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Holy Book

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April 17th.


By the time the last person of the 179 people returned and the interview was over, it was already dark. When the last one was over, everyone sighed, not just from anyone.

“…Haa, it’s finally over.” (Yuri)

I was tired.

‘Since the documents have been prepared, showing their determination to live or die young, I can’t help but to finish the interview. However, I feel that my brain is paralyzed because I’m too tired.’

“You were planning to finish today in the morning and relax in the afternoon, but… that didn’t happen.” (Myaro)

‘As Myaro said, I had made such a plan, but now it’s beyond my dreams. It’s just finished by the end of today. So, it seems unlikely that we will be able to hold a meeting while looking at the selection materials of everyone.’

‘I also have conducted interviews for Hou and Associates, but I never interviewed more than 100 people at once. Since there were more than 20 people, Cuffe narrowed the number down beforehand. I didn’t think it was so painful. Or rather, was it impossible to have 50 people in a day?’

“…Let’s shift the departure schedule by one day.” (Liao)

It was Liao who said so.

“I was thinking of doing it along the way, but I think it’s not good for the training to take less than a week. The unit may be overwhelmed, and I’m worried about the preparation of the supplies.” (Liao)

‘The plan was for the supply unit under Liao to depart on the 24th, a week from today. The announcement will be delayed by one day, so it will be a matter of delaying the schedule for one day. Although there are holidays, it’s not so difficult.’

“I see. Then, that’s fine. I feel like I was too rushing.” (Yuri)

‘Although reconnaissance can make some predictions, the war may started by a sudden collision at the forefront. So, when the main force of reinforcements departs, the bridge will be blocked by traffic jams.’

‘So, there’s a place where I want to arrive early if I want to see it, but it can’t be helped. There are circumstances that I would like to delay.’

“Carol? What are you doing?” (Yuri)

When I saw Carol, she didn’t take part in the conversation. She enthusiastically looked at the documents on the desk and wrote something.

“I’m rethinking if there was any strange evaluation.” (Carol)

‘It seems that she is reconsidering her own evaluation. However, I feel like she can’t focus because she’s somehow restless.’

‘It’s a matter of course, after having 50 people in a row from morning until night. There’s no way you can concentrate as if you immediately wake up after having a long sleep.’

‘Goodness, she’s a serious girl. Come to think of it, she had a very serious face when interviewing.’

“Stop it. If you reevaluate without looking at their face, it will only be counterproductive. Even if you just look at the text and think again, they won’t like it.” (Yuri)

‘If there’s a photograph, it’s different, but there’s no photograph or caricature. You can’t even remember a person’s personality just by a list of letters. I think I will be the one who adopt it, but I still want an ID photo.’

“…It may be so. I’ll stop, alright.” (Carol)

Carol put down the brush, as if she remembered something, and rubbed her eyebrows as if she was really tired.

“Well then, shall we dismiss today? Everyone, take a good rest.” (Yuri)

When I said that, I got out of my seat.



I had nothing to do. After a little hesitation, I turned to Eisa-sensei’s lecture preparation room.

To tell the truth, I hadn’t greeted Eisa-sensei yet. I didn’t know what to talk about.

When I knocked on the door, a gentle voice came back saying ‘Come in’.

“Please excuse me.” (Yuri)

When I opened the door, to my surprise, there was another visitor besides Eisa-sensei.

She was a girl from the school of Liberal Arts. She turned around and looked at me. She was surprised as if she knew my face.

“Aah… if you’re busy, I’ll come back later.” (Yuri)

I said.

“No, not really… will it be fine if I see you after taking care of this girl’s questions?” (Eisa)

“Yes, of course. I will wait.” (Yuri)

I decided to sit in a nearby chair and waited.

“This verb should be put here. Since the subject is a third-person woman, the verb changes like this. That’s why the relative adverb points to the sentences here and here… Do you understand?” (Eisa)

“Eh… uhmmm.” (Girl)

The girl seemed flustered because she didn’t expect Sensei would ask her a question.

‘Rather, since she had a surprised face, she may know I am… It would be nice if she didn’t have a ridiculous impression in relation to the erotic book…’

“When Neko meets Rowe, she says that she was playing, but it was a lie… is it?” (Girl)

“Yes, that’s right. You understand well.” (Eisa)

“Yes! Thank you very much!” (Girl)

As the girl said so, she bowed down and said ‘P-please excuse me!’. Then, she left the room like a rabbit.

‘Did she say it to me or to Eisa-sensei…?’

“So, you have come. Yuri-san.” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei put the book on the desk away, and welcomed me again.

“I haven’t seen you for a while. Eisa-sensei.” (Yuri)

Eisa-sensei’s impression had changed during the eight years since I met her. However, although there were changes in appearance due to aging, the personality remained the same.

She was thoughtful and sensitive to things, but she didn’t seem too fickle and become nervous. She was also in close contact with the outside world. Now, there wasn’t even a sense of incongruity in the intonation of Shan language, and she had mastered more vocabulary compared to Shanti.

Sensei got out of her seat, passed by me, and headed toward the door. She opened the door half way, turned the ‘Open’ tag around, and closed the door.

“It’s rare, isn’t it? There is someone who comes here to ask a question.” (Yuri)

“Well, these days…” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei sat in her chair again.

“…They come constantly. The classroom has grown by one starting from this year. The lectures have been divided into lower and upper parts, making it easier to take the subject.” (Eisa)

‘What? It seems there’s a sign of fad in learning the Kura language. It’s hard to imagine that the class, where the sound of bird singing can be heard all over, is full with students.’

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

“Yes. Thanks to Yuri-san and Harold-san’s success.” (Yuri)

‘Aah, I see. There’s such a thing.’

‘It’s a well-known fact that Hou and Associates is making a lot of money in trade. So, it’s not strange for the auditing students, who want to get a good job, to attend such a class.’

“It seems your room has become merrier. I’m sorry about that.” (Yuri)

I bowed down. Eisa-sensei looked suitable thinking about God and history in this room where people rarely came.

It felt kind of lonely when I thought that this quiet room wasn’t so quiet anymore because of the constant visit of students.

“Eh… no no! I didn’t mean it that way. It’s fun to teach, so I don’t have any complaints.” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei seemed unusually flustered and denied my anxiety.

“It would be helpful when you say that.” (Yuri)

“No… really.” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei arranged her slightly disordered hair by hand.

“And I’m happy because my ex-student comes to visit me like this.” (Eisa)

‘Is that so? It’s probably not a lie that she is happy. At least, she doesn’t seem unhappy or tired of work now.’

“By the way, I have something to tell you.” (Yuri)

“Yes… I can generally guess, but what is it?” (Eisa)

‘Does she hear it since she used the word guess?’

“Well, I’m going to see the battlefield a little, and I’ll be away for a while.” (Yuri)

“I see. I have heard about it even though I’m not very familiar with the world. Please be careful.” (Eisa)

‘Since it is unheard of for an active princess to go to war, it is likely to be quite widespread as information. It shouldn’t be a bad rumor, but…’

“I’ll manage somehow, but Eisa-sensei, please take care of yourself. If the war begins, some hostility may turn to you. Please close the door strictly…” (Yuri)

“…I see. I’ll be careful.” (Eisa)

“Please.” (Yuri)

“Uhm, I was wondering if I should tell Yuri-san.” (Eisa)

“What is it?” (Eisa)

When I asked Eisa-sensei, she looked a bit nervous and started talking.

“If you are caught on that side, you will meet the Catholic Pope. If you say that you know where Eisa Wichita and you’ll bring her with you if they allow you to go, you may be able to have some kind of deal.  Since I don’t mind, at that time I will…” (Eisa)

‘…Uhm. Somehow, she comes out with something interesting. Is Eisa-sensei an important person that can make such an arrangement?’

“Unfortunately, rather than being just a Knight, I don’t think they will overlook an heir of a General household.” (Yuri)

‘Even if the other side is not smart and is not aware of my identity, such a deal can’t be made without collateral such as hostages. The more they release me without collateral, the more foolish they are.’

‘No. For example, if Carol is also caught together, will she function as a hostage? I don’t want to think about it, but if that’s the case…’

“No, if you tell them my name, the priests will surely listen. They won’t be able to harm you right away, Yuri-san.” (Eisa)

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘Hmm? What does that mean?’

“I am a very substantial heretic over there. I’m a heretic of The Beast in the Papal States. Since I am of those who greatly threaten the faith of the church, those who capture us will be canonized after death.” (Eisa)

‘…She has done something big. What kind of achievement to the point canonization is promised?’

“Haa, I see.” (Yuri)

“Even if they refuse to negotiate, they have to contact the Gilmaresque Cathedral and ask for instructions from the Archbishop of the district. At least in the meantime, Yuri-san can stay safe.” (Eisa)

‘I didn’t know the Gilamaresque Cathedral, but from its name, I suppose it is a cathedral in Gilmaresque of the Tyrrellme Empire. I knew the place name. It’s a long way. It takes about a month on the horse from Kilghina.’

‘It’s good to be able to live for a month from the state of death.’

‘The only thing that can be done safely is to torture before negotiation, so it’s not possible to escape the painful feeling.’

“But, there must be a military bishop in the Crusaders, right? Even so, do I have to go to Gilmaresque?” (Yuri)

“Yes. A military bishop is just a bishop. They aren’t an archbishop. Even if a bishop is a bishop, they are chosen among the good ones, but…” (Eisa)

“But why is that so? There may be some problem in the absence of the person in charge.” (Yuri)

‘It would be inconvenient if the person in charge, who could make decisions, to be on a horse for a month. It is unlikely that such irregularities will occur, so it may be that the problem is rarely surfaced.’

“The people who have a higher position than the Archbishop are all elderly, so they don’t want to go on a long trip to the cold north. In the Crusaders of the old days, that was what the Pope himself did, but… It’s a bit hard to think about it now. The people like Cardinals are busy with politics in Vaticanus, and they don’t want to be away from there.” (Eisa)

‘I see. Certainly, it is difficult for those who have become old to live in a monastery to ride a horse to the north compared to the Knights and kings who are trained on a daily basis.’

“I understand. I’ll remember it just in case.” (Yuri)

‘I have no intention to use it though.’

“Yes. Please do so.” (Eisa)

Sensei smiled as if she was relieved.

“Well… I’m not sure if it’s alright to ask, but as you said earlier, you were Eisa Wichita. I remembered your surname is Viene…” (Yuri)

“Yes. That’s a pseudonym.” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei said it very easily.

‘Well, if it becomes such a big thing, is it necessary to use a pseudonym? Or rather, Viene is a noun that refers to wine in Telor language. Harold has been bringing it through the ship. For the past 900 years or so, it was considered as a phantom liquor that appears only in the literature among Shanti’s heavy drinkers. Along with cotton, it is one of our best-selling products.’

‘It doesn’t matter to me, but it’s not strange to have the surname Viene as a farmer, but it would be strange for someone who is intellectual like Eisa-sensei. I also became suspicious about the pseudonym when I saw Harold going for the ritual of Isus. I was wondering if she couldn’t be held back by her name at the time of the entry to this country.’

“I used a pseudonym when entering this country, considering the possibility of being used as a political prisoner. If possible, I would appreciate it if you keep my real name secret.” (Eisa)

‘I see… Eisa-sensei wouldn’t make such a suggestion with a little consideration. When the real name is revealed, there is a considerable risk. That kind of thing was prepared and she tried to give me one of the means to survive.’

‘Speaking of exchanging hostages if Carol is caught, rather than saying ‘I’ll be back, so please excuse me.’ she will be happy to say ‘Yes, I understand’ if she knows that she’s obviously going to die. What a good intention I’m receiving.’

“Of course, I won’t say it even if my mouth is torn.” (Yuri)

“No, I don’t mind if you say it when your mouth is about to tear, you know?” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei smiled mischievously.

‘It seems that I can say her name if I’m tortured. Nope. I can’t do that.’

“…I will never forget Sensei’s kindness. Thank you very much.” (Yuri)

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“No, saying it as a kindness is… I think I died once when I left that place, and if I could use this life for Yuri-san…” (Eisa)

‘No, I don’t feel like thinking about dying.’

“I don’t know what happened at Vaticanus, but Eisa-sensei lives like this and you’re my dear teacher. If possible, it would be helpful if you don’t waste your life.” (Yuri)

When I said that, Eisa-sensei looked a bit embarrassed.

“Surely, it’s true. It may be a bit unconvincing to let you do it while making light of my life.” (Eisa)

‘I don’t mean that, but… Oh well.’

“Please love yourself.” (Yuri)



“Then, I have another matter to talk about.” (Yuri)

“What is it?” (Eisa)

“You may not like it as a teacher, but I’m thinking about doing business for a while. And… if Eisa-sensei is willing, why don’t you translate the holy book? Lightly annotate.” (Yuri)

“Eh? That is… in modern Shan language?” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei seemed to have imagined something like a Shan language translation of the holy book.

“No, it will be in the Telor language. Actually, I’m having a good business with the Republic of Albio, which Harold is doing, so I think it would be interesting to export the printed book. If we educate them about the right teachings, they will change their consciousness little by little…” (Yuri)

“But… where do you sell it? No one will buy it…” (Eisa)

It looked like Eisa-sensei had never done any business.

“We will sell it to the entire Isus region. The Republic of Albio has a network of dark trades in every country. With Hou paper and printing technology, it’s much cheaper to make than a parchment manuscript book. It is a market principle that if it’s cheap, it will sell. Even if you don’t like it, it will sell.” (Yuri)

‘The possession of the holy book should be a kind of status over there, so I thought it would sell like a fly. This has been investigated, but there’s still no printing technology even if there’s a plant-based paper over there. Of course, the information that such a binding in the Kingdom of Shaalta only offends the buyer, so I’ll hide the fact.’

‘The people who buy it will of course want the current Authorized Version, not the Eisa’s translation, but the only cheap one is the Eisa’s translation, so they will have no choice.’

“But… let me say this. If you distribute the translation that I wrote, just like that, it will soon become a heresy. Once it’s regarded as a forbidden book and burned, nothing can be done.” (Eisa)

‘That’s true. The book translated by Eisa-sensei is supposed to anger the church.’

‘The interpretation of the book established by the church is called the ‘creed’ in technical terms, which is adopted at the Ecumenical council convened by a high ranking priest of Isus religion.’

‘For example, in the book, there is no clear indication saying that Isus is a child of God, or God’s will itself possesses man, or God himself coming down to earth, or even did he become a superhuman who can cause miracles? Of course, if that remains ambiguous, the content of the teaching will change from church to church, and the preaching of the priests will also become inconsistent.’

‘Let’s say, if a believer A went to a church called C, instead of the church called B, which he usually goes to, when he listened to the preaching, he would talk about what was different between B and C. What would happen then? The priest of C church would be shocked and called A a heretic. In fact, as the Isus religion expanded and spread to a large area, such cases became more frequent.’

‘Therefore, the Pope of the ancient times held Ecumenical council, and Isus adopted the interpretation of ‘God itself’ instead of ‘Child of God’ which had a separate meaning from God, and made it a unified view. And those who refused the interpretation would be treated as a heretic.’

‘Since then, the Ecumenical council has been convened every time something goes wrong, but this isn’t like a regular meeting. If there are no problems, it may not be held for hundreds of years. The current Catholic doctrine has been formed by stacking the decisions of the Ecumenical Council like a pie crust, and peeling them off if past decisions become inconvenient.’

‘In Eisa-sensei’s class, I know the difference between the interpretation of the Catholic sect and the view of the Eisa sect even though it’s only on the surface. In the Eisa sect, some important beliefs are wrong, and the interpretation of the book is quite different. There is no doubt that the book will anger the Papal States, but that will take time to happen.’

‘In a country where the social system isn’t built at a high level, there will be a long time lag before problems that occur in the remote areas reach the center. In this matter, it is the Papal States that make the judgment of heresy, so if their territory is regarded like a donut shaped territory and the book is sold all at once in a short period of time, the time to become a problem will increase considerably.’

‘If money is paid to the Republic of Albio, it is possible to have insiders in the Papal States. If a proposal of the prohibition is to be made, then we should distribute to the Papal States for the first time.’

“Well, that time is that time. I will stop printing if it doesn’t sell. Let’s see… you can think of it as enlightenment, not missionary work. If you print a thousand book, no matter how many books are burned, about one will remain. If anyone finds it a hundred years later, the idea of Eisa-sensei,which has been denied in the current time, might be evaluated by posterity… Isn’t that interesting?” (Yuri)

When I said that, Eisa-sensei had a face that didn’t seem to be alright. It was like her chest was throbbing.

‘That’s probably it. Eisa-sensei isn’t a scientist, but if she has a hobby of thinking, it’s natural that she wants the world to know about the fruits that have come out as a result.’

‘Every human being wants to leave their own footprints in the world. It’s too lonely to disappear without anyone knowing.’

Eisa-sensei was wondering if she would be happy, but she immediately erased her smile. And then, she looked down for a long time enough, and remained silent.

I couldn’t figure out what she was thinking, but I knew she was thinking about something, so I kept quiet without making a sound.

And after a long silence…

“That’s a big decision for me.” (Eisa)

She said it.

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

I didn’t think it was a big decision.

“Certainly, the translation process may take some time.” (Yuri)

“That’s not it.” (Eisa)

‘Isn’t that the case? Or rather, you have a stern look, which is different from earlier.’

“If it’s designated as a forbidden book, the owner will be a heretic. Submitting it to the church immediately will save them some trouble, but they will still be questioned. Some may be put in prison or executed.” (Eisa)

‘Aah, I see. For me, it doesn’t really matter because I would rather welcome the confusion over there, but I suppose it is different for Eisa-sensei. That’s right.’

“Indeed, that may be the case… I forgot the Eisa-sensei standpoint. If you don’t like it, I will give up.” (Yuri)

“No, throwing a stone at the current Catholic sect, as Yuri-kun says, has a good effect in many ways. I think it’s worth doing even when compared to those negative aspects.” (Eisa)

However, it seemed Eisa-sensei was motivated.

‘What kind of feeling is it? I think it feels like the balance is shaking, but I don’t know which weight is on. I don’t know what happened in Eisa-sensei’s past, so I couldn’t figure out.’

“In that sense, I’m forced to make a decision. I have already failed once and ruined the lives of many people. But, it may be my indulgence not to act for that reason.” (Eisa)

“…” (Yuri)

I thought of saying that is a heavy matter, but I stopped. It was that Sensei thought and drew the conclusion. If the person was similar as Eisa-sensei, they would have come to a simple decision.

Or rather, if Eisa-sensei didn’t like it, I wouldn’t push this matter hard. She might hate making money, so I thought I would give up if she didn’t like it.

“The decision can be made at a later date. Maybe when I come back.” (Yuri)

“No… We will decide now.” (Eisa)

‘Eh? I-is that so?’

“However, there is a question I would like you to answer when entrusting you with my translated book.” (Eisa)

‘Eh, this is getting strange. A question… is it like an exam question? I didn’t expect that I have been interviewing her since a while ago, and now, I am on the side of being interviewed.’

“Yes… what is it?” (Yuri)

“Why does war happen?” (Eisa)


I involuntarily frowned.

‘What a vague question. However, it’s none other than Eisa-sensei’s question. It’s not a child’s question. Sensei may have one or two opinions, so I should answer firmly with the intention of challenging the discussion here.’

“Why is it… I think there are various reasons.” (Yuri)

“What are they? Give examples.” (Eisa)

I was told to give examples.

“Group psychological factors, economic factors, geopolitical factors, historical factors, military factors… You can justify it from any academic field and none of them are correct.” (Yuri)

“Please elaborate.” (Eisa)

‘Elaborate, you say? Somehow, this is not the end of it…’

“For example, if there are economic disparities between neighboring countries, it could be a source of war. There will be no people or landlords who feel comfortable watching the neighboring countries becoming rich and prosper. If the country is only vulnerable to armaments, it naturally creates a desire to attack. This is one of the obvious factors that starts the war. But it’s one of the several elements, not all. If there is no economic disparity and there’s no feeling of jealousy or envy between neighboring countries, then war well never occur. For example, the Kulkux war was caused by a completely different factor.” (Yuri)

‘Yup. This would be perfect. It should be the answer.’

“Well… Yuri-san’s insight is very good. But that’s not the answer I wanted. No, my question was wrong, wasn’t it?” (Eisa)

‘Eh… What is that?’

“Then, let me ask another question. How do you think you can get rid of war?” (Eisa)

“That is…” (Yuri)

It became a question that turned me speechless.

‘What is the intention of asking such a question? Even so, I feel like I’ve heard this kind of question for the first time in a long time. In this world, the war was so commonplace that no one thought about it, and I had never heard of this kind of question that was commonplace. Even if this kind of question was common in Japan, I have never heard of it.’

‘Let’s answer honestly without reading too much here. If that results in me not getting the Eisa sect’s book, it can’t be helped.’

“If any country dominates the world, perhaps, there may be no war temporarily. However, what Eisa-sensei wants to say is not that, but a way to permanently end the war, right?” (Yuri)

“Yes, that’s right.” (Eisa)

‘It’s a very difficult thing to do. If it’s a simple problem rather than a difficult problem, there is no war from the beginning.’

‘There is a riddle-like answer but if all but one human being is extinct, there will be no war, but that’s no good. Hmm… I have to think it over and answer it.’

“A long time ago, some people said that if we remove weapons and troops from the world, there will be no war. If we define war as a battle between military forces, there will be no war if we lost the military, but that doesn’t mean that either.” (Yuri)

“Yes. That’s right.” (Eisa)

‘Well, indeed.’

“Then, it means trying to eliminate the conflict itself. There are two ways to do this.” (Yuri)

“Two ways… are they? Can you tell me?” (Eisa)

“One is an extension of ‘eliminating weapons and troops from the world’. Needless to say, the loss of weapons and troops from all over the world doesn’t end the war. You just fight the invasion without being organized, by using an empty fist. Humans can hit and kill people with their bare hands. Of course, you can take it away. It means that you can fight and plunder as usual. Weapons and troops are tools invented to streamline murder and win the war, so their disappearance has no essential effect on extinguishing the war. The state of war will change, but it will not be any more effective.” (Yuri)

“But you said earlier that we could eliminate the war.” (Eisa)

“Yes. Strictly speaking, this isn’t enough. Not only that, all you have to do is to take away the arms, legs and teeth from humans.” (Yuri)

Eisa-sensei looked surprised when I said that.

“In other words, it means removing all violent functions from human beings. Of course, you can’t hurt others. Then, the war is gone.” (Yuri)

“Haa… if all humanity does that, that’s true.” (Eisa)

“Of course. If they do that, humanity cannot live. They will become extinct due to the competition in the natural world. However, there is no point in eliminating war by eliminating military force.” (Yuri)

‘In fact, it will be impossible to execute.’

“That’s certainly a convincing conclusion. It’s not realistic, but it’s an imaginary experiment.” (Eisa)

As expected, Eisa-sensei didn’t seem to be very interested.

“The other is not to ‘eliminate weapons and troops from the world’, but to ‘eliminate the need for weapons and troops from humans’. In other words, it eliminates the need for violent solutions from humans.” (Yuri)

“Yes. That’s splendid.” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei would have wanted an answer to the main point here.

“However, in reality, violence is used to solve every problem in this world. Men use violence to make women hear what they say, and women do the same to their children. Violent people rob to satisfy their desires, and when people arrest them, they also deprive them of their freedom through violence.” (Yuri)

“Yes. That’s true.” (Eisa)

“So, this solution envisions a world where murder, theft, rape and assault are no longer exist in society, and the opportunity to enforce punishment disappears, eliminating the need for police. That’s what it means. In such a world, of course, no army, no weapons, no war will be needed.” (Yuri)

“Yes. Well then, do you think it’s feasible?” (Eisa)

‘Apparently, this is what she wants to hear. In science fiction novels and movies, genetic manipulations, artificial viruses, micromachines and others fundamentally change human beings and change the brains that try to do such things. I can’t tell if human science can reach that point, but assuming that science progresses infinitely, it’s possible to actually deprive humanity of the possibility of war.’

‘However, it’s not possible at present, and there is a sense of incongruity when it comes to eliminating war by altering human races in the first place. Incongruity, or rather antipathy.’

“The answer is yes… No, I don’t want to say that. If I say yes, I’m lying, and if I say no, I’m going to get rid of the possibility. Rather than simply giving either answer, the attitude of making efforts without giving is what makes progress. Whether you believe that effort will be fulfilled or not, that would be another matter.” (Yuri)

‘The conclusion is neither a medicine nor a poison. So, there is no choice but to conclude like this.’

“I understand Yuri-san’s thought very well.” (Eisa)

“Is that so…?” (Yuri)

‘Yeah, I wonder if it’s no good. I don’t know what the question was intended for.’

“I will do my best to translate the book.” (Eisa)

‘I don’t understand but I guess it’s all good.’

“Were you glad a moment ago?” (Yuri)

“Yes. I just wanted to make sure. The book can also be used as a tool to disrupt society if you want to. I hope that doesn’t happen.” (Eisa)

‘No… this is about disrupting society.’

“No, I… it’s a vulgar thing to say, but I just want to make money. I don’t think of any conspiracy, but I don’t have the lofty idea of doing charity in the hope of the right faith.” (Yuri)

‘I will take the money properly though.’

“I understand. Making money isn’t a bad thing. However, the holy book is also malicious… in this case, it should be called a cause of harm. If treated with harm, it will have bad consequences.” (Eisa)

‘In other words, Eisa-sensei is afraid that the believers generated by the distribution of the book translated by her for personal gain and Shanti people, as I like, right?’

“Yuri-san, I believe you hate war.” (Eisa)

“That’s… yes.” (Yuri)

‘Well, of course. The book doesn’t deny war, but they don’t approve of it.’

‘Even if the book approves it, it should be a passive affirmation under the pressure of authority. It’s not a priest’s job to pursue personal interests and positively affirm them. Eisa-sensei is a fine priest, so there should be no such thing.’

“If you want to take advantage of me, you’ve told me the answer to deny the war in a way that sounds good. That’s why, I can entrust it to you with confidence.” (Eisa)

‘I don’t understand the theory, but…’

“…Maybe you haven’t thought about it? The confusion on that side is benefiting me, so if I recognize the value of use, I don’t know if I will use it.” (Yuri)

“It may be so. That’s why, please. Please use the book I entrust to you for the wellbeing of Isus believers.” (Eisa)

I was asked.

“Understood. I’ll do that.” (Yuri)

‘In the first place, I have no intention of using it against Eisa-sensei’s will. If there are restrictions, don’t be extra greedy and just use it within the scope of use.’

“Yes. However, that’s only when you return safely. Again, please be careful.” (Eisa)

“Understood. I’ll be careful.” (Yuri)

‘It would be bad if the thing written by Eisa-sensei is wasted.’

“Well then… can you give me your hand?” (Eisa)


I put out my right hand to Eisa-sensei.

She took the slightly bulky hand, held it, as if wrapping it with both hands. The palm was warm even though the skin seemed to be dry.

‘Shall I give you some oil to apply to your hands next time?’

When I suddenly thought so, Eisa-sensei bent over a bit and put her lips lightly on the back of my hands. She released my hand at the same time as her lips.

The sudden act made me surprised…

“Good luck. Please come back safely.” (Eisa)

Eisa-sensei said with a smile.

“…Got it.” (Yuri)

While feeling embarrassed, I left Eisa-sensei’s room.


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    Thank you for the chapter, as always. The story has slowed down a lot. I figure this is putting the pieces in place for later things but still, its slow. I hope it will pick back up when the war kicks up in earnest.

    Also, my money is that the kiss on the hand has some significant meaning.

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