The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 89 (Self Edited) – The Eve of the Decisive Battle



The Eve of the Decisive Battle

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I was watching the Kuran’s camp from the sky. Stardust flapped and danced in fine weather which turned to be a perfect observation day.  turned her a bit, and the surface of the ground was seen through the open feathers. When viewed from the sky, the Kuran’s camps were somehow cluttered.

‘The camps of tens of thousands people seem rather small to me, who knows Japan, but compared to that of the Shanti, the scale is quite large. However, what I can see from the sky is that the camps are separated because of the Allied forces.’

There was a territory of each army in the large camp, and the difference in the color of the tent adopted by each army was like a mosaic pattern.

Actually, it wasn’t only the armies of each country, but the mercenary units that were temporarily hired should also be included. So, if people went inside, it should be more messy. However, there was no way to confirm that from the sky.

From the ground, I could hear high-pitched sounds. Since I was at this high altitude, the sound was barely audible because of the sound of the wind, but it was certainly the sound of a gun. When I looked at the ground, pure white smoke rose like streaks from several places, and dispersed by the wind.

The range of the gun when shooting in the sky had been verified, and since this altitude was within the safe range, there was no problem. The other side also knew that much and was likely to be firing.

‘Perhaps, they are a bit worried about the suicide attack and they are aware of our existence. That’s the kind of appeal we have.’

As evidence, no silent arrows were flying.

‘Well, it’s dangerous because the arrowhead goes down when the arrow falls. Shall we return soon?’

While blowing a whistle, I grabbed the pole with the flag and gave instructions to follow. A bit later, I heard Carol blowing a whistle in the middle of the formation.

When I pulled Stardust and its direction of the wings changed, the directions where I was heading also changed. For the time being, just in case, after heading the direction that was different from the Nyuka village where we were based, we, then, returned to the village.



As I took off the safety belt…

“All members, untie the safety belt!” (Carol)

Carol, who was the vice Commanding Officer, issued a command.

It was a troublesome and hard thing to do, but that was the procedure.

‘I hope there aren’t many people who are indignant about having Carol doing such a role.’

The people, who got down from the eagle, pulled the rain, and lined up in front of me. This was also a procedure, so it couldn’t be helped.

‘Personally, I think it would be better to have it more relaxed, but considering the nature of the military, it’s better to do it in detail.’

For some reason, even those who came with the Galloping Bird, came out from the base to observe the war with borrowed eagles. Of course, it was also the privilege of the 28 people who brought the Eagle King from the beginning to observe the actual war, but this was also an achievement.

“All of you are tired. I believe that there are many of you who want to tie your eagle and take a break immediately, but first off, check your eagle. It doesn’t mean the eagle didn’t get hit by bullets. Even if you don’t feel the momentum, the eagle may have its bone broken if it gets hit. After checking the eagle and tying them, you can dismiss for the time being.” (Yuri)

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‘The altitude at which the formation was located isn’t even at the reachable range, let alone the killing range, so I think it’s unlikely the eagle to get hit, but I can’t be completely sure.’

‘If the enemy took a risk of an outburst by doubling the gunpowder, it is possible to reach us. Even so, it’s impossible to break the wing and tear the skin and shoot down the eagle, but of course, when it comes to the bone, it has the properties of common birds that fly in the sky. Since the bones are lightweight and the strength isn’t too much, the bone may be broken.’

I took the watch out of my pocket and looked at the current time.

“Yes, in about three hours later, let’s have a meeting a little while after you have a meal. Keep in mind what you have noticed. That’s all.” (Yuri)

Before I said that, I also readily checked Stardust on the spot. Obviously, there were no injuries.

I took the bridle and left the place. With a steady pace, I walked and tied Stardust to the stable near the house where I stayed. I went into the storehouse, and returned with food in my hands. It was a deer thigh that was cut from the carcass. I placed it under Stardust’s beak.

“You can eat it, Stardust.” (Yuri)

When I said so and gave permission, Stardust… didn’t immediately eat the meat.


She was staring at me. It was as if she wasn’t interested in meat at all.

“What’s wrong? Are you not hungry?” (Yuri)

‘It’s not that she’s not hungry. Could it be that she isn’t feeling well?’

“Kurururu… Kururu…” (Stardust)

I wasn’t sure what happened to her, but I stroked her beak and cheeks.

She wasn’t hurt, but since it wasn’t a soft place to touch, I rubbed it subtly.

“What’s wrong?” (Yuri)

‘Could it be that? She may be nervous because she flew in an unfamiliar place.’

‘Or maybe she felt the atmosphere of the battlefield. Let’s groom her lightly to make her relax.’

I stroked the feather around Stardust’ head. After doing so for a while, it seemed that Stardust had relaxed and felt a bit better.

“Come, it’s time to eat.” (Yuri)

I said so while pointing at the meat, and this time, she started eating.

‘I wonder what happened.’

“Hey, Commanding Officer.” (Liao)

I heard a voice from the back. It was Liao’s voice.

“So, you have returned. How was it?” (Liao)

He asked while I was washing my hands, which were dirty because I touched the raw meat in a nearby pail. As for Liao, he regularly showed up at his household’s place to find out what was going on.

“The decisive battle is likely to be tomorrow.” (Liao)

“Is that so? That’s probably true.” (Yuri)

Considering the march speed of the last few days, it seemed to be the case if it went well. Rather, the march speed had stopped for the last two days, and the troops dispersed in various locations were also gathering. I knew it that well because I also went to scout every day.

Since I, who only scouted once a day, could understand it, the main army, which scouted several times higher a day, might be aware of it earlier. They are going to hit tomorrow.

“Keep the horses and birds in good condition for the return. Put all the grains and beans that are likely to be left over in the fodder and feed them.” (Yuri)

“Aah, I’ll do that.” (Liao)

‘Horses aren’t ruminants, so leaves and pasture alone can’t give them strength. If you mix it with cereals and beans, they will gain energy.’

“Having said that, it will be troublesome if they don’t eat today and tomorrow. Consult about this matter with Myaro.” (Yuri)

“Yes, that’s my plan.” (Liao)

‘It seems like a round throw, but it’s better if he doesn’t mess up. That’s because last time, when he poked the horses’ face, it became confusing.’

“Your side is probably having it worse. Sorry about that.” (Yuri)

‘He has been doing it every day, but since it’s his part, I can’t say too much about it.’

‘Considering his position, I think he would like to follow me and observe the enemy’s main army. He couldn’t participate in the observation because he had to show up at the household’s place.’

‘In addition, since today is the eve of the decisive battle, the Rube Household’s camp must be in the state of disarray.’

“It was rough, but I didn’t go to Kilghina’s area. They are welcomed.” (Liao)

‘Well, is that so? Is there no fools who can treat an heir properly?’

“Is that so? Then, it’s fine… That’s it. Tomorrow, as I have mentioned before, I’ll be with some people, and take another action. Carol will be in charge of the command, albeit a little, but you should pay attention too.” (Yuri)

“Are you concerned about something? What kind of things would she do?” (Liao)

“Well, the first thing I’m worried about is altitude. If you go lower too far, you can see the ground well, but then, you’ll be shot by a gun.” (Yuri)

“You… do you think the Princess is stupid?” (Liao)

For some reason, he stared at me with stunned eyes.

‘Oh my…’

“I mean if only she does that. You can’t think calmly when you are busy in the mid air, and you may give unfamiliar commands.” (Yuri)

‘Will that be enough to be a plausible excuse?’

“But that’s only for a short time. During that time, I think she promised to wait in mid air without doing anything in particular.” (Liao)

“Well, it’s best to be careful. If you fall into the enemy’s main army, people can’t see you at all.” (Yuri)

‘They will be literally given a blood festival.’

“Is that so?” (Liao)

Anyhow, when I think about it is a matter of being a caretaker. Nothing won’t happen. Since she’s not a child, she wouldn’t run to something that attracted attention at a glance.’

“Well, I’m just anxious when thinking about it… The main problem is the return trip when the war is over. So, I’ll entrust that to you.” (Yuri)

‘It’s not going to be like the rush during the New Year festival, but it is expected that the way back will be crowded. If possible, I would like us to withdraw faster than anyone else before the road gets crowded. Of course, if we win the decisive battle, I don’t have to worry about that.’

“Understood. I’ll keep that in mind.” (Liao)

“I’m counting on you.” (Yuri)

I tapped Liao’s shoulder.

‘From tomorrow on, there will be ten to twenty unpredictable troubles. Not all of them are going to be big in scale, but it’s best to be well prepared.’



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