The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 117 (Self Edited) – Returning to Reform


Returning to Reform

Volume 9 Starts

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Two days later.

I was looking at Reform’s ramparts. The ramparts that we arrived at without problems weren’t exposed to siege yet, and it remained safe.

It was just like the sight I had dreamed of several days. I tried pinching my cheeks.

‘It hurts.’

“…What are you doing?” (Tilet)

The Queen’s Sword was looking at me with a suspicious look.

“No, it’s nothing.” (Yuri)

“I will leave now.” (Tilet)

“Eh, why?” (Carol)

Carol sounded surprised.

“I think it’s better if you both come back here. I will keep protecting Her Highness from the shadow.” (Tilet)

“Is that alright?” (Yuri)

I asked the Queen’s Sword.

‘I mean will it be alright if she doesn’t get credit for rescuing Carol? For example, if it’s a Knight, he would feel the need to be honored, but I supposed the Queen’s Sword is different. These people, who are a kind of secret police-like character, are martyred to duties that have nothing to do with honor publicly.’

“It’s enough that Her Highness knows that I was involved.” (Tilet)

‘I see, that would be the case.’

“If that’s the case, I understand.” (Yuri)

“Well then, Tilet. Really appreciate it.” (Carol)

The Queen’s Sword gave a quick bow and rode her horse to Reform. Perhaps, she went in first to prepare Carol’s clothes.

Looking at the Reform’s plain, it would soon become a battlefield. The field, which was originally a forest, had become like a wide grassland while firewood and timber were being removed. It was illuminated by the spring weather, and the grass, which had begun to grow thick, seemed like a carpet.

‘Aah, anyhow… I feel liberated. I feel the sense of liberation as if the chain, that had been hung without realizing it, had broken. There is no danger to life anymore. I feel relieved.’

“Shall we?” (Yuri)

When I asked…

“Yeah.” (Carol)

Carol nodded with a cheerful smile.

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It was unexpectedly quiet in front of the city gate. It seemed that the castle gate could be closed at any time. There were soldiers inside, but the displaced people weren’t densely packed in a long line.

‘It shouldn’t be possible to escape at night after the great fortress fell, but did they evacuate in advance before it fell? As for the attitude of those who involved in the war, they appeared reticent, but now that the Great Fortress has fallen and there are no organized large groups to prevent them from advancing, it may have been a good choice in the end.’

When I tried to enter normally through the city gate, I was stopped.

“Who are you!?” (??)

“Yuri Hou, I’m the Commanding Officer of Shaalta Special Unit, and this is my deputy, Carol Full Chartres.” (Yuri)

“From Shaalta…? Whose subordinates are you?” (??)

“None.” (Yuri)

‘In fact, I wasn’t put under anyone, and I didn’t belong to any command system, so I had no choice but to answer that.’

“…Wait a minute.” (??)

‘Yeah. I wonder if he is strict so spies don’t enter. Neither Carol nor I are wearing the clothes borrowed from the Nyukka Village, so we don’t look like civilians in military employment. Or rather, it doesn’t make sense when I say our names. Shouldn’t it be faster?’

“Wait. Carol, take off the hood.” (Yuri)

“Alright.” (Carol)

When Carol took off her hood, her blonde hair was exposed.

“…!” (??)

The surrounding gaze concentrated on Carol’s head, and the guard gasped.

“As you can see, she is the royal family of Shaalta. Is this not enough to prove her identity?” (Yuri)

“A-ah, no, no!” (??)

‘The effect seems to be good.’

“You’re probably in distress, but now we’re back on our own. If possible, I would like to get in touch with the royal castle as soon as possible, but can the birds fly?” (Yuri)

“Yes sir! I’ll fly the pigeon as urgently as possible.” (??)

‘I don’t belong to the general chain of command, so I’m not his superior or his boss, but it’s good that things are going well.’

“Then, I’ll depend on you. Let us through.” (Yuri)

“Yes sir!” (??)

I passed through the gate in a grand way.



While looking around the castle town, we made our way around the main street. The street that extended straight from the city gate, which was the entrance to the fortified city, to the entrance to the royal castle, was now enclosed with obstacles placed here and there.

‘If it becomes like this, it is likely to be ready to pull while resisting in the castle town.’

While riding the horse, we walked along the information board on the street. People who seemed to be citizens were working here and there.

‘Are they determined not to run away? The number is small, and the atmosphere is fairly quiet when I look around the whole city, but it seems that there are people.’

When I made a detour and reached the royal castle, there was a crowd in front of the castle. Behind the castle gate, there were some noisy people.

One of them looked familiar. It was the prince consort, the husband of Her Majesty the Queen of Kilghina.

He might have come out in a hurry when he saw the letter of the flying pigeon. To be honest, there would be a lot of noise when the royal family came out, but it would have been better if they didn’t but it couldn’t be helped.

I advanced the horse moderately and got off the horse in front of the prince consort. In this situation, it wasn’t possible to start talking by saying ‘Please excuse me talking from the top of the horse because of my injury’.

Even if it was permissible in peacetime after moving one million steps, it wasn’t a good attitude toward the commander, who was the prince consort. Especially when he was in front of the soldiers who were nervous about the deadly defense battle.

I signaled Carol with my hand, and got off the horse as I pushed through the pain. Conveniently, I had to leave my weight on my left foot for a moment, and the pain ran.

Carol also got off. Originally, Carol was in the same or higher status as the prince consort, so the prince consort will be in a position to welcome her. In other words, it was fine if she stayed on the horseback, but in this situation, it would be best not to exceed the prince consort’s position.

I deliberately walked up with my cane and bowed my head in front of the prince consort. I was neither a vassal nor a subordinate nor even a citizen of Kilghina, so it should be fine without kneeling and saluting.

“I’m greatly obliged for Your Highness Prince Consort to meet us.” (Yuri)

“It’s fine. I’m glad that you’ve returned.” (Prince Consort)

“Thank you for your concern. I got injured along the way, and…” (Yuri)

“No, you managed to come back from that situation. Your valor is extraordinary.” (Prince Consort)

‘I’m glad to receive the compliment, but the prince consort wouldn’t know the situation I was in.  I went missing and came back. That’s all he knows. Knowing the situation has deteriorated, the praise is done for the sake of appearance in front of the soldiers.’

‘In fact, it’s good news that Carol and I are back, and exaggerating it can help boost the morale of the soldiers. in other words, the inferior army needs bright news, and this is also politics.’

‘Even if you don’t know the actual situation, if I report it, they will know later, and they can spread it later. There is no merit caused by disliking reporting.’

“If necessary I would like to have a doctor to treat my injuries.” (Yuri)

“If you don’t mind, please spare me as well.” (Carol)

“Alright, get a wheelchair!” (Prince Consort)

When the prince consort spoke loudly, a wheelchair was immediately brought.

The person who brought it was wearing a white coat that was stained with blood that couldn’t be removed.

‘Neither Shaalta nor Kilghina has military doctors, but he is probably a doctor. Even if he is a doctor, just because he is good at treating wounds, it doesn’t mean that he has the knowledge of various pathologies. The surgeon is a man’s job, and the internist is a herbalist, which is a woman’s job. However, I’m afraid of infectious disease when it’s so dirty.’

“…Please sit down.” (??)

The wheelchair presented had a sorry appearance.

“No, please give it to her first. Please help her.” (Yuri)

“I understand.” (??)

The doctor gave a polite bow, went to Carol by my side and held out his hand. The moment the public eyes gathered there, the prince consort went one step further and approached me.

“Please take a break. I’ll call you in six hours, so keep that in mind.” (Prince Consort)

He said it in a small voice that I could only hear.


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