The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 71 (Self Edited) – Unaware of Parent’s Love


Unaware of Parent’s Love

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When I parted from the two, I headed to the secondary residence. I was called.

After passing through the gate of the second residence, Rook and Suzuka stood by the entrance, waiting there. They weren’t smiling and it wasn’t a friendly atmosphere.


I felt like turning around and went back, but I held up and headed to the entrance.

“Yuri, come.” (Rook)

Rook said it.

“Yes.” (Yuri)

Rook opened the door and entered the house. I also followed him. When I looked at Suzuya, I saw a face that seemed to be missing a soul.



We went to the reading room. Rook silently sat in a chair.

“Sit down.” (Rook)

I quietly sat in a fluffy chair. Rook seemed discontent.

“Why didn’t you say a word?” (Rook)

‘As I expected.’

After I was called to the royal castle, I was going to come here and meet them. That was the plan.

“No.. I don’t think it’s important to bother you, Father.” (Yuri)

“If you think it’s not important to go to war, I’ll stop you from going there, you know.” (Rook)

It was an argument that I couldn’t rebut at all.

“No… I mean…” (Yuri)

“Did you intend to keep it hidden from us until you left?” (Rook)

“No.” (Yuri)

‘There is no such a thing. It’s just that I thought it would be easier to speak after having conversation with Her Majesty the Queen. Rook-san, I have something to tell… Ughh…’

“I was asked by Her Majesty the Queen.” (Yuri)

‘When I thought about it, it seemed that the matter would go through. To Rook, my thoughts were something he had expected.’

“I’m not against it. But, why didn’t you tell us?” (Rook)

“That is…” (Yuri)

“Do you think it is unnecessary?” (Rook)

‘Well, yeah.’

“I didn’t think I had a choice.” (Yuri)

“…Don’t try to decide everything by yourself.” (Rook)

‘Rook is right. I am the heir of the Hou Household, and I can’t do anything by myself. From my own point of view, it is not something that I am aware. Although I’m thinking it in that way, from Rook’s point of view, it’s the other way around. ’

With that in mind, I might have put a reply on hold and had a talk to Rook.

“I’m not telling you this as the head of the household. I’m telling you as a parent.” (Rook)

‘…It’s painful to hear that.’

“…I wonder how much Okaa-san was worried.” (Yuri)

Rook had a sad look.

‘Yes, this family is worried about their son. Aah. Yes. A decent parent worries about their child.’

‘When I was in Japan, my father was a man who didn’t care about his son. He didn’t have a chance since I died before him, but even if he hears the obituary, he wouldn’t have shed tears. He should have forgotten about me in a month. He was that kind of a person.’

“…I’m sorry.’ (Yuri)

‘Rook and Suzuya will cry when I die. Rather than a month, they will never forget me until they die. That’s because they love their son properly. When I think about it, my action were really bad.’

“If you understand, go to your mother.” (Rook)

“Yes…” (Yuri)

I left the reading room.

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When I went to the room where Suzuya was, it seemed she sat on a chair and laid her face on a small round table. When I entered, she raised her face.

“Yuri.” (Suzuya)

“Mother.” (Yuri)

Suzuya seems to have been crying.

“Come here.” (Suzuya)

As I was asked, I approached her. When I reached in front of Suzuya, she stood up from her chair, and hugged me as if she was touched.

I was already taller than Suzuya. Still, she stretched out, put her arm around my neck and hugged me tightly.

“Be sure to come back.” (Suzuya)

“I promise.” (Yuri)

I promised something that I couldn’t do.

“It’s alright. You’ve heard it from Father. It’s not a job to worry about.” (Yuri)

“…Is that so? Then, I feel relieved.” (Suzuya)

Suzuya put up a firm smile. I knew she wasn’t completely relieved.

“Yes. I’ll definitely return safely.” (Yuri)

“…I said that I wanted a girl, but if you die, I will have no child. There are so many people waiting for you, Yuri.” (Suzuya) (TLN: I think Suzuya is talking about having a daughter-in-law.)

“I understand. It’s not that dangerous, you know.” (Yuri)

I tried to reassure Suzuya as much as possible.

“Really?” (Suzuya)

“Yes, really. I will never go near dangerous places.” (Yuri)

“Well… if that’s the case, it should be a bit safer.” (Suzuya)

“Yes. Please don’t worry.” (Yuri)

‘My heart hurts. Aah, I really have to come back.’

I thought of that again and again.



After leaving my parent’s house, I went back to the dormitory, and took the luggage I had prepared. Then, I headed to the stable of the Eagle King.

The sun had already gone down. But I wanted to leave today.

I had already notified the office of the school of the Knights. During the preparation period, lectures and training would be marked as attended.

When I entered the stable, I pulled out Stardust and gave her the meat I had bought. Stardust put the meat cut by the butcher into the stomach.

“Kurururu…” (Stardust)

When 90% of the meat had been eaten, Stardust stopped eating. She was probably full.

She was smart. She might have adjusted the amount she ate since she knew that she would fly.

I threw away the excess meat into the stable to dispose of it. Next, I put a saddle around the back of Stardust. It was a saddle with the crest of the Hou Household, which I brought from the house. I tightened the belts one by one.

“Alright.” (Yuri)

Finally, I rocked the saddle and checked the condition of the wear. It was well tightened.

I gently stroked Stardust. When I pulled the bridle, Stardust entered the take-off position as soon as my intention reached her, without applying much force.

Stardust fluttered her wings a few times. Then, with me on her, she danced to the sky.



  • Now it makes sense to me why in Yuri’s monologue, he always call his parents by their name, rather than using the word Okaa-san or Otou-san. It seems that he treats them as people who have close relationship with him, but not really concern too much about it. Of course, this is only happened due to the stale relationship with his father.


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