Ex Strongest Swordsman 73 (Self Edited) – And They Go to The Academy


And They Go to The Academy

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It was a fine day.

The sky was blue and there was no cloud.

It was exactly the best weather for traveling.

Under such a sky, Soma murmured ‘Well’ and carried his luggage on his back.

Since he had already confirmed it again and again, there was no need to verify the contents at this time.

Nevertheless, turning around probably meant as lingering affection.

When the scene of a brand new stronghold filled his view, a bitter smile floated.

After all, a year had passed by when that was completed.

By the way, although it was only recently, Soma barely looked at it.

Well, of course, it wasn’t really about lingering affection, but…

“Hmm… is it a year?” (Soma)

A year.

That was the amount of time he stayed here.

In his original plan, he didn’t plan to be here so long.

Before a year had passed, Soma’s group planned to return to the mansion even with them alone.

It was because of continuous troubles and other things, they ended up here until today, but… Soma personally thought that it wasn’t bad either.

Anyhow, even though he was constantly busy, they were able to see each other once a day, but again, it had been a while for all four people within the family to be together.

Rather than thinking about the past, it was good enough to see each other once a day.

Soma didn’t have a bad feeling at all.

Therefore, what kind of lingering affection that the current Soma had now was the livelihood itself.

Well, it wasn’t only thinking about the lingering affection, he also couldn’t do anything for now. Moreover, Soma didn’t want this situation to continue for the time being.

It seemed contradictory, but both feelings were Soma’s true feelings.


“What’s this… am I the only one who is seeing you off?” (Kraus)

“Hmm… Father?” (Soma?)

At that time, the one who appeared was his father, Kraus.

Kraus should be busy and there were still many things to do. Yet, he came. Soma was slightly astonished.

To be honest, it was unexpected.

“I was certain that Mother would come.” (Soma)

“…No. Even if she can come, she will probably not coming. It seems that she is still unable to do that yet.” (Kraus)

“Hmm… I guess I don’t have to say to her every time that she shouldn’t worry about me.” (Soma)

“In that sense, I am probably the one who should be embarrassed.  Oh well, either way, she shouldn’t be busy. So, I am not going to replace her for that purpose and since I have a bit of free time, I come here.” (Kraus)

“Hmm… I see. So, that’s it.” (Soma)

Soma nodded as he was convinced with the circumstances, and… with that, the conversation ended.

The relationship between the two wasn’t bad in particular.

To put it simply, Kraus basically didn’t talk a lot and Soma also had nothing to talk about.

Originally, he was supposed to go off yesterday.

Things that he needed to say had ended at that time.

However, when Kraus turned up, it seemed that Kraus still had something to say…

“…By the way, what’s up with the girls? I thought they are coming, but…” (Kraus)

“I am told that each of them is busy today, so they are not coming. I told them yesterday that if Father didn’t come, we would already depart.” (Soma)

“I see… that was dangerous.” (Kraus)

After saying so, Kraus closed his mouth again, but of course, he wouldn’t have wanted to listen to such a thing.

Nonetheless, Soma didn’t know what Kraus wanted to say, so he was wondering while looking at him.

“…Father?” (Soma)

“Hmm… Aah, no… sorry. I was wondering how to say this, but… I guess I am no good. I’m not sure how to say other than in this way.” (Kraus)

Kraus shook his head. Immediately, after those words, his hand reached his back and pulled a sword as it was.

He assumed a stance while looking at Soma with serious eyes.

“Soma, take out your sword and prepare yourself.” (Kraus)

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Without saying anything, Soma also pulled out a sword from his waist since he understood what Kraus wanted to do.

Rather than exchanging thousand words, it was better to do it with one blade, and sometimes feelings could be conveyed to each other.

Soma was also used to this.

“We don’t have time for each other, so there is no need to worry. It’s only a blow. Come at me seriously.” (Kraus)

“…Understood.” (Soma)

Soma understood that Kraus was serious.

It would be an insult for not responding to that intention.

In that case, with his eyes remained still, he took a breath and profoundly let it out.

As the awareness concentrated to the utmost limit, the flow of time became slow, and…

“Haaa—-!” (Kraus)

“…Flash.” (Soma)

In order to respond to that warcry, he muttered a word.

— Ruler of the Sword – Divine Protection of Dragon God – Single Mind – Limit Break – Overdrive: Extreme Technique – Flash. (TLN: The name in raw is 剣の理・龍神の加護・一意専心・リミットブレイク・オーバードライブ:極技・閃)

Sword swings flickered instantaneously and what spread to the surroundings was a high-pitched sound.

Along with that, a dark grey sword danced in the air–…

“…I understood from that day when you grabbed the sword, and I can tell that you have more talent in swordsmanship than me. Well, that’s what a doting parent always say to everyone.” (Kraus)

Soma looked at his gazes, and Kraus suddenly saying such a thing.

While Soma listened to him, he put the sword back to the waist and nodded.

“Well, it’s true that people would think nothing but a doting parent.” (Soma)

“Yes, I also said that to other people, but even though this may be similar… I have no doubt about it. Today, I have confirmed that as well.” (Kraus)

Kraus looked down as he said so.

Then, he looked straight at Soma as it was.

“The next Sword King is you. The title of the world’s strongest swordsman is for no one, but you.” (Kraus)

There was nothing to be surprised.

Kraus had already expected that since long time ago.

It was more surprising that he couldn’t say it until today.

“Hmm… it’s fine since I’m not the type who decline that anyway, but will it be a problem if I don’t do anything at all?” (Soma)

“No problem… it’s just a title. There is nothing else in it. Aah, it’s just that there is a need to go to the awarding ceremony once.” (Kraus)

“Awarding ceremony… it’s already feel troublesome just by listening to it.” (Soma)

“It’s really troublesome. Anyhow, that will be done after you have grown up. Until then, I still remain as the Sword King in public.” (Kraus)

“Is it decided that way?” (Soma)

“If I have to say, it is because our circumstances. In other words, it is because of a political reason. You are… No, it’s nothing.” (Kraus)

Accordingly, he stopped saying it as an apology while shaking his head.

It was a correct decision.

It was good enough to know Soma’ feeling with that one blow earlier.

Perhaps, there were also other things.

Such as what Kraus said now, what he had done, and what he was going to do.

That was also including the things that he couldn’t say, and… Soma understood that was due to Kraus’ egoism.

Kraus conveyed all of his feelings to Soma.

On the other hand, the reply was already given.

It was a reply that Soma didn’t need the title.

It was the same thing now as in the past.

What Soma desired was the result.

Because of that, the possibility that apology would happen even if it was troublesome, but it was impossible the other way around.

Of course, the troubles would be similar when Soma went to a certain academy after this.

It felt like Kraus and Sophia decided it on their own, but that was a misunderstanding.

It had been like that since long time ago. Plus, he decided to stop traveling and went to the academy at the time when he defeated that jet black dragon.

Let alone finding clues haphazardly, he couldn’t find any clue at all during traveling.

He realized it because of that.

Nevertheless, Soma planned to keep traveling some more, but… well, he understood that his assistance was necessary.

That was the reason he had no complain in particular.

However, he thought that he did something bad to Aina, but.. he wondered how to say the conclusion.

It was probably because he wanted to do something when Aina asked what he wanted to do afterwards.

Well, she heard it yesterday.

Yes, in fact, Aina stayed here together with Soma all the time.

Of course, not to mention Lina, Sheila also stayed here.

Incidentally, Soma asked the reason why they stayed here together with him once, but he didn’t ask again because they were dodging the question.

However, since they were talking to Kraus and Sophia, Soma thought that it must not something selfish.

Perhaps, it was impossible for Soma’s group to travel. As a form of apology, Kraus and Sophia would grant them a wish, but it might have been used.

Given that Sheila got similar privilege, that probability would also be high.

Soma didn’t know what the girls wished for, but if that was what they wanted, he wouldn’t mind at all.


“Well… is that the only business you have, Father?” (Soma)

“Aah, yes… sorry for taking your time.” (Kraus)

“It wasn’t a big deal, so you don’t have to worry.” (Soma)

In fact, it didn’t take long time.

Soma didn’t think that he was delayed to a certain extent.

To begin with, he was going to the academy, and strictly speaking, he had to take a test from now on.

Since there was still plenty of time before the test date, there was no problem.

“Is there anything left behind?” (Kraus)

“Hmmm…” (Soma)

As mentioned some time ago, he had confirmed the things he brought many times over. There should be nothing to worry about.

If he had to say deliberately, he was more concern about Aina forgetting things behind, but… as expected, that couldn’t be helped.

He couldn’t bring her along, and even if he didn’t say himself that Aina was a Demon, it was the thing that he shouldn’t say in a hurry.

As for Sheila and her parents, there was nothing to worry about… and the rest was…

“Well, it’s alright.” (Soma)

“I see… well, be careful.” (Kraus)

“Hmm… See you later.” (Soma)

He raised his hand as he said so. After watching the stronghold once, he started walking and continued straight ahead.

It was as simple as that.

After all, they weren’t separated by death and they could see each other whenever they want to.

While feeling his eyes on his back, Soma continued walking.

Under the blue sky, he narrowed his eyes as the sunlight entered his view.

The destination was the center of this country.

The royal capital.

There was a royal academy that occupied that place.

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