Ex Strongest Swordsman 72 (Self Edited) – The Settlement of Affairs


The Settlement of Affairs

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Let’s talk a bit after that.

Whether the matter about Soma defeating the dragon had stopped, what following was the total collapse of the Kingdom of Veritas army.

Well, there were two Seven Heavens and the person who defeated the dragon on this side.

The army probably had seen it from the beginning to the end, so it was normal to think that they wouldn’t be able to win.

However, it seemed that there were some people who didn’t think so.

Despite of the dragon being defeated, these people thought that they had a chance.

As they thought so, Kraus saw a familiar figure of a person who was shouting for it, and… that was his last appearance of being alive.

Well, there were occasionally things like that in the battlefield.

…those who couldn’t read the air, and those who tried to do something unreasonable.

If that person was a superior, he would be killed in the battle.

There was a dragon raid this time in particular.

There were people who got unlucky to be involved in this situation, but there must be plenty just because Kraus didn’t know.

Every time such a thing happened, Kraus had to brace himself to be a good superior for his subordinates, but… that seemed pointless for this time.

Let alone bracing himself, he couldn’t do it for them.

After all, the soldiers who survived on his side were less than hundred people.

Those who stayed in the stronghold were annihilated, and only those who became the prisoners from the side of Kingdom of Veritas survived.

Originally, they were supposed to be taken as prisoners of war, but they probably gave priority to running away.

They were left out being taken in, and now they were receiving treatment.

The soldiers were also the same, but the damage on this side was enormous.

They had to rebuild the stronghold, but… not only money, it was also time consuming.

Honestly, he had to say that the situation was bad, but… it wasn’t necessary to worry about that. If it was about being lucky, maybe that was the truth.

By the way, why there was no need to worry? Well, it was likely that there would be a ceasefire with the Kingdom of Veritas.

Kraus wouldn’t know that until the countries signed a treaty, but at least, there was no mistake that skirmishes wouldn’t happen at anytime soon.

To begin with, it was possible to predict that their suspicious movement in recent years and it was probably related to that dragon.

As the dragon was defeated, he didn’t think that the other side would do anything further. Moreover, in addition to the Seven Heavens, it was obvious since there was someone strong enough to defeat the dragon.

And yet, everything together with the information was belonged to the Neumont household.

No matter how big their country was, their king wasn’t stupid enough to meddle with things here.


“I have something that I want to confirm, so I wonder if this is good enough.” (Sophia)

“Sure, there’s no problem. I was only reading what you had wrote about what happened so far.” (Kraus)

When Kraus raised his face from the report, the one who was there was Sophia, even though he already knew from the voice heard.

According to the original plan, she also had to return to the other territory, but here, not only the soldiers, the civil servants were also harmed. Hence, it was imperative that this place required manpower.

Kraus requested from the country and they pledged to give precedence to this territory, so she was asked to help him until things settled down to a certain extent.

“What you want to confirm is… well, it is about one thing whether I should entrust him to you, am I right?” (Kraus)

“Yes. It’s about Soma.” (Sophia)

While nodding, Kraus looked at the paper handed over.

What was written there was a fabricated story about a person named Soma who was treated as one of Neumont household members.

Based on the fabricated story, a person named Soma who shouldn’t have existed, would become existed again.

However, it didn’t mention the situation where Soma’s skill had been confirmed.

It was easy to make someone didn’t exist officially, but it was impossible to undo it.

As this was already announced to the public, there was no replacement for Lina since she would be the successor of the household.

There was a new addition of Soma, so that was why, it had to be fabricated.

And then, when Sophia wanted to know exactly he would like to do about–…

“Hmm, so you are saying, that he was a child I had because of my mistake, huh? Well, I guess it’s acceptable.” (Kraus)

It was a story about he went to see Soma’s family to thank after being helped at certain time.

Given the timing, Soma became a child of an affair, but that was because there was nothing else could be done.

Although they could change the age and made Lina to be older, it didn’t make much different.

“…You will be condemned though.” (Sophia)

“Hmm… it will not be a problem if it is at this level. Compared to Soma who is swayed by our circumstances, it is easy to face one or two stigmas.” (Kraus)

Despite of saying such a thing in general, it was a farce that everyone knew.

Regardless of the external image, it wasn’t similar to the damage Soma actually suffered.

For Kraus, it didn’t matter how much he had to endure it.

Anyhow, Soma once again given the name of Neumont.

No… was it necessary to rename him?

It was all because he killed the dragon.

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That, in particular, was fatal since it had been seen by the Kingdom of Veritas army.

It was possible to made them as the third party witnesses.

Even if they left it, the story would spread around, and… if that was happened, the Kingdom of Radeus wouldn’t leave Soma.

And if that happened, Kraus and Sophia would have to decide on how to deal with it.

No, even if they didn’t do anything in particular, the Kingdom of Radeus would try to win Soma over, but… was that the best resistance they could do?

For Soma, it might be a story that possessed no harm.

“…You mean, this kind of story to Soma?” (Kraus)

“Of course. …Well, he said it would be one way or another.” (Sophia)

“Is that so? …I can’t really understand what he is thinking.” (Kraus)

Especially, it was beyond saving, but with this, Soma thought that he could get in touch with his parents again.

As far as her child thought in that way, Sophia would probably be the same.

Kraus couldn’t helped with it.

“However, no matter how bad we are, the things that we need to do are not going to change.” (Kraus)

“…You’re right. No matter how Soma and Lina would think about it, we can’t stop it anymore.” (Sophia)

But, even if they knew that, they couldn’t stop thinking about it… was it because they were getting tired because of thinking too much?

Or maybe–…

“…If  ‘they’ were in this country, it might be different again.” (Kraus)

Even if it wasn’t because of feeling down, that was just a silly talk.

However, Sophia seemed to understand what exactly he was saying.

The words that came after his nodding was exactly as she thought.

“If ‘they’ were here… well, it was certain that there was a possibility it would be different. No, it was highly likely. While talking about it, that ‘boy’ won’t forgive that country for doing that, and ‘she’ also would be the same. …But, that is…” (Sophia)

“Yeah, I understand that. That is a story of the unlikely future.” (Kraus)

They were the central figures of the rebellion plan that once occurred in that place.

The two of them were leading people for the suppression of the Demon King.

A boy and a girl who were once called heroes.

They went away somewhere without seeing the founding of this country.

For example, no matter what kind of circumstances happened in this country… there was no doubt that they wouldn’t forgive the other country, but again it was a fact that they weren’t there.

That was why it was only an unlikely story.

“We were nothing but taking the supporting roles, but… even so, they left before it happened. If that’s the case, we only have to do our best.” (Kraus)

“Yes, you’re right… no matter how many people were abandoned along the way… Our hands are not big enough to hold everything.” (Sophia)

“Aah… Or maybe–” (Kraus)

He was thinking if it was Soma, but he didn’t say it.

That was as a human being, as a man or as a husband, or as a parent… but more importantly, it was no mistake that he was the head of Neumont household in the Kingdom of Radeus.

Toward the son who was abandoned for the second time, who had to bear the consequences of their mistakes, they felt truly ashamed.

Sophia didn’t say anything. It might be because she also thought of the same thing, but… rather than thinking further, she stood up.

“Well, then.” (Kraus)

“Oh my, is the report already good?” (Sophia)

“The part that I need to look through is already over. I have to go on to the next job.” (Kraus)

“…In this condition, this will be over in the first or second month.” (Sophia)

“I would like to finish it before the year ends, but… I wonder how to do that. Now, the report still haven’t reach the center of the country, but it seems to be noisy over there.” (Kraus)

“Aah… with that matter, is it?” (Sophia)

There were already reports about people witnessing that Evil Dragon that was known as Fafnir in various parts of this country.

Apparently, the seals of each place were unraveled almost at the same time, and it seems to be the cause of this time.

Various things happened such as the village near the seal was destroyed, many capable adventurers suffered devastating injuries, but the reason for doing such thing remained unknown.

Because of that, the distinguished figures of the country became a bit noisy.

Whether they didn’t think that such things were happening in the country or not, Kraus was in a situation where it was impossible for him to receive assistance to investigate whether situation there was fine or not, or having others to search for it.

However, once they heard about Soma, they became quite. Even if they wanted to target him, it would be already the new year.

By the way, Soma’s group remained in this place.

There was no other meanings but to resume their trip.

Perhaps, he would keep doing that until the time to go to the academy.

Unfortunately, the freedom of Soma to do whatever he wanted was gone.

Should he say that it was fortunate because Soma told him that he had no problem with that. In fact, he was planning to do so.

“After this, I also must do this a bit more magnificently.” (Kraus)

“You’re right… although it is not going to be like the previous stronghold, it doesn’t look good.” (Sophia)

The place where Kraus was actually a building of a hurried construction.

It was constructed with timbers, but it was at least a place where he could stay.

The building was made for emergency purpose. It was a hastily made building.

Although it wasn’t necessary to build something too big, this building was bad if it was this much.

“There are plenty of things that I should do.” (Kraus)

“Well, yeah… but surely we are still lucky.” (Sophia)

“…Yup.” (Kraus)

If the dragon went on rampage as it was, not only this place, this country would also devastated and damaged. It wasn’t amusing if the country disappeared in the worst case scenario.

Needless to say this again, the one who prevented it was–…

“As expected, it is pretty sad because we can’t report who it was…” (Sophia)

“The extent of that matter is probably considered as punishment. Whatever we say about it, it doesn’t change the fact that boy is carrying various things on his shoulders.” (Kraus)

Even so, there wouldn’t be any changes in doing things.

When Kraus walked away in order to shake off the bearish feeling, Sophia also arrived next to him.

Then, they left the room as it was.

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  • I had some difficulties in translating this chapter because of two reasons. First, the raw is not clear in a way that author explains things after conversations. Second, in addition to those vague explanation, it combines with political stuff.
  • I’ve made some improvisation to make the story flows better. If there is a mistake, please let me know.


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    Children in Japanese orphanages aren’t usually real orphans, but children whose parents can’t or don’t want to take care of them, and leave them there “temporally” (because openly admitting that they are abandoning them forever would be too shameful), and never come back (again, because they are ashamed to tell that to the officials, and because they try very hard to not ever think about those children ever again…).

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