Ex Strongest Swordsman 112 (Self Edited) – The Witch Forest


The Witch Forest

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— The Witch Forest.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say it was one of the abhorrent places in this world. If there was something that could be said in the same line, it might be the area where the Demons lived.

However, there was one distinct difference between that place and this Witch Forest. That was… even though it was abhorred, most people didn’t know where the Witch Forest was.

However, that couldn’t be helped at the same time. For starters, the Witch Forest didn’t exist anywhere in this world.

It wasn’t a fictitious or imaginary place. To put it simply, it existed in a space slightly out of phase with this world.

Strictly speaking, there was a connection between a certain forest and a part of this place, but… well, it was safe to say that this didn’t exist in this world, as it was usually sealed.

Anyhow, this was called a forest because there were many plants and trees that grew thick. It wasn’t uncommon to find trees as large as several tens of meters, and it wasn’t touched by people. Perhaps, 99 out of 100 people would say that it was impossible for people to live in such a place. If they got the detailed information, the ratio would be lowered.

There were a number of reasons, such as topographical reason, geographical reasons, food reasons, emotional reasons and so on. Or It might be because of the presence of dangerous monsters or the fact that many of the plants grew here were poisonous.

On the contrary, those who said that they could live were probably adventurers or researchers. If they were adventurers, most of the reasons stated earlier didn’t matter much. Those weren’t the reason to give up, even though they had a reason to challenge rare monsters that were beyond danger. If they were researchers, all the reasons would be problems to them, including poisonous things. Since it was full of precious plants, it wouldn’t be a reason to give up. After all, it was a choice to face the challenge.

But still, even these people were asked whether they wanted to live here… they would refuse as they shook their head even if they wanted to go. The reason was because the forest was restricted in the end of the day.

If it was a mere forest, there must had been many who would visit with joy. But, here was the Witch Forest. It was a forest where witches lived, so there were no one who wanted to go there.

While walking around there as always, Felicia L. Waldstein looked around. She wasn’t on alert. As mentioned before, there was no way for people to visit this place, and it was slightly out of the world. It wasn’t a place where people could come even if they wanted to.

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“Oops. It’s here.” (Felicia)

When Felicia found what she was looking for, she bend forward to that spot. It was a flower growing at the root of the tree just before the place when she stood.

However, Felicia noticed a certain thing incidentally there.  The flower was entangled with grass, and it wasn’t possible to pull out the flower only.

“Hmm… I shouldn’t take its life, but… I can’t help with it in this case, right?” (Felicia)

She let out a breath for a bit. After shutting her eyes once, she pulled out with together with the grass. Then, she untied the grass carefully. She looked at it, and she let out a breath again.

“I thought that if it can be used for something, it wouldn’t be convenient as it is. Well, let’s just say that I have successfully found what I want.” (Felicia)

— If people looked at the scene, they might have screamed and even fainted. Immediately after that, what was thrown indiscriminately by the girl’s slender arm was a very rare material which was essential to create a certain elixir.

Speaking of selling one of that, people could live and played around for the rest of their lives. The value could be understood in that way. Even if it was mentioned like that, the majority of the flowers that grew around were similar to that flower.

However, Felicia, who didn’t know about it or perhaps she didn’t know its meaning, raised her body without looking at anything else. At that moment, a pure white hair crossed her view. Then, she put some strength on her lips.

But, as soon as she relaxed, she moved her eyes to the hand. What was on the hand was a flower she just picked up, and its petals was adorned with stunning red. She looked at its color which was similar to her own eyes for a while, and then, she put it away.

“Well, then–…” (Felicia)

When Felicia was going to return, she slightly creased her fine eyebrows. She suddenly remembered what she was told before she came here.

To be honest, she didn’t mind if she ignored it, but–…

“…I remember the things said. It’s not good not to keep the promise, right?” (Felicia)

With that excuse, Felicia turned her legs to the opposite direction of going home. After finishing the theoretical argument, she went ahead without hesitation. Even if the surroundings gradually became dim, there was no hesitation in the footsteps.

The reason was simply because she knew that there was no need to be afraid. It was only because the trees were denser around here, and the sky was covered by the trees. To begin with, this was her own garden. Therefore, there was no need to be afraid.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the case if she was attacked by the monsters, but she was still within the boundaries that protected her against them. This place had been taken over by her ancestors… no, by successive generations. Even if it was a dragon, it would–…

“–!?” (Felicia)

However, at that moment, an improbable sound reached the ear, and her shoulders trembled.

“Eh.. no way…?” (Felicia)

It was a sound that something was scrapping the grass and the trees. Of course, it wasn’t something from where she stood at, and it wasn’t the sound of the wind. Apparently, something was moving there, not so far from the spot where Felicia was.

“…” (Felicia)

Even if she suppressed her breathing to the point as if she was drowned, it was still unclear if that served any purpose. But, it would be better rather than trying to run away from this place.

The sound was so loud, and it seemed to be repeated. Her body hardened to the movement that seemed to be looking for something. She thought that she couldn’t escaped if she was discovered in this situation, but she changed her mind it would be the same thing if she didn’t escape at that time.

It was thanks to the barrier that Felicia was able to walk here with piece of mind. After all, Felicia had no mean of fighting against monster. However…

“–!?” (Felicia)

At that moment, a sound rang right beside her. At the same time, the plants swayed well beyond her height. It was obvious that it was a movement of something going toward her direction.

Felicia, who noticed it, wandered for a moment. Which direction she should run away? There was no option to fight, but… there was no mistake that she was hesitated.

It was a decisive delay. At the next moment, the grass and the vegetation that were there were divided to the left and right. And…

“Hmm… I can’t find it. I thought I could do it, but… ooh?” (S???)

“…Eh?” (Felicia)

Felicia, who covered the face with her palms as she expected monsters to pop out, looked at who was there. Her thought had stopped. It was completely unexpected.

Obviously, it wasn’t a monster. That person talked human language, but no one would mistake that appearance for a monster. In terms of appearance, it was definitely a person who wasn’t too much different from her.

Felicia naturally confirmed the appearance that fit into her view.

A person with black hair, and black eyes. Although the appearance was at similar age as Felicia, the mood was distinctly different. She aware that the appearance didn’t fit her, but it was already exceptional.

In that person’s right hand, there was a wooden stick that seemed to fall somewhere around here… Hence, if it was about something different, it might be that stick?

Yeah, those same words uttered, and the person before her was someone she knew–…

“What on earth are you doing, Felicia?” (S???)

“…That’s my line. What are you doing here, Soma-san?” (Felicia)

He was a boy she found lying in the forest about a week ago, and she brought him back home. That boy was Soma Neumont.

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