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Ex Strongest is Angry

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Soma narrowed his eyes while watching Aina, who was injured.

What he felt toward her was the feelings of anger and powerlessness towards himself.

He was concerned whether it was possible for him to come a little sooner or not, but… now, there was something else to do, rather than thinking about that.

“For the time being, it seems that it’s necessary to treat Aina before I move on, but can you use healing magic?” (Soma)

“…No, I can’t.” (Aina)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

As far as he remembered, he never seen physical trauma like what Aina had now.

Although it was only the right arm that was injured because of being trampled on, the extent of the injuries was far from fatal.

However, to the bitter end, it was something that could only be seen from the outside.

As expected, Soma couldn’t see the inner part of a person, but he could tell how much it must hurt if that was included, too.

And the state of Aina was definitely in a state of a fatal injury.

Perhaps, the inside of her body all of the bones were broken and several internal organs must’ve been ruptured.

If she was left like that, she would die in less than an hour. Plus, it was not a good idea to move her to another place.

In the first place, there was no place in the surrounding area where people lived, except that village. So, there would not be enough time to bring her away.

As Soma considered that far, he came up with a conclusion.

Although he realized that it was the only thing he could do since the beginning, he let out a ‘that can’t be helped’ sigh.

“Well, there is no other way, then.” (Soma)

“Y-yeah. You… don’t have… to worry… about me. More than anything… Lina-san is… …Thank… you. …For… coming… to save… me. That’s… I…” (Aina)

“I don’t really understand what you are talking about, but well, you can do that later, after I do this. My hand will be crazy when it moves.” (Soma)

“…Eh? What…?” (Aina)

Soma didn’t listen to her words until the end.

His consciousness was only at his arm.

He raised the stick he held, and swung it down towards Aina’s body.

— The Rule of the Sword –  Divine Protection of the Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Ability of Discernment: Self-taught – Imitation – Sword of Compassion. (TLN: The name in raw is 剣の理・龍神の加護・絶対切断・見識の才:我流・模倣・秘剣 慈愛の太刀)

“…Uh.” (Soma)

At that moment, he felt that he was putting the strength of his whole body into his arm.

Soma endured the feeling by putting his hands on his knees and let out a deep breath.

“…Phew. As expected, doing this twice is harsh. Well, if it will only makes me tired, I guess it is fine? Now, how’s your physical condition? I think that you have completely healed.” (Soma)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

Soma lowered his head to look at the surprised Aina.

Perhaps, he was wondering whether it was a failure.

In the first place, there wasn’t that much of an opportunity to observe this.

In addition, most of what could be seen was the effect on the physical trauma. Well, that was the same for Lina, as well. (ED: In other words, when he first used this technique on Lina, before he reached Aina, all he saw was external injuries being healed. He didn’t know if it worked on internal trauma, as well)

Although it seemed that there were no problems, after seeing how Aina’s arm had become beautiful again, he wasn’t very confident when it came to the internal part of the body.

Nevertheless, as far as the injuries were concerned, Soma thought that they were completely healed…

“E-eh? It can’t be… I’m really healed…?” (Aina)

“Hmmm… apparently, there seems to be no problems.” (Soma)

Aina touched her body while still in shock. Looking at how she slowly raised her body, Soma let out a breath of relief.

But when Soma was thinking about such a thing, he was immediately stared at by Aina,

“Wait a sec… what did you mean just now?” (Aina)

“Hmm? No matter what I say, it’s just as what have you seen…” (Soma)

“What I have seen… What I understood was that you sliced me, right?” (Aina)

“Well, I used a sword technique.” (Soma)

Secret Technique – Sword of Compassion.

It was one of the secrets of a certain school. The blade didn’t hurt people, but it was used to heal them.

Well, to tell the truth, Soma also didn’t understand its principle in detail.

The technique was once used on him. At that time, he intuitively understood and he was able to use it.

Soma had, more or less, heard about the principle. By transferring one’s own life force, it would be converted into healing power that healed injuries. However, the reason he could do it was mostly because he felt the technique being used on himself before.

For now, he clearly understood that it made him really tired after using the technique.

“…What do you mean? Goodness, you are as random as always. Well, I was saved and that’s thanks to you… aah!” (Aina)

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Soma)

“That’s not it! Yeah, rather than me, it’s Lina-san! She is terribly injured…!” (Aina)

“No, well, I healed Lina first, you know?” (Soma)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

Yes, he said that earlier.

Soma had to treat Lina as soon as possible, so he had no choice but to give priority to her.

Because of that, he heard an annoying noise and he was a little late to help Aina.

“Re-really…? That’s great.” (Aina)

“…Personally, it is not so great.” (Soma)

“Eh, why?” (Aina)

“I told you before that I would save you, but as a result, I had to delay in rescuing you, Aina. I feel helpless. I’m really sorry.” (Soma)

“Wa-wait a sec, there is no need for you to apologize! If Lina was in a real dangerous situation, it was natural for you to prioritize her… Be-besides, the fact that you saved me still doesn’t change. That alone is good enough.” (Aina)

“But… for me, that…” (Soma)

“I told you, it is fine! M-more importantly, let’s get out of here. I don’t want to stay in this place any longer.” (Aina)

“Hmm, I agree with that, but… unfortunately, that seems impossible.” (Soma)

“…Eh?” (Aina)

Aina leaked out a voice of doubt, but was that an appearance for that situation? Well, regardless of what had happened earlier, Soma casually waived his arm.

— The Rule of the Sword – God Killer – Dragon Killer – Divine Protection of the Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Ability of Discernment: Self-taught – Imitation – Demon Cutting Sword.

Immediately afterwards, the flame that had been approaching before him disappeared without trace. Soma, then, let out a sigh.

“Really… Don’t you know a persistent man will be hated?” (Soma)

“It doesn’t matter who hates me, I don’t care at all. More importantly, it is troubling if you take them away. They are very important sacrifices for Demon King-sama.” (Albert)

“Albert… it can’t be. He’s not injured…?” (Aina)

“No, there was a response, so he has probably recovered.” (Soma)

“Yes, you’re right. It seems that I lost focus because I was having too much pleasure. I never imagined that my strange appearance would be exposed.” (Albert)

While saying such a thing, the man who came out from the large hole made on the wall was Albert, and he slowly walked forward.

Although it was obvious, even from the previous flame attack, his eyes were filled with enough murderous intentions, unlike his words.

He was giving excuses probably because his pride was hurt.

“It was clear from your behavior earlier, but you are worthy to be a good-for-nothing man. If you just stayed down, I would have at least let you go, but…” (Soma)

“Hou…? You were planning to overlook me? I see, I see… Hahaha… Don’t get too cocky, you stupid brat!” (Albert)

The moment that man shouted, the surroundings around Soma were instantly enveloped in flames.

However, Soma didn’t get flustered. He nodded while his face was lit with a red color on one side.

“So-soma…!?” (Aina)

“Haa, seriously… This is why I hate brats. They don’t know their positions, and they just need to follow the flow. Do you get it? Well, anyhow, it means that you will die…” (Albert)

— The Rule of the Sword – God Killer – Dragon Killer – Divine Protection of the Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Ability of Discernment: Self-taught – Imitation – Demon Cutting Sword – Second Technique. (TLN: The name in raw is similar like previous one with 弐式 at the end.)

Since the assault was tediously annoying, he sliced them in an instant, and it had completely disappeared.

“W-wha…!? It can’t be…!? Even though I discarded the chanting, that is one of the most perfect among my magicks, but to easily…!?” (Albert)

“Although you were somewhat talking about your disposition, unfortunately, I already know it. Rather, the one that doesn’t know anything is probably you. Even with this much difference in abilities, you still don’t get it, huh?” (Soma)

“Ughh, guhh…!” (Albert))

“Well, I am generous, so I will tell you. However, it may be meaningless anyway. Just like how you said it earlier.” (Soma)

“Ba-bastard…! Don’t get caught up just because you coincidentally dismissed my magic…!” (Albert)

“Hmm… I told you. You are the one who is caught up in the moment.” (Soma)

While narrowing his eyes towards that man, Soma suddenly noticed something and he crouched down.

He picked up an iron stick that was lying on the ground.

To be honest, it wasn’t necessary for him to use such a thing.

He didn’t know who was standing before him, but if it was an enemy, even a wooden stick would be unnecessary.

If it was the usual Soma, he definitely wouldn’t do this.

Even though he overlooked it earlier, that was his true intention.

Soma didn’t have a hobby of bullying weaklings.

But once he showed mercy and the other side didn’t pull back, he wouldn’t be lenient anymore.

He didn’t intend to do so.

Yes, Soma was angry.

Soma was angry from the bottom of his heart because his sister and his friend were hurt.

There wasn’t even a single dust of forgiveness.

“Well, I am also not merciless. I will let you have time for plenty of regret and despair. While I have fun… you can die.” (Soma)

“You stupid brat…! Alright, for looking down on this deadly Albert, I, the fourth Demon Heavenly General, will kill you while you regret in despair…!” (Albert)

There were no more words needed, and his murderous intention was sufficient.

He tightly grasped both hands while loading them with such an intention.

And then, Soma took a step towards that man.

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  1. jhodyac

    The technique was once used on him. At that time, he intuitively understood and he was able to use it.
    This goddamn MC can use the secret technique from some school just because it been used on him once..

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    1. Erick S Rollano

      Dude, re read chapter one, he managed to cut the Dragon God’s neck with a sword, something said god said should be ‘impossible’ genius doesn’t cut it. At this point I’m wondering why does he even bother with magic anyway?

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      1. Riceur

        Well, maybe just because in his previous life, he life with a full dedication for mastered swordmanship, so after he called the strongest swordman, maybe he just want to try something new, well, he’s just a ‘monster’ who can even kill a god only with a sword

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    Thanks for the chapter!
    a couple things that seemed off to me
    1:In the second sentence it should be powerlessness not powerless
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    WELP Seems like Albert’s about to get a beating with a metal stick…
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