The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 84 (Self Edited) – Encampment



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“There’s also no one here.” (Carol)

Carol said that when we landed in the Nyuka village, the encampment of the unit.

Certainly, the village was deserted. As far as it was seen from outside, it looked like a ghost town with no signs of life in any of the houses, though it wasn’t different from other rural areas.

Rather, it was actually a ghost town.

“This is the evacuation recommended area.” (Yuri)

Speaking of the recommended evacuation region, this arrangement had been only established for a while. In other words, the population from areas that were expected to suffer war damage, would be evacuated here. That was they would be the first to be invaded and lost when they were defeated. This was the system. There was no such system in Shaalta yet, only in Kilghina, but the announcement was made for the first time this year, and the recommended evacuation region was established. The establishment refrained the General Household from ruling the area, and in fact, the people were recommended to evacuate here. This village was one of the recommended evacuation areas, and the residents had been evacuated.

Even so, it should have been better here. It was close to the Verdun Great Fortress, but off the route to major cities.

That was why I chose this place, but it was still dangerous.

“Anyhow, it seems Liao and Myaro haven’t arrived yet.” (Yuri)

According to the schedule, the other unit should have arrived a day ago. However, to the utmost, that was only a plan.

It should have arrived a week ago, but they hadn’t arrived yet. It was a problem, but even if they were delayed for a day or two, it was still within margin of error.

“Unlike us, they are having a ridiculously long trip. Well, if they are three days late, I’ll find out where they are.” (Yuri)

“Understood.” (Carol)

“More importantly, this is about the inn and food tonight. This time, there are no villagers to take care of us.” (Yuri)

‘Of course, there are no residents, so you can’t hire them with money to make meals for you. Cooking and washing must be done by ourselves.’

“Yes. Well… Food ingredients first. I’m sure you have said that you have some food ingredients.” (Carol)

“Do you like to check that immediately?” (Yuri)

As for food ingredients, I bought in advance when I came here, rented a resident’s house to evacuate from now on, brought in a reasonable amount, and kept the key.

‘However, it is easy to break the lock with an ax, and even if we look at it now, there’s a possibility that it has already been stolen.’

When I went to the house in question, I put the key on the padlock on the wooden door and turned it. It opened smoothly, though it was natural. I looked inside, and it seemed that it was the same when I left it. There were a lot of things like dried meats and grains purchased from the villagers, which were leftover from winter preparations.

‘Food ingredients seem to be fine for the time being. It’s enough for one week.’

I got permission to rent houses from the village residents who were evacuating with a small amount of money for each. The degree of bedding might vary, but for the time being, there was no shortage of accommodation. People could take turns taking a bath at the village mayor’s house.

The condition was good.

“We, leaders, will stay in the village mayor’s house.” (Yuri)

“Is that so?” (Carol)

Carol tilted her head.

“There is a small hall where villagers meet. It’s convenient for meetings.” (Yuri)

“Aah, I see.” (Carol)

“Well, do you want to allocate the house where they will stay?” (Yuri)



That evening, Myaro and Liao’s unit arrived.

“Hey.” (Yuri)

When I greeted Liao, who was straddling a Galloping Bird at the front, Liao got down from the bird. And then…

“We’ve just arrived.” (Liao)

He said it while looking a bit tired.

“You’ve had it hard.” (Yuri)

“I happened to see eagles flying over my head. So, we were hurrying.” (Liao)

“Ooh.” (Yuri)

‘I see. It really happened. From the route, there are overlapping places, so it’s no wonder he can see it.’

“You may be tired, but could you give me a brief report.” (Yuri)

“Aah. Myaro will do it. She will come soon.” (Liao)

As soon as he said it, Myaro showed up from the back through the side of the unit. She didn’t look very tired, so I felt a bit relieved. That was probably because I lent her the bird from the Hou Household. This was also a bird carefully raised by a trainer who was Rook’s disciple. Hence, it was a lot more comfortable to ride than the common birds.

“Myaro, thanks for your hard work.” (Yuri)

“Your welcome.” (Myaro)

Myaro looked at my face, and loosened her face cheerfully.

“Tell me the report.” (Yuri)

“Uhm, there was no problem in particular. There was no loss of supply except for self consumption purpose only. The itinerary was delayed because there were three roads from the planned where we had to take a detour.” (Myaro)

‘I see. There were some troubles and that is natural. Overall, it can be said that the march was almost smooth.’

“Is that so? That’s great. We also had no loss including crossing the gulf. But, there are four people who have to be left out due to the eagle failure.” (Yuri)

“I see. It can’t be helped.” (Myaro)

“Alright… Well, for now, give the order to unit members to dismiss and let all members rest.” (Yuri)

“Yes, I understand.” (Liao)

As Liao said so, he turned around and gave a command.

“Everyone, thank you for your hard work in this long trip! This completes the supply mission! Bring the supply to the square! Except those who are on horse duty, you can be dismissed temporarily! You can rest in this village!” (Liao)

I was surprised that there was a horse duty, but I thought it was made as needed.

‘When I think about it, there are as many horses as there are carriages, and you can’t leave the horses alone. Feeding and wiping sweat with a scraper are the minimum tasks. Although all horseshoes should have been changed before the departure, it is necessary to pay attention to whether or not they have a disease of the undercarriage.’

When Liao’s command was heard, the unit members saluted each other and marched into the hall, though not very systematic.

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After that, we, the leaders, entered the village mayor’s house and started discussions in one of the rooms.

“Well then, this is fine for the house allocation. Are there any other concerns?” (Yuri)

There was a simple map of the village written on a paper. The names of the unit members were currently written on the houses.

“As expected, I’m worried about cooking. Even though I had it a little bit, I ate the bread I brought on the way here. Here, I have to knead and bake it myself.” (Liao)

Liao said it.

“Should we knead the wheat flour?” (Yuri)

There was a lot of wheat flour.

‘There is flour but it can’t be eaten as it is. It is needed to be bread or something else. However, I forgot to find out how to make it.’

‘It’s easy if there is dry yeast somewhere and you can mix it, but that’s not the case. When I was child, I ate the bread Suzuya baked at home. I remember seeing it being made, but Suzuya didn’t seem to want her eldest son to learn cooking, so I couldn’t help her cook.’

“I heard from the dorm mother that if you just knead and bake it, it will become bread on the plate.” (Myaro)

Myaro said.

“Aah… is that it?” (Yuri)

‘The bread on the plate is like nan. Sometimes the baked food is used instead of a plate, and there are also dishes that are baked in the oven with cheese or fish meat. Whether it is a pizza or a kind of gratin that uses bread dough on a plate, there are dishes that can be made.’

It seemed that Myaro asked in advance as if she had expected the situation.

“She said that to make the bread soft and to expand it, you need to mix the flour with sake lee. But the easiest way to do this is to separate the dough you make before baking and add it to the next one.” (Myaro)

Sake Lee (Wikipedia)

‘Aah, is there such a process? A part of the fermented bread is set aside, somewhere in a cool and dark place, and then mixed to transfer the bacteria. It seems easier to do that.’

‘However, even though I have heard about primary and secondary fermentation, I wonder if we, amateurs in cooking, can do it or not. I also doubt that. Well, in that case, it’s fine if there’s no fermented bread. If you use a lot of butter and salt, it won’t taste bad.’

“Then, you need to procure unbaked bread from somewhere.” (Yuri)

“In that case, it doesn’t matter. If we’re going to do that, we should do it soon.” (Liao)

Liao said it.

‘Since this is in the middle of an evacuation area, you can’t go shopping as if you were a child, but it’s not difficult if you use an eagle. Of course, it’s not possible to buy a lot of meat on the bone in terms of weight, but I’ll bring some unbaked bread before breakfast.’

“So, I’ll go to Reform once the day after tomorrow. At that time, it will be fine.” (Yuri)

I was going to wait for the arrival of Liao’s Galloping Bird unit, but since they arrived in this way, they never came early.

“Eh, really?” (Carol)

Carol looked a bit surprised.

“I greeted them when I went there alone before, so it should be alright. More importantly, I need to know about when the war will start.” (Yuri)

‘Since such information is uncertain, I have decided this from a month ago before we started this trip. But that’s not the main point.’

“While baking bread here, the war is over and we miss it. That will make us look bad.” (Yuri)

“If so, I’m going too.” (Carol)

Carol said.

“No, you’ll take care of this place.” (Yuri)

And I commanded Carol.

“If you go, there could be a small welcome ceremony. The other side will attend to you. That’s why it’s not good.” (Yuri)

When I said that, Carol looked like she was sullen. She had a face that said ‘There are two other leaders, so what’s the problem?’.

“Liao, if there’s no problem, you can follow me.” (Yuri)

I turned my attention to Liao.

‘Unfortunately, Myaro poses a risk because of her origin. They will be like ‘Who is she, staying with you like a secretary? Is she an heir of a family under the Hou Household? If I tell the truth ‘Actually, she’s from a Witch household’ or something similar, it could lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. I can lie, but that’s also troublesome.’

“I understand.” (Liao)

Liao replied briefly.



“Are you going to Reform?” (??)

When the leaders meeting was dismissed and we left the village mayor’s house, a voice was heard somewhere. It was a familiar voice.

“Aah. Rest assured, I will not bring Carol.” (Yuri)

When I turned around, the Queen’s Sword woman stood in the shadow of a house with her back on the wall. She assimilated in the darkness.

“I was listening.” (Woman)

‘As expected of Queen’s Sword, eavesdropping is something you can do.’

“You’ll be house-sitting here.” (Yuri)

“That’s what I’m going to do.” (Woman)

‘This woman is coming as Carol’s escort, so if Carol is house-sitting, she will also do the same.’

“That reminds me, can you ride an eagle?” (Yuri)

‘I don’t know how she got here. I didn’t contact her in particular, and yet, she arrived before I knew it.’

‘If her existence becomes known, the observation unit would be confused, so I didn’t tell her to accompany us. As for the place to live and the meals, I wonder if she could manage it herself.’

“I can ride, but I didn’t come with an eagle.” (Woman)

“Why not?” (Yuri)

‘It would be convenient to come with an eagle.’

“…We only use special eagles. That eagle is for Her Majesty the Queen.” (Woman)

The Queen’s Sword said with an annoyed expression.

‘She probably doesn’t want to talk about it. Or rather, she may not want to have conversation with me beyond the minimum necessary.’

‘But what does that mean? Being Carol’s escort should be a considerable priority.’

‘I can’t imagine the special eagle. I’m not sure of the number, but… maybe, there are only one or two of them. Is it like that? That’s what I feel right now.’

‘An eagle is suitable for surprise attacks, reconnaissance and movement, but it’s not suitable for covertness. So, you may not want to use it very much. Although she can ride it, she may not feel confident because she isn’t good at it, or she is confident that she can manage things without using it. I can think of various reasons, but I’m not sure.’

“Is that so? Well, you’re not under my command, so do your job on your own.” (Yuri)

“My job includes your surveillance.” (Woman)

“…What?” (Yuri)

‘What is she talking about?’

‘If my surveillance included, no matter how much it is, it won’t be enough. Carol and I are separate life forms. It’s simply difficult to monitor a person while protecting another person.’

‘In the first place, Her Majesty can’t give orders to monitor me. This is a contradiction because if she doesn’t believe me enough to the point of monitoring me, she wouldn’t let Carol join this expedition in the first place.’

“Her Majesty is intelligent, so you can trust her to some extent. However, there is a possibility that you give orders that disrespect Her Majesty.” (Yuri)

‘Yes, that’s it. This woman personally considers me a disturbing molecule.’

‘Well, is it possible for this woman to think of it as a mess?’

‘I was always that Carol would mess up, but that’s the opposite. She trusts Carol more and she’s wary that I would mess up.’

‘Well, if she isn’t a follower of the royal family that much, the royal family wouldn’t entrust her with jobs. She’s that kind of person.’

“Her Majesty believes me and entrusted Carol, but you don’t believe me. What I’m trying to say is, don’t doubt Her Majesty’s judgment ability.” (Yuri)

“…Everyone makes mistakes. Her Majesty is no exception.” (Woman)

‘Well, if you really doubt me, you won’t say ‘I’m suspicious of you’. It’s fine to just give a warning.’

“That’s right. But, if you don’t think Her Majesty is a fool full of mistakes, trust that decision. At least not at your own discretion.” (Yuri)

‘Even if I don’t say it, she probably understands since she is the Queen’s Sword. Otherwise, she won’t be able to serve the Queen while training everyday as a secret unit member.’

“…Hmmph.” (Woman)

The Queen’s Sword turned her back on me, maybe she got tired of talking.

‘Is the talking over already?’

As I saw her off as it was, she disappeared to the forest.


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