Ex Strongest Swordsman 111 (Self Edited) – Interlude: The Daily Life Minus One


Interlude: The Daily Life Minus One

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“Hmm… I’m not in the mood, but…” (Hildegard)

While falling on the desk in the headmaster’s office, Hildegard leaked such a sigh. When one looked at that appearance, there was nothing dignified. However, she couldn’t help from not doing it and she gradually became lifeless.

There were many documents that couldn’t be processed without the headmaster of the academy, but unfortunately, she didn’t have the mood to look at it. No, in the first place, there was nothing she could do in the present situation. She understood that she would get into trouble with that had been accumulated documents for a week, but it was impossible to do impossible things.

“At least, if I know where he is, I can do something…” (Hildegard)

But, as long as she didn’t know, she couldn’t do anything. If she knew, she would go to pick him up even if she had to abandon her work in the academy.

— Days passed quickly, and a week had gone since that day. That day… Hildegard left Soma and escaped, and from that day, Soma went missing.

When Hildegard sensed that the fragment of the Evil God power disappeared, she immediately returned to that layer. But, the hall there had been completely changed. Rather than searching that place, she couldn’t find clues and the figure of Soma.

Still, Hildegard didn’t think Soma was dead because she could sense his presence. She didn’t know where he was. All she knew that he was still alive.

Without the power she had as a former God, she didn’t even have the power as a former Dragon. No, if it was the power as a former God, she had something close to it. After all, she was the one who reincarnated Soma into this world. By the edge of it, Hildegard got something like skills. Therefore, it was possible to grasp the rough idea whether Soma lived in this world or not.

At least, she knew that Soma was still alive. She wasn’t worried about that, but…

“Ugh… If I have the body like those days, it will be easy to find him, but… No. If that is so, it would be impossible to have children with Soma, so it’s pointless, isn’t it? Hmm.” (Hildegard)

That was that, this was this. It seemed that the headmaster still needed more time to return to work.



While the surrounding was all white, a boy was looking up at the ceiling alone. That was also white… He didn’t know why it was white, but it seemed that this was also one of the things brought in from another world.

He went ahead to that place. Then, he shoved his right hand, and clenched his fist just like he was grabbing something there.

“Tsk… I have to say thank you…” (L???)

There was no sense of discomfort in that feeling. When he opened his fist and brought it to his face, there was a feeling that he remembered. That day was completely like a dream… However, that wasn’t the case because he knew best what happened.

The fear and the pain he felt at that time were something that he couldn’t forget.

However, those were gone without a trace. It was interesting in a sense that there was uproar immediately after that incident, but…

“Good grief, rather than the magic I can use, what you have done are more magical.” (L???)

But still, that guy really wanted to be able to use magic, which was funny.

While having that thought, he touched his right hand and face in order with his left hand. The doctor also told him that it was difficult to return to the original condition even with magic.

However, the one who fixed it was a swordsman. It sounded absurd. (TLN: Refer Chapter 33)

What so absurd about it was that guy didn’t really seek for power. If he obtained it, he would probably throw everything away.

“…He will surely come back, right? It is not my style not to pay the debt, you know. I will definitely return the favor.” (L???)

While muttering such a declaration, Lars looked outside the window from the hospital room.



“…” (Helen)

After several deep breaths, Helen resolutely opened the door of the room

Of course, it was the hallway of the dormitory that spread there. However, she was scared and almost fell down because her feet stopped, but she took a step forward beyond that.

“Uh… phew…” (Helen)

If she succeeded, she would take the next step, and would take another step further. Slowly, but she surely moved forward.

It would look funny if people looked at her from the side, but for Helen, who had been locked up in the room for quite some time, today was a considerable achievement. If it went well, she might be able to go to the classroom as it was.

To be honest, she was still scared. Perhaps, Helen didn’t understand exactly what it meant to go to the academy.

She was reminded the time when she saw his face and arms were completely destroyed.

No, it might be that the recognition was also wrong. In fact, that would be rare. The possibility to happen was there, but it was true that she couldn’t imagine it.

Such a matter was her classmate.

Well, she realized that it was a mistake, but even so, the fear that she had learned wasn’t something that she could easily forget. Her classmate encountered such an incident, and it was the senior who played the major role. Either way, there was no difference between the two, because they went to the dungeon together a little before.

It might be next time she would get caught in such a situation. She might suffer from such an incident because of someone she knew. When she thought about it, she couldn’t come out from the room any more.

Perhaps, she should quite the academy at that time. Nevertheless, Helen had Advanced Rank Magic skills. In this country, it would be possible to heal anything.

She still didn’t know why she couldn’t do it. But then, she heard that Soma was missing, and she also heard that he hadn’t been found even after a week. She thought that it was no use.

She still didn’t know what she should do, or what she wanted to do. Nevertheless… She felt that she didn’t want to run away.

“…” (Helen)

So, while holding the trembling body, Helen went to the classroom little by little.

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“Haa…” (Sylvia)

Looking from the left to the right where she was sitting, Sylvia, then, exhaled a sigh.  She was in the front rot of the classroom, and it was a magic lesson. Although it was deserted place than before… why she was the only person there? Not to mention, there was no one sitting behind him. She was about to leak out another sigh.

She had been like this recently. Carine, who was teaching, looked somewhat lonely.

— One week. That much time had passed, but she thought that the mood of the magic department had changed a lot.

The mood was heavy before this, but for some reason, she felt that there was still a sense of security lying there. She was anxious, but… nevertheless, it might be fine.

But now, the appearance of the boy, who was the cause of this, wasn’t here.

“Haa…” (Sylvia)

When she thought about him, a sigh naturally leaked out.

What went through her mind was the scene of that time. The feeling of guilt and helplessness swelled up when she remembered the time she left Soma, but… when she returned her eyes to the front, she raised her face.

She had stopped lamenting her own weaknesses.It was a fact that everything wasn’t sufficient, but rather than regretting it, there would be nothing happen after that. Besides, she was finally able to notice.

“…Alright.” (Sylvia)

Therefore, with that small mutter, Sylvia listened to the lesson.

In case something would happen someday. At that time, she shouldn’t regret it.  What she could do was doing her best.



Aina was watching the sight in front of her at a glance without doing anything. There were occasional changes, but basically, the same thing was repeated. It was a familiar sound and a familiar person. It just went passed her mind–…

“…Aina?” (Sheila)

When she turned to the voice heard, a blonde hair girl, Sheila, who she was familiar, was tilting her head. Sheila was wondering what Aina was doing.

“…I am not doing anything in particular. If I have to say, I am probably trying to change the mood, I think?” (Aina)

“…Are you purposely come to the swordsmanship department?” (Sheila)

“That’s why. If I stay in the magic department, I will be reminded of what is going on.” (Aina)

“…It could be the same here, isn’t it?” (Sheila)

“…You’re right.” (Aina)

When she was taking the lesson of magic, she remembered even though she felt unpleasant about Soma who always listening to the class in the front row. On the other hand, when she looked at a sword, it was Soma that inevitably came to mind. This wasn’t change of mood.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about me. I will go back before long.” (Aina)

She didn’t have much motivation right now, but someday, there would be a time to shake off the emptiness that occupied this chest.

That didn’t mean that she would forget about Soma. If anything, it was the other way around.

At the moment, there was a certain chance. When Soma wasn’t here, she could improve herself without Soma knowing.

When they met again, she would see the surprise face of Soma. It was very exiting just to imagine it.

It was just that… she didn’t have the energy to stand up now even a little. She wanted to be allowed that for a while. It was time to save the energy for the next time in a place that wasn’t too far, and… in a place away from Soma.

“Well, the long holiday is near, and at least, I can do something in between.” (Aina)

“…Yeah.” (Sheila)

In the Royal Academy, there was a month long holiday between spring and summer. The students were literally free to do what they wanted during that time. There was no need to get permission from the academy to go out to play outside or to stay outside.

Well, if they would like to stay overnight, they need to inform, but as long as they kept notifying, they would be allowed to do so. It wasn’t uncommon for people to return home during this period.

“That reminds me, what are you going to do during the long holiday, Sheila? I… I was thinking a lot, but I don’t think I can do most of them.” (Aina)

“…Yeah. …I’m thinking of going home.” (Sheila)

“Are you… to that town?” (Aina)

When Aina was told that, she remembered that the first time they met Sheila was in that town, Yeasta.

However, Sheila shook her head. The place Sheila said to return wasn’t that place.

“…It is that forest.” (Sheila)

“Eh… You mean the place where you were born and raised?” (Aina)

“…Yeah.” (Sheila)

What surprised Aina was Sheila had said before that she wouldn’t return until she could use magic. She was a bit stubborn in this matter. Aina didn’t think it was easy for Sheila to take back her words.

“…I had a lot of thoughts about the matter this time. …So, I would like to take a look at it for a while.” (Sheila)

“…Is that so?” (Aina)

Aina was considering when Sheila said so. She wasn’t the only person who was shocked about the incident… No perhaps, Sheila was more shocked than Aina.

Both Aina and Sheila were shocked that Soma had gone missing. But more than that, they were shocked because they were completely left behind this time.

That was probably their thought though. However, even if they tried to be considerate, it didn’t make them happy. Especially, the shock Sheila received about that arm was probably not the same as Aina.

“…I’m taking this opportunity to improve my katana skill. …I will definitely not going to ignore it this time.” (Sheila)

“…I see.” (Aina)

Somehow, that was understandable. In the face that always lack of expression, only the eyes were burning with determination.

Sheila’s goal was to be able to use magic. However, at the same time, she was proud of his katana skill that she had been training. That would be the case.

“Speaking of pride, where is that lecturer, who also has similar pride of her sword skill?” (Aina)

“…Hmm?” (Sheila)

Of course, she was talking about Lina. The figure that should be the lecturer of the sword department wasn’t there at present. Recently, she disappeared from time to time.

It should be fine because the basic swordsmanship class was a self study class. There seemed to be no problem with that. To being with, the aspiration to improve oneself was similar among the students of the swordsmanship department. Rather than regretting the students let loose, it might be better to force them.

“Well, I’m sure that girl has a lot to think about.” (Aina)

“…Yeah.” (Sheila)

Even though Camilla and others heard that Soma was missing, they were relatively casual, but their state of mind wasn’t the same. They had agreement that Soma didn’t die…

“…Really, I wonder what they are doing now.” (Aina)

“…Yeah.” (Sheila)

While exchanging such a conversation, the two suddenly looked up at the sky almost at the same time. They were thinking the same thing.

“Goodness, you make us worried excessively… come back quickly, you idiot.” (Aina)

That small mutter shook just a little.



A girl was walking alone like always in a place where greenery grew in abundance. There wasn’t even a breath of life other than her. With stillness as ever, she could somehow feel the eeriness. Perhaps, that might be the impression that people felt from the name of the place.

The Forest of Witch. It was a place called with that name.

However, the girl’s steps didn’t stop. She continued to advance without hesitation. She was used to this garden. Therefore, there was no reason to notice the fear now.

However, that unchanging walk stopped suddenly. For some reason, she noticed a sense of discomfort.

She tilted her head… but, without grasping the true form of the cause, her neat eyebrows distorted. Eventually, she resumed the walk because she thought that was probably her imagination. But then, it happened at the next moment.

“–!?” (Girl)

She instinctively took a distance from something on her feet… Finally, she knew what was lying on the ground. If it wasn’t a misrepresentation or hallucination, that was—

“…A person? Is that… a boy? Here… in this place?” (Girl)

While shaking the pure white hair in front of the unexpected guest, the girl… who was called the witch, opened her eyes to astonishment.



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