Hello everyone,

Call me Bayabusco. I thought about the name when I was playing Kairosoft game, Pocket Clothier. Then, I remembered the shopping mall that I usually went when I was child, Jaya Jusco. Since I couldn’t use the name for site, I  changed J with B. There you go! Haha..

Just FYI, I don’t intend to take over the project from any other group. I also don’t intend to work with any other group for this novel. As far as I have seen, sharing novels with other groups tend to make the release slower. I would like to work by myself as I can set my own schedule, not dragging anyone or not letting anyone drag me to delay the release of this novel.

Normal release schedule for next chapter:

World Teacher: 1 chapter every week

Ex Strongest Swordsman: 2-3 chapters every week

PS: This is the best I can release every week. However, the release schedule may varied due to the commitment to RL. I may release more or less chapters than the schedule above.


Updated Note (Ma7 27, 2018):

A little bit info of myself. I learned Japanese for one year back in 2003. There wasn’t a lot of things I learned for a year such as vocabulary and grammar. I still use the Japanese text book that I had at that time as reference.

I would like to emphasize that this translation is not Machine Translation (MTL). The definition of MTL is auto translation by using software or website without any human intervention. For example, use Google Translate to translate a chapter and read it as it is without changing the structure of the sentence. That’s MTL. Since I did massive ‘intervention’ before sending to the editor, this translation shouldn’t be considered as MTL at all. If this translation is from MTL, those who loves this novel and can’t wait for slow release will already do it. If the translation is bad, it is all on my inability to translate well, not because of MTL.

Be it as it may, you guys are entitled with your own opinion. 🙂

BTW, English is not my first language. XD

My method of translating this novel:

  1. Use couple of websites as references.
    • Jisho.org – to translate words
    • Nihongo.monash.edu – it’s pretty much the same as Jisho but if Jisho can’t translate it, I use this website
    • Yahoo.jp – to translate whole sentence. I need it before cross referencing with Jisho
    • Google translate – an alternative to Yahoo. I use it to compare the translation with Yahoo.
    • Others – Systran, Cross Language and Lec Translation. I don’t really depend on these sites too much unless Yahoo and Google Translations don’t really make sense.
  2. Refer to my college Japanese textbooks such as Nakama 1 and All about Particles.
  3. Translate words literally. Then, I construct sentence based on the words. It’s like playing with puzzle of words. Since I know a basic Japanese grammar, translating the novel is not too hard all the time but it’s not too easy.
  4. Send it to editor to help me clean the chapter. I refuse to check my own work because I am not good with English and need someone else to check it for me. IMO, second opinion is very important.
  5. Post cleaned version.

Thank you.