The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 74 (Self Edited) – The Royal Capital Reform


The Royal Capital Reform

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On April 9, I finally reached the sky above Reform, the royal capital of the Kilghina kingdom.

When looking from the sky, Reform, the royal capital of the Kilghina Kingdom was quite different in shape. There was a wall around the castle like Sibyaku, and the royal capital wasn’t opened and the entire capital was surrounded by walls.

In other words, it was a magnificent castle city where the whole circumference was covered with walls except the sea. The city walls were packed with buildings, but the city area was rather small compared to Sibyaku, which had no walls and spread openly. To me, who was used to seeing Sibyaku, it looked a bit cramped.

After taking a quick look at what seemed to be important, I approached the royal castle and brought down Stardust in a nearby vacant lot.

“Phew.” (Yuri)

I quickly removed the belt and got off Stardust. For the time being, it was necessary to leave Stardust in the Eagle King stable, but I didn’t know where I was since it was my first time here.

And before I was able to do that, a person came up.

“Oi! What are you doing!?” (??)

It was an old man. It seemed he was a Knight. ‘Hey, hey, I’m a traveler. Could you lend me an overnight inn?’ Since it wasn’t a situation where I could say that, it was a bit troublesome, but I had to explain the situation.

“This isn’t the place for an Eagle King to descend!” (??)

‘Ah, is that so? But, this is the only place like an airfield when viewed from above.’

“Sorry. I’m a Knight student of the Shaalta Kingdom. It’s my first time to come to Reform, so I’m not used to this place.” (Yuri)

“Knight student?” (??)

The old man frowned.

“Let me put this eagle in the Galloping Bird stable.” (Yuri)

“We’re in a wartime. We can’t afford to lend a place to a student who comes for sightseeing.”” (??)

‘There’s none, huh. Hmm, I wonder if I said it inappropriately.’

“I have been given a special request and am on official duty. I’m not coming for sightseeing.” (Yuri)

“No, no. Put it outside of the castle walls.” (??)

‘What’s with this guy. It’s troublesome. If I’m Demon Musashi, I’d be killing him.’

“Read.” (Yuri)

I took a piece of paper from my pocket.

“Hmm?” (??)

“Listen. Read it. It’s a letter of introduction.” (Yuri)

The old man received the paper and began to look through it.

And when he finished reading it…

“…I don’t understand the circumstances, but if you’re the messenger of Her Majesty the Queen of Shaalta, I can’t refuse you bluntly.” (??)

He said so.

‘What I gave him was the identification that Shaalta’s ambassador and official messenger would have. It’s weird to say passport, but with the Queen’s name on it, it says ‘Please treat this person with respect’. However, it’s not something that someone like me usually have and it wasn’t easy to give it to anyone. So it’s no surprise that the old man looks confused.’

“If you are related to Her Majesty the Queen, it’s best to put the eagle in the Imperial Guard’s eagle stable.” (??)

‘I guess the Imperial Guard is probably similar to the First Army in Shaalta. If you claim to be the guess of the Queen, you should be taken care of by the First Army. There’s no need to refuse him. Apparently, I descended at the wrong place.’

“I see, could you guide me?” (Yuri)

“Alright.” (??)

The old man started to walk while looking as if he was in trouble. I held the rein and pulled Stardust. I wonder if I walked for a long time. Then, I reached the eagle stable.

“What do you want?” (??)

The caretaker who wore something like coveralls said it. The cloth was more rugged that people usually wore, especially when doing hard labor. It was a dirty cloth that kept the cloth clean by layering on top of your everyday clothes.

“I’m from Shaalta for official business. I want you to take care of this eagle overnight.” (Yuri)

“Understood. Does she have any habit?” (Caretaker)

‘The habit is probably the habit of the eagle. If there is a bad habit, such as pecking, the caretaker must wear a helmet when entering the stable.’

“There are no bad habits. She is a well-trained eagle.” (Yuri)

“Hmm. Well then, I’ll take care of her.” (Caretaker)

“Yes, please.” (Yuri)

I handed the rein to the caretaker. The caretaker immediately removed the saddle.

“Oi, the brat over there.” (??)

I heard a voice from behind. I turned around.

Next to the old man who guided me was someone who was about 30 years old.

‘Another man, is it?’

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It was a handsome man with long hair that extended to the shoulders. He was wearing fashionable clothes that looked like military uniforms with some kind of gold thread.

‘I wonder if it’s the arrangement of military uniforms. This is probably not a regular one, but a mixture of hobbies as no one likes it.’

“Are you talking about me?” (Yuri)

I said while pointing at myself.

“Yeah.” (??)

‘It was quite a fresh experience because I didn’t remember being called a brat since I was born.’

“What do you want?” (Yuri)

I wondered if I did something that offended him.

“Well, actually, I have an eagle injured the other day. So, I want that eagle.” (??)

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘I see.’

While thinking about it, I had a bad feeling.

“So, give me that eagle.” (??)

‘Well, that’s what happens with a direct catchball of words.’

‘I’ve had a stomach ache for a while.’ ‘Hey.’ ‘I’m going to the bathroom.’

It’s something like that. I could read it somehow.

‘Are you for real?’

“I refuse.” (Yuri)

‘What kind of stupid thing to give an eagle to the person who you meet for the first time.’

“Hmm…” (??)

The man stroked his beautiful, smooth chin without a beard.

“I’m not saying it’s free of charge, you know? I’ll pay you enough.” (Man)

‘That’s why it’s stupid. Dolla is also a fool with a different direction, or he may be just a misunderstanding bastard.’

“No matter how much money you have, I won’t sell it. For me, this eagle is like my sibling who was born and raised together with me. She’s not something you can sell for money.” (Yuri)

“I don’t get it. Our country is going to be at war. Looking at your age, you’re coming here for sightseeing, right? Right now, a friendly country’s knight requires an eagle. I’m going to use it from now on. Think about priorities. It would be normal to give it away.” (Man)

‘Uwaah, this guy is really retarded. He is a man who can only think for his own convenience.’

“That’s none of my business. I have received the royal order from the Queen of Shaalta. If you keep talking like that, it could break the relationship between the two countries.” (Yuri)

“If you don’t want to take that risk, you better shut your mouth and give me that eagle!” (Man)

‘Nope. No matter how you think about it, Shaalta doesn’t really mind breaking the relationship, and you’ll be the one in trouble if that happens…’

‘It’s already a hassle. Should I ignore him and leave Stardust to the caretaker? No, if I do that, the ownership may be claimed and it may be stolen. As I expected, this is troublesome because it’s not my home country.’

“No.” (Yuri)

“What are you? I told you, I’ll pay for it.” (Man)

‘Seriously, here’s a topic loop. What kind of conversation is this?’

“Haa… if you have money, you can buy it somewhere.” (Yuri)

“It’s wartime. Where is the remainder of the eagle?” (Man)

‘What the… there is no stock? Well, he said that he had his eagle broken. Perhaps, he isn’t very good at handling eagle, so he couldn’t get it from the Knights. I don’t know where the Knights are.’

I thought that I would get on Stardust and escape from this place, but when I saw her, the saddle was already about half off.

‘I can’t fly like this. Do I have to give up running?’

“At any rate, I refuse. Just listen.” (Yuri)

“You should listen to me. Why don’t you know your position a little bit?” (Man)

‘Aah, it’s too much trouble. Are we going to just keep arguing back and forth?’

“What a persistent guy. I will keep refusing you, so give it up.” (Yuri)

“Listen, get that eagle!” (Man)

Somehow, they got closer. The rein was held by the old caretaker who behaved suspiciously.

‘He probably wants to take her away.’

I let go of a front kick with the weight and kicked the man’s navel.

“Guhh!” (Caretaker)

The man was kicked, hit his back and fell.

“Are you a brat? Bastard.” (Man)

The people, who were watching the turmoil from a distance, gathered and reached for the weapons they were carrying. The man I kicked also stood up, venting his anger.

“You bastard…” (Caretaker)

‘No, no, aren’t you the one who acts funny? I’m a victim, alright.’

“Oi! Get him!” (Man)

The man pulled out a sword, shouting as he looked around. People around me also gathered.

‘Are you going to capture me? No matter how hard it is, there’s a limit to my patience, you know. And, what’s with this country?’

“Bastard!!! Do you know who I am?!!” (Yuri)

I yelled with anger. They reluctantly stopped by the sudden loud voice.

“My name is Yuri Hou! I’m the eldest son of the Hou Household, one of the General Household of the Shaalta Kingdom!! Did the Knights of Kilghina forget the name of the great Hou Household?!” (Yuri)

When I shouted as I stared at them, they were uniformly stunned.

“Rather than despise me for being a brat, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to rob an eagle, which is the soul of the Knight, just because of ruthless destiny!!!” (Yuri)

I pulled out my sword. Then, I walked up to that man and pointed my sword at him.

“If you really want my eagle, why don’t make this official duel!? If you pulled out your sword first, of course, you’re going to do it!” (Yuri)

‘Even though he pulled out his sword first, he relied on the knights who were familiar with him, to catch me. He’s not going to fight me for a murder.’

“Kuh…” (Man)

“Come on, get your dagger ready!” (Yuri)

The man slowly lowered his dagger.

“What’s wrong!? Are you scared!?” (Yuri)

“Tsk…” (Man)

He looked embarrassed.

“If you’re not motivated, just disappear from my eyes. Lowlife.” (Yuri)

I shook my arm to make him go away.

“…Tsk.” (Man)

The man clicked his tongue again.

‘What the… is it a habit?’

“Stupid brat… I’ll remember you.” (Man)

And while saying so, he turned around and left.

“Oi, you there.” (Yuri)

I called the old man, who was standing next to the man. He was the one who guided me here.

“Tell me the name of the person just now.” (Yuri)

“Haa, hmm… well.” (??)

He didn’t seem to want to say it.

‘Aah, it’s too much trouble.’

“No matter who he is, and if he is a noble, there’s no way he wouldn’t give his name. Or is the person earlier someone who can’t be named in this country?” (Yuri)

“Th-there’s no such thing.” (??)

“Then, there’s no problem if you tell me. Say it.” (Yuri)

“…That man claims to be the Imperial Guard is Jaco Yoda.” (??)

‘Jaco Yoda, is it? I will remember you.’


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