The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 33 (Self Edited) – Trial and Error


Trial and Error

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Lily-san seemed to get the job done quickly, and after a week she had an appropriately sized frame.

It was a bit too big for me to use, but this was exactly what I ordered. Since it was for an adult to use it, the size was just right.

The handle was connected to the main body using bronze. Bronze would be more suitable than iron because it was less likely to rust.

The strainer which filtered out the fiber from the water was firmly connected by a thin thread, and the frame that held the strainer from the top and bottom of the strainer wasn’t too strong and heavy. Therefore, it wasn’t likely to be fragile. She did a good job.

When I got this tool, I immediately got to meet with Cuffe.

When I entered his room while carrying a large baggage, the room was getting smaller. A lot of miscellaneous luggage was increasing.

“Hey, you’re here.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe was sitting on the sofa, holding a large cut scissors, and tearing his old clothes into pieces.

“How’s this? We can do it with that, right?” (Cuffe)

Cuffe pointed his eyes at a large washing tub in the middle of the room.

The washing tub was huge enough to be used by three to four people, and when I looked at the shallowness, I could take a bath with hot water. It was now full of water.

The area was flooded with spilled water. I wondered where he borrowed this tub from.

“I think we can, but let’s make sure it’s alright.” (Yuri)

I took out the strainer frame from Furoshiki wrapping cloth. I held the handle and placed the frame on top of it. It was a circular bowl, but it was completely fit inside.

“Oh, is it such a thing?” (Cuffe)

He looked at the strainer frame that I had brought.

“Yes. You should be able to produce with this tool.” (Yuri)

I looked at the side of the tub. There were various materials inside the tub. There was something like lint, clothes that were cut into shreds and turned to thread that had been produced just before. I wondered where did he get this from.

“The materials are good enough. As I expected.” (Yuri)

“Well, yes.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe looked proud.

‘Being proud of your job has a big meaning in your life. It might be a pleasure to work now because it begins to escape from the life which rots in the decadence. Now, he is having fun to work since he is getting out of his decadent life.’

It seemed that the bottles of alcohol had been cleaned up, and I couldn’t see it anywhere.

“Well, shall we do it right away? Which material would look good?” (Cuffe)

“This one looks good.” (Yuri)

I pointed at one of the baskets.

Among them, there was a cotton-like white fibers. When I picked it up with fingertips, it fell apart. The thinness and the length of the fibers were excellent.

“Is that alright? I got it from a yarn wholesaler. It’s lint.” (Cuffe)

“Let’s put it in the water.” (Yuri)

“Right away, is it? Got it.” (Cuffe)

I dumped the basket into the tub, and dropped the lint into the water. I rolled up my sleeves, put my hand in the water and stirred it. The lint swam in the water and dissolved.

‘That’s good.’

“Let me do this first.” (Yuri)

The strainer frame was too big for me but it wasn’t like I couldn’t hold it.

“Is that so? Show it to me.” (Cuffe)

I put the strainer frame inside the tub like giving a jab. I let it swim, and then a thin film was formed on top of the strainer. Once I did that, the density of the filter increased twice as much, so it quickly became thicker.

When the thickness reached to the extent that I couldn’t see the other side of it, I raised the strainer frame, drained the water, and raised it. Surprisingly, it was a quick task. It took less than five minutes.

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I took apart the inset of the strainer frame, and removed the paper layer on top of it. On top of the strainer, there was a layer of freshly made paper. When I turned over the edge of the paper, I raised it up even though it got shredded.

I looked at it closely. The paper was thicker on the right and thinner on the left since I was right-handed.

‘This is… not a failure, but it’s going to be an inferior product even if I press and dry it. However, this will be something to do with the improvement of technique.’

‘Good thing is… it is easy. I didn’t expect that it would be this easy.’

“This paper would be sandwiched between something, dehydrate it, and let it dry.” (Yuri)

“Alright, let me do it.” (Cuffe)

He was very motivated.

‘Very good.’

“Well then, I’m going to put it back immediately.” (Yuri)

“Eh?” (Cuffe)

I scraped off the layer of freshly made bloated layer of paper, and put it back in the tub. It tore off when it entered the water. When I stirred it, it returned to the state before I started soaking the frame.

“What? So, are we going to put it back in the water? Well then, I guess I can try this many times.” (Cuffe)

“Yes. Since the paper would be stronger if the fibers are alternated equally, we should try to do some research.” (Yuri)

“Yeah, you’re right.” (Cuffe)



We laid papers made from various materials, and put a weight on top of the board. After wiping the soaked floor, the work for the time being was over.

“For now, let’s leave these papers for three days.” (Yuri)

“Three days?” (Cuffe)

Cuffe was surprised. Well, even Japanese preserved vegetables could be made in a day. He probably wondered why we should take three days.

“Perhaps, it may be good in a day, but it will shrink later.” (Yuri)

“…I see. I’m not in a hurry anyway.” (Cuffe)

It seemed that I had convinced him.

“They say that haste makes waste.” (Yuri)

“Hoh, you’re saying something wise. This is the first time I’ve heard of it.” (Cuffe)

‘I wonder if there is such a proverb.’

“Well, for now, today’s work is over.” (Yuri)

“Yeah, you’re right.” (Cuffe)

“Then, I will return to the dormitory after a little rest. It’s almost sunset.” (Yuri)

I came here around noon, but it was almost sunset now. When I thought about it, we were working for quite some time.

“By the way, I haven’t ask you this. Where did you hear about me?” (Cuffe)

Cuffe suddenly asked me.

‘Eh, didn’t I tell him about that? When I think about it, I feel like I didn’t write the name of the introducer in the letter.’

‘Was that the reason why he showed bad attitude at the beginning? It’s usually something like ‘I got a referral from someone, so I took a brush’ or something like that. I completely forgot.’

“My classmate, Myaro, told me about you.” (Yuri)

“Myaro? I don’t know anyone who has the same age as yours.” (Cuffe)

‘What, you don’t know him? I guess Myaro knows Cuffe unilaterally.’

“Is that so? He is Myaro Gudanvier.” (Yuri)

“…What?” (Cuffe)

When the family name came out, he suddenly looked like he remembered something.

“Myaro Gudanvier. He is small, and he has fluffy brown hair.” (Yuri)

“Aah… Gudanvier’s… I see. Did he remember me?” (Cuffe)

Cuffe was somehow deeply moved. He seemed to be impressed.

“Well, Myaro remembers a lot of things. He said that if I wanted to know a talented and flexible merchant, I should see you.” (Yuri)

“I see… it’s about me.” (Cuffe)

‘What? I wonder if there are some heavy circumstances.’

“Sorry, but you can to go back now.” (Cuffe)

“Eh? Aah. No problem.” (Yuri)

I was going to leave from the beginning.

“I can’t let my tears spill.” (Cuffe)

‘Eh? I feel like he is going to cry.’

‘I don’t want to see a man’s tears. Let’s go home now.’

“I understand. Well then, please excuse me.” (Yuri)

I quickly turned around and headed for the exit in a hurry.

“Oi.” (Cuffe)

A call came from my back.

“From now on, I don’t need honorifics or anything like that. It’s strange that the employer use the honorific.” (Cuffe)

“…Alright. I see you later.” (Yuri)

I left the room and closed the door.



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