The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 28 (Self Edited) – Intermission 2 – Syamu’s Enrollment


Intermission 2 – Syamu’s Enrollment

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When I was ten years old, I was supposed to go to school. The school was the school of Liberal Arts which I had no idea what to learn.

To be honest, I already had a teacher and I didn’t think it was necessary. I wondered why I had to go there. It was strange.

However, Okaa-san told me that I would learn something that I hadn’t. It couldn’t be helped then. I must be ignorant of something. It was because ignorant people didn’t know what they were ignorant until they were taught.

The school of Liberal Arts was located on the same compound as the school of Knights where Yuri attended. If I had to be more specific, it was the school where the Great Library, where Okaa-san always visited, was located. It wasn’t a similar school as Yuri’s, but… it wasn’t wrong to think of it as something similar, right?

Before entering school, there seems to be an examination to decide the class standing, so I went to school ahead of the admission and did it. I solved the same problems together with the children of the same age who wore similar attire.

There were problems that were easy enough for an idiot to do it, and there were also problems that I didn’t understand. I was able to do most of it because Okaa-san made me learned it for this half year.

Then, the next day, I attended an event called the entrance ceremony. I sat in order that it is excellent from the front, I was in the middle.

Yuri, Rook-san and Okaa-san were sitting side by side in the nearby seating for the parents. I was dressed in the same uniform with the people around me.

During the ceremony, there were many things I wanted to think about, but I couldn’t concentrate because the noise was loud.

I felt that I had a poor understanding of astrodynamics, and Yuri taught me a lot yesterday.  ‘Then, if you think of it as a simple model without an atmosphere on the Earth, by throwing a rock horizontally at the right speed, it will go around the earth without falling to the ground and come back from the back of the head. As long as they don’t get in the way, it’s the same satellite with the moon.’ Since he said so, that had arranged my thoughts.

But, there were so many people I didn’t know. As expected, I couldn’t concentrate in a place where people on the platform were chattering. I gave up thinking.

When I suddenly looked at Yuri, our eyes met. While looking at me, he waved his hand slightly.

Aah… I was happy. I was.

It had been difficult to meet Yuri since a year ago, but I could see him more from now on. When I thought so, I wonder if this situation wasn’t bad at all.

However, it wasn’t bad at the time when I couldn’t see him before this. Even during that time, I wasn’t away from Yuri.

I always thought of him at that time. I thought of it deeply and I managed to get to the end of it. When Yuri returned and did the question, he seemed happy. He said that it was a good question and stroked my hat.

Then, I was happy since I had been recognized. The itchy and ticklish feeling spread all over the body.

After that, he always told me the clue to solve the question. Thereupon, the feeling I had when we couldn’t meet disappeared. I didn’t feel lonely anymore.

On the platform, there were endless stories that I didn’t really understand its meaning, what was so interesting about it, and what they were trying to teach me. Then, a male student and a female student rose to the platform, said the oath and kissed the back of the hand of the Queen.

This was something that Okaa-san said.

It was an honor for Okaa-san to hold this role before, and Yuri did the same last year. I had been told that. That was why they told me to do my best. But I was sitting at such a place far from the top. I could not live up to Okaa-san’s expectations.

But, it was alright. That was because Yuri always praised me.



When the ceremony finally ended, I was feeling very tired. It was because I had been told endless boring stories that came into my ears on its own. As I became tired with this unpleasant feeling, Yuri came closer immediately and held my hand.

“Are you alright?” (Yuri)

“…Yes.” (Syamu)

I stood out from the chair with the help of Yuri.

“Next is to go to the dormitory, right?” (Syamu)

“N, there is still time, so it’s time to eat. I also have a reservation.” (Yuri)

Aah, really? I still had time to go to the dormitory.

I didn’t want to enter the dormitory, but it was inevitable. I couldn’t imagine living in the same room with someone I didn’t know.

It seemed that this also didn’t go well for Yuri. Aah, yes. It was the day of the last year, when Yuri came back home.

He went along with a person who unbelievably a primitive man. He fought that guy and returned home.

“Yuri, will I be alright?” (Syamu)

I became worried and asked him instinctively.

“About what?” (Yuri)

“I don’t know what to do if I have a roommate who is someone like you had quarreled last year.” (Syamu)

When I said that, Yuri was burst into laughter.

“Haha… hahaha…” (Yuri)

I wonder what I said so funny.

Yuri had a laugh that didn’t suit him. If it wasn’t because we were in the public area, it would be interesting to see him rolling on the ground and laughing while holding his belly. He desperately tried to cover his mouth. Far from that, he also shut his nose, desperately trying to stop the laughter. It was my first time to see Yuri laughing like this.

“Hehe, Yuri. This is not a laughing matter.” (Syamu)

I said that to Yuri, while slightly smiling at him.

“Haa, haa…” (Yuri)

He was somewhat catching his breathing.

“Let’s calm down by counting prime numbers.” (Yuri)

He mumbled and uttered something of unknown meaning. I wondered if he would settle down and count the prime numbers.

“You’re so mean. I’m really worried, you know.” (Syamu)

“It’s alright. If it is that kind of person… in the Liberal Arts, they will be like a protected species.” (Yuri)


“Protected species?” (Syamu)

It was my first time to hear that term.

“It is rare to see them. Yeah… the difference between this kind of people and the Liberal Arts is like between the outer planet and the inner planet. It is impossible that the outer planet happened to be the inner part of the earth. Since they are such an animal, the possibility of them staying in the Liberal Arts is zero. So, don’t worry.” (Yuri)

Aah, yes. In other words, I didn’t have to worry because the world we lived in was different. That would be reassuring.

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While being escorted by Yuri, I left the royal castle and took a carriage ride to the restaurant.

The restaurant seemed to be in the very high threshold, and when we sat down in a private room, the dish came out immediately. I munched and ate the dishes that had slightly different taste than the ones I had at home. It was delicious and since I was hungry, I felt like I could eat everything.

“…” (Satsuki)

And, I noticed that Okaa-san was watching me like that.

“What is it?” (Syamu)

“Are you alright?” (Satsuki)

Okaa-san put her hands on her cheeks, and she had a worrying face.

“About what?” (Yuri)

When I asked that…

“…Haa.” (Satsuki)

She sighed.

“It’s nothing, really. It’s just that don’t you think the way you’re eating is not clean?” (Yuri)

Yuri helped out by giving a clue. It seemed that my way of eating wasn’t appropriate. …I wanted to say that I was eating it as usual.

“But…” (Syamu)

“It’s fine. To begin with, you don’t really have to get along with those pretentious people of the Witch household.” (Yuri)

I didn’t get what he meant.

“There are such people, isn’t it?” (Satsuki)

“Are you worried about bullying?” (Yuri)

“Well, yes.” (Satsuki)

Bully? What is that?

In the past, I was told not to bully a cat when I was pulling its tail at my home. I wondered if they were worried about that. I learned my lesson since the cat clawed me at that time. So, I didn’t want them to worry about that.

“I forgot to tell you, but I’ve asked Her Highness to help you, Syamu.” (Yuri)

“Eh, Her Highness Carol?” (Syamu)

“Yes, I’ve helped her in exchange, so you don’t owe her anything.” (Yuri)

“I’m not worried about that.” (Syamu)

“Her Highness also seems to be doing well in the school of Liberal Arts. So, if you ask her, she will help you.” (Yuri)

“I see. I can finally feel at ease with this. Yuri-kun, thank you for your concern.” (Satsuki)

I didn’t know who that was, but Yuri seemed to have asked someone about me. Was that person going to be my roommate?



Once I got home, Yuri and I both got on a carriage and headed to school. At that time, I wasn’t anxious. I talked to Yuri a lot in the carriage, but the reply that came back was always ‘It’s fine’ and ‘Don’t worry’.

The two of us rode a carriage that run on the cobblestone road for a while. When we reached the school, we got off the carriage. Somehow, I was still reluctant to enter the dormitory. It felt itchy.

There were a lot of carriages and a lot of classmate-like kids at the same time.

“You’re late.” (C????)

There was a woman who suddenly talked. She talked to Yuri.

She had see-through golden hair and it extended to the back. Her hair seemed like a wheat field. Her eyes had a profound color of the sea.

She had a very dignified and imposing air around her. And, she was wearing a similar uniform as me.

What a beautiful person. I wondered who she was. Was she a senpai?

“I have been eating for a while with Mother. We aren’t going to see each other for quite some time.” (Yuri)

“I see… that can’t be helped then.” (C????)

They were somewhat friendly. She looked like Yuri’s friend.

“Hello, Yuri-kun.” (M????)

The other person who spoke to him was the same person who wore the same uniform as Yuri.

When compared to that of Yuri, the line of the body was very slender. Besides, he looked very soft. He had a very well-groomed face, and at first I thought that he might be a woman, but I realized that he wasn’t so because the hair was short.

I had seen a lot of men, like martial artists and soldiers, so that gave me a fresh feeling since there were also such men.

“You… why are you here?” (Yuri)

Yuri looked at that person with a slightly puzzled face.

“I heard that Yuri Kun’s cousin will be enrolled. I thought I’d take a look at her.” (M????)

“Are you a child?” (Yuri)

“That girl over there is a cousin, isn’t she?” (C????)

“Yes.” (Yuri)

“I-I am Syamu. Nice to meet you.” (Syamu)

I bowed my head and said hello.

“Yeah, nice to meet you. I am Myaro.” (Myaro)

The person, who called himself Myaro, returned the greeting with a sidelong glance.

“Nice to meet you.” (Syamu)

I was nervous and for some reason I repeated ‘Nice to meet you’ twice. Was it weird? It was embarrassing. Without laughing at me, Myaro-san looked at me with a friendly smile.

“He just wants to see you, Syamu. So, don’t mind him.” (Yuri)

“That’s mean.” (Myaro)

Despite being told that, Myaro-san was somewhat happy. He was treated without formality, but I could feel that he was happy. What kind of relationship was that?

“She is the one I want to introduce you, Syamu.” (Yuri)

“I’m Carol. Nice to meet you.” (Carol)

The woman named Carol held out her hand, asking for a handshake. I held that hand.

The skin of the palm was a little hard, though it was a thin and beautiful hand. The skin that had become hard and wrinkled was stuck in my hand, and I was a little tickled. It was somewhat similar to Yuri’s hand.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Syamu.” (Syamu)

“Syamu-chan, is it? Unlike your cousin, you are a straightforward and cute girl. I have a good feeling about you.” (Carol)

“Do you feel unpleasant?” (Yuri)

Yuri said it while amusingly smiling. I was asked whether I felt unpleasant, but I completely didn’t feel that. It was a bit funny.

Yuri’s attitude toward these two people was very different from his attitude toward me and my family. I felt that it was unnecessary concern.

Was it done among friends? I wonder if I could make friends like this.

“Even so, she’s really a cute little girl.” (Carol)

While tightly grasping and shaking my hands, she stroked my head with the other hand.

I wondered about me being a little girl. It was true that the people who sat with me at the morning entrance ceremony were taller than me, despite being of the same age as me.

Even so, she stroked my head wonderfully. She was quite tenacious.

“That much is fine. She is not a cat or anything.” (Yuri)

“Uhh… yeah.” (Carol)

Carol-san finally took my hands off of my head.

This time, Yuri touched my head. He straightened my hair. It was somehow embarrassing.

When he finished straightening my hair…

“Well, I’m counting on you.” (Yuri)

…Yuri-san tapped Carol-san’s shoulder.

“I got it. More importantly, you know about the gratitude, right?

“Yeah, I know. Aah… the truth is, I don’t want to let you ride it, but… it can’t be helped.” (Yuri)

“Hehehe, I will definitely ride it.” (Carol)

“Your Highness. That is nicely…” (Myaro)

I could hear from Myaro-san’s mouth.

“So, please.” (Yuri)

“Leave it to me.” (Carol)

As Carol-san said that, she took my hand again. Yuri turned his back on me.

It looked like he was going to go somewhere else. Eh?

“Yuri is not coming?” (Syamu)

“Yes. I will be killed if I come along.” (Yuri)

Eh? H-he would be killed?

“Syamu-chan, men can’t enter women’s dormitory, you know.” (Carol)


The dormitory was a place where Yuri could not enter!?

I did not expect to be in the same dormitory, but I didn’t think that he couldn’t come in. Then, where should I meet Yuri?


“There’s nothing to worry about. I’m with you.” (Carol)

That didn’t become a consolation to me…



After saying goodbye to Yuri, I was brought to a big building by Carol-san.

It was a building with piles of stones and bricks, and a lot of windows on the walls. The building was much bigger than a country mansion. If this was a dormitory, I wondered how many people lived there.

There was a crowd in front of the gate. It was somewhat noisy. It seemed that the children, who newly entered the dormitory like me, were making noise.

I walked in the crowded streets with my hand pulled.

“Good day, Carol-sama.” (??)

The passerby greeted her uniformly. What was going on?

“Good day, Carol-sama.” (??)

We met people, and they greeted her.

I wonder if it was a procedure to greet such when one met face to face? A similar greeting was held all over the place. But, it seemed that only Carol-san was the only person who greeted everyone just by walking. It was kind of strange.

In the past when Father was still alive, the guards and servants greeted the same way when I returned together with him. But they didn’t say ‘Good day’. They either said ‘Thank you for the hard work’ or ‘Welcome back’.

Now, Mother and Rook-san were also greeted in the same way. It gave the feeling of a dorm master.

However, there were some students who were much larger than Carol and they were like adults. Everyone wore the same uniform as me, although the sizes varied. They also greeted Carol-san with ‘Good day’.

Carol-san replied with either ‘Yeah’ or ‘Good morning’. She was somehow amazing.

“The basic here is that it would be the best if you say ‘Good day’.” (Carol)

I should say that, right?

“I understand.” (Syamu)

I heard such a word for the first time, but maybe it was something specific to the people in this dorm. ‘Good day, good day’. It was so long compared to ‘Morning’, so it was difficult to say it many times from morning.

“Good day, Carol-sama.” (Syamu)

I did it as a trial, but Carol-san was burst into laughter.

“Hehe, that’s fine.” (Carol)

“What is strange about that?” (Syamu)

“No, it’s not strange, but it is interesting when Yuri’s cousin says it, I think.” (Carol)

I wonder what was the strange part…

We went through the large door of the dormitory as it was, and went inside. Then, we got into an open space. Natural sunlight came through the vaulted ceiling. Apparently, the middle of the building was hollowed out.

The hollowed out part was a garden, with a small forest. The tall trees were all Birch. At the root was a shrub with bright flowers. The green color of the plant appeared to shine in the world of stones.

There was a crowd in a large lobby area in front of the garden. It seemed that a schedule was somewhat pasted there.

“Let me through.” (Carol)

When Carol came into the crowd while saying that, a road was immediately opened. Amazing. Carol seemed to be a special presence here.

“Hmm, where is it… Found it, alright.” (Carol)

She said that alone. Then, she started walking again while pulling my hand.



After climbing up the stairs to the third floor, Carol-san stopped at one room.

“This is Syamu-chan’s room.” (Carol)

Carol-san knocked the door.

“Come in.” (??)

A voice was returned.

When I entered, it was a small room with bunk beds. It was as big as my room in a countryside mansion.

There was a small closet and two desks next to the bed. One desk was a blank and empty desk, while there was a person who sat at the other desk.

The other desk was messily loaded with things, and it was a mess. It was like my desk at home. Okaa-san always told me to clean it up.

“Lily. This is the child I was talking about.” (Carol)

“Yes.” (Lily)

The person called Lily, had a thick apron in front of her uniform.

“She is a cute child, isn’t it?” (Carol)

She sat on the chair as it was. She looked at me and said that. She looked like a gentle person. There was a dialect of those who live at the side of the mountain. In addition, she looked somewhat older than me and Carol-san.

“Well, let’s get along.” (Lily)

She waved her hand.

“Nice to meet you.” (Syamu)

I bowed my head.

With this person, I might be able to get along well. It wasn’t that scary.

“What a polite child. Her Highness said that I was going to take care of you.” (Lily)

Lily was somehow relieved. What kind of person did she think I was? However, I was afraid of people in my room who I hadn’t met.

“I also met her for the first time today.” (Carol)

“Is that so? Well then, Yuri-kun is more worried.” (Lily)

“That’s true. It should be alright since this child is several times smarter than him, he told me something like he was scared that she would be polluted by idiots.” (Carol)

What did Yuri say? What were they talking about?

There was no such a thing. Yuri always told that it was because he had live a year longer, so it was kind of cheating, but even though it had been three years since we met, I couldn’t seem to get to the level of Yuri when I first met him. Let alone a year, I felt that there was a difference about a hundred years.

That means, Yuri could explain a hundred times better than me. It was logically impossible for me to be smarter than Yuri.

“She is smarter than Yuri-kun, is it? What an amazing child.” *(Lily)

“That’s not true.” (Syamu)

I denied it in haste.

“Well, if you think calmly, it may be so. If a child like Yuri-kun is born repeatedly, that would be incredible.” (Lily)

It seemed that she was convinced.

That was great. I heard the word incredible for the first time.

There were many words I heard for the first time today. Good day, incredible What were those words mean?

“It’s enough for me to be alone. I’m glad that Syamu-chan doesn’t resemble him.” (Carol)

“Is that so? I think that would be interesting.” (Lily)

“If you are close friend with him, you’ll understand. He is quite twisted. Since he is capable, it’s difficult to get rid of him.” (Carol)

She said so coldly… I didn’t know whether it was a compliment or a criticize. However, I didn’t think that Yuri was a twisted person.

“Our schedules don’t match.” (Lily)

Lily-san seems to be really sorry.

“Sorry to interrupt, please excuse me. I have to show her around the dormitory.” (Carol)

“Eh, are you going to do that too, Your Highness? You’re always busy.” (Lily)

“It’s a promise with him. So, I have to do it properly.” (Carol)

“I see. That’s exceptional, isn’t it?” (Lily)

Lily-san was grinning.

“It’s not exceptional, but it’s the first thing he’s ever asked for.” (Carol)

Did Yuri ask Carol-san something unreasonable? I’m sorry.

“That’s what exceptional means.” (Lily)

“No, it’s not.” (Carol)

“It’s just that, if you want to do it, you will say it because of your sense of duty, right? Am I right~?” (Lily)

“Don’t be stupid. This is just a deal.” (Carol)

“Heh, a deal, is it? What is the deal?” (Lily)

Lily seemed to be interested.

“…I’m going.” (Carol)

Carol didn’t answer Lily-san’s question, but she pulled me out of the room.

“Syamu-chan, see ya~” (Lily)

I heard a voice from the other side of the door.

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Then, I was guided to various places while going up and down the stairs. There were various facilities such as a laundry room, a bathroom, a cooking area, a water area, a well, a shop, a dining room and so on. Carol-san was the focus of attention wherever I went, and if I wanted to go there, she opened the way from there.

However, as I walked from the dining room to the garden while she held my hand, suddenly a shadow appeared and blocked the two of us. Of course, it was a girl.

Did she have some kind of business?

When I thought so…

“Onee-sama! What on earth are you doing!!?” (??)

…that girl suddenly yelled out.

Since I was obviously meeting her for this first time, I wasn’t this girl’s Onee-sama. I assumed that she was the younger sister of Carol-san.

As I was a freshman enrolled this year, I wonder if she was the same age as me. Carol-san was just above me, so it was reasonable to think so.

The girl in front of me had a very pretty face, and the wheat-colored hair of the older sister. They resembled each other, but somehow she was in tears with her face in red, and that ruined her pretty face.

When I looked at Carol-san, she made a face of ‘Dang’. It looked like she didn’t want to meet her.

“I’m not doing anything.” (Carol)

“Who is this girl!?” (??)

She was pointing at me with her index finger. I felt like she was being rude, but that didn’t overwhelm me.

“She is the cousin of my schoolmate. He asked me to be her patron.” (Carol)

“I’m your real sister, you know!? If Onee-sama is not my patron, my standpoint isn’t like this!” (??)

I couldn’t understand the situation at all, but the girl was shouting too emotionally. It was the first time to other people getting angry, and I was scared.

“No matter what your standpoint is, you are a royalty. No one is making light of you. So, don’t worry about it.” (Carol)

“That isn’t the problem, right!?” (??)

“That is the problem. In fact, I didn’t get a patron from the start. A royalty has its own way to deal with…” (Carol)

“No, no, no! Why don’t you get it!? I am your sister!” (??)

What was with this girl… Scary…

What was she so angry about? I supposed she was angry that Carol-san didn’t do what should be done normally.

I wondered was it because of me. I assumed from the way of Carol-san spoke, it was about being the younger sister? I had no plan to be like that though.

“The heck, which royalty requires someone’s patron anyway?” (Carol)

Carol-san was somehow astounded.

“There are many, isn’t it!?” (??)

“There’s none.” (Carol)

“Even if there’s none, I won’t be embarrassed to have one!!!” (??)

Not embarrassed, was it? I didn’t know what was going on, but I didn’t think that was something she could talk out loud in a place like this. Here was in the middle of the hallway, and people were starting to gather because of the loud voice.

I wasn’t sure if I was the related party, but I wondered what to do if I was the one.

If I were to be imposing, I wouldn’t be embarrassed. Wearing new clothes, beautiful wheat-colored hair that had been carefully combed, and she had a cute face that attracted other people involuntarily.

However, when she said ‘I’m not embarrassed’, I would think ‘yes, this child is not embarrassed’.

The people around us were gradually gathering, and I felt like running away.

When she looked at me like that…

“Do you know the way back?” (Carol)

…Carol-san whispered that to me.

I nodded.

“We’re still not done, but it can’t be helped. You may go back to your room.” (Carol)

“Yes.” (Syamu)

I also didn’t want to be in such a situation. I hid behind the shadow of Carol-san, and got away when the crowd increased.



“Haa… haa…” (Syamu)

I managed to come back to the front of my room. Half of it would be my room, but I wondered if it was fine to go in arbitrarily.

First, I knocked the room. I took a breath, and knocked again.

“Come in.” (Lily)

I heard a voice, and then, I turned the knob to open the door.

“Aah, welcome back.” (Lily)

“I-I’m back.” (Syamu)

It was a bit awkward to say ‘I’m back’ somehow. This was something that I didn’t have much opportunity to say at home.

“Why did you come back alone? Did Her Highness leave you in the middle?” (Lily)

“No, there is a problem along the way.” (Syamu)

“What’s the matter? I don’t think that there is anyone who can hold Her Highness.” (Lily)

I explained what happened just now.

“Aah, I see. Her Highness is bothered. Her younger sister, is it…” (Lily)

It seemed that Lily knew what was going on.

“What is a patron?” (Syamu)

I asked the question because it seemed like the focus of the girl’s angry issue.

“Well, the easiest way to say it is that a senior student guides children when they enter the dormitory. The girl said something like a standpoint of an older sister who is like a parent in the dormitory, am I right? You know, when people in the dorm become a patron, the people around would care the children, and they will never bully them. So, it’s somewhat convenient.” (Lily)

I see. I thought she was simply Yuri’s friend who guided me, but somehow, it seemed to be different. Yuri might have arranged that way.

“Her Highness will become the Queen in the future, and it is a big deal if she is the patron. I guess her younger sister wants her to be the patron.” (Lily)

Carol-san would be the future Queen, was it? What a great person. Yuri befriended such a person.

But, if that was the case, I wondered if I had done something bad for that girl. When I thought about her getting angry at me later, I felt that my spine froze.

“I think you don’t have to worry, Syamu-chan. It’s their family issue.” (Lily)

“…Is that so?” (Syamu)

“Well, I don’t think this will happen, but if the girl is going to meddle, you can tell me. I can’t do much, but I’ll talk to Her Highness.” (Lily)

“I understand.” (Syamu)

It should be alright.



“By the way, which bunk beds do you want, the top or the bottom?” (Lily)

Lily-san asked me. Yes.

“Which was originally used by Lily-san?” (Syamu)

“I was living in another room until yesterday. I stayed on top bed over there.” (Lily)

“Is that so?” (Syamu)

I thought she had been living here for a long time because of the clutter on the desk. I felt like I shouldn’t choose.

“I don’t mind which one.” (Syamu)

“I don’t mind either. We can change later, anyway.” (Lily)

Yes. I really didn’t care either.

“Alright, I’ll get the top.” (Syamu)

“Then, I’ll get the bottom one.” (Lily)

Lily-san looked happy. I felt that she was a good person. It was good to choose the top.

Why was that? I felt that the top bed was more suitable for thinking things. Besides, it was kind of fun to climb a ladder and went to bed.

After that, we sat on a chair and faced each other. It was a comfortable chair. It seemed too big for me, but it looked just right for Lily-san.

If it was the right size for Lily-san, I would reach that degree soon. Surely. Maybe.

“I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is Lily Amian. I am a daughter of a mechanic shop owner.” (Lily)

“So, a mechanic… is it?” (Syamu)

I thought this was a school where only the nobles could enter. Even craftsmen can enter.

“Even though he is an owner of a mechanic shop, he is also a village chief~. We’re in the flow of being a fallen noble.” (Lily)

She explained without asking as if she could guess the question I had in mind.

“Is that so?” (Syamu)

It seemed that she was a noble after all.

But I didn’t understand the meaning of fallen noble. I understood about the fallen noble, but when it came to the ‘flow’, did she mean that their territory would go away? I couldn’t imagine for a moment.

“And I like machines. My hobby is tinkering with clocks. Look at this.” (Lily)

On the desk where Lily pointed by hand, there was something like a small workbench, and there was a lot of scrap metal on it.

It was kind of amazing. I tried to look closer.

Gears and parts of various sizes were rolling on the desk. In particular, small parts were put in a kind of cosmetic box with fine partitions.

Those were probably the parts of the clock. In the middle of the workbench, there was a clock which had been already half assembled. It’s a small, palm-sized clock that was different from the pendulum clock in my house.

I had see Okaa-san had this kind of clock. I was interested and told her ‘you show it to me after you disassemble it’, but she said ‘no, definitely no’ with an anxious face.

“That is a small machine.” (Syamu)

“Yup.” (Lily)

“That’s amazing. What is the mechanism for this?” (Syamu)

After all, I didn’t know the mechanism, so I became interested.

“It isn’t assembled at the moment, so you may not understand.” (Lily)

“Can I take a look for a moment?” (Syamu)

“Sure.” (Lily)

Lily-san easily gave the permission.

When I took a closer look, I saw how it was assembled. The dial and the pin were off, and the contents were exposed. It didn’t seem that any parts were missing.

Somehow, I understood the rough theory. Speaking of the fine arrangement of cogwheels, I wouldn’t understand unless I had to disassemble it some more.

Who would have thought of such a mechanism? How did they make such a small part? There were smart people.

“Did you understand?” (Lily)

Then, Lily asked.

“I don’t know the fine details, but I can understand in general. This is how it works.” (Syamu)

“You really do?” (Lily)

“?? I don’t know everything… though.” (Syamu)

Was it all right if I didn’t understand everything?

“If you don’t mind, can you tell this Onee-san what did you understand?” (Lily)

Eh, she wanted me to tell her?

“I think it’s a very interesting idea to use a small spread instead of a pendulum to gain isochronous from the power of the main spring. So, this part is the place of the pendulum.” (Syamu)

I put together what I had noticed.

“Yes… Y-you really do understand. Have you ever seen something like this?” (Lily)

Lily had a slightly surprised face.

“No, I haven’t but… the pendulum clock in my house has been disassembled.” (Syamu)

I tried to disassemble it with Yuri.

“Basically, it’s like that, is it? I wonder if you can understand just by looking at it…” (Lily)

“I’ve been always interested about the mechanism. If it’s a pendulum clock, it would collapse if the mechanism’s arrangement is changed. So, it is like why a clock is still being isochronous when it is being carried. The answer is to define the spring constant.” (Syamu)

“Sp-spring constant?” (Lily)

Oops, I wonder if I should use different term.

“Should I use a different term?” (Syamu)

“Eh… Uhm… have you been studying about machines, Syamu-chan?” (Lily)

Somehow, I felt like I made Lily-san confused. I shouldn’t say anything strange.

“No, not really.” (Lily)

When it came to the pendulum clock that was disassembled, I was still learning about the isochronism of the pendulum, and the function of the vector. Since they would get angry if they found us, we secretly disassembled in the middle of the night and looked at the contents.

By relying on the dim light of the nightlight, Yuri taught me how to change the vector at the front of the clock that produced the sound of ‘Coo coo’. If I have to say why I knew the mechanism of a clock, it was because of this.

“Then, what were you studying?” (Lily)

“I’m not studying anything in particular, but… I guess I studied arithmetic, astrodynamics and physics.” (Syamu)

I was taught that when Yuri was around.

“As-astrodynamics??? What kind of study is that?” (Lily)

“It’s a study of how stars move.” (Syamu)

“Heh… what an interesting child… I feel that I understand why Yuri-kun worried about you.” (Lily)

Lily-san was laughing as if she had given up.




  • Lily is talking with a certain dialect. Unfortunately, I can’t translate it well on that part.
  • Please let me know if I got it wrong when translating the part of clock’s mechanism. The last time I learn Physics is back in 2003.

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