The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 14 (Self Edited) – The Shape of The World


The Shape of the World

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‘Eh, really?’

“–So, that’s Sagittarius, and that is Cassiopeia” (Syamu)

When the sound suddenly came back, the explanation of Syamu was still going on.

“…That is all. Did you memorize it?” (Syamu)

‘There is no way I can memorize it. It’s just not possible.’

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that.” (Yuri)

“Eh, perhaps, you were sleeping?” (Syamu)

She was slightly shocked. I guessed I had to apologize.

“No, just a bit, but it’s not possible…” (Yuri)

“What do you mean by that? Even though you asked me to teach you…” (Syamu)

‘That’s reasonable. She is somehow dejected.’

“Sorry, sorry. Anyhow, why don’t we just round up the observation today?” (Yuri)

When I said so, Syamu looked sad.

“…As I expected. Is astronomy boring? I really like it, but I’m afraid that…” (Syamu)

She was getting more dejected.

‘Goodness. What should I say?’

“No, no, I also like it. But, I have found another great discovery, so I wanted to make sure.” (Yuri)

“…I got it. But, please tell me later about that great discovery.” (Syamu)



When I got off the ladder, I asked a maid the whereabouts of Satsuki. I went there and knocked the door of the room.

“Please come in.” (Satsuki)

I got that reply.

“Excuse me.” (Yuri)

Then, I entered the room.

“Oh my, it’s Yuri-kun. What is it?” (Satsuki)

“I would like you to show me a map. Do you have it?” (Yuri)

“A map, is it? Yes, I do.” (Satsuki)

“I hope I can see the largest one.” (Yuri)

“The largest… I think it is in the treasure vault.” (Satsuki)

“Even if it’s large, it’s not only a matter of the size, the range of the map is also large.” (Yuri)

“It’s alright. It is the whole land map of the late Shantilla.” (Satsuki)

‘I’m surprised that it is the map of the Shantilla Kingdom. Why is there such a thing? I suppose that is a national treasure grade.’

“Of course, it’s not real thing. It is a duplicate, you know?” (Satsuki)

She explained that might be because a doubt displayed on my face.

‘Duplicate is it? Anyhow, that is good enough.’

“Please show it to me. Thank you.” (Yuri)

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When she opened a hidden door reinforced with a steel plate, it was a treasure vault. A number of valuables that had been piled up were thinly illuminated by the oil lamp Satsuki held. However, there were many types of armor, instead of gold and silver treasures.

But when I looked closely, I could see things like gold nuggets covered in dust. In addition, there were also goods such as jewelry coral with a brilliant crimson color.

“It’s dusty.” (Satsuki)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

Satsuki rolled the sleeves of her clothes with her mouth.

“If I’m not mistaken, it should be here.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki opened a chest made of a whitish material like Paulownia tree. Inside, there was a map made of large parchment that was folded in half.

Since the parchment was made from animal skin, it was limited to one size. The parchment looked like two pieces of largest size and the middle was sewn with a thin thread.

When she took it out and opened it, the map was about the size of a spread newspaper.

The appearance was very disappointing, but clearly, a familiar terrain was spreading. It was northwestern part of Eurasia.

“Our country is around this area.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki pointed to the location where it hit the Scandinavian Peninsula. (TLN: The related countries are Norway and Sweden)

‘Most of them are drawn by hearsay. Even if I call it Eurasian continent, the shape is very crumbling, and it is quite different from the exact map I know. But obviously, the terrain I know is still there.’

As far as the map goes, Shantilla Great Empire was at the Ural Mountains in the east, the Scandinavian peninsula was at west, the south was Crimea from Ukraine, and it seemed that there was a territory even before Baku.

‘This is awesome.’

The capital city, Shantinion, was located on the Crimean Peninsula. Moreover, the map of the Black Sea shoreline was particularly well done.

‘This almost coincides with my memory of the world map.’

There was also a topography like the Marmara Sea, which connected the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and the map extended from there to the Italian Peninsula. On the other hand, the Great Britain was a kind of peanut-like island, and there was no Ireland.

‘I wonder if that country do exist or not.’

“Our country is not drawn very well within this map. Anyhow, there was a time when the center of the country was in the East.” (Satsuki)

“…I see.” (Yuri)

After all, the terrain of the peninsula seemed quite inaccurate. But, I got the basic idea.

‘Seriously, this is the same as Earth. I didn’t notice it for seven years.’

“Did it meet your expectations?” (Satsuki)

“Yes, it is enough. Can you show me the map of the peninsula next?” (Yuri)

“The map of the country is in my husband’s room~” (Satsuki)

“If you don’t mind, I would like to see it.” (Yuri)

“Well then, let’s go.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki and I left the treasure vault. On the way out, she closed the door and locked it with a big padlock.

“This way~” (Satsuki)

We walked in the hallway for a while. The room where Satsuki led was a room that didn’t let me think this was a warrior house since bookshelves were lined up. The bookshelves was full with old books. This was a study room rather than a private room.

“There are a lot of books.” (Yuri)

“You can read it as much as you like~” (Satsuki)

“Although my father hasn’t decided to become the chief, will that be fine?” (Yuri)

“He has already decided, you know?” (Satsuki)

Satsuki had a broad smile.

‘I’m scared.’

“Oh my, it’s on the desk…” (Satsuki)

The map had already been spread on the desk.

‘I wonder if Gouk spread it before departing.’

The ones that fiddled things in this room were probably Gouk and Satsuki only.  Since the maids didn’t use this room, it might be Gouk was the one who spread the map.

The smile disappeared from Satsuki’s face, and it became a sad face.

“I will take a look.” (Yuri)

“…Sure, go ahead.” (Satsuki)

Satsuki put her hands under my arms and lifted my body.

“Uhm.” (Yuri)

“It’s easier to see to sit on a chair~” (Satsuki)

I was seated on a char where Gouk used to sit. Surprisingly, she was a strong woman.

After Satsuki let me sit down, she went a bit away from me, and she was smiling again when looking at my appearance.

‘Hmm. I guess it’s fine.’

Looking at the map, it was a map of both countries of Shaluta Kingdom and Kilghina Kingdom. I also knew this, but the two countries were on the peninsula. The border of the Kilghina Kingdom seemed to be in the part where the peninsula bend.

To the further east, there were countries Dafide Kingdom and Timna Kingdom, and their territories were completely visible. However, the kingdoms were already destroyed.

If there was a difference, the first tip of the peninsula was hollow. The territory, where Denmark was present and the island where Copenhagen was, didn’t exist.

“This is where my husband fought.” (Satsuki)

Then, Satsuki pointed at the top of the map.

‘Is it St. Petersburg?’

St. Petersburg was a city on the Baltic Sea, which was at the base of the peninsula. In other words, he fought at the eastern border of the Kilghina Kingdom.

However, Satsuki didn’t pointed at the St Petersburg, but the inland. It wasn’t a port city here.

“Is there a city here?” (Yuri)

“It’s a stronghold.” (Satsuki)

It seemed to be a stronghold. The Shanti were almost in a state of being separated from Kuran country, so there was no big city at the border.

“Did they fight in the stronghold from the beginning?” (Yuri)

“At first, they were fighting in the field, but it seemed that it was a crushing defeat. Then, it became a stronghold battle.” (Satsuki)

‘Why would they stay in the stronghold? The suicide attack was probably done because they were surrounded and there was no way to break the enemy siege. Assuming that he suffered a crushing defeat in the field, he wouldn’t care much if the escape path had been blocked. ’

‘Is it something like being put in a pot and close the lid, and be boiled inside? Since I don’t know the detailed circumstances, there might be a good reason for the suicide attack.’

“Thank you very much. I understand well.” (Yuri)

“Is that so? So, what did you understand?” (Satsuki)

“Well, I studied geography.” (Yuri)

‘Yes, for real.’

“Oh, really? That’s good.” (Satsuki)

“Well then, I’m going to take a rest for today since I’m tired. I’m sorry for disturbing you late at night.” (Yuri)

“It’s fine. I’ll bring you to your room.” (Satsuki)

“No, it’s alright. I know where to go.” (Yuri)

“Don’t you get lost at night? You can’t see outside, and sometimes, even adults get lost, you know? Are you sure?” (Satsuki)

‘Ugh… I will get nervous if you say that, you know.’

“Well, can you take me to the room, please?” (Yuri)

“Of course. Shall we go?” (Satsuki)

Eventually, I came back to the room with Satsuki. It was a secret that I found Syamu, who seemed lost after separating from me, on the way to the room. She was sitting on the floor grasping her knees and she was about to cry. She felt relieved after seeing Satsuki. When she looked at my face, her face reddened as if she was embarrassed. That was cute.



  • Looking at the map I found in raw, Shaluta Kingdom is where Norway and Sweden is. For Kilghina Kingdom, it is where Finland is and the southern border is roughly a straight line drawn between St. Petersburg until a place called Unezhma.
  • Please let me know any mistake in the name of places since I am not very familiar with Eurasia.

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    If this is the far flung future, I wonder if we’ll be seeing any ruins. I’m just a little bit more invested in this story now that I know I’m in the same kingdom as the mc. It makes sense that he mentioned mountains and cold weather in the earlier chapters, but I just defaulted to thinking they were some Asian (Mongolian/Tibetan) analog.

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