The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 118 (Self Edited) – Reunion



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I was sitting on a very nice sofa, showing my legs to a surgeon.

“The wound is a bit swollen, but… this is probably because you were overdoing it and moving it. It doesn’t look like it’s swollen with suppuration.” (??)

“I see. I wonder if it was good to apply this.” (Yuri)

Then, I showed the ointment I had brought to the doctor.

“Ooh, this is… the Yurumi Household’s ointment. Originally, it’s a medicine that is applied to scratches, but it’s not bad to apply it to sewn wounds. You did a great job.” (??)

“It just so happened that I was lucky to find it.” (Yuri)

“That is so. However, the thread … seems to be a bit cramped. It might be better to re-sew it.” (??)

“Really?” (Yuri)

‘It hurts somehow, so I have resistance. There is no anesthesia.’

“The sewing is too tight, so this will slow down the healing.” (??)

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘Since the sewing was tight, the wound didn’t open probably even if I had to move unreasonably until now. It may be that it’s too tight now.’

“It’s fine to pull out the thread because the wound is stuck together, but… that is if you can rest on the bed for a few days. I don’t think that’s possible at the moment.” (Yuri)

‘That would be impossible. The wound is mostly stuck together, but if you don’t sew it, it may open when you make mistakes, so it seems that you should sew it to the extent that it doesn’t become a burden.’

“In that case, please help.” (Yuri)

“Understood.” (??)



“It’s done.” (??)

The doctor cut the extra thread with a scissor while saying so, and completed the task.

“I used the thread made from the intestines of animals. The ointment seems to be suitable for the skin, so it’s best to continue using it.” (??)

“I see. That’s great.” (Yuri)

“Well, then. Please excuse me.” (??)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

The doctor stood up.

“Please come home safely. I wish you good luck.” (??)

“…Um, yeah. I’ll do my best… definitely.” (Yuri)

‘I couldn’t wish to be healthy either. This doctor, who is approaching old age, probably never leaves Reform alive. He will make the castle as a pillow and die.  What kind of words should I return to such a person to pray for his safety?’

“Hehe, I envy the people of Shaalta.” (??)

The doctor bowed to me and went out of the guest room.

“He is a good old man.” (Carol)

Carol, who was sitting in a chair after her treatment was finished earlier, said that. She loosened her tight back, worrying about the eyes of others, but now, she was leaning her weight on her back.

‘She seems to be depressed. Did she feel downed when she came to the castle? I don’t know. The air in the castle is gloomy overall, and it’s killing. I also want to leave quickly.’

“Why… I wonder why it’s going to be a war…” (Carol)

She said something strange.

“Are you saying something like a child again?” (Yuri)

“I was thinking, you know… even in Shaalta, the southern part of the Hou Household territory is the richest. The canyon, such as the back of the mountain at Liao, is just scenic, and few people live there.” (Carol)

‘The back side of the mountain in the Rube Household territory is a land of coniferous forest and frozen land, and people really live sparsely. Most of them live in a fishing village located in the innermost part of the fjords, where they make preserved foods in the summer and consume them in the winter.’

“The Kuran country is probably further south than that. I don’t think all of them are, but most countries have a richer territory than Shaalta and Kilghina. The whole country is as rich as the Hou Household territory. There are more than blessed enough.” (Carol)

‘In fact, not most, but all countries. It’s sad. The surrounding area of the Albio Republic is… No, I guess I can’t. It’s sad.’

“You’re talking about what will happen to those who don’t have it, take away from those who have it, but not the other way around, right?” (Yuri)

“I wonder about that…” (Carol)

“It’s a general fact that it’s easier to take away than to make it yourself. If you do that in your country, you will be punished by the police, but there’s no police who punish the country.” (Yuri)

‘The existence of a police who punish a country has been considered as a system many times and has been called himself, but there is no successful trial. The international community remains anarchic at any time in any well. Well, that will be another issue unless Kilghina is really a completely barren land and the Shanti has no value as slaves. However, in reality, we are invaded because we have enough value.’

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“So, are you convinced now?” (Carol)

“Yes, I’m able to do that. We are robbed because we are weak. Just like an eagle eats a rat.” (Yuri)

“Since we are weak as rats, it can’t be helped if we are being eaten, is it?” (Carol)

“Yes, you’re right. All you can do is complain about your death.” (Yuri)

“It doesn’t mean anything.” (Carol)

“That’s too bad.” (Yuri)

“Is that so… maybe, that’s the way it is.” (Carol)

“Instead… I won’t complain even if I’m robbed.” (Yuri)

“…” (Carol)

There was no reply.

“…Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Yuri)

When I noticed her discomfort and looked at her, she looked at me with a severe expression.

“No… just now… I had a spine-chilling feeling.” (Carol)

“Why is that?” (Yuri)

“It’s fine. We’re not the ones being aimed.” (Carol)

‘I don’t really get it, but the conversation has stopped.’

When I casually looked at the clock, it was 8PM.

‘I’ve finished my meal, and I have four more hours… what should I do? Alright, it helps if I can go to sleep.’

At that time, there was a sudden rattling noise in the corridor, and when I thought that the sound stopped in front of the door, the door opened without a knock.

A petite girl was holding the doorknob that was opened vigorously. It was Myaro.

‘Aah, it’s you. How nostalgic. My heart fills with nostalgia.’

When she saw me, her tensed expression unraveled.

“Yuri-kun…” (Myaro)

“Myaro… I’ve returned.” (Yuri)

I got up from the chair and greeted Myaro. Myaro rushed to me at once and hugged me.

The momentum caused me to fall back and sat on the fluffy sofa. Myaro was still pressing her face against my chest.

“…I’m going out for a bit.” (Carol)

Carol stood up, put on her new crutches and left the room through the open door. The door closed.

“Yuri-kun, Yuri-kun, Yuri-kun…” (Myaro)

Myaro kept calling my name with a muffled voice. I gently stroked Myaro’s head.

“You did well. Myaro.” (Yuri)

“Uwaa…. I-I was worried… I thought you were dead… uwaah.” (Myaro)

“Yeah. But I’ve returned safely.” (Yuri)

‘Except for the feet.’

“I’m glad… really…” (Myaro)

“Yeah, yeah.” (Yuri)

‘I’m glad as well. It was worth the effort to come back alive.’

I stroke Myaro’s head while being hugged. Tears stained the belly of my clothes, touched my skin, and it had a wet feel.

‘I’ve made you worry.’

“Is it about time you calmed down?” (Yuri)

“Aah, yes…” (Myaro)

“I see.” (Yuri)

“Uhm…” (Myaro)

Myaro looked at me with a glance, hugging my belly.

“This is… not a dream, right?” (Myaro)

I pinched Myaro’s cheek.

“Wha… ow, ow, oww…” (Myaro)

“Does it hurt?” (Yuri)

“It hurts.” (Myaro)

“If your cheek is pinched and it hurts, it’s not a dream.” (Yuri)

I let go of Myaro’s cheek.

“Is that so… aah, s-sorry.” (Myaro)

Myaro moved away from my body as if she had returned to sanity.

“I’ve dreamed of you coming back… about four times, and when I woke up, I was very disappointed…” (Myaro)

‘Four times, huh? It’s too much. Although I dreamed of her three times…’

“I see… that reminds me, I read the letter at the Nyukka village.” (Yuri)

“Aah… uhm, did you read it?” (Myaro)

“Yeah. It really helps. Thanks to that, I made a strategy and robbed the horse.” (Yuri)

“I see… that’s great. So, did you… read the letter on the second floor…?” ((Myaro)

‘The letter on the second floor? What is that? Was there such a thing?’

“Is it with the Gudanvier’s crest that was placed in the horn?” (Yuri)

“Aah~, uhm, that’s not it…” (Myaro)

‘It’s not that? I checked it after that, but she didn’t write anything other than the one with the household crest, and I wouldn’t call that a letter.’

“Sorry, I didn’t notice.” (Yuri)

“It’s fine, it’s fine! It’s not that really important anyway…” (Myaro)

“The gunpowder that was in the basement blew away the house with the enemies, so now, it’s under the rubble.” (Yuri)

“Aah… Is that so? I’m relieved.” (Myaro)

While saying so, Myaro seemed to be somewhat disappointed.

‘What kind of letter was it?’

“Sorry to make you worried.” (Yuri)

“No, it’s enough just to have you coming back like this.” (Myaro)

“I see. It was a good decision to move out from the Nyukka village. You did it well.” (Yuri)

“No… I think I wouldn’t have been able to put it together without Liao-san.” (Myaro)

“It’s because you were there, he could have made a calm decision.” (Yuri)

‘Myaro has no centripetal power towards the unit members. If it had been Myaro alone, she would have been despised by the members and couldn’t have a decent command. Unfortunately, that is a true fact.’

‘In that respect, Liao is suitable for being admired by Knights in terms of birth, status and personality. However, that doesn’t mean that Myaro is incompetent and Liao is competent.’

“Well then, would it be alright to tell me the matter of the unit soon?” (Yuri)

“Aah, yes… Sorry, I was distraught.” (Myaro)

“It’s alright. I will also feel lonely if your reaction is like a machine, you know.” (Yuri)

When I was hugged by Myaro, I felt warm and it was indescribable. Then, she had returned to the way she was.


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