The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 58 (Self Edited) – In the Bedroom


In the Bedroom

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When those guys went back, I had nothing else to do for today.

“Is Syamu still sleeping…?” (Yuri)

She woke up halfway through, but she fell asleep again probably because she was bored, and still sleeping until now.

“She has been busy with the recent reviewing work.” (Lily)

‘Aah, I see.’

“Is that so?”

‘Did she stay up late at night?’

“It will be hard if there’s a mistake, and… I also accompanied her. Well, this is like a night life.” (Lily)

“…Thanks for your hard work. You seem to have gone through a lot of trouble…” (Yuri)

‘I’ve really made them work too hard. Even though I sleep soundly every night…’

“Syamu is already like this, so I wonder if I should stay at Yuri-kun’s house today… maybe?” (Lily)

‘Hmm? I wonder why you are saying it with hesitation.’

“Of course.” (Yuri)

‘For Syamu, it’s her own place, so it’s a good place to stay.’

“Is that so? Sorry to bother you~” (Lily)

“Aah, no problem.” (Yuri)

‘Syamu is a relative, so I don’t think I’ll be distracted when she is in a pajama. She can come whenever she wants.’

“Then, should I carry Syamu?” (Yuri)

“I see, I see. Please.” (Lily)

“Well, Syamu won’t gain weight as ever.” (Yuri)

‘I think she is about 140cm. She’s skinny.’

‘She’s really light when I hold her up. I won’t say that it’s like a feather, but it’s too light to feel that she is a human being. Is she eating properly?’

I held her like a princess and went downstairs. Even today I saw Beaure staring at abacus. Then, I left the headquarters.

When I left the building, I could see the second residence of the Hou’s Household. I told the guard standing in front of the gate ‘Thank you for your hard work’, and went inside through the entrance.

‘Aah, I forgot to say thanks to Lily-san.’

“Aah, Lily-san. Thank you for your time today.” (Yuri)

‘Aah, no. I think it’s rude to say goodbye here.’

“After I bring Syamu in, I will accompany you to the Silver Birch dormitory.” (Yuri)

“Eh… Can’t I stay with you?” (Lily)

‘??? Eh?’

“You’re so mean, Yuri-kun… You invited me to stay, right? When I asked you, you say ‘Of course’! Although you responded cheerfully… you’re not letting me stay here…” (Lily)

‘It seems she’s doing it on purpose, but I’m not affected.’

“I-I’m sorry. I misunderstood a little. If that’s what you were asking, please stay overnight.” (Yuri)

‘I don’t care at all. We’re the General household. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with Syamu’s friend.’

“So, let me bother you~.” (Lily)



When I finished my meal and took a bath, I read the Telor scriptures in my bedroom.

Even if it was a bedroom, it wasn’t my own room. Since I never lived in a secondary residence, I had no room here, and it was one of the rooms available.

So, I was reading the scriptures borrowed from Eisa-Sensei to kill time.

A man named Isus was born exactly 2000 years before I was born. When I thought of it all by myself, I would think that he was a great writer, but he told the story of the world’s creation, taught the theory of the world after death, told about God’s interests and preferences, and preached people to live as he did. It was that all kind of good deeds were done along the way, and miracles were also performed.

I wasn’t sure about the cause and effect, but on the map, Isus was born in a Mediterranean city near Israel, and he was active among his local community.

In the days where Isus was active, there was a city-state coalition called the ancient Nigros. The Tot language used in writing the original text was the language used in the ancient Nigros.

Polytheism was widely believed in the Ancient Nigros, so people had little interest in the preaching of Isus which they thought to be like dubious tales.

As for Isus, he did it moderately, probably because he thought that he would be killed if he did it aggressively. The scriptures also contained stories which Isus remonstrated his disciples who acted excessively.

So, Isus wasn’t killed by anyone. When he was about 45 years old, he thought that he was approaching death. He told his disciples that it was about time for them to be more alone, and then, he went into and slept in a cave.

He was completely like Kukai. He entered a cave and lie down on the bed prepared by his disciples and told them ‘Don’t disturb my sleep. Absolutely.’ and that order was put at the entrance of the cave. Everything was done by the hands of his ten disciples. The disciples probably knew that Isus was about to die when they obediently followed the order to confine him alive.


Kukai, Japanese Buddhist Monk

As he looked out, the ten disciples kept the whereabouts secret.

If someone knew, the cave became like a sacred place and as a result, people would rush there to visit. They thought that wasn’t in line with Isus’s desire to sleep well. They might have thought that they wanted to leave the master’s grave quiet.

The ten disciples didn’t teach their respective disciples about the location and when they died, there was no one to know the location of Isus’ grave.

However, the leading disciples were doing recklessly somewhere.

When Isus died, one of the leading disciples said ‘Let’s create a city exclusively for those who keep the teaching of Isus!’. Then, they bought a suitable land and made a city. Buying land, building houses and fences… it quickly became a primitive community of Isus. And they started to deal with the ancient city-state coalition by telling ‘We have made a city, so please accept us!’.

By the way, each of the ancient Nigros city-states had the name of a god of Nigros mythology which was the guardian god of the cities.

“So? What is your guardian God?” (Yuri)

“Eh? There’s only one God, Isus-sama.” (Eisa)

It wasn’t clear whether there was an exchange of such, but at any rate, a small city named Johapurtoki (a resting place for lost children in Tot language) was born. It was called Jotsutov in Telor language.

The people of the ancient Nigros seemed to have forgiven their existence, probably because they were really patient or they were overly kind people. I thought that was a unique mistake of the polytheists, but they acknowledged that Isus as one of the Gods. Thus, the early Isus believers enjoyed peace among the religious ancient Nigros people.

But after about thirty years, things had changed. The people of Johapurtoki started to get moved into gear and preach about Isus doctrine everywhere. They started by taking control of the villagers that belong to the adjacent city-state without permission and they began to do something that was a bit improbable.

Then, when the relationship with the neighboring city-state became worse, they started a war on the nearest city-state.

I supposed that the city-state anticipated a one-on-one war and they thought they could win. They probably were very prominent or didn’t know war at all. In other words, other city-states were thinking about themselves only since it was only one city-state being attacked by another city-state.

In reality, such a thing shouldn’t go well, and this was an act like cutting the cords of the kind ancient Nigros.

It was said that all city-states had invaded the city-state of Johapurtoki from all directions and it was defeated. The city had been destroyed as much as sun-dried bricks had returned to the sand and it was hard. According to Eisa-Sensei, the site of the city-state of Johapurtoki hadn’t been completely destroyed that it couldn’t be found even today.

However, these people didn’t give up. Several of Isus leading disciples survived the war, and took the remaining believers on board a ship.

Unfortunately, they had bad luck in the Mediterranean Sea. It seemed that the drifted ashore where the land of Rome was. They began to do the same thing here.

However, unlike the ancient Nigros, there was no unified religion at that time. By the way, there was no large country with a sense of solidarity rule the peninsula.

This seemed to have been convenient for them because the tribes scattered in many places in the country, and they believed in the indigenous religion. When they were taken up by the native Kuses tribe, they began preaching and quickly turned them as believers.

This was the beginning of the Theocracy Empire of Kusurukuses. Then, over the course of a hundred years, the Kuses tribe swept the Italian Peninsula which was called the Kusuru Peninsula in this world. They continued the invasion in the name of the religion, and after several hundred years, they became a huge empire.

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*Knock* *knock*

“Come on in?” (Yuri)

I kept my eyes on the scriptures.

“I-I’m going in~.” (Lily)

I heard Lily-san’s voice. I raised my head and looked up toward the door.

She seemed to be more relaxed than usual since she had been taking a bath. Her hair was damp and sexy.

She was dressed in thin pajamas. She might borrow it from the maid. My heart was getting stiff.


“Do you need anything?” (Yuri)

“No… I don’t need anything, but… are you busy?” (Lily)

“No, I was just reading a boring book.” (Yuri)

I put the scriptures on the side table.

“So, is there anything?” (Yuri)

“No. Uhm… is it alright if I sit?” (Lily)

“Of course. Go ahead.” (Yuri)

She could sit as much as she wanted. When I suggested it, Lily-san sat down on a chair near me.

‘But, what kind of business does she have?’

‘Recently, I’ve been waking up to my sexual desire, and I’m spending my days worrying about whether I should spend my money in brothel. Looking at Lily-san in light clothes, the place where both chest and buttocks come out properly and my lower half of the body is getting hot when I look at her body.’

‘There isn’t loose fat, and she doesn’t have extra thickness. Honestly, she has a pretty solid body.’

‘Of course, I’m exercising self-control, but this is my house. No matter how familiar I am, shouldn’t she be more cautious? Or rather, she needs to be careful. I’m getting spiced up here.’

“Were you drinking?” (Yuri)

“Yes, a little bit.” (Lily)

Lily-san had a faintly sweet scent of alcohol, though it wasn’t bad.

‘I see. If she has been drinking, there’s no help for it.’

‘Maybe, she wants to undress when she drinks.’

“Aah, did you hate the smell of alcohol?” (Lily)

“No, not really.” (Yuri)

‘I wonder if it smells too much. She may be nervous in a house that she doesn’t know, or maybe she wants to feel relaxed with alcohol.

“Say, Yuri-kun? Do you notice how old I am now?” (Lily)

It was a sudden question.

‘How old? Your age, is it?

“Uhm, you are 19 years old, right?” (Yuri)

“Yes, yes.” (Lily)

‘19 years old is the age of becoming a college student in Japan, but Lily-san doesn’t look like that age. She is grown up, and her breasts are big, so she doesn’t look particularly young. However, she still looks like a high school student.’

“I’ll graduate in a few years.” (Lily)

“…That’s right. That’s very unfortunate for me.” (Yuri)

There were a lot of students who graduated before it even though the school of Liberal Arts could be up to 25 years old. That was because it was advantageous to graduate before it. Compared to the school of Knight’s graduate students whose majority from the General households, the importance was incomparable.

Knights didn’t have the opportunity to succeed in life if there was no war. Aside from the Hou Household, who went to war frequently, many of the Knight graduates spent their lives without the concept of career development. So, many of the Knight students stayed in the academy until they were 25 years old. There were many of them and graduating early didn’t have much effect on life.

Lily-san was from a deposit household, so I didn’t think there was any problem staying until the age of 25, but it was probably better to graduate early.

“Well… I don’t want to leave…” (Lily)

She made a troubled face, but it seemed like a sexy gesture, probably because of the atmosphere.

“Is it from the royal capital?” (Yuri)

“Yeah…” (Lily)

‘Well, it’s not like I don’t understand that feeling. Lily-san seems to enjoy her life in the royal capital, and she probably would feel bored returning to the countryside. I don’t mind living in the countryside, but not everyone can enjoy life surrounded by nature and flowers.’

“If so, would it be fine to leave the management of the deposit household to someone else and stay in the royal capital? I don’t know how long ‘Hou and Associates’ will last, but the executive remuneration will continue to rise.’

‘In this country, the prices in the countryside are quite low. Areas such as the backside of the mountain are more of countryside in the countryside.

On the other hand, ‘Hou and Associates’ executive remuneration is, of course, a one-time cash payment. So, if it’s about the amount of tax needed to pay by the depositor households, she could have some delegate the territory management and that will open up space for her. Thus, it’s easy enough to fill the post.’

“…That’s not the case. If that’s what it is, what the superiors of the household would say…” (Lily)

‘Is that so? If they were in the Hou Household, we wouldn’t say anything if they pay the tax. From the point of view of the General household, a deposit household is like a good shop which pays their rent, and their existence is only to collect the payment.’

‘The Noza Household managed the territory on the backside of the mountain. I don’t really know what kind of people is the Noza Household. The problem could be solved if they give pressure to Rook, but that’s not the case.’

‘The deposit households are usually despised by ordinary Knights, so there might be envy if they make too much money.’

“That’s troubling, isn’t it?” (Yuri)

‘I have no complaints since Lily-san is an excellent engineer, and above all, she’s Syamu’s friend. If she is in trouble, I want to do something about it.’

“…Say, Yuri-kun. What do you think about marriage?” (Lily)

“Marriage?” (Yuri)

The story changed abruptly.

“I’m not thinking about it.” (Yuri)

“Aah, what do you think if the partner is a person like me~~…” (Lily)

‘Eh…? Eh, wait a sec… what? What did you say?’

“With you, Lily-san?” (Yuri)

“Y-yeah…” (Lily)

She somehow curled and touched her neck, seeming embarrassed… The gesture is really cute, but Lily-san is a bit strange today, isn’t it? Marriage with me, huh…’

“Uh, uhmmm…” (Lily)

‘Wh-what should I say…’

“I don’t know if I’m just thinking about it. I mean about a partner.” (Lily)

‘Is that so? It’s fine to think about it. I mean if you don’t have someone to marry in the future, you would definitely think of it.’

‘Well if you get married to me, the future of the depositor household will be much better. That’s the story if I succeed the Hou Household.’

“Well then. I will think about it.” (Yuri)

‘I’ll be honored. It seems lonely to be an unmarried person.’

“B-but…” (Lily)

“Yes?” (Yuri)

“If Yuri-kun wants it… you could have a taste today, you know?” (Lily)

‘…Uhmm. That is… wait, what? Taste?’

‘In other words, I can enjoy Lily-san’s body as much as I want right now? You want me to taste your body that I’ve been resisting my instincts?’

“Uhm, is this Lily-san’s first time?” (Yuri)

“Ye-yes, I’ve decided to have my first time here!” (Lily)

‘She’s loud. I see, it’s her first time.’

“I think you don’t know since this is your first time, but if a beautiful lady like Lily-san says something like that to a creature known as a man, it won’t end with just tasting.” (Yuri)

“Eh… it can’t be…” (Lily)

“It’s like a wolf attacking a lamb, and it’s going to be a mess. It will be a mistake if you think only I will only rub your breast. I won’t stop until I do it again, and I will taste your whole body to you until morning, you know.” (Yuri)

‘That’s because I’ve been living an abstinent life.’

“Uhh…” (Lily)

Lily-san turned her face red.

“So, it’s no good. Don’t say such a thing thoughtlessly.” (Yuri)

I dismissed Lily-san.

‘Now that I think about it, when she mentioned the word ‘taste’, she might have been influenced by that harmful book. I feel like that. I’m involved in publishing myself, but it might bring negative effects in various places.’

“I don’t mind…” (Lily)

‘Uhmm… I’m fine if you don’t mind, but could you stop saying it while holding your breasts between your arms? She doesn’t seem to wear a bra, and it’s slightly bulging out.’

“I don’t mind if it’s you, Yuri-kun.” (Lily)

“…” (Yuri)


I clenched my teeth. The head that controlled the reason and the lower half body that controlled the instinct were in a war, and it felt like they were competing the area around the belly. If the conflict came to the arm, it was likely that it would take over my consciousness.

“Yu-yuri-kun?” (Lily)

“…It’s no good. It’s a very attractive proposal, but… You shouldn’t throw away your virginity easily. You have to save it for someone important in the future.” (Yuri)

“…Even if you say in the future, when I return to my territory, I’ll be made to meet the other party who I don’t know their face. So, I can’t help it…” (Lily)

Lily-san seemed a bit lonely.

“Even if you don’t throw it, I’m sure I’ll do something for you. So, you don’t have to be held by someone you don’t like.” (Yuri)

“That’s not it…” (Lily)

“It’s alright, so please feel safe and go back to your backroom. Your dress is too tempting to my eyes.” (Yuri)

I said it in a bit stronger tone.

‘Now that I’ve decided not to do it, this exchange is unproductive. My damage only gets worse, there’s no benefit.’

“…Uh, I understand. I’m sorry, Yuri-kun. Sorry for saying something strange.” (Lily)

“That’s not true. I’m happy as a man when you invited me.” (Yuri)

It was just painful because it was hard for her to turn around.

Lily-san stood there and headed to the door. As she turned her back, the curly body, the waist and the well-shaped hips touched the thin clothes.

*Boink* *Boink*

‘Why am I being subjected to such a trial?’

Lily opened the door, and as she left, she looked at me and disappeared.



After that, I was seriously thinking of trying to experience an escort for tonight, with my head floating due to the heat.

However, after thinking about thirty minutes, put on clothes for now, and when I went out to the entrance which was already closed, I gave up.

‘When I think about it carefully, it’s bad because that territory is the territory of the Witch households. Of course, it will not be good if I try to rush it. And it’s not possible to collect information now, and there is no way to sort it out.’

So, I went to bed. I was wondering if I was going to handle it myself, but it was a difficult problem because I was going to feel empty. So, I was writhing in bed.


The door opened wildly.

“…What is it?” (Yuri)

When I lifted my body out of bed and looked at the door, there was Syamu lit by the dim light of the night light. Somehow, she looked angry.

‘Uwahh, I’m glad I didn’t relent to the lower half of my body. Just knock it out, will you?’

“Do you need anything in the middle of the night?” (Yuri)

“I don’t need anything, Yuri.” (Syamu)

There were thorns in the voice.

‘What the heck. Did I do something wrong?’

“Why are you angry?” (Yuri)

“What did you do to Lily-senpai?” (Syamu)


“I didn’t do anything…?” (Yuri)

‘If I’m doing it, I’ll be enjoying Lily-san’s big breasts to my heart’s content. I will definitely mess around. But I’m not doing that right now, and the fact that I’m agonizing in a lonely place means I’m not doing anything. But I probably can’t use this perfect reasoning now.’

“…I heard a strange voice and woke up.” (Syamu)

‘Strange voice?’

“She was crying alone, saying that you thought her as a cheap woman, and she felt like she wanted to die…” (Syamu)

“…” (Yuri)

‘Hey. I thought that she was a perverted girl, but I didn’t think of her as a cheap woman. That’s because she’s a virgin.’

“This is the first time I see Senpai acts like that… so, what did you do?” (Syamu)

“It’s alright. She’ll be fine in three days.” (Yuri)


“…Is that so? So, you didn’t do anything right?” (Syamu)

“I didn’t do it.” (Yuri)

“You sure that you didn’t do anything pervert, right?” (Syamu)

‘…There is no way I expect that word ‘pervert’ comes out from her mouth. Is the world going to end? I wonder if this feels like when your daughter got a boyfriend…’

“I didn’t do it.” (Yuri)

“…Is that so? Then, that’s fine. Good night, Yuri.” (Syamu)

Syamu slammed the door and went out.



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