The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World – Map 2 – The Peninsula Outline

This chapter is the second map introduced just before chapter 77.


The Peninsula Outline



History Book – By Yuftermina Rona – Third Edition – page 98-99


The Kilghina Kingdom


The country was established by Kilghina, the youngest child.

The nine daughters of the Queen regnant each established the country as they wished.

However, the youngest child, Kilghina was very young. He didn’t have much idea about structures of a country, so it was said that she had accepted many opinions from her sister, Shaalta. With such a background, the core of the country management was very similar to the Shaalta Kingdom.

It was common that the Seven Great Witch households governed the country affairs. Due to historical circumstances, the number of the General households had changed. The Toga household, whose territory was taken away by the Crusade in the year of 2008, relinquished their court rank and their fief. In the end, the number became four.

The rebellion of the General household happened three times in history. In the rebellion of the Nova Household in 1248, the royal castle, Reform, fell. The rebellion succeeded and the political power was held by the General household temporarily. However, it collapsed when the head of the Nova Household assassinated, and the country became unstable. After that, the Kilghina royal family had been mixed with the blood of the Nova Household.


(This book is prohibited from being taken out of the White Royal University Library)



  • Please note that the picture in this map 2 has been posted twice in other chapters to give a clear picture on Yuri’s location.

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