Ex Strongest Swordsman 71 (Self Edited) – The End of the Evil Dragon


The End of the Evil Dragon

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When Sophia saw that figure, she thought that she was dreaming.

It was as if she was looking at something that was convenient to her, and that thought itself was like a self-derision.

However, no matter how much the time had passed, the warmth was still transmitted through her tied hands, and it was implying that figure was real… even if she didn’t expect it.

After all, there was no reason to rescue them.

She probably understood it, and perhaps, she was also probably convinced.

However, if there a reason, that reason wasn’t necessarily without negative feelings.

There was no logic to forgive them.

No matter how much self-satisfaction piled up in Soma, that couldn’t be considered as atonement.

It was inconsistent.

There was no way that it could fit in.

Rather, he should abandoned and let them died. That would be more appropriate.

However, no matter how much she tried to deny, that feeling didn’t disappear.

Sophia simply looked at the sight.



Kraus and Sophia looked at their back once, but before they realized, they looked forward and observed the scene.

Whether the morale of the King Veritas army had broken, they seemed not in the mind to invade them, but… it might be because they were simply become concerned.

It was the battle between their son and the dragon.

“…That’s amazing, isn’t it?” (Sophia)

“Yes… seriously.” (Kraus)

Kraus nodded in agreement to the statement leaked out from Sophia’s mouth.

The sword flashes that ran in sight seemed to be lost in no time if they blinked their eyes once, and they could hardly follow the afterimages.

However, they could grasp it a little because they were a distant away. But, if they received it in close range, they would cut into pieces without knowing what had happened.

Kraus began to be called the Sword King for more than ten years.

He met opponents whom he thought that they absolutely couldn’t match with his swordsmanship until now, but to be honest, he never imagined this.

Rather, he thought whether this was a dream.

Kraus probably had vague understanding that such a day would come someday.

But, he didn’t really expect that day was today.

“To be honest, I never thought of this far, but… whatever it is, he can fight with that dragon alone.” (Sophia)

“….You didn’t know?” (Kraus)

That was surprising.

Speaking of Sophia, despite of saying something, she only thought that she could grasp the general outline.

“Yes, I didn’t know. How could I know? Even though I heard that he defeated one of the Demon Heavenly Generals, I couldn’t imagine that he could do it until this far.” (Sophia)

“Demon Heavenly General…? What do you mean? That’s the first time I heard this.” (Kraus)

“Yes, that’s it. That’s because he isn’t officially existed. So, there is no way it can be reported. Well, I came today mainly because I wanted to tell that.” (Sophia)

“Aah… I see.” (Kraus)

Defeating Demon Heavenly General…

That was quite big news.

Not to mention on a global scale, the influence of the news would be unavoidable even in this country.

For example, if the person who defeated them had no skills, he would be exceptionally recognized to a certain extent.

However, at the same time, that would also acknowledge the war with the Demons was actually happened in a large scale.

Therefore, it went without saying what they should prioritize in the situation first.

And, that was what Sophia did.

She didn’t only let her son stood in the front stage, but she prioritized her country once more.

She should be blamed, that was for sure.

No, she must be blamed.

However, Kraus supported her decision.

“It feels a bit disappointing. I wanted to listen to that kind of story more slowly. Well, since there is no longer necessary to doubt him, it may have been good with this.” (Kraus)

“…You say well. Even without seeing this sight, I would believe him.” (Sophia)

Accordingly, he shrugged his shoulders because the possibility that she was telling the truth was highly likely.

Even if the scene before them didn’t exist, Kraus might still believe that story without any doubt.

Kraus knew that Soma had that much talent.

Although Kraus knew the matter about his skills, his thought never change.

That was because Kraus knew that Soma was much stronger than him even though he had no skill.

For that reason, Kraus had no doubt.

On top of knowing that, Kraus supported the decision to make Soma existence to disappear from public knowledge.

To be exact, he supported her not because he was her husband.

It was because he judged it to be a reasonable action… No, it was because Kraus was obliged to do so.

This had got nothing to do with the actual ability or talent.

Whether he had skill or not…

That was all of it.

At least Kraus and Sophia wouldn’t deny that.

It was because the foundation of the country and he was one of those who decided the focus on skills.

He had no plan to make excuses.

Although it was necessary and for the best, Kraus and Sophia were the ones who made the decision.

They had to take the responsibility.

Even if they had to push the responsibility to their own child…

Even if they had to mourn and grieve…

They couldn’t be allowed to run away from the responsibility.

“Well, to be honest, I think I lose to you.” (Kraus)

“Eh… what?” (Sophia)

“You can understand who is he by just looking at him, right? I knew it because I saw your reaction.” (Kraus)

Yes, Sophia knew that the person who wore a dubious dress outright was her son… and Kraus noticed that from her reaction.

At that time, Kraus was cautioned before he noticed who Soma was.

He was wondering why Sophia wasn’t cautious, but he gave priority to the reason more.

However, while doing so, he also realized that Sophia wasn’t alarmed at all, and… when he saw her eyes, he understood everything.

It was because the eyes that looked at Soma didn’t show that she didn’t know who he was.

“Aah… Isn’t that simply because I took some time to come to senses, right? If it doesn’t limit to several years staying here, the time that you spend with him is no more than three years.” (Sophia)

“You’re right, but that is…” (Kraus)

Kraus tried to speak more, but he shut his mouth.

There was no point in saying it.

…Saying something like how she did well as a mother.

…or things that he couldn’t do until now, it would make Sophia felt more pain.

“That is?” (Sophia)

“…No, it’s nothing.” (Kraus)

“…I see.” (Sophia)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

She probably guessed what he was going to say.

Sophia looked ahead without saying anything. Kraus also turned his sight forward.

The battle continued without change and Soma seemed to dominate.

What he couldn’t affirm was the opponent was indeed a dragon even though Soma was overpowering it.

Needless to say this again, a dragon is not an opponent who someone could defeat by himself.

For starters, the size of the body was different.

By considering that features, dragons had indeed huge bodies, but of course, it wasn’t only that.

It had vitality, huge attack and defense.

The scales were unscathed even when it got hit by thousands of soldiers, and it had enough power to kill the soldiers just by the aftermath of its blow.

Even if the attack surpassed its defense and wounded it, the injuries would be healed in an instant, and… no matter how many times that was repeated, the result was still the same.

The reason was human couldn’t kill the dragons.

To kill a dragon was the same as killing the whole illusion thoughts of being human.

It wasn’t the same as slicing the space.

Therefore, such a thing couldn’t be done by human.

As it should be…

“…How should I say this? I guess he is going to beat it at this rate, right?” (Sophia)

“Yes… I also think so since a little while ago.” (Kraus)

The blows unleashed by Soma not only tore the scales, but also the flesh and the skin.

The breath attack was also torn apart. The scars that couldn’t be healed on the dragon’s body were gradually increasing.

On the contrary, Soma was uninjured.

Although he hadn’t had much leeway, such a development didn’t change since the beginning.

He accurately wielded the sword, sliced and drove the dragon to the corner.

Although they didn’t think that the news about him defeating the Demon Heavenly General was a lie, the scene that they couldn’t believe unless they looked with their eyes was happening before them.

{Ughh… No way… why my blows didn’t connect… why is my body being torn apart!? Impossible… such things shouldn’t be possible!} (Fafnir)

“Even if you say that, it can’t be helped since it is actually possible. It’s fine to give up and be defeated.” (Soma)

{I can’t… accept this! The feeling that you give… I will absolutely not accept!} (Fafnir)

As the dragon gave a roar, its attack became even more intense, but Soma was still as usual.

Soma cut everything similar as before and he was bringing the dragon’s existence closer to the death.

“…When this happen, I guess I expected this for a bit.” (Sophia)

“Hmm? What do you mean?” (Kraus)

“I mean is this a dream? Since it is too convenient in many ways…” (Sophia)

“…Yeah.” (Kraus)

The dragon was being killed.

It was enough to think that only, but… more than anything, it was done by the son that they had forsaken.

On top of that, he rescued them.

It was natural to think that this was a dream.

“Aah… I certainly understand that feeling. I also thought of the similar thing at that time.” (A???)

“Aah, you mean the time when you were rescued by Nii-sa… Nii-sama? I don’t really remember because I was fainted huh… Hmm, though I don’t want to say this, you’re sneaky!” (L???) (TLN: I think she wanted to say Nii-san)

“What would you do if I told you that?” (A???)

“…I am also jealous, maybe?” (S????)

“Why is that!?” (A???)

“That’s because you can use magic!” (L???)

“Don’t say things like Soma!” (A???)

At that time, they heard such a conversation.

The moment they directed their eyes there, the name of their son came out, and that was because… they had heard one of the voices before.

What was presented in their view was as expected.

Moreover, that was…

“Eh, Lina…?” (Sophia)

“Aah, Mother, Father, it has been a while!” (Lina)

“Well, yeah, I know that it has been a while, but… why are you here? According to the story I heard, you are surely…” (Kraus)

“Eh, that is… Aah, that’s right. I came here by chance while traveling!” (Lina)

“Aren’t you supposed to be treated due to illness?” (Sophia)

“Eh, is that so? Well, if it is about that, I somehow managed to go through it because I was awakened by the power that was sleeping within me or something like that.” (Lina)

“You… can you at least try to cover up a bit more, you know…” (Aina)

“…It can’t be helped but it’s just too complicated.” (Lina)

“…She’s not wrong in a certain sense though.” (Sheila)

While listening to them, Kraus thought back.

When he thought about it, Soma was there.

He heard that Lina followed Soma.

Then, it was no wonder that Lina was here as well.

“By the way, it is not necessary for you to come here, right? This place is dangerous in so many ways, and you should understand in a glance.” (Kraus)

“Aah… that is… Surely, Nii-sa… Nii-sama told us to wait, but…” (Lina)

“…There is no way we can wait in a safe place when that guy is going through the danger alone. Well, I think it is good if Lina waits there alone.” (Aina)

“That’s because I was a bit sick! Look, I don’t have that problem now. Anyhow, no matter what kind of situation we are in, I think that there is not much difference.” (Lina)

“…Yeah, let alone coming here, it’s pretty much the same since we probably can’t do anything. …But we came because we understand that.” (Sheila)

“Hmmm…” (Kraus)

The eyes became narrowed when looked at the two girls, who added some words to Lina.

He didn’t know these two girls. In fact, he was surprised because one of them was an Elf… Perhaps they came here together with Soma and Lina.

He was concerned on how they came here, but well, if it was about that, there was no need to think too much.

While paying attention to the rear, he looked at the dragon again.

“Well, it was inevitable to come here, huh. You three, don’t get too far away from us, alright. If something happens and I can’t protect you all, I will be embarrassed to face him. I should say that from the beginning, but yeah.” (Kraus)

“…Yup.” (Sheila)

“Uhm… I’m not sure what kind of face is good to show him, but if possible, please don’t talk about that.” (Lina)

“Are you sure? Well, you’re right.” (Aina)

It was definitely troublesome if her parents complained.

A smile of self-mockery appeared on their indescribable face.

He wanted to say ‘Goodness’ to those children, but it was probably better to give up rather than thinking about it.

“Well, if that dragon attacks us, it is not possible to protect no matter what we do.” (Kraus)

“Ah, I’m not worried about that, you know?” (Lina)

“Oh my, why is that?” (Sophia)

“Because that guy will not lose to that thing.” (Aina)

“…Yeah, we won’t be attacked, and that was why we came here.” (Sheila)

“…Really, is that so?” (Kraus)

A bitter smile floated as those three said so.

He wasn’t sure what to expect when his son was mentioned in that way, but… well, first off–…

“You guys really believe in him, is it?” (Kraus)

“Yes? Did you say something?” (Lina)

“No… we probably have no right to say this. It seems that you are all proud of him.” (Kraus)

“…Yes, of course!” (Lina)

In response to Lina who was nodding with a smile, Soma’s swinging blow cut off the dragon’s tail.

That huge part danced in the air and the dragon screamed in anger.

{Uh… This… this is…! This is… for His regret… with this…!} (Fafnir)

“Well, I understand that you probably have various circumstances. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with me. Because you bastard have done something that can’t be forgiven. There is one thing that is important to me. Therefore…” (Soma)

{Not yet… I will…!} (Fafnir)

“—That’s enough. Just die.” (Soma)

The screaming dragon attacked Soma together with its feet. Although all of that were loaded with anger, Soma went through it until the end.

He took a step beneath its head, and…

“…” (Soma)

The murmured disappeared because of the wind.

However, the reality that happened next didn’t disappear. Just like the tail earlier, there was something bigger danced in the air.

… and that was the head of the dragon.

Although the head was slain no matter how immortal it was, its body gradually tilted.

And then…

As for the tremor that shook the earth, the fact that the dragon was defeated was displayed on that spot.

At the same time… it became a substitute for the signal that told the end of this battle.

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  1. Reaper Phoenix Post author

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

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    Thanks for the translations.


    1. ftxnexus

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    Does anyone remember why exactly Soma was hidden from the world? All I know is
    – I don’t remember the dad being around Soma
    – The mom wanted Soma to live normally, but that wasn’t allowed since he’s from a duke’s family and his parents are among the 7 strongest
    – This shitty skill-based society can’t allow for the eldest son of such a lineage to have no skills
    – Lina was told not to interact with Soma?


    1. Mr.X Post author

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      The country sees people with skills as exellent while people with no skills are seen as nothing especially Nobles.
      -Soma was found out he has no skills and cant learn any so Sophia had to decide to basically abandon Soma and make it seem he doesnt exist.
      -Soma is left to his own devices but is still allowed to live at home but cant interact with anyone he cant even attend parties or talk to the family.
      -Seems Soma’s Dad was aware of Somas abilities but would still be forced to do what Sophia did.
      -From the looks of it Sophia regrets her decision(seems to care for Soma even though she hasnt even interacted with him which pisses me off) but cant do anything since its the rules of the country.
      -Lina would ask where so Soma is but she would not get a reply even from Sophia since he is seen as non-existent causing Lina to start seeing Soma as trash.
      – Lina started to hate Soma since he was able to smile and move around while she was stuck with lectures and training so she decided to teach Soma a lesson that worthless people should remember their place which backfired with her getting curbstomped causing her to believe in Soma again.

      Think that should be a correct summary. Anyone read the raws do the parents ever interact with Soma again and tell him they are sorry?

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      1. ftxnexus

        A sorry is far from enough. I expect them to change the rules and beg for apologies for all the lifes that have been lost becaude of that decision. To make things worse, they actually didnt research what skills/abilities are, leaving them clueless about certain matters.

        Sure make a decision, but you better milk that decision dry! Because all i can see is wasted resources. Soma with his special title/skill is among one of many of the lost resources.


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