao)

“Yes. I wanted her to be the Vice Commanding Officer if I could, but in the end, it will only cause confusion.” (Yuri)

‘It is hard for her to gain the trust of the Knights because of her lineage. It would be no problem if she leads commoner-born soldiers, but this time, the unit consists of young Knights. Their good sense should be questioned, and there are many of them who won’t want to obey Gudanvier’s command.’

‘If she becomes the Vice Commanding Officer, of course, she can dispose of them according to military law, but she isn’t physically strong. If more than half of them hold antipathy against the Witch households, Myaro would be killed even if she tries to carry out the sentence.’

“You will be the Vice Commanding Officer. Same goes to Carol.” (Yuri)

‘That’s obvious.’

“I humbly accept the position.” (Liao)

“I see. Then, please do your best with Myaro here from tomorrow.” (Yuri)

And I easily gave him miscellaneous work.

“Hmm? What did you say?” (Liao)

“We need to find out if the people who posted the participation form are really qualified. Besides, if possible, I want them to replenish themselves with their own money. The three of you, including Carol, will discuss it together.” (Yuri)

“Three people… What about you?” (Liao)

Liao asked with a suspicious face.

‘I wonder if he would say that I’m going to sleep in my room.’

“I’m going to Kilghina tomorrow.” (Yuri)

“Kilghina? Are you going out all the way until the departure of the expedition?” (Liao)

“No, I’ll be back by the time of the interview. However, it’s also necessary to actually look at the site. If I don’t do preliminary observation, it will be dangerous.” (Yuri)

‘This job takes time. It’s not a job that can be done after the war is about to begin. Plus, I can’t leave it to others.’

“I see. Well, in the meantime, should we do what we can?” (Liao)

“Yes. Myaro is someone who is good in the matters around here. She is better than me.” (Yuri)

Without saying anything, Myaro bowed to Liao.

‘Please take care of me.’ She probably meant that.

“I have full confidence in Myaro, and Carol also trusts her. I don’t mean to force you, but it would be helpful if you could trust her as well.” (Yuri)

“I’ll decide that myself.” (Liao)

‘Well, I suppose so. After all, it would be weird for others to say anything about trust. Anyhow, it can’t be helped if he has a preconceived notion. There is also such a case.’

“Don’t doubt me from the beginning, alright? Just don’t worry about it.” (Liao)

“Please do that. Well, is that it for the time being? Do you have anything else you want to talk about?” (Yuri)

“No. We haven’t recruited anyone yet, so we don’t have much to do.” (Liao)

‘That’s true.’

“Well then, today is over. Let’s dismiss.” (Yuri)


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