The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 78 (Self Edited) – Four-People Meeting


Four-People Meeting

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“Yo, it’s been a long time.” (Liao)

Liao said it leisurely when he came in.

“Hey.” (Yuri)

“What? Are you in the middle of eating?” (Liao)

In the room prepared by Myaro, I was eating the meal I had in exchange for dinner.

“Have you finished it?” (Liao)

“I’m done.” (Yuri)

I was almost done eating. As he walked in proudly, he was a bit wondering, and he sat in front of me. Since there were four chairs, he was likely wondering which one should be left for Carol.

“Here you go.” (Myaro)

Myaro poured tea, and immediately served it to him.

“Oh, thanks.” (Liao)

“It’s cold, but please excuse me since there’s no waitress.” (Myaro)

The teapot that came with the meal was wrapped in a cotton case, so it would still be warm.

“So for today, are we discussing the interview tomorrow?” (Liao)

Liao asked while drinking the tea.

“Well, that’s about it.” (Yuri)

“By the way, I need to discuss a bit.” (Liao)

“Do you mean that there are people who are in trouble if we don’t let them participate?” (Yuri)

When I said that, Liao blinked his eyes in surprise.

“Aah. Yes… it seems you are well aware about it.” (Liao)

‘Considering Liao’s position, it’s natural that there are such people. I also have such people. If you are the heir of the General household, you need to consider the well-known household that served under your household. Moreover, it’s not possible to exclude the other three General households.’

‘Since I have the right to decide who the participants are, I can refuse those who I don’t like. However, if I do that, Liao would be caught between me and the Rube Household, and they won’t experience the participation in this expedition.’

“I don’t think we need to take the Knights of the four General Households equally. The Boff Household and the Noza Household are clearly thinking about protecting themselves. That said, it’s not a good idea to personalize the observation expedition with the people from the Hou Household and the Rube Household only. It goes against the goals.” (Yuri)

I said for a while.

“I understand that. However, there are some circumstances here on my side. But still, you have the final decision.” (Liao)

‘As expected, he is anxious.’

“Don’t worry. I will respect your talking to the fullest.” (Yuri)

“Aah, I see.” (Liao)

Liao looked obviously relieved.

“But, I’m also worried. If you let people who join in, for example, when choosing the heir of the feudal lord, there would be a complaint if you choose people who aren’t very popular or people aren’t good with physical stamina just because they have good standing in your household.” (Liao)

 ‘Speaking of feudal lord, they are one rank below the General household. In terms of the social standing, they will be based on the successive generations. However, even if the social standing is good, they aren’t necessarily competent.’

“They aren’t necessarily to be burdensome. More importantly, there is a risk of dying. There may be cases where it doesn’t do you any good.” (Yuri)

“I know. Of course, I wouldn’t let the fools who are obviously inferior than the original participants. The ones I would like to bring in are those who I trust.” (Liao)


“Then, that’s fine… Well, the rest is after Carol comes.” (Yuri)

“Got it.” (Liao)

Then, as they waited while eating several tea snacks, Carol came.

“Sorry, I’m late.” (Carol)

“Sit down.” (Yuri)

When I told her, Carol had a slightly sulky expression, but she remembered that I was the general, she sat down on the chair obediently.

“Now, this is to select the participants. I’m going to adjust and narrow it down to about 60 people.” (Yuri)

“Eh… is that so?” (Carol)

Carol made a surprising voice.

“Could it be… You are not promising people all around you, right?” (Yuri)

‘If the conditions are right, then, that’s fine. It’s because the interview is almost through. However, if Carol was saying something like that, it would be quite troublesome.’

“Don’t make a fool of me. There’s no way I would do that. It’s just that you’re dropping more than half.” (Carol)

‘Apparently, she didn’t. That’s good.’

“Liao is aware of this, but the situation over there isn’t very good. No matter how I think about it, it seems unlikely that anything other than observing from the air with the Eagle King would be accepted. For example, I can’t allow the act of observing from the top of a hill with a Galloping Bird. If it becomes a battle between scouts, casualties would appear. If so, there’s nothing I can do except for those who have an Eagle King.” (Yuri)

“That is true, but…” (Carol)

“It can’t be helped. Even though that’s not considered as experience, we’re going to a dangerous place.” (Yuri)

“…I understand. I’m fine with that.” (Carol)

‘Somehow, she’s convinced.’

“Well, before we talk about choosing the participants, there are things we have to talk about. Listen carefully.” (Yuri)

I made a foreword and began talking.

“This is a rough journey. I think you have learned a lot during the lecture, but the army will always be limited to supply.” (Yuri)

Liao nodded.

“People can’t move satisfactorily if they skip meals for a day, and the Eagle King can’t fly if it skips eating for two days. Food for 60 people isn’t difficult to obtain anywhere in Shaalta. However, in the chaotic land of Kilghina, it’s very difficult to procure a stable supply every day. What I mean by this was we were taught a lot about this during the lectures as well.” (Yuri)

Fortunately, Carol was looking at me with serious eyes. It would be very troublesome if there were one person who didn’t understand this.

“It means that if we don’t get supply for two days after taking off with the Eagle King and arrive there, we won’t be able to go home. If that happens, you will end up begging for help from a military organization that is busy during the war. Needless to say, it looks very bad to the public. We’re going to be a laughing stock for the Kilghina Knights for a very long time.” (Yuri)

Carol had an unpleasant expression, probably because she was imagining the situation. Liao was listening with his eyes closed. Myaro… had a normal face, whether I said that or not.

“In order not to let that happen, we will do the supply properly. Of course, we will procure it and bring it with us. Speaking of our primary goals, this can also be said as an experience.” (Yuri)

Then, Liao raised his hand.

“Talk.” (Yuri)

And I gave him permission.

“My old man told me to rely on him if we don’t get enough supplies.” (Liao)

‘The head of the Rube Household? He’s so reliable.’

“I really appreciate it. Tell him that we will rely on him in case of emergency.” (Yuri)

“Is that alright?” (Liao)

He asked with his eyes, asking whether that would be considered as a loan.

“I don’t know everything in the world. Even if you prepare a new carriage, the shaft may break on the way and you may not be able to run, or the horse may break its leg and not be able to walk. Even if you bring extra supply, it’s necessary to assume that the supply will not arrive due to an accident. Or rather, in reality, it’s common for an allied army to borrow a little.” (Yuri)

‘That would be a matter of degree. It’s fine if the supply is watered down in case of an accident, but it can become a matter of carrying someone if his leg is injured.’

“Th-that maybe be true.” (Carol)

“So, yeah. Those who don’t have Eagle King… they will be in charge of the transportation with a Galloping Bird. For this, I would like you, Liao, to be the person in charge to oversee them.” (Yuri)

“Aah… well, I thought I would have that kind of role.” (Liao)

Liao scratched his head.

“Of course, just because you participated with a Galloping Bird, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride the Eagle King. All you have to do is get someone on your Eagle King and bring it. I want to be accompanied by familiar companions who are likely to be in the Eagle King unit. If so, that’s fine. That’s because it’s a problem that’s directly related to the organizational strength.” (Yuri)

“What I was going to say was… Never mind. If that’s the case, I’ll take the job.” (Liao)

“I see. Appreciate it.” (Yuri)

‘Aah, that’s great. That’s the most troublesome role. I can’t do it because I have to travel with Eagle King.’

“Of course, this job is difficult if you’re not familiar even a bit with the geography of Kilghina. I can’t ask anyone else but you.” (Yuri)

“I understand. I’ll take care of it.” (Liao)

“By the way, the destination is a town called Nyuka.” (Yuri)

“Nyuka?” (Liao)

It seemed that Liao didn’t remember.

‘Is it natural?’

“It’s natural not to know. Nyuka isn’t a famous town. It’s just a village.” (Yuri)

‘It’s not a tourist destination or it has a famous local specialty, so unless you’re an expert, you will not know.’

“The observation unit will be stationed here. I will give you the map of that place from Reform later.” (Yuri)

Then, I saw Carol raising her small hand.

“…Speak.” (Yuri)

“Why did you choose the town Nyuka?” (Carol)

‘Question, is it? Well, I probably should talk about it.’

“One, it belongs to the evacuation area and the inhabitants have evacuated. Two, it’s easy to approach the main battlefield site by an Eagle King. Three, it’s slightly the main road that connects the Royal Capital Reform to the Verdun Great Fortress. There is a little danger of disrupting the movement of the large army or getting involved in the enemy’s offensive. Those are the three reasons.” (Yuri)

“I see, but… I have one more question.” (Carol)

‘Huh, another question?’

“If there are no inhabitants, what about the provision for the Eagle Kings? Even if you decide beforehand the date to congregate here, Liao’s side is going to have a long trip with the supplies. Won’t they be a week late?” (Carol)

‘She’s someone who notices the small details.’

“It has already been arranged. When I went there, there were still people in the village of Nyuka. So, I bought preserved foods, rented a house and put inside it. We will be able to afford it for about a week.” (Yuri)

“…I see, there’s no oversight in this, right? As expected of you.” (Carol)

‘Somehow, she’s impressed.’

“However, there is a possibility that the inhabitants don’t keep the promise and get a hold of the food, or the village may be vandalized in the absence of the residents. Well, I would say that nine out of ten the food will remain, but… obviously, luck is involved in this matter.” (Yuri)

“I understand. That’s all my questions.” (Carol)

‘It seems to be the end of it.

She’s more straightforward than I expected.

“Who will procure the supplies to bring?” (Liao)

Then, Liao asked.

“Myaro will do that. She is very good at making such detailed arrangements.” (Yuri)

“Yes. I will do it.” (Myaro)

Myaro opened her mouth for the first time since she came here.

“Well then, is it alright to call you Myaro?” (Liao)

“Yes, of course, you can.” (Myaro)

“Is Myaro going to enter the Galloping Bird unit and follow me?” (Liao)

“Ah…” (Yuri)

‘I didn’t think that far.’

“I’m going to follow Yuri-kun’s instruction. However, in this situation, I need someone to bring me my eagle. Unfortunately, I don’t know any friends to perform that duty.” (Myaro)

‘Myaro doesn’t have an Eagle King, but she secretly planned to borrow one from the Hou Household. However it is pitiful that she said she had no friends…’

“If that’s the case, I’ll do something about it.” (Liao)

Liao said it.

“I’m going to have my subordinate doing it, but there is no one who is very smart. Besides, Myaro seems to be Yuri’s partner, right? So, I would like to get some advice on what to do when something goes wrong.” (Liao)

‘I see. I supposed he would discuss the troublesome things when the times come rather than dealing it alone. In addition, this will be a joint responsibility.’

‘I may get angry if Liao chooses supplies that don’t meet the purpose, but he couldn’t do it if he doesn’t consult with Myaro in a timely manner. In that case, then, there’s no other way. I guess that’s probably it.’

“If so, let’s do that. It will take three days to travel by an Eagle King and four day at most. If you think about it, for a long journey, it’s hard to oversee if you do it alone, but it is strange that it will be easier if there are three overseer.” (Yuri)

‘On the other hand, travelling by land will take about half a month. It’s obvious which is harder.’

“Well then, I ask for that.” (Liao)

Liao said it.

“Understood.” (Myaro)

Myaro also nodded.

“Now… the discussion about the supply has ended. The rest is about the selection.” (Yuri)

I cut out the discussion.

“Liao-san’s recommendation is these 15 people.” (Myaro)

Myaro said so and put out a piece of paper.

There was something like a serial number written on it. Speaking of which, the bunch of papers with an evaluation that was handed to me was numbered page by page.

“I’ll check it later. The problem is this guy.” (Yuri)

I put out a paper on the desk. The paper had the name of Dolla Godwin. The page number was supposed to be 107, probably because Myaro attached importance to physical ability.

First of all, I was surprised that he had acquired more than 250 credits, but he was actually two years ahead of other dormitory students in terms of practical skills. I had been stepping through stages, so I thought I had managed to cover it.

“What’s wrong with this guy?” (Liao)

Liao, who didn’t know the circumstances, asked.

“This guy is a guy in my room with carol.” (Yuri)

“Aah…” (Liao)

Liao nodded as if he was convinced.

“Well, a friend is a friend. He is a serious man, waving a stick from morning till night. By the way, he’s not aiming to be Heavenly Knight from the beginning.” (Yuri)

“Ooh… I see. The skill seems to be enough.” (Liao)

Liao said it while looking at the progress of the credits. He seemed impressed.

“I leave this guy to Carol.” (Yuri)

“Eh… to me?” (Carol)

Carol looked surprised.

“You are free to allow him or not. If you tell me that you don’t need him, I’ll reject him, and if you ask me to let him in, I’ll bring him in unconditionally.” (Yuri)

“But…” (Carol)

“He’s someone who’s going to die without hesitation for you. That’s why I’ll leave the decision to you, and you will deal with him.” (Yuri)

 ‘That’s what I’ve decided about Dolla since I saw his name. He will die for Carol’s sake, and that would be his real desire.’

‘Carol also surely feels that too. That’s why, in order not to let Dolla die, she has to put a restraint on herself from acting recklessly.’

‘The way I look at Dolla is he could be a shackle that reminds Carol about her importance.’

“Then, let him in.” (Carol)

‘Hoho, so easy.’

But them Carol closed her mouth as it was. When I was waiting for her to say something…

“Well… let’s bring him in.” (Carol)

For some reason, she said it twice. I was wondering if she was unsatisfied the way she said it, so she corrected it.

“Alright. Then, that’s it. Is there anything else anyone wants to talk about?” (Yuri)

When I said that, no one raised their hand. There didn’t seem to be any urgent talk.

“Well then, we’re done with this. Tomorrow is the interview. I’m fine because I have two with me in my room, but Liao should watch out about oversleeping.” (Yuri)

“Seriously, I’m jealous of you.” (Liao)

Before I entered the dormitory, I immediately gave Carol my first order.

“Carol, wait for a while in the dining room.” (Yuri)

“…?? Is there something?” (Carol)

“It’s because that guy is in the room. Let me talk with him a little bit.” (Yuri)

While heading to the dormitory with small steps, Dolla went out to the balcony and looked at us.

As soon as he found us from a very distant point of view, he immediately went inside. Carol didn’t notice it, but I noticed since I had good eyes.

“Aah… Is that so?” (Carol)

“It is a fact that this is a preferential treatment, but it would be bad if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut. Let me tell him beforehand.” (Yuri)

“Please.” (Carol)

‘Alright, shall I go?’

When I entered the dormitory, I parted alone and climbed the stairs to the second floor. Dolla was still there when I entered my room.

‘He didn’t run away, huh?’

“Yo.” (Yuri)

“O-ouh…” (Dolla)

“There are a few things I want to talk about.” (Yuri)

“Aah…” (Liao)

‘I wonder why this guy has an appearance like this. Even though he’s an outdoor and brain muscle type, why does he look gloomy?’

“This is about the observation expedition, and you’re going to participate.” (Yuri)

“I-I see. That’s great.” (Dolla)

He couldn’t hide his joy. The expression softened.

“Of course, this is a secret decision, so you have to come to the interview tomorrow. I’m going to drop it half way during the interview. Even though it’s superficial, if I treat it specially, people won’t shut up.” (Yuri)

“I understand. I’ll do it.” (Dolla)

“By the way, the one who made the decision was Carol.” (Yuri)

“Eh?” (Dolla)

Dolla looked astounded as if he was really surprised.

“Well, since you can’t ride an eagle, you’ll be in a different unit that Carol. If there’s something wrong happen to Carol, you run to her first.” (Yuri)

“You don’t have to mention that. If it’s for her Highness, I’ll die first.” (Dolla)

‘I don’t think you will die. I want to say who told you to die, but that’s fine. It may be a consideration that is like the samurai code of chivalry.’

‘It may be better to have that kind of enthusiasm. However, he is a person with a lot of beliefs.’

“Well then, sharpen your spear at best. Also, it might be a good idea to practice riding a horse.” (Yuri)

‘Actually, he may sit on the seat of the coachman, but there’s a possibility of becoming unfamiliar with unexpected horse nature because he got used to Galloping Birds.’

“I understand. I’ll do that.” (Dolla)

‘He looks like a samurai.’


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