Ex Strongest Swordsman 70 (Self Edited) – Rescue and Counterattack


Rescue and Counterattack

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When Soma’s group realized, they stood at an unknown place.

However, they were able to understand soon where they were because there were something on the ground.

It was a corpse.

Moreover, it looked familiar.

Well, that would be so.

Anyhow, it happened because what Soma himself did moment ago.

That thing spread on the ground and it was black in color.

There was also a black robe. In other words, it was the suspicious man who they were seeing earlier.

“Hmm… I wonder if this is according to the plan.” (Soma)

“…Yes. …But, it is quite absurd.” (Sheila)

When he looked at her, the air around Sheila gave a feeling as if she was amazed.

But, Soma merely shrugged his shoulders.

Surely, even for Soma, he was aware that this was slightly absurd, but it was also true that this was the quickest method.

“…Even so, this is not normal. …Which remind me, I have no idea about this.” (Sheila)

“Well, it was probably because we experienced spatial transition in the previous ruin.” (Soma)

“…Ooh, the one that I heard before?” (Sheila)

“Yes.” (Soma)

In fact, he came up with this idea because of that circumstance.

When he thought about how to move to another place as soon as possible, he suddenly remembered it.

To be honest, it was a bet, but more importantly, it worked well.


“Wait a sec, Lina!? Are you alright!?” (Aina)

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Soma)

“She seems drowsy and didn’t react from some time ago. It might be because some people get drowsy because of spatial transition. That’s what I heard. Goodness, that’s because someone is being unreasonable!” (Aina)

Since he had nothing to refute, he just looked away from Aina.

But at that moment, Lina’s body, that was on the other direction, twitched.

“Aah…” (Lina)

“Lina!? Are you alright!?” (Aina)

“Aah… Ye-yes, I’m alright… I’m alright.” (Lina)

“…Are you sure? Your condition was a bit strange, but… if it was because you were holding back due to such an absurdity, you don’t have to think too much about it, you know?” (Aina)

“No, I’m really alright. “I think… I got a bit drowsy.” (Lina)

“…Are you really sure?” (Aina)

“Yes, I am.” (Lina)

“Hmm… Lina, if you have something, you don’t have to hold back, you know?” (Soma)

“No, I’m… really… alright.” (Lina)

“Hmmm…” (Soma)

…Anyhow, she said herself that she was alright.

For the time being, despite of reflecting and apologizing, he had something else to do now.

“Well… it seems that we were able to come to the place aimed, but… the problem still exist.” (Soma)

“…Yes, where is this?” (Sheila)

“Aah… you’re right.” (Aina)

They could understand that they were in a room because of the things in surroundings, but on the contrary, what they did understand was only that.

It would be good if this place was in a map, but… that was also a faint hope.

“Hmm… for starters, shall we head out?” (Soma)

“Yeah… even if we look around here, there seems to be no clue about where we are.” (Aina)

“I hope that this place is not in the depths of mountains or a completely unrelated place.” (Lina)

“…Yeah, it’s relatively possible.” (Sheila)

“I would like to think that is not so, but…” (Soma)

By manipulating space, there was also a possibility that they were about to move from the previous ruin to a hideout that was in such a place through spatial transition.

If that was the case, what Soma did was totally pointless.

Anyhow, they wouldn’t understand anything if they weren’t confirming this. So, when they went outside the room while discussing the matter, this place turned out to be a room of deserted mansion.

After that, they left the mansion as it was, and then…

As they went outside, Soma’s group saw an enormous jet black floating in the sky.

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While watching that figure blown away, Soma unintentionally smacked his lips.

He expected that he would grasp it, but it was slightly further away.

Although he was a bit impatient, even if it sounded bad, that thing was called dragon, right?

However, as Soma went down on the spot, he looked around.

It was a terrible scene, but… anyway, he let out a small breath since he managed to save the people he at least wanted to save.

There was nothing to be proud when he only saved the least number of people.

He somehow grasped what kind of situation was this.

By the way, as soon as Soma confirmed that dragon, he headed to here with full speed, but while on his way, he was shown various unpleasant scenes.

Because of that, he obviously heard what he said to that thing, but… oh well, it didn’t matter.


“…You are…” (Sophia)

“I’m not going to say that I do this for justice. Anyhow, I’m just a common swordsman who pass by this place. Since I intentionally meddle in this matter, you don’t have to concern about me.” (Soma)

He shrugged his shoulders as a reply to Sophia’s word, but he slightly narrowed his eyes maybe because he was on alert.

Well, that was understandable.


“…Even if you say that… Isn’t suspicious to have a passerby here?” (Kraus)

“Hmm… indeed, you are right.” (Soma)

Soma agreed to Kraus’ statement because it was an undeniable truth.

It wasn’t about the appearance of wearing white robe and hiding face under a hood, but it was about the person who was being suspicious.

Indeed, Soma purposely hid his face and appeared in this place.

Of course, it wasn’t for fun, but he had a proper reason.

Basically, Soma shouldn’t be in this place.

Strictly speaking, the fact that there was a person named Soma must not be known.

That was because Soma wasn’t officially existed, and that was not a mistake.

As a matter of course, there was no problem if Soma showed himself, but right now, he was in a place which it was in the middle of war with the enemy country.

By any chance, he couldn’t understand the connection of this war with his parent.

That was why Soma purposed borrowed the robe from Sheila and came here after that.

However, he definitely couldn’t mention such circumstances…

“To be honest, you have no choice but to trust me…” (Soma)

“…I got it. I trust you.” (Kraus)

“Hmm? …Will that be alright?” (Soma)

Although he heard it, he didn’t expect Kraus to trust him.

Well, Kraus probably didn’t trust him, but nevertheless, he had no choice but to make moves without Kraus permission…

“…Well, I have suspicion, but it is true that we’re saved. If that’s the case, it is disgraceful if we don’t trust you.” (Kraus)

“Hmm…?” (Soma)

Rather than Sophia, it was Soma who was more confused when Kraus said until that far.

It might be true that they felt a sense of gratitude when he saved them, but… he absolutely didn’t expect those two would trust him because of that.

Especially when these two who had such a duty…

Although this was a battlefield… No, because this was a battlefield, they couldn’t take times to talk, but more than anyone else, they understood it.

Well, if they trusted him, it would be weird to deny them.

Perhaps, they were planning to observe him while saying so, but he didn’t feel guilty anyway.

‘Let’s defeat it immediately…’

“Uh, careful–…” (Sophia)

“I wonder if it is possible to resume the trip as it is?” (Soma)

— The Rule of the Sword – God Killer – Dragon Killer – Divine Protection of Dragon God – Absolute Slash – Ability of Discernment: Self-thought – Imitation – Demon Cutting Sword – Second Technique.

Before Sophia’s words ended, he swung his arm without even looking, and what was approaching was blown away.

The heat didn’t even reach him… and such a frail weakness made him let out a sigh.

“I was slightly in hurry because I thought that it was the main body of the dragon, but I probably don’t have to rush if it is this much.” (Soma)

What passed through his mind while muttering that was the confrontation with a certain  dragon during the last moment of the previous life.

It might be harsh to compare this dragon to that dragon, but even so, if it was about its breath, the current Soma probably couldn’t easily blast it away.

Whether he was finally able to unleash a single blow with all his best… he should probably do that now.

Well, he was still having trouble to unleash that kind of blow, but to be honest, he was slightly discourage because he couldn’t hide it.

“Well, should I think that it would be good if we are able to go on a trip soon?” (Soma)

{It can’t be… you’re not only blow me away, but you easily blast my blows away, what…? You… what are you…!?} (Fafnir)

“I’ve said it already. I’m just a passerby swordsman. How many times do I have to say it?” (Soma)

When it turned toward that voice, its huge body slowly rose up.

Soma probably should say ‘as expected’ because it seemed that he didn’t give that much damage. He let out a small sigh again.

Somehow, he couldn’t say about other people.

In the previous life, even if he was in this kind of situation, that blow just now was enough to slice a dragon into two.

Well, there was no meaning in saying that.

“Now, that thing is going to be my opponent, so please take care those at its rear, alright? Although they are flinching at the moment, I can’t say that they won’t resume marching.  If it happens, I’ll be greatly in trouble.” (Soma)

“That… you are right, but… we are…” (Sophia)

“…No. You can leave them to us. The other opponent is important, but… we probably became hindrances.” (Kraus)

“Uh… yes… I got it.” (Sophia)

“Anyhow, leave them to us. I’ll entrust that to you.” (Kraus)

“Sure.” (Soma)

“…Indeed.” (Klaus)

Since Soma was saying it himself, that mean he was full with confidence and that made Kraus slightly smiled at him.

Soma tilted his head because he somewhat felt out of place, but in the meantime, Kraus and Sophia turned their backs.

He became a bit concerned, but… he should concern more about ‘that’.

Although the opponent seemed closer because of its huge body, but the distance between them was appropriate.

It was a troublesome opponent since it could indiscriminately attack the surrounding and could fly in the sky.

It would be good if he settled the dragon before it became too excessive.

“Well, if it is this much, let alone being done, I feel like I can do anything.” (Soma)

{You…. the likes of human… don’t get carried away too much!} (Fafnir)

“I am not getting carried away since I know how much I can do, and I said it because of this circumstance. To be honest, you look like a reptile that just had its wings grow, you know?” (Soma)

{You bastard… saying that…!} (Fafnir)

Soma was smiling at the raging dragon.

That provocation just now wasn’t really necessary.

But, he still did it.

While he knew that it was more efficient to knock it down by not doing such a thing or shut up… he just couldn’t stop talking.

Soma looked back for a moment.

After that, he let out breath for several times.

When he thought about how his heart and body became weaker in this world… though it was a bit, he was smiling.

“Well, no matter how many times you roar, you are no different than a reptile. Reptile is just reptile, so at least crawl on the ground and die.” (Soma)

As Soma said so, he kicked the ground.

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