The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 67 (Self Edited) – Troublesome Request


Troublesome Request

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“That would be an optional participation. To begin with, it’s for the convenience of the household.” (Yuri)

‘The children of the nobles aren’t just living for themselves. When it comes to the matter of life or death, it’s necessary to inquire the household.’

“That’s about it. In that situation, I will ask Rook-san.” (Queen)

‘I see. Rook wouldn’t stop if I wanted to go. I’ve been doing whatever I want to begin with, so if it’s for this matter now…’

“So, what do you want me to do?” (Yuri)

‘If she just wants to get a consultation, there’s no point in calling me here.’

‘Normally, it would be fine if it’s something like telling ‘Want to go?’ to Carol to invite her for a summer vacation. Then, I would say ‘I won’t go’ and that’s it.’

‘However, the fact that she prepared such a place, purposely had an audience with me, and gave it priority to me, wouldn’t she want me to take the role?’

“You’ve got a guess, haven’t you?” (Queen)

She said it while smiling wryly. She was certain that I was aware of it.

“Is it to babysit Carol?” (Yuri)

“Yes, it is.” (Queen)

‘As I expected. She is a mother after all. Wouldn’t she worry about her daughter?

‘I understand that Carol’s position is difficult. Since her position is way too high, there is no one who can hold her back.’

‘It seems that the good-body-build guy from the Rube Household will also participate, but he may not be able to stop if Carol runs out of control. They probably don’t know each other.’

‘Who can stop Carol when she makes the wrong decision that can lead to death? The Queen must have thought that I would have managed to do something about it.’

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. You can’t imagine what is happening on a battlefield, am I right?” (Yuri)

“Oh my. You also haven’t been on a battlefield, yes?” (Queen)

‘I see.’

“You’re right, but I can imagine it. That’s the big difference.” (Yuri)

“What kind of imagination that I don’t have then?” (Queen)

It’s scenes where the citizens who are chased in a desperate situation in the summer forest, the women and children who are kidnapped while they are crying, men who are tied up on a tree and their genitals are minced for fun and women who are raped.” (Yuri)

“That is what war is all about.” (Queen)

She said it with a flat face.

‘Well, yes. If she is the country’s Queen, it should be possible to imagine that much. She also knows that war is terrible. I don’t mean to preach to the Queen though.’

“Yes. But when Carol sees it, she couldn’t even imagine what she would do. Since surviving is the first priority, she has to abandon them. She must overlook the tragedy. However, she isn’t a person who can think that way. No matter who tries to stop her, she would shake them off, and go to help. Then, she will bring many troops, and they will die.” (Yuri)

“…” (Queen)


“And I will also die. And if Carol got killed where the rest survived, only slanders are waiting for the Knights who have left the Princess and returned. Don’t you think it’s too cruel?” (Yuri)

‘That’s the problem. We can use the Eagle King to observe from the sky. Certainly, there is a little risk if you just look back.’

‘However, if Carol tries to commit suicide because she got angry, what should others do?’

‘It’s fine that she dies. I mean it’s fine, not that I’m glad if she dies. The young Knights are hot-blooded, so I’m sure many people would die in the same way.’

‘But in the case of Carol, if she dies, it doesn’t end by paying for her own mistake. The people who accompanied Carol would continue to be cursed for the rest of their lives because they let Carol die. When I think about it, this expedition is too cruel.’

‘And in the worst case, Carol, the guy from the Rube Household and I will all die. Then, this country would really be over.’

“You’re right…” (Queen)

“Now, please make her give up. If she gives up, everything is good.” (Yuri)

“I can’t do that.” (Queen)

‘Uwaahh. Why?’

“What on earth is she aiming for? Speaking of Carol, she is someone who people look for. As for that, she doesn’t need a ruthless war experience, and she doesn’t need the ability to make cold decisions in the battlefield. War is handled by the Knights. So, it’s fine to leave it that way, right?” (Yuri)

‘This country, or rather the country of Shanti, has been doing that for 2000 years. Carol will graduate from the school of Knights, but that is not to strengthen the unity with the Knights, but to build a close relationship and not to become a front-line commander by mistake.’

“Now, we need heroes.” (Queen)

‘Heroes? Another outlandish story comes out.’

“When you and the rest come back, you will be celebrated as the next generation of heroes. We will also give a special medal.” (Queen)

“Haa…?” (Yuri)

I was stunned and couldn’t say anything.

“That’s what it is. If my daughter doesn’t participate, the implication is completely different.” (Queen)

“Well, that’s true.” (Yuri)

‘However, just to have a look at the battlefield, doesn’t make you a hero. Are they anticipating something will happen because you were there?

‘No, if it’s an observation with no special achievements, which should be fine. If something goes wrong and you solve it, you can make it exaggerated. I’m not sure which one is good.’

‘To be honest, it doesn’t click to me when it comes to being a Hero. However, if you get the medal of proof that you have actually visited a battlefield and watch a battle, in some cases, the treatment toward you from subordinates will change when you actually become a Knight. I feel that it has significance.’

‘But a hero is not someone who you can create. They aren’t artificial. They are born naturally.’

‘Since it’s not artificial, people will see heroes in someone. When I think about it, the attempt to create an image of heroes doesn’t make sense.’

‘Well, a hero is probably a catchy word. Even if you ignore that, it is a matter of not thinking the war as something negative. It seems like a good endeavor to take it positively even if it is unfavorable.’

‘For the royal family, it is natural in this situation that they want to strengthen the relationship with the General households, and to do that, they want to make use of Carol. I don’t think that they are rushing it, but the effect is understandable.’

‘When I think about it, the royal family has innumerable advantages in conducting this expedition. I’m not clear which of the merits the Queen wants to focus on, but the expedition is not without merit.’

‘But still, if Carol dies, that’s it. Considering the risk, she shouldn’t bring Carol into the battlefield, but to protect her carefully for the rest of her life.’

“I see this war as very disastrous… Of course, I expect that our side will have bad results. Carol may not be able to come back alive, and even if she manages to survive, she may become traumatized with the battlefield. Are you saying that after putting all matters into consideration?” (Yuri)

“If I’m afraid of the danger, I will not achieve results. I think you also understand it well. I don’t think this country will be able to keep progressing without taking any risks.” (Queen)

‘Well, I don’t know about that, but…’

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“Hey, I know you’re worried, but I wonder if you worry too much. As I said earlier, you will use the Eagle King, and I’m planning to have her to stay with my daughter as well.” (Queen)

Then, the Queen looked over my back.

‘There’s no way I would forget about her, but it’s the Queen’s Sword. I see, this lady is going with her.’

‘Aah, is that why? That’s why the Queen had her invited me. Just to let me see her face-to-face. That does make sense.’

“Of course, Carol will be the Commanding Officer, yes?” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Queen)

‘Needless to say, the fact that a royal family becomes subordinate to someone is unthinkable in a monarchy nation. Since a Queen is a Queen and that’s the highest position, a royal family falls under a royal family, but they don’t fall under a Knight. That’s because the Queen doesn’t follow anyone’s order.’

“The problem is that Carol is leading. For example, even if the Queen’s sword accompanies her, if she orders the soldiers to charge, it will be difficult to protect her.” (Yuri)

‘The leader’s command in the war has such a characteristic. If it’s a job to do in town, it’s something that she can give up and stop if she doesn’t like it, but that’s not the case in war.’

“At that time, if you object, my daughter will reconsider.” (Queen)

“Carol doesn’t care about me. She also has her own sense of justice. If I mention her weakness, she will just despise me. Then, she will proceed with her consideration into action. Even if it’s suicide.” (Yuri)

“But, if Yuri-kun says something, it has a certain effect.” (Queen)

“I’ll admit that. As much as I’m concerned, she may listen to me more than the young master from the Rube Household. But, that’s it.” (Yuri)

“As for you, you don’t think that my daughter will make a decision that will kill her allies, right?” (Queen)

‘That is for certain. However, on a battlefield, there are many occasions in which judgment ability is lost.’

‘For example, if less than ten of them are sacrificed, there is a high possibility that a thousand citizens will be saved. When it comes to such a situation, can Carol decide to abandon the citizens? There’s no way she could decide it cleverly, and my persuasion won’t change her mind.’

“That’s true. However, we don’t know what’s on the battlefield.” (Yuri)

“I know there is a risk. I won’t get angry even if my daughter dies.” (Queen)

‘That’s not the problem.’

“Carol has the desire to be involved in the expedition, but if she dies, she will not be the only who dies. I understand that I’m being rude, but I’m not sure if I can abandon her easily. Speaking of her as a noble, babysitting matter is life-threatening.” (Yuri)

“That’s why I’m asking you to meet me in person like this. I want you to accompany her no matter what.” (Queen)

“Even if you say that…” (Yuri)

‘No, seriously. Even if she says that… I’m not sure what she’s aiming for.’

“If you have conditions, please say it.” (Queen)

‘Wait a sec. Does that mean I have no other choice?’

‘Asking me to tell her the conditions… I can feel the stubbornness in this matter.’

‘It seems like no matter how much I try to turn this matter away, I still have no choice but to go. Anyhow, I will never go. I think she will drop the matter if I insist on it.’

“So…” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Queen)

“First of all, make me the Commanding Officer of the expedition. Of course, it means that Carol will be my subordinate, and she will absolutely follow my order.” (Yuri)

“And?” (Queen)

‘And… huh… I thought this condition was impossible to accept but… Why don’t I just say everything else then?’

“The expense will be enormous, but please pay it full with the royal family’s money. If I am asked for compensation when members of the expedition die, you will pay for that as well.” (Yuri)

“Of course. We will pay from us.” (Queen)

‘Well, that is a matter of course.’

“This is my last request, but it is for the reward of my personal affairs. I would like you to change the head of the Patent Inspection Department, Fitch Enfille, to whoever I want.” (Yuri)

“…Aah, yes, does it have to come to that?” (Queen)

The Queen looked like she was going to have a headache.

“This is not just about me. If this continues, the patent system itself will be in a mess. Although it has become busier…” (Yuri)

‘The Patent Inspection Department, in other words, is a point of contact for patent infringement claims. The patent system created in this country was full of problems from the beginning, but it was a specially a problem here.’

‘The fact that someone can hold a claim for patent infringement means that it is a huge loophole in the system. It will do with money. If such a person sits at the top position, it becomes a mess at once.’

‘I am well aware of this matter, but if I asked the court to do so, they would be neutral because there wasn’t even a basic legal system prior to the patent system. However, when I created the system, I couldn’t complain because I was in a position to ask for it.’

‘Still, the Patent Inspection Department has managed to fulfill the required function because the royal family has been keeping an eye since the system was established. But then, a year ago, a woman from the Enfille Household, one of the seven Great Witch households, became the head of the department and the day was over.’

‘The patent infringement was only done in a messy manner until now, but now, if you bribe her, the system will become like ant state. It won’t be a problem if I bribe her so that the patent infringement claims are crushed. Then, I can produce paper openly and distribute it to the market.’

‘However, when it comes to this country, even if you try to create a system and run it clearly, the Witch households will come along and mess it up.’

“Is it so bad?” (Queen)

It seemed that the Queen wasn’t aware of it.

“There is a product called the Hou Paper which has much lower quality and cost available in stores for low-income people. Because of that, my reputation has deteriorated and the Patent Inspection Office pretends not to see it. Not only the Hou Paper, but also the inventors other than me are also having a lot of problems.” (Yuri)

‘This is far from applying for a patent. I mean originally, if the patent is approved, it will be published. But then, contrary to the original intention, it will be something like ‘I made this kind of invention, please copy it’. Then, there is no merit in obtaining a patent. It would be far better to keep the secrets as they are, rather than using the stupid system of patents.’

“…I understand. I’ll do something about it.” (Queen)

“Are you talking about doing everything?” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Queen)

“It’s troubling me when you accept the conditions without due considerations…” (Yuri)

‘It will be as sweet as honey when you have put your interest in this matter. But if it’s taken away, it hurts as if your arm is torn off. I understood this because it was the existence of the Witch households.’

‘What I said was to tear one arm off from one of the Seven Great Witch households. This is a request, and it’s not an easy thing.’

“I will definitely do it. Now is not the time to appease them, but… Carol has to be the Vice Commanding Officer.” (Queen)

‘That is obvious. She would be a better person than some random soldier.’

“I don’t mind that, but no one would agree with me being the Commanding Officer.” (Yuri)

‘It is helpful that she accepted it, but compared to the patent, it’s a very difficult order that I am the Commanding officer. That’s not going to be alright.’

‘How about the Rube Household? From a standpoint, we are equal, even though he is older, but if it goes in this way, I’ll be the Commanding Officer, and he’ll be the subordinate.’

‘Then, the Rube Household is at the lower standpoint compared to the Hou Household. There’s no way they would agree to that.’

‘No, before we touch that matter, it’s fundamentally weird that I’m the Commanding Officer, let alone Carol. Carol hasn’t graduated from the school of Knight. In fact, she is nothing more than a Knight apprentice.’

“You’re Gouk-dono’s nephew. You’re not his son, but there is no doubt that you are the successor. And Gouk-dono is a hero in Kilghina. It’s reasonable enough.” (Queen)

‘…I see. I didn’t have that in mind. Certainly, if there is such an excuse, large portions of problems might be gone.’

“I understand. But I don’t plan to overdo it. Don’t expect me to achieve the success of heroes.” (Yuri)

“I understand. That’s true. If I have to put it in layman terms, it’s a good bet. I don’t expect gambling, you know.” (Queen)

‘Gambling? She is really a carefree person.’


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