The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 115 (Self Edited) – Invasion



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It was in the daytime two days later that the sound was heard.

At that time, I was just waiting in the study room on the second floor. I hurried to the window with my almost-healed feet. Looking from the opened window, there were five horses at the entrance of the village. They were doing something like mark time.

The sudden loud volume caused by the stones and the tools might have surprised the horses. It seemed that the horses were calming down.

I blew the whistle I had prepared while suppressing the beating heart. The high pitch sound would have been heard by the enemy. However, since the operation was carried out in cooperation with Carol, it was definitely more important to contact Carol.

Of course, the five cavalry noticed the sound of the whistle and looked at my direction. I took the bow I had prepared.

It was placed in a house that seemed to have been hunting for a living. It was a longbow that could be used for wild boards, instead of the shortbow that I had been using until now. With this, the range was completely different.

I drew and shot it, aiming slightly above the target. The curved arrow drew a gentle curve and pierced the ground far from the horse. I literally picked up the arrow and fired it in a quick session.

When the arrow pierced the ground, creating *tum* *tum* sound, the commander seemed to give instructions which I couldn’t recognize because they were too far away. Then, four of the five horses ran toward us.

Since the scale of the attack, the commander decided to crush the enemy because he thought it was a small number and could be eliminated. However, in the unlikely event that the calculation was off by any chance, they left one horse to bring back the information. That should be it.

The four horses, who came toward me, seemed to be accustomed to handling horses. They approached while watching the bow, and meandering in small steps. In a blink of an eye, they gained distance, crossing the village from one end to another, and arrived at the village mayor’s house where I was.

‘No matter how good they are, it isn’t possible to search the house while riding the horse. They would want to get off the horse, wrap the reins around something that will be a horse hitching post, so that the horse will not go somewhere if possible. Of course, there is one for the visitor in the entrance of the village mayor’s house.’

The cavalry got off the horse, hooked the reins on the horse hitching post in an instant, and kicked the door. Since it wasn’t locked, there was no need to kick it, but of course, they thought that it was locked.

When the rattling noise echoed on the first floor, I threw the bow and arrow, and looked back.

‘They know that the archer of the bow is upstairs. They will come here directly with minimal vigilance.’

I traversed the house, and arrived at the window on the opposite side of the house. A rope was tied to the upper side of the window, an rope extended low to the trunk of the tree on the ground. I blew the whistle again to inform Carol, and I picked up the sturdy pants that I had prepared and hooked them on the room.

I kicked the window sill and jumped in the air. There was a rustling sound, and I went down to the ground vigorously.

I thrust into the straw prepared at the end point from my knees. The knee of the left foot hit the ground, conveyed a great pain with a *thump* sound.

‘Can I stand up?’

Before that, I looked back, and looked at the window.

‘If a soldier appears there, he will come here if I don’t cut the rope immediately.’

Before I did that, *boom* sounded! The sound was quiet, probably because the sound was absorbed by the ground. Instead, the ground shook like a spasm for a moment.

The sound of breaking wood by force began to echo from the entire building.

The sudden gas expansion that occurred in the basement destroyed the beams that support the whole house all at once, and the house began to collapse as it tilted while falling into a hole. It crumbled. As I aimed, I fell down to where I was, so I crawled on the ground and hid in the shadow of a tree.

At the same time as the roar, wind pressure and dust stroke the cheeks. After a while, I appeared from the shade of the tree, the house had turned into a pile of rubble.

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‘The four people who came into the house will be seriously injured in this situation.’

However, just in case, I picked up the spear that was placed instead of the crutches.

‘I am going to stab if they crawl out of the ruble.’

‘This spear isn’t for humans, but a spear with a strong tip like an armor that hunters use to deal with bears. If they don’t have an expert like Canker, I can fight with this.’

I walked with a cane and headed for the entrance to the basement. Carol, who was covered with dust, was lying down there.

“Oi, are you alright?” (Yuri)

I crouched down, lied on my back, grabbed Carol’s shoulders and shook her.

“Yeah…” (Carol)

Carol entered the basement from the first floor with the first whistle. She was in charge of igniting gunpowder with the second whistle while evacuating to the outside via the basement. Looking at the entrance to the basement, the sturdy door flew off.

The fire spread faster than expected, and it might have been blown away together after hanging a stick on the metal fittings of the door.

“U-uh…” (Carol)

“Oi, get a grip.” (Yuri)

‘Even if I have to hit your head hard, sorry for that because I don’t have to care for your body.’

“Uh… ah-ahhh….! What happened!?” (Carol)

When her consciousness began to become clearer, she seemed to remember the situation at once.

‘Is she alright?’

“I don’t know. Can you walk?” (Yuri)

Carol barely held her cane in her hand.

“Of course. And the horse?” (Carol)

“I haven’t confirmed it yet.” (Yuri)

While saying that, when I looked in the direction of the entrance, I could slightly see that the horses were still connected to the other side of the dust which cleared a bit by the wind blowing.

‘I’ve calculated that the horse should be safe. The basement isn’t under the dirt. If an explosion occurs in the basement and the ceiling collapses, the house would collapse to the side of the entrance. As a result, the horses should be safe.’

In fact, it was safe.

However, the horses were restless.

‘Well, if the building in front of them roared and collapsed, they would feel one or two dangers.’

“They look fine. Let’s go.” (Yuri)

“Yeah.” (Carol)

I took Carol’s hand and pulled her up. We passed by the rubble and hurried up to the horses.

The horses were still making a fuss.

‘Although she has a leg injury, I don’t think it will hinder riding the horse too much, but I would rather refrain her from pulling the reins of the restless horses.’

“There, there.” (Yuri)

I grabbed the reins that were still tied and pulled them.

‘Calm down, calm down.’

The horses neighed and couldn’t calm.

‘If it’s a bird, when I look at it, it feels like something you can understand, and I can calm it down immediately, but it seems that horses don’t. Is there no choice but to continue doing that patiently?’

“There, there–…” (Carol)

Carol was next to me, pulling the reins to imitate what I did. The horse that Carol attempted was settling down from being restless, probably because it felt more familiar to her compared to me, or there was no severe atmosphere.

It seemed that this horse calmed down probably because of that atmosphere.

“Try to get on first.” (Yuri)

I urged Carol. Carol’s horse seemed to have lost the feeling of ‘I’ll shake this person off as soon as she gets on me’.

‘It seems difficult to control it, but if you can get on, you will be able to manage it.’

“Understood.” (Carol)

Carol turned to the left side of the horse, and put his foot through the stirrup and rode on the horse with a cane. I removed the horse reins from the horse clasp while watching the horse.

It didn’t seem to become restless, so I just threw the rein towards Carol.

My horse became quieter too, so I stabbed a long spear to the ground once, took the reins off, and straddled the horse. Although there was a slight panic atmosphere, the horse was calm because it was originally a war horse.

“Let’s go.” (Yuri)

I held the reins, turned the horse, and directed it toward the entrance of the village.

I doubted my own eyes. The reconnaissance left alone was still there.


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