The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 29 (Self Edited) – Intermission 3 – Peaceful Everyday Life


Intermission 3 – Peaceful Everyday Life

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“Yuri, I’m here.” (Carol)

Carol had returned. I asked her to do help with Syamu’s school debut, but it seemed that she had done it properly.

As I would expect, there would be no one who wanted to do anything in particular to the girl brought by the Highness Princess. With this, I had ensured Syamu’s safety. Well, except for studying.

At that time, I was in the dormitory’s lounge and I was leisurely playing Togi with Myaro.

“It was a promise. I’m fine, so please don’t worry about it.” (Myaro)

Myaro, who was on the other side of the game board, said so.

“Really? Sorry about that.” (Yuri)

‘I’m sorry for doing that in the middle of the game, but should I stop the game?’

“Wait a sec, is it Togi?” (Carol)

Carol leaned forward and looked into the board as she came close. Carol wasn’t very strong. Rather, she wasn’t good at it.

She liked the game as much as Rook, but she was the type that didn’t do well. She was stronger compared to Dolla, who could be said at the bottom rank, but even if in the same year, her capabilities were less than the average person.

“Fine. You can play one round.” (Carol)

“You just want to see it, aren’t you?” (Yuri)



“…I give up.” (Yuri)

I put my hand on the board.

“Sure.” (Myaro)

A fool was raising a ridiculous voice, but Myaro was grinning.

“Oi, it’s too early to give up. Too early.” (Carol)

“It’s 7-moves checkmate.” (Yuri) (TLN: 七手詰み. It’s something to do with chess game)

It seemed that Myaro expected my next moves, and he hit it without leaving any gaps. If this was repeated five times, anyone could understand that it would be a check. It was a clear loss.

“Hoho. You’ve noticed.” (Myaro)

‘You go the nerve. But, it’s understandable. It’s difficult to follow him, but it’s a 7-moves checkmate.’

“That’s because Myaro will do the checkmate the moment he realized it.” (Yuri)

‘Is it good to put the bait and guide it? There are many people who place obvious bait, but Myaro’s is a bit confusing.’

‘While generously letting the small pieces taken out, he is going to a kill big pieces. When you feel suspicious and try to attack him, you will get attacked at will.’

‘Even the move just now, I noticed that I was getting stuck in the fifth move, but it was impossible since I was stuck when trying to do something. Since it was being evenly matched on the surface, it was also early that Carol give up, and she consented.’

“That’s too bad, but we can have another round.” (Carol)

I had to go out with Carol.

“Sure. I’ll clean up the board.” (Myaro)

“Thanks.” (Yuri)

“Please entertain Her Highness.” (Myaro)

‘No, I think you are mistaken.’

“We’re not really going to play.” (Yuri)

“Is that so? I thought it was a date.” (Myaro)

‘What a fool.’

“Don’t say something stupid.” (Carol)

Then, Carol also had a regrettable face.

‘It is unusual for her to agree.’

“Hey, isn’t today the day where everything talks about something nonsense? That’s what I’ve been told to.” (Carol)

‘He says that at me. I’ve never heard of such a strange custom.’

“No, but well, that’s what it looks like.” (Myaro)

Myaro was smiling like a bad guy.

“I don’t see it.” (Carol)

Carol stubbornly said so.

“Hey, let’s go.” (Yuri)

I held her hand and pulled her away.

Myaro looked as if it was amusing while waving his hand.



The promise is a promise to get on my Eagle King.

I brought it from my home. Somehow, Carol thought that I had a skill thanks to this eagle.

There were many who wanted to be Heavenly Knights, but since Eagle Kings couldn’t be raised as easily as raising a chicken, there were fewer than the candidates. Eagle Kings were expensive, so the school of Knights didn’t have more than ten.

Because of that, I decided to bring my Eagle King since it was possible to do so as I came from a wealthy family. If a person brought it, the number of people who would be dropped from the Heavenly Knight course would be reduced by one. As for the Academy, it wasn’t because ‘if it was possible’, but it would be brought with a nuance of ‘everyone who could bring it unless there were special circumstances.’

In fact, there were various problems if they couldn’t bring.

The Eagle Kings of the school had to endure high utilization every day, and they always fell sick. Therefore, if people rode the eagle which was already in bad condition, the risk of accidents also increased. Moreover, even though it was only ridden by poor riders, there was no time to retrain the birds regularly, and the ride seemed not so good either.

In addition, the waiting for the practice order also occurred. Since only half of those brought it could have practice time, the improvement of riding skill would be delayed. There was also a weight time limit. So those, who couldn’t bring it, tend to focus on improving their skills. The first time Yuri heard it was when he entered the Academy. Even if they obtained the skill, and obtained one of the qualifications to become a Heavenly Knight, half of them lived their life away from Eagle Kings.

It would be good if they could get on an Eagle regularly, but after graduation, they weren’t flying for decades. So, there were many Heavenly Knights and became like a paper driver of a motor vehicle license.

Of course, since I came from a household that could afford it, I brought my Eagle King. I asked Rook to raise it.

I named it Stardust, and its godparent was Syamu. It was an Eagle that Rook took care from hatching. Rook’s Eagle ranch still shipped birds as usual, but since he wasn’t active in the bird business anymore, the Eagles that Rook raised from the hatching was now a rare commodity.

If I met it after the Eagle King had aged, I had to train the Eagle again. Since he said something like that, eventually I had to give the egg to him, and hatched it. I felt like I wanted to raise my Eagle from scratch.

Carol took the Heavenly Knight course for some reason, and she was also good with Eagles. Carol’s Eagle was called Seiran, and its godparent was the Queen.

This fellow was also an Eagle that Rook had raised since hatching. When Carol was still small, the Queen brought it and gave it to her. I also accompanied the Eagle during the delivery and I had also rode it before the handover. It was only a short time, so I didn’t remember it well.

It seemed to have been excessively spoiled at the royal castle. When I met that fellow for the first time in a while, it had a cheeky face, and he had a habit of pecking the head of its caretaker. It didn’t peck Carol since she was a rider, but if there was even a single Eagle with this habit, its caretaker needed to wear an iron helmet.

When I entered the hut for Eagles, Stardust noticed me and came down immediately.

“Kururu…” (Stardust)

It welcomed me with a low, clogged throat. When it came closer, it offered me its beak.

“Stardust, you’re a good boy.” (Yuri)

When I pat its beak…

“Kururururu…” (Stardust)

It squinted with black eyes on the yellow ground complacently.

After patting for a while, I put a saddle on it, and took Stardust out. Carol was waiting.

“Look, I have the feed.” (Carol)

What Carol  held in her hand was a fish and she took it to the nose of Stardust. It was a bite-sized cod-like fish for the Eagle Queen.

Stardust picked the tail with its beak. It threw the fish high and ate it. When it came to feeding it, the Eagle Kings were similar to the dogs.

Eagle Kings were originally birds that lived in fjord area on the back side of a mountain.

There were still wild Eagle Kings even today, and they mainly ate dear and other land animals. The way they hunted was unique. As they dove in, they nailed the deer and caught them vigorously. Then, they released it while in the air. They ate the dead deer once again after landing on the ground. In some cases, they brought it back to the nest and gave it to the chicks. It was rare for them to attack humans, but as a result of releasing it, deer frequently fell from the sky in local villages and the roof was broken.

In addition to land animals, they also ate sea animals, and they could eat fish as they feed on their offspring. They didn’t catch the fishes themselves. They didn’t hate it. If it was about fishes of the sea, the Eagles wouldn’t get sick by parasites.

“There, there.” (Carol)

Stardust didn’t dislike when Carol tried to reach it out, and it held out its beak. Carol stroked the beak and fine feathers with her thin fingers.

“Just eat it as it is. In the meantime, I’m going to put a saddle on you.” (Yuri)

When I tried to put a saddle on it, Stardust folded its legs and put its belly on the ground.

‘Well done.’

I put the saddle on the back and tied the safety gear. Stardust was used to it and it didn’t dislike it.

Carol even gave it a fish. It repeatedly opened and closed the mouth, munching it.

Then, I finished putting on the saddle.

“Alright, get on.” (Yuri)

“Sure. Are we going to do it now?” (Carol)

This spot was near the Eagle hut, and people usually didn’t ride here. For safety reason, there was another called airfield. The Eagle would walk up until there, and then, they could fly.

“We should let it get used to before it can fly. If you’re alone, it’s not too heavy.” (Yuri)

Normally, an adult and a child carried a weight of nearly eighty kilograms, so a person like Carol should be no problem. Eighty kilograms was a burden to the Eagle King, so it wasn’t common to walk while riding on it. If possible, it was better not to carry even a child. Rather than some physical exhaustion, it was frightening if the Eagle suddenly scared and panic in the air.

“It is an honor to bring Her Highness on board. Be nice, alright.” (Yuri)

I was talking to Stardust without letting Carol to hear it. It couldn’t understand the words, but Stardust replied with the sound of the throat.

“Wearing the safety belt… done.” (Carol)

Carol confirmed it like an honor student.

‘This is not a class… Well, it’s fine. ’

When I pulled the rein, Stardust raised my body quickly before pulling its head.

“It’s possible to do this.” (Yuri)

Rook’s training makes it more attentive. Now, I understand why other Heavenly Knights wanted the Eagle Kings raised by Rook.’

Then, I pulled the rein and walked to the airfield.



The airfield was a flatland where trees were cut, but less maintained compared to the schoolyard. Weeds were also pruned moderately, but not completely pulled out.

The reason why such a place was required for the Eagle King, who didn’t need a runway for takeoff and landing, was because unskilled riders might made mistakes during takeoff and landing. For example, when taking off, there was no need to pull the rein except for giving instructions for taking off, but if the rider pulled the rein while taking off, it was possible to fall down to the front and back. In that case, rather than falling to the ground like the schoolyard or crashed into trees and buildings, it was better to fall to a place where grass grew and soil was soft. Plus, the damage would be reduced. For that reason, the weeds weren’t done.

I threw the rein that I had pulled to Carol. She caught it in the air.

“Listen. You absolutely can’t control the rein abruptly in the air.” (Yuri)

“I understand.” (Carol)

“Let’s go.” (Yuri)

Then, Carol quickly pulled the rein forward and lifted Stardust’s neck. Stardust spread its huge wings. While flapping in a big way, it lifted up.

Then, it fluttered up diagonally as it was.

Carol and I had the permission to do basic practices on our own. Myaro was also taking the Heavenly Knights course, but he hadn’t gotten the permission yet. Since he didn’t own an Eagle King, his progress was slow.

Although it seemed dangerous to let the students of a middle school ride alone, due to the weight which would increase day by day with the growth, it was necessary to hurry even if there were some risks.

Carol and I weren’t really getting better, but in order to learn aerobatics in the sky, we had to learn basic flight skills by the age of thirteen. Hence, we had to hurry.

If a person was over the age of fourteen, the weight of the two-seater became close to the limit. Even the instructor would be unable to teach aerobatics because it was too dangerous. If students couldn’t make it in time by that age, they had to study in a classroom on the ground. It was said that they could practice aerobatics by themselves but it involved risks.

The aerobatic flight was nothing short of a stalled flight, but since Eagle Kings living creatures, if people stalled it in the air, that would cause panic. If it was an airplane, when it stalled in the air, it could regain speed as it fell, but since Eagle Kings weren’t a machine, that wouldn’t happen.

According to its instinct, it would be likely to release whatever it grabbed and what were attached on its back if it was stalled in the air. However, the rider, who was on its back, was connected with safety belt. So, they couldn’t be thrown off. While doing so, it would land on the ground.

Eagle Kings completely trusted the rider. In the case that it was being stalled by a rider, who was skilled enough, the Eagle also had a sense of security, so it didn’t become panic. But, if it was handled by an inexperienced rider, the Eagle couldn’t feel a sense of security.

Under such circumstances, it seemed to be particularly dangerous to practice aerobatics alone. For the Heavenly Knights, there was a trend of being able to handle aerobatics. In order to let the students’ ability grew until they reached fourteen years old, the school of Knights gave permission for self practice quite easily.

But since there were many noble children, who had high self esteem and thought it was easy to ride, many accidents occurred during self practice.  Among those high ranking people of the school of Knights, their sons weren’t a Heavenly Knight from the beginning.

There was no point if they died in an unfortunate accident. That was the reason. In addition, becoming a Heavenly Knight wasn’t for those muscular warriors. Therefore, the children with large physiques might sometimes gave up from the start.

I actually wanted to say that this was for Dolla. He couldn’t be related with Eagles at all.

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When I looked up, Stardust that Carol rode was calmly flying in the sky. There was an excellent sense of stability.

However, since there was nothing difficult in basic self practice, there was almost no element to fail.

When the rein was pulled on the ground, the Eagle King would take off. It would go up to the desired altitude. It was also trained to keep making a big left turn. The only thing a rider could do in the basic self practice was to keep the large turning counterclockwise.

In terms of things to do, if the center point shifted while turning when leaving the landing area, the rider just needed to make minor adjustments to fix the center point. If it couldn’t be fixed, the rider should give instruction to land before they got too far. They could get off at any place. That was all the rider needed to do, and it wasn’t difficult at all. It would be difficult if it was with Eagle Kings that had no sense of direction, but since Stardust created almost perfect circle, if Carol didn’t do anything, there would be no problem.

‘If I take a nap, she would come down sooner or later.’

I cleared the weed on the root of a tree. Then, I started to rest with my back on the trunk of the tree.

‘Aah, nice weather. The sun shines brilliantly, and the sky is blue. In this country, you can enjoy a short nap outdoors.’



But, there was someone who didn’t allow me to do so.

“Haa… haa…” (??)

There was a strange girl who came close to me. She was out of breath, probably because she was running.

The girl was wearing a school uniform. She had blonde hair, which war rare among Shanti. It was unusual, but I only saw Carol and Her Majesty the Queen with such hair.

The girls of Liberal Arts, who went deep into the ground of the Knights, had their prices fixed and bid for good looking seniors. Although it was a dangerous place, they spread out the sheets in the middle of the airfield, and started a picnic. After that, they were severely scold and kicked out. If possible, I didn’t want to get involved with them.

“You… have you seen my Nee-sama?” (Girl)

The girl took a breath, lifted up her face for the first time, and looked at me.

‘What? She has a face that makes me wonder.’

I had never made this expression before when I was looked at by other people, so I turned around, wondering if Godzilla suddenly appeared behind me. There were only trees there.

Then, I looked at the girl again. She seemed to be younger than me. She had a pretty elegant appearance, but she was cheeky.

“What?” (Yuri)

“You… what is your name?” (Girl)

‘Why do you want to hear my name?’

“Yuri.” (Yuri)

However, I told her since there was no loss if I gave my name.

“Yuri, is it? Your surname?” (Girl)

“Hou.” (Yuri)

“Yuri Hou, right? Hmm, I wonder if you are the second son of the Hou Household.” (Girl)

‘What’s with this girl? If I am the second son, I will want to thank God. Rook is a second son, but this isn’t about my parent.’

“Whatever it is, it doesn’t concern you.” (Yuri)

“You? What kind of mouth you have there? Who do you think I am?” (Girl)

‘She is somehow getting carried away. You’re being cheeky toward ordinary people, you know? That’s how I feel now. And I don’t know who you are?’

“I don’t know.” (Yuri)

“I’m a royalty.” (Girl)

‘A royalty? Are you really a royalty? You look proud of it.’

“Hmm.” (Yuri)

“I’m Carya Full Chartres.” (Carya)


‘I see. So, is she Carol’s younger sister? I haven’t heard that she has a younger sister who is close to her age.’

‘I don’t think she is Carol’s half-siblings or a daughter from a different mother, but it is quite unusual for Shanti to have two babies in a row since we have low birth rate. Even though Rook and Suzuya have been working hard for ten years, the next child isn’t yet born.’

“Are you Carol’s younger sister?” (Yuri)

“…You have the nerve to address Onee-sama in that way before me.” (Carya)

‘Have the nerve? Is that me? However, I’m more or less call Carol Her Highness before adults who seems to mind it.’

“That’s because I’m her friend.” (Yuri)

“Are you an acquaintance of Onee-sama?” (Carya)

“Well, yeah.” (Yuri)

‘Acquaintance, is it? I’m not sure how to explain. When I think about it, I’m wondering about your relationship with Carol, you know? And I have never heard about you.’

“I see. If that’s the case, I’m going to have a close relationship with you.” (Carya)

“…Haa?” (Yuri)

‘Why are you suddenly implying that?’

“I said I’m going to get close to you.” (Carya)

“No, I really don’t get it.” (Yuri)

“Shouldn’t you be happy?” (Carya)

She moved her smooth hair. The hair of the blonde was soft and fluttering in the air.

‘Well, she’s quite a pretty girl. If a perverted lolicon old man looks at her, I feel that he would give up his life by committing a criminal act.’

“I’m not happy.” (Yuri)

“Oh really?” (Carya)

“But, let’s do it with discretion.” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Carya)

‘I’m not a homo, but I don’t want to get involved with women. It’s like that. Getting involved with a royalty is No Good. Or rather, I don’t want to get involved with the girls of Liberal Arts.’

That advice came from the greatest pioneer, Rook. Rook was a handsome and popular guy while he was in school. However, he didn’t go out with the Liberal Arts girls even once.

‘Why is that? At this school, you are free to get involved with everyone, but there is a mechanism of instant engagement if you have sex.’

There was a culture among noble women, or rather Witches, that they had to be a virgin until marriage. There were also cases where after they got married, they started having male mistresses, or reverse harem which was also known as polyandry. Even so, they would keep chastity until marriage.

‘That’s a pretty big thing, but for some reason, it is logical to say that if you just go out and mess up, the responsibility lies on the side of the man. The man should take responsibility and marry the woman.’

At that time, excuses such as ‘The girl asked for it’, ‘I forget to take the D out’ or ‘I thought it was fine to play a bit’ won’t be accepted. Rook talked about this matter seriously.

So, after having sex with a Witch who he started dating and she was a woman that he really liked. However, since he couldn’t  overturn past mistakes, it ended in a tragic love affair. There were many heartbreaking stories in the school of Knights. Well, it was something like that.

‘A fool learns from experience, and a wise man learn from history.’

And the wise Rook learned from history. As a result, he didn’t have fiancée who he loved until he met Suzuya. Then, he married Suzuya, the woman he truly loves.

If he had a fiancée, there was a high possibility that he couldn’t made his own decision, walked on his own path and couldn’t drop out from the school.

However, Rook wasn’t a virgin when he met with Suzuya. That was when he was twenty years old. I was told that he went to a bar in a town, associate with the town’s girls, and he frequented the brothel. So, a wise Knight didn’t associate with the girls of Liberal Arts.

And this girl, far from being a Liberal Arts, she was a royalty. If I happened to do it by mistake, it would be seriously outrageous.

Even if she was cute, would there be men who want to get close to a landmine that could make a mess with their life?

‘I don’t care if a perverted old man died because of it, but I still have a long life. I don’t want to ruin my life.’

“I told you it’s fine.” (Yuri)

‘What should I say to her?’

“What are you complaining about? I’m a royalty, you know?” (Carya)

“Carol is a royalty as well. So, I don’t need two of them.” (Yuri)

“…Could it be that you are going out with Onee-sama?” (Carya)

Carya said with a stern face with frowned eyebrows.

‘What are you trying to say?’

“Do you think I would do that?” (Yuri)

When I said that, her expression become loosened.


“Is that so? Then, I’ll go out with you.” (Carya)

I was somehow getting tired.

“I’m sorry, but I still haven’t think about marriage.” (Yuri)

“Oh my, going out and marriage are two different things.” (Carya)

‘This girl… how precious are you? Don’t you know the iron law of this academy? Do you believe that you can maintain a clean relationship with a libido intense adolescent man just by holding hands?’

“I don’t want to have a relationship without marriage. It’s insincere.” (Yuri)

In the end, I said something that was not in my mind.

“Oh, really? Well, it can’t be helped.” (Carya)

‘Oh, it looks like I pulled it.’

“Then, go somewhere else. I want to sleep.” (Yuri)

“Hmmm. See you. When you see Onee-sama, please tell her that I want to talk to her.” (Carya)

After saying that, Carya went somewhere.

I leaned against the trunk of the tree and slept.



“–Oi, oii.” (Carol)

A voice woke me up. When I opened my eyes, there was a Eagle King and Carol holding its rein.

“Hmmm… are you done?” (Yuri)

“I’m done. Goodness, you can sleep well in such a place.” (Carol)

‘My back hurts though. Carol is a young lady, so she may not have the opportunity to sleep outside the bed.’

“Well, it’s the same as sleeping at the desk.” (Yuri)

“I do not fall asleep at the desk.” (Carol)


“I’m serious.” (Carol)

Then, I got up.

“Then, shall we head back? I’m hungry anyway.” (Yuri)

It was already too late for lunch.

“Yeah.” (Carol)

We brought back Stardust to the Eagle hut, and then, I went back to the dormitory. Carol had gone somewhere without eating. She was a busy person after all.



While eating at the dining hall at dinner time, Carol returned to the dormitory again and spoke to me.

“Oi, Yuri. Did you meet my sister?” (Carol)

“Oh, come to think of it, we met.” (Yuri)

‘I forgot about her.’

‘I just remember. Carya told me that she had some business. Should I tell Carol now?’

“Come to think of it, she said that she had something to talk to you.” (Yuri)

“You’re late. We’ve met already.” (Carol)

It seemed that I was late. Carol pulled the chair next to me roughly and sat there.

“Hear me out for a bit.” (Carol)

Carol came close to my ears.

‘What? This is awkward.’

“You… did you… how should I say this… Did you like my sister?” (Carol)

“Haa!?” (Yuri)

A sudden indignant voice came out unconsciously. I felt like the ears were leaving me.

“Did you talk foolish stuff with her?” (Yuri)

‘I can’t believe she is doing something not so smart.’

“No, that’s not it…” (Carol)

“I had forgotten, but I just talked to her for a bit while you were flying. That girl is… so cheeky.” (Yuri)

I wanted to say that she was a stupid brat, but I stopped since she was the younger sister.

“But my sister said it was a mutual love or something…” (Carol)

‘Whaaa??? What the heck is that? Is she a fool?’

“She was talking nonsense.” (Yuri)

‘That girl is weird. Seriously, I don’t get it.’

‘Speaking of love, it sounds good, but only in this school, the meaning of mutual love is completely different from the one that the young people of the general public casually talk about. It is directly linked to the words ‘association between households’ or ‘marriage’.’

‘My household is a middle class household, so I won’t care if an insignificant noble girl says it unilaterally, but the story changes when it involves royalties.’

‘There will be people taking it seriously, and it will cause me great inconvenience. Even if it is done in discretion, I still don’t want to get involved.’

“In other words, you don’t like her.” (Carol)

“That’s obvious, isn’t it?” (Yuri)

“I see. I’m relieved.” (Carol)

Her face really expressed it.

‘When I think about it, I guess I can understand her feelings.’



Even after I almost finished eating dinner, she still couldn’t get enough of it.

“Could she be a fool at the level of Dolla?” (Yuri)

‘If she is a fool at his level, that means something wrong with her head. No, to imply that she is at Dolla’s level of idiocy when I met her only once is too much, isn’t it? I was being rude to her.’

‘That level of idiocy is more of an ape than a human being. It could be similar comparison as that. How can I treat such a cute creature as an ape? In consideration of her cuteness, I should stop treating her like a fool at Dolla’s level of idiocy.’

Carol opened her mouth.

“Dolla is not a fool. He’s trying to be a Knight in his own way, isn’t he? I wish my sister would be like him.” (Carol)

‘Aah. The world is wide.’

I was at a loss for a while, thinking about how wide was this world. If she liked Dolla, such words made sense.

“Are you serious…?” (Yuri)

I asked her while feeling doubtful.

“He’s trying hard to catch up with you, isn’t he? It’s refreshing to watch.” (Carol)

I suddenly got chilly, and my skin was covered with goose bumps. I wondered if the temperature of the dining hall suddenly dropped.

‘Well… you also have a bit special inclination, so that depends on individual… I will not deny that…” (Yuri)

“A-are you stupid? That’s not what I meant.” (Carol)

“So, what do you mean then?” (Yuri)

‘Come, tell me. I want you to tell me that your sister is an idiot sister. If I were to be Syamu, I might feel so responsible, I might hang my head and die.’

“It is that I admire him as a Knight!” (Carol)

“Oh, really?” (Yuri)

‘I don’t understand the idea of chivalry, so I wonder if being an idiot is a Knight?’

“Since he is in trouble, my view is inclined to that.” (Carol)

“Hmmm… really…?” (Yuri)

‘I don’t think so, though.’

“Yes. Dolla is great for being Dolla. If my sister is so full of ambition like that, I have nothing to say.” (Carol)

“Is that so? If it’s like that… the royal family is in trouble, isn’t it? It’s like the other day where he was like a stray doing marathon in the woods.” (Yuri)

“Oi!” (??)

It wasn’t Carol who stopped me. It was a man’s voice.

“You shut up and listen! What are you saying to Carol-sama, you bastard!?” (??)

When I looked back, there was Dolla.

‘Did he hear that?’

“Haa? It may be a fact, but you are a stray.” (Yuri)

“Waa! Stop it, you bastard.” (Dolla)

“Hmm.” (Carol)

‘As I expected, he stops in front of the person herself. This guy is like that. Hehe.’

“What are you guys doing…?” (Carol)

Carol was sighing.

“It’s nothing. Leaving that aside, have you had your dinner?” (Yuri)

“Not yet. I’m coming here for dinner though.” (Carol)

“Dolla is going to eat, I think.” (Yuri)

“He just came, so I can see that.” (Carol)

‘I see.’

“So, you eat here with Carol. I’m done eating.” (Yuri)

When I said that, Dolla looked glad as if it was interesting.

‘Goodness, he is a simple guy.’



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