The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World Intermission 1 (Self Edited) – 18th Chapter: The Scattering of Youth


18th Chapter: The Scattering of Youth


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Title – The Scattering of Youth, 18th Chapter, Written by Piña Colada

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“It’s been a while, Myaro.” (Yuri)

Yuri called out Myaro, who was bathing in the water, after completing the intense chivalry training of the school of Knights. Even after that intense training, Yuri didn’t sweat and wasn’t out of breath. Therefore, he didn’t have to bathe in water. Myaro’s shiny body was dripping with water that had just been bathed in it, and drops of water floated on his skin.

“You forgot your towel.” (Yuri)

Yuri handed Myaro a towel.

“Please… don’t look so much.” (Myaro)

Myaro tried to hide his embarrassment, but Yuri didn’t try to look away.

“Hmmm.” (Yuri)

He let out that voice to dismiss Myaro’s appeal.

“You’re embarrassed, but I can’t stop it.” (Yuri)

Myaro dyed his cheeks slightly, turned his back to Yuri, and wiped his wet head.



At that time… Dolla was still practicing in the dojo.

The training spear, which was firmer and thicker than others, was not inferior to the ones that the adults used. He exchanged hits fiercely and strongly with the young Knights of his peers.

However, there was no one who reached Dolla. Classmates were beaten one after another, and in some cases even senior students were beaten by Dolla.

In this dojo, no one could stand up against him.

(After all, there is no substitute for him…) (Dolla)

As Dolla got closer to the extremity of the warriors, he strengthened his mind.

(He’s special… Even if I give everything, he still get over me. There’s no other man like that…) (Dolla)

Yuri had already been withdrawn from practice. Yuri didn’t join in when everyone was staying together and practicing. Still, Yuri prowess was nothing else.

His skill wasn’t at the level of snobs, and the spear in his hand moved like in the hands of God. Even Dolla, who boasted to be talented, couldn’t reach it.

Recently, Dolla decided to go into the bed before Yuri, who lived in the same room. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to sleep. The fact that Yuri was sleeping defenselessly next to him makes his head dizzy.

Recently, he got up in the middle of the night, and looked at Yuri, who was sleeping in the next bad, until dawn. Even if he entered the bed, he wouldn’t fall asleep. When he realized the fact that Yuri was sleeping next to him, it was already useless.

(I’ll win someday. I’ll make him mine.) (Dolla)

Dolla wasn’t aware of the love-hate that dwells in his chest.

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“Damn it, I lost again.” (Yuri)

Yuri spent his free time playing Togi with Myaro. Dolla was also a skilled player in the game, but he didn’t reach these two. However, Dolla didn’t find the meaning of the good and bad of the Togi, so it didn’t matter.

“One more.” (Yuri)

While enjoying the alcohol, Doza was conscious of the conversation of the two of them naturally. *Click, click, click*… that seemed to be the sound of the pieces hitting the board.

“What’s going on, Dolla-san?” (??)

When the man who seemed to be his underling called him out, Dolla returned as if he was surprised.

“Let’s go out to the city and hook up with women.” (??)

That man was a frivolous man. Dollaa didn’t need a woman. He thought there was only a person for his future, and he didn’t think he needed anyone other than that person.

“No, I’m fine.” (Dolla)

“You’re rigid as ever, Dolla-san.” (??)

When he looked at the clock, it was going to be late at night. It was about time to go to sleep. Otherwise, Yuri will enter the bed, and he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Then, Dolla noticed something. Today was Friday. Yuri would always absent from the dormitory on Friday nights.

Then, whether by chance or inevitability, the conversation of the two came into his ears.

“Today is Friday, isn’t it?” (Myaro)

“…Yeah.” (Yuri)

“Today, neither Dederoro-kun nor Bon-san are back at their parents’ home.” (Myaro)

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

Dederoro and Bon were Myaro’s roommates.

Dolla felt a little uncomfortable with the conversation, but withdrew to his room.



There was moonlight in Myaro’s room.

“I don’t need a light for this.” (Yuri)

Yuri’s faintly heated voice echoed in the room.

“…Yes.” (Myaro)

Yuri pushed Myaro down to the bed.

“Hey, wait a minute, I’ll take it off.” (Myaro)

“I can’t wait.” (Yuri)

Yuri didn’t stop.

“Aah.” (Myaro)

Myaro’s flirtatious voice echoed in the room. Yuri took off his clothes while caressing Myaro’s body.

“St-stop it, please… aah.” (Myaro)

Myaro’s body reacted sensitively, and he seemed to be trying his best to suppress the panting voice.

The door opened, and the space filled with the smell of two people was broken.

“What are you doing?” (Dolla)

It was Dolla.

“Get out of here, Dolla.” (Yuri)

“Youuuu!!!” (Dolla)

Dolla rammed into them like a fierce cow. He hit Myaro, who was trying to hide under the sheet, and he fainted.

“What are you doing!!?” (Yuri)

Yuri hugged Myaro.

“I… I…!” (Dolla)

Dolla didn’t even know what he was trying to do. Because he wasn’t aware of his depressed desire for love, and he didn’t know how to deal with the curly, bloody lust that boiled from his own heart.

But, even though he was confused, Dolla didn’t stop. From the bottom of the heart, the feelings of love and hatred were swelling up, filling the vessels of Dolla’s heart.

“Oii, what are you doing?? Stopp!” (Yuri)

When Dolla pinned down Yuri, who was in a daze, the clothes were…




  • I feel like my mind is breaking when translating this since I’m not into BL stuff. I may skip any chapter related to this genre. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • I suppose this is what fujoshi means.

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