The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World – The Tyrellme Godly Empire


The Tyrellme Godly Empire

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The Tyrellme Godly Empire was a country known for the stubbornness of their lords.

This area was called a barbaric area before the arrival of the Xerxes God-Protected Empire. Many researchers thought that this area wouldn’t be there for long if the invasive characteristics wouldn’t disappear from the Shantilla Great Empire after the Sha-Mutona War.

Religiously speaking, there was a belief in fear of the forest, influenced by polytheism in the southern Flusha region. It seemed that they believed a kind of master called a werewolf, especially focusing on the wolf, and the influence could be seen until now. A werewolf was a human being obsessed with wolves, and when a wolf bit him, it turned into a half-human half-wolf monster. Therefore, mentally handicapped people and humans who acted indiscriminately were often executed without court proceedings, saying that they were becoming werewolves.

Nationally, there was no unified country for a long time, and before the arrival of the Xerxes God-Protected Empire, there were turbulent relations between tribes. However, they didn’t become extinct because it seemed that their leaders often gathered information from travelers. They watched the Flusha region in the south being attacked, countries being collapsed and the missionary work began. And when the missionary works were almost finished, the missionary works and governance became stable, they keenly noticed that it was their turn to be aimed.

They knew that the kingdom in the Flusha region had been defeated and the king was hanged. They didn’t want to be hung in the same way. And they knew that even though the Xerxes God-Protected Empire was harsh against those who refused or insulted the Isus religion, it was a surprisingly tolerant country. In the Flusha region, after the war ended, large-scale investments and the development of flood control facilities were generously carried out. Reconstruction was swift, and people’s lives were better than before.

The lords of the Tyrellme region sent messengers to the Xerxes God-Protected Empire one after another, and they humbly asked them to send missionaries. Then, after studying the religion for several years, they volunteered to be subordinate and officially became local lords of the God-Protected Empire. After that, the rule of the Xerxes God-Protected Empire was generally composed. Advanced technical guidance and infrastructure development were generously provided, and the standard of living in this area improved steadily.

However, in Year 1012, such a lifestyle ended, starting with the Kal-Catho War. After this war, the God-Protected Emperor, Cranises V, of that time, began to impose religious obligations on the people and lords one after another.

However, the lords of the Tyrellme province weren’t willing to comply with such unreasonable obligations. When they poisoned the elderly archbishop, who governed the Tyrellme province, they appointed the next archbishop themselves. When this was accepted, they gave a large bribe to the archbishop and succeeded in passing the mandatory priesthood exam with money. Since the Tyrellme province was a remote area from the perspective of the holy city, Vaticanus, such absurdities were largely carried on. However, that was a matter of the various lords. At the people level, such deception wasn’t informed and the waves of fanatization, which was distorted, began to bring a murky atmosphere.

In Year 1032, when the Kalghinion Empire was founded, they immediately changed allegiance to the Kalghi faction and assassinated the archbishop who received the bribes. They broke up the relationship with the Xerxes God-Protected Empire. At that time, the fall of the Xerxes God-Protected Empire was decisive, and even if it was revived, the Kalghinion Empire would be attacked first in the case of counterattack and re-rule, so to speak, it would be a shield to the lords of the Tyrellme province. It seemed that was the prospect. In reality, there was no counterattack or re-rule, and the Xerxes God-Protected Empire disappeared from history as it was.

Then, the lords of the Tyrellme region had returned to just common lords who weren’t controlled by anyone. No one claimed to be the king, but the area became a turbulent zone of principalities, counts and lords.

However, after that, when the Papal States Declaration was conducted in Year 1035, the reformation of Catholic Sect progressed, and the oppressive and radical religion softened and began to be accepted by people again. In the northern part of the Peninsula Kingdom, the Kalghi Sect was emerging, but as the Catholic Sect softened, it was quickly expelled. With such a background, the lords, who saw that the Kalghi Sect became a minority, changed allegiance to the Catholic Sect again, started cracking down on the Kalghi Sect priests, and forced people to change.

As for the Kalghinion Empire, which was the main area of the Kalghi sect, this couldn’t be overlooked. When the Kalghi Sect priests were deported in Year 1098, the persecution of the believers began in earnest. A decree was made and the lords were declared war. In Year 1101 the Kal-Tyr war took place.

The lords of the Tyrellme region had no sense of companionship, but clearly had a sense of belonging. In this war, a conference was held from an early stage. Even if they confronted individually, it was obvious that their entire region would be subdued after the defeat of each lord. So, it was promptly decided that they would deal with it altogether. They seemed to think that it wasn’t a bad war because the army of the Kalghinion Empire that was directed to the Tyrellme region was small based on the country’s power and the situation.

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However, they lost. Even if they outnumbered the Empire army, they were defeated. They were defeated even in advantageous terrain.

The lords had no experience of war for too long. When the Xerxes God-Protected Empire sought soldiers, they only sought soldiers, not generals. The generals leading the soldiers said that they were many excellent generals among the Knights of the God-Protected Empire. Therefore, there was no need to have hereditary incompetent nobles to lead the soldiers.

It was because of that, the lords imposed military service on the people as required by the sent officer, and it was sent as collected soldiers. After that, the generals of the volunteered chivalric order trained arbitrarily, and had a war. The Knights of the volunteered chivalric order, who were stationed in the Tyrellme province even when it became independent, didn’t have a chance to fight because they had already paid off the battle for the independence from the Kalghinion Empire.

On the other hand, the Kalghinion Empire army was an army of strong men, who fought a fierce battle with the volunteer chivalric order, and finally won independence. They had a lot of experiences in actual battles, and they were highly trained

In the end, the alliances of the lords couldn’t win even once in all aspects of the Kal-Tyr war, and lost all battles. However, the lords still won the war.

Finally feeling chills on their spine, they turned to the Papal States for help. The Papal States, who was optimistic that it would be advantageous to the Tyrellme region’s lords, joined the war as soon as they were asked for help. Since the Kalghinion Empire was fighting the Peninsula Kingdom, they suddenly had entered a three-frontal war.

The Kalghinion Empire couldn’t defend itself if they left an army in the hinterland of the Tyrellme region. So they left a general and several soldiers for delayed battles, and pulled out their army from the region after that. It was an area that the Kalghinion Empire got without any trouble, so it seemed that they weren’t very particular about abandoning it. This war, after the participation of the Papal States, was called Kal-Catho war, which continued five times.

After the end of the Kal-Catho war, the lords of the Tyrellme region felt deep fear and a sense of urgency. If the Papal States and the Peninsula Kingdom didn’t send out soldiers, they felt that they would have been destroyed completely.

Then, meetings were conducted frequently to strengthen the army. As a result, the lords came to the conclusion that if each of them created a small country, they would be helpless since they were disjointed. Here, they gathered under one flag, and thought of creating a country.

Actually, if each lord started to focus on the military separately, weak countries and strong countries would surely appear. So, it seemed that they were afraid that it would lead to a civil war as a result.

Even though they gathered under one flag, there was no prominent force among the lords. If so, someone would become the king and everyone would abide. That was something that each lord couldn’t agree on.

In the end, they decided to bring the king from somewhere else. That was from the Catholic Papal States.

He, who later became the king, was a fisherman in a fishing village near the tip of the Xerxes Peninsula. The man named Leon Sacrament, who was the great grandson of the Holy Emperor of the Xerxes God-Protected Empire.

After the murder of Cranixes V, the people from the Holy Emperor lineage wasn’t charge with any particular wrongdoings, but they had lost their political power. The tyranny of Cranixes V was to enforce faith, and even in the reorganized the Papal States, it wasn’t considered a sin. Officially, a division commander was charged of murdering the Holy Emperor, but the children of the Holy Emperor weren’t executed.

However, the people who founded the Papal States without the God-Protected Empire, didn’t intend to allow the relatives to revive the dynasty. When requested, he entered the monastery and had his life protected, but he didn’t hold any key position in the Papal States. He was also treated as a kind of expulsion from public office.

Leon’s grandfather left Vaticanus with his wife and son. He sold some of the treasures he brought out, retired in a fishing village to the south, and finally ended his life. Leon’s father was still young at that time, so he worked as a fisherman together with the commoners. Later, he became the village head, and in his later years, he concurrently became the village head and the head of the fisherman’s group. Leon was born and raised in the fishing village, and when he became an adult, he took the net as a matter of course, and when his father died, he succeeded to the position of the village head.

The lords called out to Leon because there was no other suitable person. There were some descendants of the Holy Emperor, who were in the same situation as Leon, but all others were priests. Leon’s father was the only one, who could settle in the area of common people, got a down-to-earth life, and adapted to a muddy life when he moved away from the lavish life of the royal family.

Leon was over thirty years old in those days, and he was tired of boring country life. It was like a timely offer when the lords proposed it to him.

When the lords brought Leon, they gave him a small city named after the capital, appointed a tutor and made him acquire the minimum education. Two years later, he named himself the Holy Emperor as the successor of the God-Protected Empire, and changed the country name to the Tyrellme Godly Empire.

However, the lords just wanted a leader. They didn’t mean to be humble or give him a vast territory. In addition, since it would be a problem if a person who went against the will of the lords became the king, they created a system where an emperor would be replaced by someone who was selected by particular upper lords who were known as prince electors.

Leon lived in a small city named after the capital. While he had some luxury, he lived a boring life as the supreme leader of the country’s army, which was lent to the lords little by little. Even though he was a leader, he had no military education. So, he entrusted training to military personnel brought from other countries with a high salary. He occasionally wore military uniforms and rode horses to encourage soldiers in training.

It was three years after he became the Holy Emperor that the turning point came to him. Hannabal II, the Pope of the time, suddenly declared the resumption of the Northern Crusades. Naturally, the Pope also asked the Tyrellme Godly Empire for their participation.

From the point of view of the Tyrellme Godly Empire, they received their help during the Kal-Tyr war. Above all, the Pope admitted that Leon was the successor of the God-Protected Empire and named himself the Holy Emperor. It seemed that there was no way to refuse participation, no matter how proficient they were.

At this time, most people expected that this expedition would end in a big defeat. It was thought so, and the lords were thinking the same. The territory of the Isus religion was thought to be significantly inferior in military power compared to the past due to the collapse of the Xerxes God-Protected Empire and the Kalghi Sect.

It was an accurate analysis at that time. In particular, the lords of the Tyrellme Godly Empire had sent out three northern expeditions of the Xerxes God-Protected Empire and they watched the most powerful and invincible Knights of the volunteered chivalric order, who known of their strength, suffered a disastrous defeat and return.

The volunteer chivalric order, as the name says, was a group of people, who slaughtered for the sake of God. They wouldn’t stop fighting until blood fell all over. Even with them, the Shantilla Great Empire royal army was so strong, that the chivalric order was badly defeated in the battles. Of course, the war wasn’t directly seen by the lords at that time, but the third Northern Crusade was a story of their great-grandfathers, and it wasn’t a story long enough to be forgotten.

Declaring war on such a great power would normally have to take the risk of destroying the country, but there was no risk other than from the Shantilla Great Empire, which was ruled by the Shanti. Even if the mysterious country where women served as empress for generations was invaded for some reason, they would naturally greet them eagerly and violently pursue them, just by coming to their territory, but they had never crossed the border. So, for them, losing on this expedition only meant losing soldiers, and they didn’t have to worry about being invaded by the border after being repulsed.

The Kalghinion Empire at that time, was still alive. Even though its territory had been reduced a little, if the God-Protected Empire went to attack north would leave the enemy nation at their rear. However, the Pope explained that the Kalghinion Empire wasn’t a threat yet because their soldiers were exhausted and their land was deprived in the first Catholic War. This was a lie contrary to the fact, and if people read the existing materials in the Papal States, they knew the military reorganization of the Kalghinion Empire at that time.

In other words, the first Crusade of Hannabal II was a pure waste from a purely military point of view, and it was a suicide act like a puppy attacking a lion. But the Crusade was successful.

In the same year of 1111, the war genius, Han Kanjar, who founded the Great Khanate in his lifetime, was attacking the Shantilla Great Empire from the east. This was an unprecedented large war that took place under careful planning, and this was the most mobilized war of all the wars that took place until the Year 2000. Kanjar Khan, who prepared logistics for a few years and gathered a large army of more than 200000 in one area, mobilized his army all at once and defeated the Shantilla Great Empire army.

The first Crusade was a great success. As for the luck, it could be said as nothing but a godsend. Leon Sacrament was also very active at this time. The Tyrellme Godly Empire expanded its territory vastly and secured a large number of Shanti slaves.

As for the expanded territory and slaves, everything became Leon’s. The lords, who had no idea about the Kanjar’s movement at that time, had made such an arrangement that Crusade couldn’t succeed anyway.

The Tyrellme Godly Empire continued to increase the number of participation on each Crusade thereafter. However, the influence of the lords was still strong, and the procedure of the prince-elector still remained.



  • The Tyrellme God-Protected Empire is changed to the Tyrellme Godly Empire (神帝国). I made a mistake on this one from the Xerxes God-Protected Empire (神衛帝国). There’s one kanji character less and I missed that out.
  • The last name of the Tyrellme Emperor is changed from Sakuramenta to Sacrament.I didn’t know it’s actually a word, and I just found out about it today. So, I decided to change it.
  • The Cartile War mentioned in the biography chapter is changed to Kal-Tyr War. It is basically the war between Kalghinion and Tyrellme. Same goes to the Calcaso War, it has been changed to the Kal-Catho War to remark the war between Kalghi Sect and Catholic Sect.

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