The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 16 (Self Edited) – The Daily Life at the Main House


The Daily Life at the Main House

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“They will laugh at you after entering the school, you know.” (??)

I was told that by a white-haired Jii-san as I was limping on the floor of the Dojo.

I had been associating with this Jii-san for three years. This Jii-san was called Soim Hao. He was one of the so-called Hou Household’s retired knights. He told me that he always went for the expedition when he was young.

However, when the only son under his care died and the grandchild reached the age, he handed over the position of the family head to his grandchild, but he went to heaven with Gouk.

After that, he was reinstated to be the family head again. So, while hoping for the great grandchildren, who was born recently, he lived a life of hitting me with a stick and locking my joints. The only one who was losing was me.

Soim was an elder whose age surpassed 90 years old. Even if he was such a Jii-san, he had grown old but there were refined muscles under the depth of his wrinkled skin. Because of forged techniques, he was terrible strong.

I got up and grabbed the wooden spear again. The tip of the white wooden spear was painted red, and it seemed to be used by children in training. The red tip meant the slashing edge.

In the case of Soim, he held a stick wrapped with straws and covered with animal skin from the top. It wasn’t considered to be painful even if I got hit, but because it was like a bamboo sword that completely hollow inside, it hurts when I got hit. As I expected, no matter what kind of stick, it still hurts.

I got up.

“Please take care of me.” (Yuri)

Soim held the stick with both hands.

I questioned myself. Would I be parried, or totally avoided if I hit hard? Would I be countered on the feet, or stabbed if I leaped toward him? The moment I thought he was out of breath, a light force was applied and a blow was made. Without any interval, he used footwork to do a foot sweep. He quickly swept my feet and I fell down unsightly.

I hit the floor, but it ended without incident as I immediately took a defensive posture.

‘Damn it. Of course, the specifications of body are different between adults and children, but I feel that our techniques are far apart. I’ve been working hard for three years, but I haven’t reached him even once.’

“That’s not bad. But, the way to quit was bad. If you withdraw when you are out of breath, it’s going to be like this.” (Soim)

‘I pulled it when I pulled it, alright. Next time, I will attack you…’

“If you pull it and get attacked, I’m going to lose anyway, right?” (Yuri)

“Hoho… yes.” (Soim)

Soim was laughing. Then, he said to admonish me.

“Since there is a big difference between Young Master and I, you have no choice but to lose. But, think about it. For example, if this is a battlefield, would your fellow men join in and help you to throw it down, if you pull and persevere? However, if you attack recklessly, you will be defeated like now. So, there is no point to do that.” (Soim)

That was reasonable. Surely, he was right.

For some reason, this elder called me Young Master. I couldn’t say anything about it. I was always worried that he thought that I was inexperienced.

“Indeed, it may be.” (Yuri)

I put my strength into my body and stood up. The breathing was set.

“Come at me.” (Soim)



Shanti Knights were strongly attached with spears. Basically, the spear used was mainly short spear, not long spear that was used to create dense wall of spears against cavalry charge. However, that didn’t mean they only mastered the use of short spear only.

Since the spear looked awkward, it would be weird to walk with it in the house like every day. Therefore, they usually had a short sword. Just like the warriors in the Edo period who had matched pair of long and short swords, the short sword was something to be brought when people went out.

There were also varieties of spears as there were also people who were good with slashing rather than stabbing. They seemed to love using a Japanese Halberd style.

In short, the basic fighting styles for Shanti were spear arts (short spear), sword arts (short sword) and hand to hand combat.

The game that I played in Japan was something like spear was strong against sword, sword was strong against bare hands, and bare hands were strong against spear. There were also games about three-way struggles, but the reality didn’t go that way.

“Yes, that is!” (Soim)

I was dodging Soim’s spears as he shouted on purpose. He held a short sword made of wood in his hand.

If he swept the leg, I pulled the leg just before it hit. If he hit my face, I would bend the upper body. Somehow, I managed to avoid. Since there was barely engagement distance between the spears swings, it would be easy to avoid if I took one step back. It seemed that he relaxed without chasing my feet, but I also couldn’t compensate with that.

While holding the wooden short sword, I held the handle with one hand. When I barely avoided the spear that was stabbed at hand, I grabbed the spear body with the empty hand.

The action of grasping the spear body was a strange thing for those who used spear.

It was because I would be forced to shake it off if I tried to shake it off. So, in terms of moves, there was only one way and that gave me a chance to attack. I also turned to offensive. When I entered the engagement distance, I stabbed the short sword as it was, and aimed at the handle of the spear.

However, by the time I was aiming at it, Soim had already out of his grasp, and the hand holding the short sword was being aimed with a fist. The fist hit the handle, and I unintentionally released my hand.

At the moment when my body got stiff, I got hit lightly on the belly, and I fell on my back. A spear arrived at the same time as I fell. I was stabbed at the belly. As expected, I lost.

After that, I went around the perimeter of the mansion with Soim to reorganize the physical training. By the time I became sweaty, the training ended.

“Well then, the next lesson is tomorrow. Please rest your body well.” (Soim)

“Thank you very much.” (Yuri)

After the meal, I would be directly taught by Satsuki today.



“…Hey.” (Satsuki)

I was struck on my head.

“Uwah.” (Yuri)

My consciousness was abruptly awakened. I was half asleep.

“You were sleeping, weren’t you?” (Satsuki)

“Aah… yes.” (Yuri)

“Is it boring?” (Satsuki)

She seemed anxious when saying that. It was extremely boring.

“No, I will do my best.” (Satsuki)

“I’m going to remember where the snow falls in the winter.” (Satsuki)


“Eh?” (Yuri)

“When the subject is an elderly woman, change the use of verbs, alright. The objects are an elderly male and a young person, a think, land, royalty, an elderly woman and a young person. It will change in that case.

“Haa… yes.” (Yuri)

I was told to such extent. I felt like I was lost again.

Satsuki’s obsession with the ancient Shan Language involved everything. It was a flawed language.

‘What does it mean that the verb changes in the object? If the objects are QUEEN and DESK, the verb LOOK would change from LOOK to LOOKED, and that’s it. However, there are seven ways to do that.’

‘It’s just an inconvenient language. I don’t know who thought of this language, but it is terrible. I’m glad the language become extinct quickly. It’s a natural selection. The present language is like this because it had to be refined since everyone was stupid, I guess.’

“So the ending is now in the winter. If the woman is either an elderly woman, or a young person, you can use snow, so there is one less thing to remember.” (Satsuki)

‘…Uhmm. What do you mean there is one less thing to remember when there are seven things to remember? Six and seven are considered MANY. It’s not a FEW. It’s still many, you know. I can’t appreciate this at all.’

“Uhm, what does that mean?” (Yuri)

I wondered how many times I asked that question.

“In order to read classic literature, you should be able to do this.” (Satsuki)

That similar answer came back.

The classic literature was at a different level compared to the ancient writing of the country’s language.

It wasn’t a different language.

‘How should I say this? I’m not that sure, but I don’t think Italian language is the same as Latin.’

“If I can do this, would I be able to use something like magic?” (Yuri)

“What are you talking about?” (Satsuki)

“No, it’s nothing.” (Yuri)

‘If I can do use magic, I will desperately learn this for a while. Haa…’

“Even though this is similar as history, why don’t you like classic literatures…” (Satsuki)

Satsuki looked bothered when saying that.

‘It isn’t exactly the same. I’m not aiming to be an archaeologist, so why do I have to learn the ancient language? ’

‘I would still willing to learn if it is a language that is routinely used by the neighboring countries, but people who use that language in the daily lives are no longer exist in this world.’

“Anyhow, if you call yourself an educated person, you must be able to speak the ancient Shan language. Well, let’s try to write and remember.” (Satsuki)

‘It has been so long that I feel like wanting to run away from studying. It gives a terrible feeling.’

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When the pure penance ended, I went to Syamu’s room with empty eyes. Even though I wasn’t tortured, my legs were staggering for some reason. I wanted to see Syamu and be healed.

I opened the door.

“Sup.” (Yuri)

“…” (Syamu)

Syamu headed to her desk, grasping a pen, and didn’t move.

“Sup.” (Yuri)

“…!? Is it you, Yuri?” (Syamu)

It seemed that she had just noticed me. She was way too focused until she didn’t noticed that I had opened the door.

“What’s wrong?” (Yuri)

“It’s nothing.” (Syamu)

“Want to do that later?” (Yuri)

I didn’t really have other things to do.

“This Kepler’s law is amazing, isn’t it?” (Syamu)

“What? Were you thinking about difficult things again?” (Yuri)

“I can explain everything with this heliocentric model. The predictions of Mercury are perfect, and there are also mysterious movements of Mars. To be honest, I was skeptical.” (Syamu)

‘Are you still in doubt? It was mysterious for me who has never taken astronomical observation when it comes to the mysterious movement of Mars, but it seemed that the great mystery has been resolved. I’m glad.’

“That’s good then.” (Yuri)

“In the present model, Mars and other planets were supposed to be circling around the sun.” (Syamu)

‘Wha? What’s that?’

“Isn’t that the Heliocentric theory?” (Yuri)

“Say, the sun is turning around the earth, and a planet goes around the sun. In other words, the sun is spinning as the second moon, which is far from the moon, and the planet goes around like a moon. It’s like that.” (Syamu)

‘Wait, what? This is a strange world again. As I know the mass of the sun, I can’t imagine this situation.’

“If you apply various coefficients to it, you can explain the movement of the astronomical object as well.” (Syamu)

‘Are you a fool?’

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

“If you look at Mars throughout the year, it will do this kind of movement.” (Syamu)

Syamu drew a line on a wooden board and showed it to me. It was the Z alphabet in reverse.

‘Heh, really?’

“I see.” (Yuri)

‘Let’s assume that I know it.’

“If Mars orbits around the Earth in a circular orbit, you will not see it in this way.” (Syamu)

‘Well, that’s true. If the Earth is in the middle, it will only cross the sky at night. If you think normally…’

“But, if you think that Mars is going around the sun, this can be explained.” (Syamu)

“Aah, is that what you mean?” (Yuri)

‘This is like a coffee cup ride in an amusement park.’

‘In the case of merry-go-around, it is impossible for a customer on a horseback to move in the opposite direction to the rotation direction. But, if it is a coffee cup ride, it seems like the customer is temporarily move in the opposite direction to the rotation direction. The Ptolemaic theory is also well thought out.’

“It is a guy who can give a plausible argument to anything, isn’t it?” (Yuri)

“…What are you saying? Is that some kind of proverb?” (Syamu)

“I see.” (Yuri)

“I heard it for the first time. But, that’s how it is. I’m trying to explain about various coefficients by putting a theory on another theory.” (Syamu)

‘Aah, I see. However, the fact that we have an explanation is because various numbers set to be truly consistent. It’s going to be a very complicated calculation.’

“However, if it is this model, it can clear up completely without useless reasoning. For me, it’s wonderful. I think it is beautiful. All combines into one.” (Syamu)

“That’s good for you.” (Yuri)

‘She is somewhat happy. I used to be like this in the past when I was in the lab.’

“Aah, even if I say to myself, it’s amusing, isn’t it? Thought it was you who thought about it.” (Syamu)

Syamu seemed sorry when saying that.

“No, I don’t mind.” (Yuri)

‘They are the theories I know, and I am not the one who thought about it. So, it is fine. If it’s about the money, I don’t want to receive the honor or respect from the theories thought by Kepler of the other world.’

“I can’t do that, but I will try to go thoroughly those theories in various ways.” (Syamu)

‘Thoroughly, is it?’

“It can’t be helped then.” (Yuri)

‘Let’s do something different, alright. Like what… uhmm… like playing house, maybe… I can’t tell you to watch Pretty Cure, so I wonder if there is something like that in this age.’

“This is fun, so I can’t help with it.” (Syamu)

‘I told you, don’t overdo it.’

‘Yeah. That’s amazing. What kind of brain you have?’

‘When I was around this age, and when there were 151 Pokemons, it was something to be delighted if somebody got the Mewtwo that was born from science experiment.  This cousin of mine is happy when she understands the Binomial theorem, Trigonometric functions, and the model of the solar system with Kepler’s Law. Is this what you call a smart person?’

“Do you want to go out for a moment? Do something interesting, maybe?” (Yuri)

‘It’s better to go outside for a little bit.’

“Eh–…” (Syamu)

That was somehow an obvious unpleasant reaction.

“It’s alright. It’s a distraction you know.” (Yuri)

“It it’s alright if you are interested, but sometimes… you say something weird…” (Syamu)

‘Weird… Asking her to go out for a distraction is something Syamu already got used to it. As a hikkimori person, this may not a distraction to go outside.’

“But, if you are like that, that’s fine.” (Syamu)



When we went out of the mansion, it was already dusk. There was a ginkgo tree planted in the yard of the mansion. Its leaves turned red and dropped fruits.

It had a slight gingko smell, but it didn’t feel like a bad odor. It was a place where no one could step on it, and the servants were usually picking the fruits up before it got rotten. I had seen them doing that.

It was no different from a well-maintained garden with stones and ponds like it was in Japan. However, since there were few evergreen trees in this area, all of them wither in winter. So, I couldn’t see any green at all. It was a bit lonely.

Besides, it was cold. I was wearing a fur coat, but I still felt the coldness in my limbs.

“It’s winter already.” (Yuri)

And when I said that…

“…Otou-san said the same thing.” (Syamu)

‘Uh… It seems I’ve been indirectly said that I am like old man.’

“Have you ever wondered why this place is cold?” (Yuri)

‘Well then, shall we talk about preferences? Fortunately, I have a lot of repertoire.’

“…? Isn’t it because we are at the north?” (Syamu)

“Whether it is north or south, the total annual daylight hours shouldn’t change.” (Yuri)

‘Area with white nights always have polar nights, so they are balanced. The length of daylight through a year is almost unchanged for both at the equator and in the polar regions. There will be a half of the day because there are bright evenings and dawns due to the atmospheric reflections, so the night should be shorter.’

“I see. I wonder why…” (Syamu)

Syamu began to think.

This bright girl had the virtue not to ask other people for answers immediately. She always tried to find her own answer. She was a daughter who was worth teaching.

“Is it because air flow or ocean current?” (Syamu)

‘Surely, there will be that too.’

“It is because of the angle of the sun.” (Yuri)

“Angle…? Is the angle involved?” (Syamu)

“It’s easy to understand if you think about a fireplace.” (Yuri)

I pushed my palm.

“It will be hot if you hold your palm vertically to the fire like this, but it will not be so hot, if it is slanted this way. The amount of heat per area is reduced. Besides, the ground is always oblique to the sun, right?” (Yuri)

“Haa…” (Syamu)

Syamu was impressed with her mouth wide opened.

“I see…” (Syamu)

“Thus, this land becomes cold.” (Yuri)

“It’s interesting.” (Syamu)

“Try to look this based on that fact.” (Yuri)

I picked up one of the fallen leaves of the gingko tree. What is it?” (Syamu)

Syamu seemed to be having fun and that might be because of I cheered up earlier.

“This leaf.” (Yuri)

“?” (Syamu)

“You see, the leaves are falling, right?” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Syamu)

“Why do the leaves fall… can you guess that?” (Yuri)

“Hmm.” (Syamu)

Syamu began to think again.

“…I don’t understand. Isn’t the way it is?” (Syamu)

It seemed that she didn’t know.

“Certainly, it is true that the leaves fall because it is such a tree.” (Yuri)

“Haa.” (Syamu)

“In this area, everything freezes during the winter. Therefore, that is a survival method to live in such a place.” (Yuri)

“Aah, so the tree let the leaves fall because they will freeze, is it? I see.” (Syamu)

It seemed that she understood right away.

“However, it would be hard labor for the plants to make such a large amount of leaves every year and let it fall all the way. In terms of human beings, it is like cutting arms every year to live. Therefore it should be a big burden.” (Yuri)

“…Even if you don’t want to do that, you can’t help with it, because the leaves will freeze, right?” (Syamu)

‘That’s true, but…’

“Is that so? If that is the way, the three will make the leave trick, circulate the sap, and don’t let it freeze up the core. If you protect the surface with a hard-to-freeze substance, you can retain your hand. You don’t have to throw it away.” (Yuri)

“…When I think about it, that’s true. But the trees don’t do that.” (Syamu)

“It’s not going to be like that in a cold place like this. I guess that means such plants will not grow here. As far as plants are concerned, it would be much better if to retain enough leaves to withstand the cold here, rather than reproducing the leaves every year.” (Yuri)

“Then, will it be different in warmer regions?” (Syamu)

“That’s right. There are some plants that grow green all year around in the southernmost part of the country. There is a boundary around that, so if you go to the south all the way, there is no need for the plant to take measures against the cold anymore. There are a lot of plants that have thing leaves all year round.” (Yuri)

“Haa~ …I see.” (Syamu)

“This is also interesting, isn’t it?” (Yuri)

“Yes!” (Syamu)

Syamu smiled, seeming to be bashful.

“Well then, shall we return?” (Yuri)

“Yes. It’s starting to get cold.” (Syamu)

The dinner would be ready soon. I could see the soldiers guarding the gate in the distance, and they were alternating for the night shift.



  • The short sword mentioned in the earlier part is Tanto. It can be called as a knife too.
  • I don’t really understand well about parts of language and the astronomical objects. I just translated directly, so please forgive me for any mistake.

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