The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 22 (Self Edited) – I Can’t Decide My Roommate


I Can’t Decide My Roommate

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“This is the key of the valuables’ locker. Here you go.” (??)

For some reason, there was something like a safe. I received the key.

Then I heard the voice saying ‘Your room is the second room’.

‘So, Myaro got the second rank?’

‘No, as I expected, it would be bad if Carol moves into a dormitory for men only. If such a thing happens, I doubt the sanity of the people in the royal castle. Carol may not be able to enter the dormitory. Either way, I can’t make a conclusion just yet.’

“It’s the room next door.” (Myaro)

Myaro was somewhat happy.

“Aah, I may ask for your help again.” (Yuri)

“Me too. Please take care of me.” (Myaro)

Then, I went into the dormitory and went upstairs. The first room says ‘1’.

‘It’s here.’

“Well then, I will return back.” (Myaro)

“Thank you. That helps.” (Yuri)

I received my bag.

“It’s fine. See you later.” (Myaro)

I separated from Myaro and opened the door to my room.

When I went inside, it was a beautiful newly constructed room, and it was full with a smell of wood. If this was a travel destination, it would be exhilarating. However, there were a preceding visitor in the room, and he was sitting on a bed.

It was a classmate-like, crew cut, short-haired kid. He had a good physique that didn’t seem to be the same age of mine. For some reason, he was staring at me with an angry expression.

‘Did I do something bad? I don’t know. Of course, I don’t. This is our first meeting.’

Looking at the back of the room, there were three beds. As I directed my feet toward the terrace, there were three intervals. There was also a door facing the terrace.

This was a big room. I slightly looked around, and there were two study desks on the left and the right side which attached to the wall. In the right space open for one of the study desks, there were three rows of tall lockers.

‘Is this the valuable locker?’

I didn’t walk to the bed on the right. Then, I put my bag on the floor.

‘What should I do? It’s hard to talk because he is staring at me. I also don’t want to ignore him. Hmm, this is troubling.’

This crew cut kid was somehow staring at my face without changing as if I was the enemy of his parent. I didn’t remember killing somebody’s parents.

‘Did Rook do it? There is no such a possibility, but it would be a thin line.’


‘I want to sigh. However, if I don’t compromise starting from here, there will be no friendship or anything. I’m going to greet him. Communication begins with greeting. Since I come after him, I should say hello.’

“I’m Yuri Hou. Nice to meet you.” (Yuri)

I said it invigoratingly.

“I didn’t ask your name.” (??)

I got a reply immediately after that.

‘Wh-what’s with this guy… Did he come from a country with conflict?’

Then, the conversation stopped. There was an air full of pressure.

‘Haa, since I could get along well with Myaro, I thought this would be a good start. Do I have to start with negotiations with the indigenous people?’

‘But, I’m tired today, so I don’t want to. Should I unpack my stuff?’

By the way, the baggage that was supposed to be carried was put on the corner of the room. It was probably the personal things of two roommates other than me. It seemed that I was on the few side with only three bags.

I went to my locker, put the key to the locker where my names was put on, and opened it. I opened it, and it had a shelf shape inside.

Half of the locker was where I could hang my clothes. I stuffed my luggage properly.

The first row was very high. Perhaps, it was due to the anticipation of growth. I thought I had to give up because I couldn’t reach it with my hands, but there was a stand like a stairs on the side, so I used it.

‘Let’s put something I don’t usually use on the top row.’

I took out an inkwell and a large quill feather of an Eagle King from the bag and put it over there. While I was at it, I put in two diaries that I had finished writing. I thought that I should keep it in my parents’ house, but since it was troubling if the contents inside were looked, I decided to bring it.

If these were seen by someone, it seemed like a demonic worshipper dealing with mysterious but dull characters. Once the band was locked, it wouldn’t be easy to look inside, but if they used knife, the band would break and it wouldn’t be difficult to open.

Then, I pushed the empty bag under the bed. I placed the inkwell, the quill pen, the stationery set such as scissors. Lastly, I placed the third book I was using now. When I thought about it, I could always go to the stationery store since I was in the royal capital.

‘This is a bit more convenient, isn’t it?’

“You… who said that you could use that desk?” (??)


I heard the voice of the indigenous person from behind.

‘No one told me anything. Why did I think this desk as my own?’

For one thing, the luggage was already placed on one of the tree desks, so I thought it was an early win. The other thing was that the desk wasn’t on the side of the locker. Since I expected to be next to the desk of the indigenous person if I didn’t take this desk, I thought that I should avoid that. The third thing was my bed was on the right sight of it. The bed was on the right side, and the desk was on the left. Thus, it was a bit difficult circumstance.

“Can I use it?” (Yuri)

“No, you can’t.” (??)

‘No good, huh. What does he want?’

“But, you need to get my permission.” (??)


“Excuse me, what is your name?” (Yuri)

“You!?” (??)

‘Don’t yell at me…’

“I mean, I was wondering whether you are a royalty.” (Yuri)

‘If he is a royalty, it is not strange to have privileges. This country is a kingdom. Unlike the self-govern territory of the Hou Household, this place here is under direct control.’

‘No, could it be… One of the principles of the Academy is that it doesn’t distinguish students based on their social status. So even at the entrance ceremony, the teachers of the Academy didn’t call Carol ‘Your Highness’. They called her Carol-san. Even the royalties don’t get preferential treatment. This is the beauty of this Academy.’

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“Aren’t you the top student? I don’t know about top student, but being a Knight is not all about studying.” (??)

‘I have the feeling that is the impetus. But there is a truth in what this guy is saying. I also wonder what it would be like to decide a representative of the school of Knights through a paper examination.’

“Well, you’re right. Certainly, it might have been necessary to discuss and decide on the desks.” (Yuri)

“What are you talking about discussing?” (??)

I suddenly wanted to blow up.

‘Was ‘discuss’ a difficult word?’

“It’s about deciding things together. About the desk, let’s decide together with other three roommates.” (Yuri)

‘Certainly, that is fair. I don’t know who are the rest are, but if people get the leftovers because of the early wins, they will remain dissatisfied.’

“No.” (??)

‘…What do you mean by ‘No’?’

‘I just don’t get why do you keep saying No. Does this indigenous person want this desk? If that’s the case, why did you put your luggage on the other side of the desk?’

‘Why…? There are too many mysteries… too much I have to shoulder…’

“I’m Dolla.” (Dolla)

He suddenly mentioned his name.

‘Dolla… Aah, I see.’

There was something that fell to my chest.

“Are you Dolla Godwin-kun?” (Yuri)

“Yes, I am.” (Dolla)

‘My luck is bad.’

‘No, it’s not about bad luck. To begin with, I‘m lucky to know Myaro. I guess this has offset the luck. If I try to think positively…’

‘No, I feel like this kind of roommate is a minus point. It’s fifteen years. Ten years are the earlier I can graduate. I have no choice but to hope that there is a change in the room on the way.’

‘However, he is an impossible idiot. I want to see the face of his parents. Well, I know the face one of his parents, isn’t it? Galla bastard… what kind of child care have you done?’

“I’m acquainted with your father. Haven’t you heard about it?” (Yuri)

“I’ve heard of it, but it doesn’t matter. Just because you know my father, you think you are that great?” (Dolla)

‘No, I don’t think so. I see. It might because Galla told him something strange, he is hostile from the very beginning.’

‘It may be rough from the beginning but no matter how I see the circumstance, it’s strange to have zero preconception. I guess it is biased against me because of what Galla told him. Plus, there is also a possibility that something is wrong in this child’s head.’

“I don’t think I’m great. There are many things I don’t understand.” (Yuri)

“Haa!?” (Dolla)

‘Don’t shout…’

“Are you a nerd? Don’t get carried away. Screw you.” (Dolla)

‘What’s with this kid…’

As Dolla came closer to me, he brushed away the inkwell that was on my temporary desk. The inkwell fell to the floor and broke, creating a black spot.

‘Aah, why did you do that? Even though it is expensive… Are you going to pay for it?’

‘And the floor is dirty too… Who’s going to clean it?’

“What? Are you scared?” (Dolla)

He indiscreetly laughed and said that threateningly.

‘What’s with this guy… I’m going to complain to Galla.’

Then, Dolla grasped my unfinished diary.


He lifted up my diary, and shook it in front of me to show off.

“You intentionally bring this book here, you bastard. What are you trying to do?” (Dolla)

“Please give it back.” (Yuri)

‘This stupid brat. That’s my important book, it is second to my life. As I expected, I will get angry, you know.’

“It’s important. Please give it back.” (Yuri)

‘The diary is a book that I bought with my not so much allowance money. If it is stained or torn, you won’t get away with it easily.’

“Haa? Are you in a position where you can command me?” (Dolla)

Dolla threw the diary on the floor. Then, he stepped and grinded it with the back of his shoe.

‘…Aah, I see.’

‘This guy wants a fight huh? If that’s the case, it’s quicker.’

‘If that’s what he wants, it’s going to be easy.’

“Humph… are you a dog?” (Yuri)

“…Haa?” (Dolla)

“Dogs don’t understand words. So if you want, I will get along with the dog’s way.” (Yuri)

‘It’s a good thing that the water seeks its own level. It’s not possible to negotiate at high level with people who are at low level.’

‘If you can’t negotiate, it’s wise to ignore, but that is not true for roommates. Let’s get alone with the dog’s way, shall we?’

“I’m sorry to live in the same room as a crazy dog.” (Yuri)

“What did you say…” (Dolla)

Dolla’s eyes had been set.

“Come on, do you only know to bark? Are you a wimp?” (Yuri)

The moment I provoked Dolla that way, he moved his hand first. It was a hook with all might that was usually done in a brawl.

However, for the last three years, I had been slightly accustomed to it because of Soim. Compared to chasing the spears swung by the veteran warrior with eyes, there was no reason I couldn’t see his fist thrown with full might.

‘I mean, if I assume that Soim is extra hard mode, this is easy mode.’

‘Even if you make a fist and hit it, the might will change depends on how you put your weight on the fist. Therefore, it is completely different from the way you use your body.’

Dolla’s fist didn’t contain any weight at all.

While avoiding his fist, I caught his sleeve and pulled him in. At the same time, I grasped his collar. I went around his back, and bent his knees. Stretching the arm with the sleeve I caught, I carried his shoulder with the arm that grasped his collar.  I straightened my body like unleashing a contracted spring, and I threw Dolla on my back.

Instead of dropping him on the floor, I took my hand midway, and threw him. Dolla hit the door, and made a loud noise. The door didn’t break under the weight of a child, but the upper hinges flew.

I immediately run, and made a ball kick at his stomach with all my strength.

“Guhoo…” (Dolla)

There was a soundless scream. I grabbed the shoulders of Dolla, who rolled around while writhing in pain, and forced him to lie on his back.

Then, it became like a horseback riding. At that time, I couldn’t get one of his arm because it was pushed out, but the other hand was laid under the feet, depriving his freedom.

“Oi.” (Yuri)

“–Bastard!” (Dolla)

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I stopped him and caught his arm that was trying to hit me.

“You ask for a fight, right?” (Yuri)

“What!?” (Dolla)

I held my fist with my pinky down, and hit Dolla’s nose hard. A dull sound came out. The feeling of the tender child’s flesh was transmitted to the fist.

It seemed that Dolla had almost no experience of being beaten, since he had an expression of a child. A nosebleed dripped from that nose.

“Are you going to say no? You were asking for a fight, remember?” (Yuri)

“…Uh.” (Dolla)

Dolla came to his senses, and strongly glaring at me.

I was surprised that I got angry. While remembering things in Japan one after another, the diary which was written with my own hands, was thrown to the ground and stepped with his dirty shoes.

‘As I expected, he has a heart that can’t be broken as it is.’

He tried to move his arm hard, and tried to hit me.

However, when I held his arm, he wouldn’t be able to hit me.

‘If that’s the case, let me release his arm first. Even if the fist reaches my face, it will not be powerful.’

‘He doesn’t know that, and yet he dares to throw me a challenge?’

‘Well, even if I were to release his arm, it can’t be helped since he was having an overwhelming disadvantage.’

“Answer me.” (Yuri)

I made him eat another crushing blow. There was a dull sound, and the nosebleed splattered.

Dolla’s complexion had changed visibly.

He had probably realized on instinct that the current situation was overwhelmingly unfavorable, and there was no eye of reversal. He didn’t look scared, but he was obviously losing his composure.

“You asked for a fight, right?” (Yuri)

“Aaa, yes.” (Dolla)

“Then, were you prepared to become like this?” (Yuri)

I swung a crushing blow. I felt like I was drowning in blood. The area around Dolla’s nose was bloody red.

“I told you to return the book, because it is important.” (Yuri)

Then, I beat him repeatedly.

‘Now that we’ve come this far, a hit or ten hits are the same.’

Dolla had become bloody, and his face was changing.

“You’re playing around by taking other people’s precious things.” (Yuri)

“Aaghh! Guhh!” (Dolla)

Hit. Hit.

“Moreover, you made fun of me and asked me for a fight.” (Yuri)

‘If I do more than this, his front teeth may break. I should stop soon.’

“You can’t complain about being killed.” (Yuri)

I tightened Dolla’s neck with both hands.

“Have you ever think what would happen if the most important thing is stolen?” (Yuri)

“Aah… gaahh…” (Dolla)

One of Dolla’s hands grabbed my arm. That was what he could do now, but it didn’t contain much power.

“An idiot should die if he can’t be cured. How about you?” (Yuri)

“Bastar…” (Dolla)

“Then, die. This is the punishment of making fun of me.” (Yuri)

“Agyyaa…” (Dolla)

Before suffocating him for real, I changed the way to tighten the neck from the way to crush the trachea. Thereupon, Dolla looked up with his white eyes. Basically, he fainted.

That was the result.

I put my hand on his nose, and he still breathed properly.

‘Good, good. No, that’s not good.’

I came to my senses.

‘What have I done?’

The next moment, the door was opened. A middle-aged woman, who was at the reception, opened the door and came in.

“What are you doing!?” (Woman)

Behind the door, there were a lot of children watching over the back of that middle-aged woman. When I turned around, I could see a lot of eyes from the window on the terrace side. This had become a serious matter.

“It’s a fight. It’s over just a moment ago.” (Yuri)

I stood up and waved my hand covered with nosebleed while saying so.

‘There’s nothing much I can do here.’

Dolla’s red face was covered with blood, and he fainted with an expression of agony. He looked like he was dead at first glance.

‘Aah, I guess I will get expelled. Well, it can’t be helped, right?’

‘It’s just a bad luck. It’s impossible to live peacefully with such a mad dog for many years anyway. I guess I have no luck with roommates.’

“You have gone too far!” (Woman)

It seemed I overdid it.

“Hey! Come on!” (Woman)

The middle-aged woman shook Dolla’s shoulder.

“It’s better not to shake him too much. He is just blacked out.” (Yuri)

The middle-aged woman confirmed breathing and gently lowered Dolla to the floor.

“What happened?” (??)

Another adult woman came.

“Please go to the doctor’s office and call for a doctor.” (Woman)

“Eh… aah, yes!” (??)

‘Ooh, this is getting serious. What am I going to do?’

“Yuri Hou. Please explain what happened.” (Woman)

I explained this troublesome circumstance.

‘I suppose that she is the dorm master.’

“He insulted me, and damaged my properties. Since he invited me for a fight in a terribly risky situation, I accepted it.” (Yuri)

“… Tell me more specifically, what happened?” (Woman)

‘I need to say it specifically… She probably won’t believe me, a brat anyway.’

“Everything is as it is.” (Yuri)

“I don’t see any indication of reflection.” (Woman)

She said it with an amazingly angry face.

‘Haa? I’m starting to feel irritated. What’s with this school? It has been unpleasant since yesterday. Are you kidding me?’

“The one who should do the reflection is the guy over there.” (Yuri)

“What did you say?” (Woman)

The eyes of the dorm master lifted up.

“I don’t get it. I’ll talk from the start to the end. I entered the room that you had allocated to me. This is that room. Then, there was a damn brat like a crazy dog here. He insulted me aggressively from the beginning. He took my possessions and refused to return when I asked him. After that, he damaged my stuff, and it became a fight. Next, I beat him until he becomes like that. Then, I call this as self defense. When you came here, you blamed me for defending myself, and asked me to reflect. Isn’t this unreasonable? What fault is there for me? It is a good thing I happen to know about self defense. If not, I might make a mistake and seriously injured him. Can’t you see why I am not reflecting? I am the one who wants to complain for all this, you know?” (Yuri)

When I finished saying so, the middle-aged woman put her hand on the head to suppress the headache.

‘I feel that the evaluation has fallen from the honor student to the problem child at once. It is a big stock market crash.’

“…Anyhow, other than this, there is a possibility that some sort of verdict will come to you. You have a home in the imperial capital, right? Please go back there today and wait for it later.” (Woman)

‘What? Am I going home? I am totally treated like a problem child. This is troubling.’

I put the third diary into the locker, took my wallet, and dagger. I locked the locker and left the dorm.

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