The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 24 (Self Edited) – Credits that Came Down from the Sky


Credits that Came Down from the Sky

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The next day, get up early in the morning and get on the carriage with a lack of sleep. When I got to the dormitory, Dolla was waiting at the front door with his swollen face.

‘Why is this guy waiting for me? Seriously…’

Dora’s face was swollen and full of bruises.

‘Even if I say so myself, I did well, isn’t it?’

As I approached the front door, I heard a voice from the other side.

“I haven’t lost yet.” (Dolla)

‘What a blunder? Did my ears hear wrongly?’

“I’d like to ask you something.” (Yuri)

“What is it?” (Dolla)

“If that’s doesn’t mean losing, what do you call that, then?” (Yuri)

‘I really want to hear it.’

“I am not admitting that I have lost.” (Dolla)

‘Seriously? If you admit to losing, you will lose. Simple as that.’

‘Well, this is not a question of what others will say because it is like his belief. Whether it is black or blue, if you say it is white, then, it is white. I guess that’s fine. But, it’s a bother.’

“So, who won the fight yesterday?” (Yuri)

“…Uh.” (Dolla)

Dora did not answer.

It seemed that the answer won’t come out for a moment.

‘It may not be possible to say ‘I’m winning’, it would be awkward to say ‘it’s a draw’.’

Sometime later…

“…The fight still continues.” (Dolla)

And, he seemed to have come to such a conclusion.

‘I don’t care anymore.’

“Well then, yesterday’s fight can be my loss. Yeah, yeah, it’s my loss.” (Yuri)

I accepted the loss.

“Haaa???” (Dolla)

He had an outrageous face.

“It was all good. You are the winner. Congratulations.” (Yuri)

“No good. Don’t say that.” (Dolla)


“If either party admits to lose, the other side has won. That’s what I said.” (Yuri)

‘That’s why I admit to losing. What do you don’t like that?’

“No.” (Dolla)

‘What is with this guy…’

“Now, let me ask you this. You were done so badly, you were strangled, and yet, you don’t want to admit losing. So, how are you going to admit someone is losing?” (Yuri)

“…I will admit loss if I lose two or three times.” (Dolla)

It was nice to be stupid.

“Heh. Is that so? Even if you lose once, then you win next time, you will say ‘I did it, we’re even now’, right? Are you still a man? Aren’t you ashamed to live?” (Yuri)

“Kuh…” (Dolla)

It seemed that he could not refute.

“…Alright. Yesterday is my loss.” (Dolla)

‘What’s this…’

“But, we’re going to fight again. Just wait and see.” (Dolla)

‘No… Why is this guy so troublesome?’

“I don’t want to.” (Yuri)

“Bastard… are you going to win and run?” (Dolla)

I was looked with scornful eyes.

“If we do it a hundred times now, I will win a hundred times. Did not you understand yesterday’s fight?” (Yuri)

“It is such a thing, I have to try…” (Dolla)

“Oh, you might be able to win if you attack at night, or surprise attack.” (Yuri)

“Do you think I will do that!?” (Dolla)

‘I was quite relieved myself. I won’t be able to use the dormitory if it comes to surprise attack or night attack.’

“You… I said it yesterday, right? If you invite a Knight for a fight, it can’t be helped to be killed, you know? You don’t know what that means at all.” (Yuri)

“Ugh…” (Dolla)

“If I was serious, you are not standing right now. You would lose your eyes, your arms and legs were broken, and you wouldn’t be able stand again. Can you imagine that?” (Yuri)

For a moment, Dora turned into a horrible expression.

‘I wonder if he imagines that he had become a cripple.’

“Yesterday, I fought with great care not to hurt you. Of course, it is not because you are important, but because adults get upset when you are seriously injured.” (Yuri)

‘It is a lie that I was paying attention to that, but it is true that I was doing it with discretion.’

“I didn’t use bone-breaking techniques, I was careful not to break your teeth when I hit you, and I was careful not to break my nose bones. As a result, you have a swollen face. Even so, you want to fight again? Don’t want to admit losing? Do you think how far should I go easy on you so that you won’t die?” (Yuri)

“Ugh… Kuh…” (Dolla)

He looked frustrated.

‘Oh, I guess Galla told you yesterday that I did the same thing.’

“You are a stray dog that is not worth to fight. If you want to challenge me, please polish yourself to such an extent that you can’t be said to be a stray dog.” (Yuri)

When I said that…

“…” (Dolla)

…Dolla stood on the spot with a beaten expression.

I passed by his side and entered the dormitory.

I soon regretted it.

‘Saying those in that kind of mood… what would I do if ten years later he says ‘I did as you said. I had secluded myself in the mountains to train myself. Now, don’t die on me, alright?’ or something like that while holding a spear. That is going to be a trouble.  Why did I say that to him?’



When I returned to the dormitory, I was given a cold look to the dorm master, but there were no other problems. When I entered the room, the hinges were fixed, and there were no ink stains.

However, that rotten idiot has done a bad thing for another roommate, anyway. It would have been a surprise if they came in when there was such an appearance in the room.

I thought that when I was looking at the room, but the luggage of my roommates hadn’t been unpacked. They probably didn’t come yesterday. Since the room was so miserable, there might be a consideration that it wasn’t good for them to stay in here, and they were temporarily sent to another room or something.

Incidentally, I became so hungry. Should I come to eat breakfast? It was before the sky became bright that I left the house, so I did not put anything in my mouth.


*Don* *Don* *Don*

…it sounded three times.

After a while, it became noisy and the students came out to the hallway.

‘Is it the bell of an alarm clock earlier? Is it time for meal now? Let’s go downstairs.’

When I went to the dining room on the lower floor, there was a good smell of bread.

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After having a buffet breakfast, some sort of orientation began.

“Yes, please look at this” (??)

The dorm master pointed to the wall with a thin wooden stick. There was a canvas pasted with cloth.

The cloth was a thick cloth used as a sail on the sailing ship, which also known as sailcloth. What was written was not a kind of painting, but something like an inventory.

“For you to graduate from the school of Knights, you must take three hundred credits of these.” (Dorm Master)

‘I see, is it a list of classes? But three hundred credits are a lot. There are also classes that give ten credits in one piece.’

The following was a summary of the talk given by the dorm master.

Half of the three hundred credits, or 150 credits were classes unique to the school of Knights, which 100 credits were practical skills and 50 credits were lectures. In a word, one third of the graduation credits of the school of Knights would be acquired by classes that that required moving the body.

There were two kinds of classes, one was compulsory and the other was optional. It seems that there were a lot of differences depending on how to choose an elective course.

The reason for this wasn’t because the Infantry Department, the Cavalry Department, and the Artillery department which were completely different. There was no such division at all.

Among the candidates, there were people who wanted to become a Heavenly Knight who rode the Eagle King, and it seemed that the curriculum will change because not all people with the school of Knights would become a Heavenly Knight. It seemed that students had to receive a lot of specialized practical skills to become a Heavenly Knight. However, fortunately, all the practical skills were recognized as graduation credits.

As for riding the Eagle King, even if the students wanted to become a Heavenly Knight, there was a possibility of not able to become one even if they desired for it. It was tough for now since people were inexperienced, so that might take a while. However, it was a nice way to say that they didn’t have talents to become one. For example, those who were afraid being in midair, and those who couldn’t see the bottom.

The other half, or the other 150 credits, were general classes in common with the school of Liberal Arts. There were also 120 compulsory credits, and the remaining 30 credits were up to the students’ choices.

It seemed that the compulsory courses were a must. Even if people became a knight, it would be embarrassing if they had no minimum education. They needed to learn national language, arithmetic, social studies, and history.

There were a variety of elective general subjects. There were some subjects that taught science, but I guessed most of them were nonsense. There was something about the ancient Shang language, but I didn’t want to be involved in that language in the future, so I wouldn’t take it at all. When think about it, it is the kind of old-fashioned literature that I hated in the previous life.

There was something to be worried about in it. ‘Kura language course’. Indeed.

I was surprised to hear that there was a method of learning. This knowledge might become a treasure in life.

Other than Shanti who I knew to be the human who lived in this world, it was great if I could learn Kuran language. If the country was destroyed and there was no place to go, I would have to either to live by hiding in an area controlled by the Kuran, or to keep moving until I reached the land without being persecuted.

On that occasion, there would be a world of difference if I knew the language or not.

It was said that the Kuran hate the Shanti, but because the Eurasian continent was wide, our people probably wouldn’t be  hated in all areas, and if I looked for places such as unexplored remote islands, there should still be more.

“So, did you understand?” (Dorm Master)

The dorm master said so, but I wasn’t sure how much I understood. Among the people here, half of them probably understood this explanation.

“Please go to the consultation room later if you have troubles. You make a timetable together.” (Dorm Master)

After all, it seems that the dorm master would make it completely.

“Well then, I will teach you what to do today. What we do today is a test on the exemption of compulsory classes. Some of you may already be familiar with the language and arithmetic, and do not need to take some classes. These students would be exempted from the classes and given credits.” (Dorm Master)

‘Seriously? Not only are the compulsory lectures exempted, but the credits are falling from the sky. Thank God. The top management of this Academy must be some kind of God.’

“However, this application is voluntary. You will be asked to apply for a self-report, and the teachers will test you individually. In addition, the person, who was below the standard in the examination of the other day, can not apply. Those who do not need to apply for an exemption or are not eligible to receive the exemption will be asked to make a class timetable today.” (Dorm Master)

‘I see. Here comes the effect of the examination before the entrance ceremony.’

‘As a teacher, if they interview students who can’t understand that level of the previous examination, it won’t be enough no matter how much time they have.’

‘I guess a borderline has been set. I’m glad I was able to do my best.’

‘The sound of the phrase of credits that came down from the sky has a tremendous appeal. That may be due to the trauma of the university student’s life that always chased by credits.’



“Hmm……. I can’t believe it, but your knowledge of arithmetic might be better than me.” (??)

“Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘Yeay. Let me give a standing ovation inside. With this, I got 30 credits because of arithmetic and abacus.’

“It’s worthwhile to receive a special lecture at the school of Liberal Arts, but there is no class that can be taught in the school of Knights.” (??)

“Thank you very much.” (Yuri)

‘Good, good. So far so good.’

“However, your abacus is still not good.” (??)

“Eh?” (Yuri)

‘Abacus is no good?’

“Well, I’ll exempt you from the intermediate abacus with special bonus. Please take the advance abacus.” (??)

‘My abacus is no good, is it? By the way, I learned how to handle it and now I can go through it, but it is still not enough.’

‘From the way of speaking, it feels like I am barely exempted from the intermediate class. In order to be exempted from the advanced level, it may be necessary to crackle at an afterimage speed that only can be seen by an amateur from the experts in abacus.’

‘By the way, the abacus is a different one from the one used in Japan. The shape is so-so, but there are no beams in the middle, and there are nine round balls in a row.

‘Well, half of the lesson is already exempted, so it’s all good. The best thing, I am exempted from taking all five arithmetic classes.’

‘Anyhow, that’s 27 credits exemption. Out of the national language, history, social studies and arithmetic, I am totally exempted from taking all national language classes. For history and social studies, I am exempted on everything except the last class. Thus, from 120 credits of compulsory classes, 104 credits have been exempted. The special classes of the school of Knights are also exempted by 16 credits out of 50 credits. Therefore, the total credits exemption is 120 credits. In other words, I’ve been exempted by 40% of credits out of 300 credits.’


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The interview which took until midnight was over and I returned to the dormitory. In the dormitory, the dorm master had a haggard face probably because she had to deal with kids all day long.

I went to the cafeteria because I was hungry, and Myaro was having a late dinner. The excellent students were expected to go through a lot of interviews, so there might be a lot of them similar to me.

I received a tray filled with food and went to Myaro.

“Can I join you?” (Yuri)

When I said that…

“Yes, please.” (Myaro)

…he told me so.

We were talking while having a meal.

“I’m glad there is such a mechanism. You also got a lot of credit exemption, right?” (Yuri)

“Yes, I got 93 credits exemption.” (Myaro)

‘93 credits… That’s great.’

‘However, the curriculum itself is designed to help children who can’t really write letters nor do addition. Speaking of ten years old, that will be about the fifth year of elementary school. The children who receive private tutors or go to cram school would be exempted from 1st year up to 5th year classes. I thought about 30 to 40 credits for exemptions would be hard for a well-educated child who is a little smart. In addition to that, it is amazing that he gets 93 credits exemption.’

“As I expected, Myaro is smart.” (Yuri)

I knew it.

“There is no such thing. How about you, Yuri-kun?” (Myaro)

“I got 120 credits.” (Yuri)

Myaro dropped the spoon. That rolled onto the tap on the wooden tray.

‘What? Is there something wrong? However, I don’t want to lie.’

“Well, I have to say, but I have also been studying for that matter.” (Yuri)

‘Excessive modesty will lead to bad situation, like the matter with Carol. Let’s say that I have made an effort accordingly. In fact, it has been done in correspond to Satsuki.’

“I-I see. Even so, it is amazing. Isn’t that the best record?” (Myaro)

“Well, I don’t know.” (Yuri)

‘I want you to stop with the best record. Just let it go by.’

“I don’t care about the record, but I’m glad it’s easier to graduate. I wish I could graduate soon.” (Yuri)

“I agree. However, it seems we can’t graduate early in the school of Knights, you know.” (Myaro)


“What do you mean?” (Yuri)

“It’s because the school of Knights has practical skills.” (Myaro)

‘Oh, that’s right.’

‘There are classes that I have to do one by one in order. It’s like taking the multiplication class after completing the addition class. It will take many years to clear the practical skills one by one like climbing the stairs.’

“I see, I wonder how many years it will take when the practical skill goes smoothly.” (Yuri)

“In theory, it’s seven years.” (Myaro)

‘That takes a while. As expected, Myaro knows everything.’

“Oh, if it goes well, is it seventeen years old when you will graduate?” (Yuri)

‘But, Rook said that it would usually take until about twenty-five years old. In fact, seven years would be impossible.’

‘For example, since advance Jujitsu practical skill requires third year high school skills, it will not be easy to get it even if you get qualified in the third year of middle school. Even though experience can be filled with talent and effort, physique is hard to overcome.’

‘It happens a lot and it gives you the feeling that instead of the shortest seven years, it will take fifteen years to graduate.’

“No, no matter how talented and strong you are, I heard that the last practical skill will be prohibited if you are not twenty years old.” (Myaro)

‘Oh my. It doesn’t seem like that.’

“Why is that? So, is it not possible for me graduate early?” (Yuri)

“Depending on the situation, the Knights may have to go to the battlefields as soon as they get their title. This is something like it’s not good to send you to the battlefield if your physique is not ready no matter how talented you are.” (Myaro)

“Oh, that kind of thing” (Yuri)

‘The Shanti have a slow pace of growth. According to my memory, the speed of growth is similar up to ten years old compared to the human race on earth. However, the Shanti only looks like high school students even if they are twenty years old. At about twenty-five years old, they finally look like an adult. The appearance is quite youthful, and it is the feeling that this is the way of Shanti life.’

‘Since the appearance of 17 years old is still like a child, considering the age of going to the battlefield, it feels like a child soldier even at the age of twenty. It is too sad for these talented people to graduate at the age of seventeen, but to be killed because they are send out to the battlefield while still growing. In that sense, the 20-year-old may be a compromise point of the Academy.’

“Well, there’s no point in hurrying so much.” (Yuri)

“That’s what I’m talking about.” (Myaro)

‘But, I guess I have to do my best to graduate at the age of twenty. If you do that, it will not seem too difficult if I get enough credits exemption.’

“Is this similar to those in the school of Liberal Arts?” (Yuri)

“They can graduate from the university as quickly as possible. It’s better to graduate rather early, so there are many people who hurry up. The importance of credits exemption is also different from that of the school of Knights.” (Myaro)

‘Heh, is that so?’

“Myaro is very knowledgeable.” (Yuri)

“That’s not true. I just know a lot of boring stuff.” (Myaro)

‘I don’t think it’s boring…’

“Where do you learn that?” (Yuri)

“Well, remembering such trivial things is like the work of the Witch households.” (Myaro)

‘Oh really?’

“I see, the households with the history are different.” (Yuri)

“I agree. My household is also one of the seven Great Witch Households. Our history can be traced back to the Great Empire.” (Myaro)

‘It is great to be able to trace back to the era of Great Empire.’

The Hou Household could be traced back to that era, but it seemed that the Hou Household was an ordinary farmer in the rural area of the southern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Before long, the unknown ancestor-sama worked hard and he became a wealthy farmer from just an ordinary farmer. He gave birth to the Hou Household.

After becoming a wealthy farmer, the impoverished country collapsed due to war. Having repeated confusion and violent fight in the country, the household became like a powerful clan with its territory in the southern region. Then, when the Kingdom of Shaalta was formed, the center of it was Shaalta Full Chartres. In order to win the Hou Household, she appointed the ancestor to be the General of the southern region.

In other words, it was an upstart farmer family, but it was close to nine hundred years ago. If the upstart continues for nine hundred years, it will be a great household with a history. However, it was difficult to say that it could be traced back to the Great Empire era, as the family tree was only from the time of becoming a powerful clan.

“I can’t even imagine what kind of time is that.” (Yuri)

‘I can’t imagine working at the imperial castle.’

“I didn’t do anything.” (Myaro)

Myaro said with a calm face.

‘He is not a NEET. There’s no such thing.’

“There’s no way I’m not doing anything.” (Yuri)

“No, I’m not doing anything amazing. These blackmailer Marmaset and conspiracy-lover Charleville seem busy, but compared to those women, money will come in even if I don’t do anything. If I do strange things behind the scenes, they will be angry on the contrary.” (Myaro)

It was a bit ironic.

‘I see. It’s like a useless employee who got scold because he does something bad. And it’s like… he can’t be dismissed because he is a relative of the company president.’

‘When I think about it, it is true that I remember the name of Gudanvier, but I don’t know what they are doing. I suppose they don’t do anything?’

“Hmm, is that so?” (Yuri)

“The Hou Household is much more amazing.” (Myaro)

“Really?” (Yuri)

‘What about it? Well, the household is surely amazing. Rook is also working properly with that.’

“The history of the General is full of glory and honor. The Witch Households are a big deal, but it doesn’t do anything for anyone.” (Myaro)

‘What? He is bashing the Witch Households… Is Myaro a fan of my household?’

“I do not feel bad if you say so. Well, I don’t know if I’m going to enter the General Household.” (Yuri)

“Eh?” (Myaro)

Myaro was surprised. He made quite an astonished face.

‘It’s a bit funny. It may be a face that can’t be seen all the time.’

“Aren’t you going to be the chief of your household in the future?” (Myaro)

“No, I’m not.” (Yuri)

“Eh?” (Yuri)

“Instead of me becoming the chief, the husband of my female cousin would be the one. I am originally the son of a rancher.” (Yuri)

“??? So, the alternative plan is to have the husband take care of the household? I mean, since you are talented, wouldn’t it be better for you to be the chief?” (Myaro)

“No. That will be the matter if I quit the school of Knights when it doesn’t fit me.” (Yuri)

“…Eh.” (Myaro)

Myaro was stunned. He had an unbelievable face.

‘What? Is it that bad? I might have let you down all the way, is it?’

“I was originally going to be a rancher at a bird farm. I don’t think the rancher’s job would be too bad if I don’t become a Knight.” (Yuri)

“Eh, you are not joking about being a rancher, am I right?” (Myaro)

“I’m not. A rancher is a great job, you know?” (Yuri)

‘Rancher is a fine job.’

‘If I had been in the Hou Household and lived for many years, I wouldn’t think it wasn’t bad to be a Knight. Rather, I would think that I would like to come to want it. In the previous life, I was just a son of a rich person in the countryside. Since I didn’t do anything even though I was the scion of the company, I never had to be forced to make decisions.’

‘However, when time passes, in fact, I still didn’t want to be the owner at all. When I look at Rook, he doesn’t have a complete good life, but I didn’t see him became unhappy at all. Before this, I couldn’t think that I will be happier before this. Of course, the money I can freely use has increased more than before. It’s like being pampered in a high society. So, Suzuya doesn’t have to use her hands anymore, and she doesn’t need to wash laundries with hands. But that doesn’t directly mean happiness.’

‘I’m glad that my life, Rook’s and Suzuya’s are better than before. I sure think so. I’m also like Rook, we feel that we have it better with handling a bird ranch. That’s why we prefer that way.’

‘Now that I hold sentiment toward Syamu, I am thinking that it might be alright to become the Chief if it can prevent Syamu from an unhappy marriage, but I will be happy to give up my dream job if I fall in love with Syamu at first sight and appear before her like a prince on a white horse.’

“Uh … that’s certainly true. So, you don’t want to be the Chief?” (Myaro)

“I don’t know.” (Yuri)

‘This is the same pattern as Carol. Although I was born in a General Household, I don’t take pride of being a Knight. It’s disgraceful. It’s that kind of feeling.’

‘Even if it’s a Knight, I don’t want to think of it if I have to be around that idiot. They probably disapprove me, but I think they won’t be angry.’

‘But, Myaro is the second seat or the third seat. He should have made a reasonable effort. If he isn’t unlucky as me, he probably can become the Chief. So, I have to choose the answer carefully.’

“I feel like a rancher job is suitable for me, so it depends on my cousin.” (Yuri)

“Eh… no, I mean, it doesn’t matter what you will become. It’s just that I think you are the one fit for the job. You aren’t only good at studying, but also having courage.” (Myaro)

“Really? I don’t have the courage.” (Yuri)

‘If I have the courage, I won’t become like what in the previous life. I was held by power, swayed by a woman and got hurt. I was a secluded trash. I have no courage.’

“Well, if I go on like this, it seems that I’m likely to become the chief of the family.” (Yuri)

“Y-yes… that’s right.” (Myaro)

His eyes were somehow hollow.

‘Why is this guy so shocked? I think that’s not a big deal.’

“Let’s think of a timetable together. It will be a relief if we take as many classes together.” (Yuri)

“Y-yes. Let’s do so.” (Myaro)

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